Why the World's Biggest Ship is an AWFUL Idea 

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13. april. 2021





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Kripesh Poudel
Kripesh Poudel 3 timer siden
1:38 isn't that metre
ThunderBatGamez 9 timer siden
artech pixel
artech pixel 16 timer siden
Imagine sponsore every video to get money cringe
Justin Stripling
Justin Stripling 18 timer siden
0:22 I have a friend who does this gesture all the time 🤷‍♂️ haha!
Sung Ji
Sung Ji 23 timer siden
So basically cruise version of Snow Piercer the movie 👀
Daniel Dag siden
Terrible idea? Why? This sounds absolutely brilliant. If they're self-sustaining via the fees on-board and can re-stock on critical equipment and consumables while briefly anchored, then this ship is offering an effective solution to a modern problem, big boat logistics aside. The idea of taxes is that people pay for the ongoing support of the country, but that that they owe taxes as some sort of "payback" to the countries they grew up in in exchange for the country's protection. So I see no reason in leaving to a place that offers them a more efficient solution, considering those people aren't the assets of the country nor owe them (as they already paid past taxes for the past benefits of the country they consumed).
CVG5 Dag siden
“With it’s incredible girth” That’s what she said.
Dwagon Swayer.
Dwagon Swayer. Dag siden
I see a lot of obvious engineering flaws.
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence Dag siden
50 percent as big is just fine!
Void ex
Void ex Dag siden
i legit thought this was an ad
Roksana Mily
Roksana Mily Dag siden
Titanic 2
Tony Bordonaro
Tony Bordonaro Dag siden
You didn't say why it was a bad idea.
Justin Holmes
Justin Holmes Dag siden
Seems oddly tall.
Exotic Dish
Exotic Dish Dag siden
1:26 1,370 km. Damn, that's one looooooong ship (unless of course the comma is a decimal point in this case)
Saucialiste Dag siden
Bioshock : Freedom
Avery Mackey
Avery Mackey 2 dager siden
Wouldn't you want to use nuclear power?
Matt ξ
Matt ξ 2 dager siden
It needs an array of automated point defense cannons, as well as at least two rail guns for medium range offensive maneuvers. Ideally the ship’s power plant will be two (maybe three) VVER nuclear reactors. These perform well at sea, even under the harshest conditions. Consider adding a top-secret chamber that holds all the equipment needed to manage the entire Uranium fuel cycle, in addition to rapid production of U-235 and Pu-239 for use as a strategic deterrent. Ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship guided missile launchers can be easily installed and concealed just aft of the kid’s water park. Also consider two escort class submarines equipped with SSBNs, and four littoral attack cruisers. Overhaul the entire frame of the ship using AI-derived angularity for maximum stealth. Also it should be a hover craft. Cryogenicallly stored tanks of hydrazine and dinitrogen tetroxide can be fed by turbo pumps into four aft Aerodyne Rocketjet engines, allowing the ship to sail at hypersonic speeds. Consider also making the ship submersible, with a dedicated base in the Mariannas Trench for maximum safety and comfort. We believe that these small, very minor modifications will conserve on cost and allow safe traveling for your mobile nation-state/tax haven. There will be nothing but fun times and good memories for you and the whole family on this floating paradise/fully operational battle station/VPN Provider. Sealand Delenda Est!
Aaron White
Aaron White 2 dager siden
blackfalcon1324 2 dager siden
I love how those most able to pay taxes are those who least want to.
Aldo Iniguez
Aldo Iniguez 3 dager siden
Lol this is just a real life macross
DamMan 3 dager siden
A lot of "she said" in this video. :) "girth" :)
Siamese Agency
Siamese Agency 3 dager siden
wow it's 1370km long i wonder if it can fit into the strait of Gibraltar now that was a mistake
Female Robots
Female Robots 3 dager siden
China must build city for foreigners that wants to avoid paying taxes. China will make a lot of profit if China does it.
micmul23 3 dager siden
Actually building this would be BER Airport on steroids. $10bn planned, then going up and up and up... But hey, the superrich are spending millions on stupid art so why not. Capitalism on its final stage.
