If people got their equipment confused. Part 2 

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A few additional moments of confusion. What are some other ways I could confuse equipment?
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29. jan.. 2021





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fernandes celine
fernandes celine 3 timer siden
1:32 - 1:34 I wonder if he have any braincells or even a brain
Stars Above
Stars Above 3 timer siden
Anyone else get reminded of Uncle Buck @0.23? 😂
Voidbd 16 timer siden
lets just appreciate the fact that he put glue on his hands as hand sanitiser
Yolanda Mendez
Yolanda Mendez 19 timer siden
Yolanda Mendez
Yolanda Mendez 19 timer siden
George Washing machine
ReadMyNameIfYouGay 19 timer siden
He just made an idea that can prevent wasting water.
Mili Ahmed
Mili Ahmed 20 timer siden
This is the best for unsatisfying videos.....🤣🤣
GreenSuit98 Dag siden
Me: he is a human and we are apes My mom: he is a nerd
Kurki Eryka
Kurki Eryka Dag siden
0:52 It's Me XD
Samyak Gadkari
Samyak Gadkari Dag siden
The leaf blower is a real treat when your AC is fucked up because of the extreme cold/hot weather.
Harshini S
Harshini S Dag siden
The best one was the couch and tv😂😂🤣🤣
ShadowGaming 2 dager siden
1:14 I have no words-
Poketrainer 70
Poketrainer 70 2 dager siden
No dishes were harmed
MarZMan219 Gaming
MarZMan219 Gaming 2 dager siden
Imagine you’re the neighbor of Daniel and one time you just see him mowing the snow lol
VANSHIKA KAR 3 dager siden
Excuse me excuse meee🙋 Is some of that actually effective?
mrchimp47 3 dager siden
Massive respect, he sat on his huge tv
duane ruiz
duane ruiz 3 dager siden
me as a kid: 0:11
Azlina Ina
Azlina Ina 3 dager siden
I used to iron clothes with hair straightener before😅
arendelle aliénor
arendelle aliénor 3 dager siden
I DIED 🤣🤣🤣
The Snedd
The Snedd 3 dager siden
the depressed noises the dryer made tho
MISERY 3 dager siden
Col vid (Look at the spelling again)
Seumas Rawlinson
Seumas Rawlinson 3 dager siden
I don’t get it, what was he doing wrong🤔. Clickbait
Shakey 4 dager siden
Man's is breaking has own House LMAO
ATR neo
ATR neo 4 dager siden
When you forget you're in real life and you're on joke mode:
C H E E S E 4 dager siden
How does this person make very good video?
GamerVibes Kid
GamerVibes Kid 4 dager siden
0:38 Girlfriend: what u doing Daniel Labelle: nothing much just sittin on the tv and watching couch
Frostxfy 4 dager siden
“Honey, get the kids inside!” “What’s the neighbor doing this time?” “He’s... vacuuming his snow.” “What?” “No wait, scratch that... now he’s MOWING it!” “That’s it. We’re moving.”
Solar falcon and Shade
Imagine what the people across the street think
Maxwell Wynne-Shepherd
This put me in hysterical laughing
Amazing Alaina
Amazing Alaina 4 dager siden
If he coughed in public then people would stare at him
Hillary Fermin
Hillary Fermin 5 dager siden
You should instaec end the cereal one with a fork instead of a spoon
Lucas The Lucario UwU
Lucas The Lucario UwU 5 dager siden
How to clean glass bottles without a dish washer 😃 *1.* throw it in the washing machine *2.* when it’s done get non-cut gloves cuz picking it up might hurt *3.* throw it in the dryer and wait till it’s done *4.* show your parents and get spanked-
vasg and jessa
vasg and jessa 5 dager siden
One time my friend got hand sanitizer to first grade once he tried it , it was clear glue
USMC - Meyrick
USMC - Meyrick 5 dager siden
*Sits on TV and watched couch* 🤔
Jordan Kobe
Jordan Kobe 5 dager siden
Somehow this made you smile!👍👍
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 5 dager siden
Now I’m actually curious to know what a Dyson would do to snow
Yena Mullins
Yena Mullins 6 dager siden
This is illinois, right? I used to live there and lmao at the last part with the lawn mower and the snow 🌨️
BoxBoi Gaming
BoxBoi Gaming 6 dager siden
I think I’ve lost my last two brain cells.
Viking's Bull
Viking's Bull 6 dager siden
He don't need exercise All hard thing (even greater than workout ) did in the video enough Double hard work for cleaning the house after video 😂😂
le asha
le asha 6 dager siden
U cleaning the bread? R u fuckn shit
Alan Jobi
Alan Jobi 6 dager siden
the wiper got me Lollllll
Potato The Potato
Potato The Potato 6 dager siden
The neighbors: He's at it again Jennifer!
kishan bhadoriya
kishan bhadoriya 6 dager siden
Plot twist - this wasn't planned instead his wife placed cameras all over house and found him doing this
Brae’s Trains & Emergency Vehicles
He covered his hands in glue for our entertainment.
Narin Prak
Narin Prak 6 dager siden
Gabby Robertson
Gabby Robertson 6 dager siden
How did his naibours react to him mowing the snow?
Alex Butera
Alex Butera 6 dager siden
The vacuuming the snow is so funny
Crow Gaming
Crow Gaming 6 dager siden
The leaf blower one looks slightly enjoyable
Ashraf Mohamed
Ashraf Mohamed 6 dager siden
Daniel labille is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tīna Vogina
Tīna Vogina 7 dager siden
This felt so illegal to watch.......
Austin Hartson
Austin Hartson 7 dager siden
1:28 his neighbors watching him be. like 🥱👀
Cracklyfish 7 dager siden
0:17 you can see his pause as he contemplates his life decisions
ツ Phøng_YøuTube ツ
Plot twist: He has Alternatives issues. (What I mean is he has confusion)
Prerona Sengupta 6C
Prerona Sengupta 6C 7 dager siden
1:15 R.I.P Daniel's hands
XxPomPomD _YT squadXx
XxPomPomD _YT squadXx 7 dager siden
0:43 😳😂😂😂😆🤨🤨😒😒🤪🤪😜🧐🧐😝😛are the only faces I am making at that point like bruh
XxPomPomD _YT squadXx
XxPomPomD _YT squadXx 7 dager siden
Yas good vid
Riley is a Roblox Player
This man is destroying his stuff for youtube-
pug playz
pug playz 7 dager siden
Imagine being the neighbors ( ╹▽╹ )just happily looking out ur window to see someone lawnmowering the snow;)▼・ᴥ・▼
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 7 dager siden
"Hunny! the neighbor is being weird again!"
endlessmasks 8 dager siden
he has such a big and beautiful house i want to know what his and his wife's actual jobs are 😳
Hand SANAtizer
Hand SANAtizer 8 dager siden
I once threw my steel spoon in dustbin and my paper plate In f Drawer
RandomHuman 8 dager siden
Guys,admit it. He put plates in the dishwasher/washing machine.
Piano basket Meng
Piano basket Meng 9 dager siden
What a waste of bread
Shumail Riaz
Shumail Riaz 9 dager siden
Royce chu :D
Royce chu :D 9 dager siden
Imagine his neighbours looking at him mowing the snowy lawn
SuperiorFriendz Gaming
At least he put in the cereal before the milk
Kavya Gupta
Kavya Gupta 9 dager siden
Did you just ruin your utensils??
panzerfaust 9 dager siden
Why do I keep getting these money ads?
Alex Lugrin
Alex Lugrin 9 dager siden
Beautiful festival of the year, a fucking landlord
Dreamery 9 dager siden
Vacuums up bread
April's gacha life
April's gacha life 9 dager siden
Hmm well that is a different way to start the day
David Kane Perez
David Kane Perez 9 dager siden
I just had a tooth pulled. This video made my day. Thanks.
Devak Chaitram
Devak Chaitram 10 dager siden
Sir V The king of terriers?
V/me:i shall do THISA
Thug Life Master Danner
His neighbor : This dumbass is mowing the snow
Roslyn Fiddler
Roslyn Fiddler 10 dager siden
The neighbours: 👁👄👁 Also him:
I'm LiLi
I'm LiLi 10 dager siden
ئەوە تۆ تەواوی😂😂😂
Mable Jones
Mable Jones 11 dager siden
The weary sense consquentially visit because experience hemperly welcome outside a well-to-do key. nimble, intelligent plaster
「Sunset GamingYT」
「Sunset GamingYT」 11 dager siden
The T.V one tho 😂
Soupy Delicious
Soupy Delicious 11 dager siden
lmfao. He wiped his ass with his blanket
Mohd Hameed
Mohd Hameed 12 dager siden
0:38 That’s a great idea ✌🏻😎
TamimDari 2005
TamimDari 2005 12 dager siden
You work hard bro, in every vdo...🤣😂😍
DANIL JIBI 12 dager siden
If only he liked my comment
Martha Miller
Martha Miller 12 dager siden
1:24 I'm dying🤣🤣🤣😂
can't think of a good name
5 minute crafts be like
Jellyfish eat Hamster Butts
Alternative title: If everyone not just Karens were dumb.
Noura Rose
Noura Rose 13 dager siden
Imagine what his neighbor think when they saw him vacuuming and mowing the snow 😂
LAU Yik Hei Kenton
LAU Yik Hei Kenton 13 dager siden
Cursed again
Jos 13 dager siden
rip dryer
Alvan Banna
Alvan Banna 13 dager siden
0:46 that hindu religion thingy had me dying 🤣
Cufix Amv’s
Cufix Amv’s 13 dager siden
0:48 satanic ritual has now started.
Cheryl Lee
Cheryl Lee 14 dager siden
What would his neighbor's feel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sc0ped_a-g-n08 14 dager siden
If I were new to the neighbourhood I would be new to a different neighbourhood if someone's mowing the lawn in snow
Mumins Trollis
Mumins Trollis 14 dager siden
Can I have a shoutout I subbed?
Gaming 14 dager siden
Should have used a plate as a cup
Carter Murphy
Carter Murphy 14 dager siden
His neighbors must have saw him vacuuming the snow and were like: well he's back to his normal routine.
jmacsss 14 dager siden
the last one got me good lmao. If i saw someone mowing their snow I'd lose it
Game gamer
Game gamer 15 dager siden
0:52 lol we have the same vacuum cleaner
BobiToo 15 dager siden
If the real life had hardcore mode
Free Qr codes
Free Qr codes 15 dager siden
love you ❤❤❤❤
Agustina 15 dager siden
1:23 wonder how you sleep with that loud sound
The different types of hikers.
Things that little kids do.
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