•[ρσgιfу]• 3 dager siden
And also did they forget about New Zealand
AR W 3 dager siden
Imagine if theres a storm considering the size ratio of the ship its Balancer and etc will be a nightmare to ride on
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 3 dager siden
Dick Asston
Dick Asston 4 dager siden
Wow, paying every month to fund “mantelpiece and general upkeep” kinda sounds like paying taxes
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker 4 dager siden
A giant hunk of metal propelled by DIESEL fuel? What a giant waste of resources and a huge environmental polluter just to cater once again to wealthy people's whims. Forget this future Carnival poop cruiser. Everybody should look up Jacque Fresco's futuristic designs for entire cities and research centers on the water, along with architecture of several designs for culture centers, single houses, to living complexes. Now THAT is what I think we should all be working towards for the well-being of everyone and the planet. Good health to you all.
Cliff cri
Cliff cri 4 dager siden
3:04 going through this route isnt really safe there are alot of somalian pirates near northeast africa
Hebl von Heblowitz
Hebl von Heblowitz 4 dager siden
This ship deserves to be sunk alone for the awful typeface they used. The wide serifs on the I are just atrocious!
Derek Burdick
Derek Burdick 4 dager siden
10 billion was still less than I expected
MacFurry 321
MacFurry 321 4 dager siden
Fact: you have to pay tax to avoid tax. Next in episode: why building a spaceship this big is a awful idea.
nightmare vision
nightmare vision 4 dager siden
This really just seems like a way to scam rich people. The cost to live on this ship would have to be astronomical, but I'm sure every billionaire would be lining up live there. I can't imagine how paying that much would make up for not having to pay taxes, but I'm sure their hatred of paying their due makes up for the lack of practicality.
Zaltaj Obrátil
Zaltaj Obrátil 4 dager siden
Also, the environmental impact would have been huge, if this ship ever wet to operation.
jeavoo-bro 4 dager siden
When you're high as fk "Like, dude, a giant ship, but it's like an island, the residents like, totally live there"
Precy Gabito
Precy Gabito 4 dager siden
Wow, I didn’t know it. When I saw on google, it showed the biggest was something else. Thanks!
Afnan Acchan
Afnan Acchan 4 dager siden
$10 billions is surprisingly cheap. Aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford cost around $12 billion (not including operational cost). Freedom ship is estimated to be 7 times longer and 5 times wider. Even if final cost end up 2-3 more than original price tag it is still cheap for its size. Just show how much money human waste on military. I rather money spend on this or space exploration.
AeronKabutoBlade 4 dager siden
I see andrew ryan had real life inspiration.
Ray 5 dager siden
just build one in raft
Ivan Angel
Ivan Angel 5 dager siden
Hey, not all of us are Americans
Noah Isham
Noah Isham 5 dager siden
Yeah there is no way this is ever going to be built lmao 😂
Honda Kubo
Honda Kubo 5 dager siden
Yeah , but until the tsunami 🌊 hit
Lecton28 6 dager siden
The ship is basically tax evasion
Cody Vector
Cody Vector 6 dager siden
I'm unconvinced that this is a bad idea. Let people be free.
Moshrav 6 dager siden
You're a rare channel on YT. Actually enjoyable and interesting to watch while learning trivial yet cool shit.
Bloomerang Playz
Bloomerang Playz 6 dager siden
Get a Freedon Ship & a 30 day free trial
SCMabridged 6 dager siden
Imagine if this sunk: we'd have a real-life Rapture on our hands.
Taha Mohiuddin
Taha Mohiuddin 2 dager siden
Nobody: Glaciers: I'm about to end capitalism
Captain Grammar
Captain Grammar 6 dager siden
Why should I pay to keep THEIR half of the boat from sinking??
Captain Grammar
Captain Grammar 5 dager siden
@Critical Thinker whoosh
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker 5 dager siden
The public ("we") already pay more than our fair share of taxes to bail out all the banks and major industries who refuse to allow themselves to die, even when society and time have shown that they are now obsolete. In a world controlled by money and money interests, don't ever be surprised that those with the wealth will do everything in their power to keep control and rig the rules of the game in their favor, even if it means dooming the planet and civilization (all for the sake of their egos, sigh).
I know things
I know things 7 dager siden
If you go on the website, they have a freedom ship thong
ETL TTC 7 dager siden
I wonder why they didn't make it a semi submarine by putting most of the space underwater to make it more stable and i assume less expensive
Dindin Supriatna
Dindin Supriatna 7 dager siden
Mario's fun adventures with Luigi
Do what if the German Empire reunited today
Ernest Mato
Ernest Mato 8 dager siden
Video Suggestion: all Arab nations plus Turkey form an alliance to go to war with china over what china has done with the Uighurs.
Joel Krivacic
Joel Krivacic 8 dager siden
Does he mean 1370m not 1370km
Prima & Anya
Prima & Anya 8 dager siden
The sea piercer
Leroy walker
Leroy walker 8 dager siden
That was a bad idea
Crooked Star
Crooked Star 8 dager siden
two words, suez canal
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 8 dager siden
This idea would make a great management videogame.
Isaac Schwarz
Isaac Schwarz 8 dager siden
So Bezos and Musk alone could build 28 if these. cool
Nick P
Nick P 8 dager siden
Ding Dong Texas: a strong, firm, erect, throbbing city full of spunk and the blood of America, just be sure not to rub it the wrong way..... 🤣😂 Also the birthplace of innuendo....
Naman Arora
Naman Arora 9 dager siden
Please Do India v/s England Military...Who would win?
LongArmsGiraffe09 9 dager siden
Yes, but comparing the cost to that of a government funded project is apples to oranges. Presumably this project wouldn't have to go through the same insane rules government projects do and it would avoid a lot of the corruption found in government contracting. So, yea the cost might be twice as much as the Freedom Tower, but the result would be 8x better. Kind of the whole point of building the boat to begin with lol But yes, the rest of it is insane. In a "fun to think about but not realistic" sort of way.
AVAY CHANDRA SINHA 9 dager siden
1,370 km.. 1:31 ...that's a mistake I think
Undercooked Meat
Undercooked Meat 9 dager siden
I really hope the freedom ship wont be built, It will be scary if you see it pass by a beach
Jay Straw
Jay Straw 9 dager siden
I don't understand: you want to keep these evil rich people locked in their respective countries? And yes, of course there would be fees instead of taxes, but no one is forcing anyone else to live there. That's what makes them fees, not taxes. This is just one idea, and it's not just rich people who think this is a good idea.
Scotty Fura
Scotty Fura 9 dager siden
sounds like Wall-E lol
Pilipino Gaming
Pilipino Gaming 9 dager siden
This ship looks like a long tower
Sarina Wrubel
Sarina Wrubel 9 dager siden
But where would everyone continue to get money? There wouldn’t be enough jobs
KA 9 dager siden
i loooove these videos
Jason Carter
Jason Carter 10 dager siden
Bigger the boat...bigger the risk of more loss and more accidents
Violator 623
Violator 623 10 dager siden
"The CHONKY ship" 😂😂
MainMite06 10 dager siden
2:51 BRO you had me in the first quarter, not gonna lie!
Dayton Boudreaux
Dayton Boudreaux 10 dager siden
I estimate it would cost more then $200 sextillion
Dayton Boudreaux
Dayton Boudreaux 10 dager siden
We’re it can hold 20 of the biggest nuke in the world
Dayton Boudreaux
Dayton Boudreaux 10 dager siden
I imagined a warship that is 50x the size of the Freedom ship
Mountain 2
Mountain 2 10 dager siden
This isn't relavant eith this country but i am eatibg a entire pringles can
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 10 dager siden
I can only think of Snowpiercer
S W 10 dager siden
Wouldn't you still need to pay taxes wherever the income is earned?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 10 dager siden
This is what happens if you never outgrow Atlas Shrugged.
redmond the alien
redmond the alien 10 dager siden
Welcome, to rapture.
EL Barto 666
EL Barto 666 10 dager siden
G M 11 dager siden
So its a really loud prison ship for the rich to be self incarcorated which is at risk from terrorism and natural disasters. Also imagine the usual ship problem of food poisoning going on here.
MrFlazz99 11 dager siden
Who needs to spend all that time at sea just to avoid taxes? Even a huge ship is a tiny speck on an ocean and I'd put money on the ocean being ultimately stronger than the ship. Plenty of rich people avoid taxes just by not spending too long in one place - it's called jetsetting. I know of some British youtubers doing exactly that. The UK system mandates that taxation can be avoided by spending no more than 90 days in any year or 180 days in a five-year period on UK soil, for instance. Years ago the Rolling Stones dropped a load of tour dates because they would have had to spend too long on UK soil during the tour otherwise. How the rich suffer....
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 10 dager siden
I mean, isent that what that very real live a aboard cruise ship called "the world" or something?
EVedEevee 11 dager siden
Anyone else get snowpiercer vibs ._.?
Rigiroony 11 dager siden
Matt Brennan
Matt Brennan 11 dager siden
Am I the only one that has ever played Bioshock? I know exactly how this place would end up.
UpdateDotExe 11 dager siden
We need more socialism in this world!
Imagine playing hide and seek with your friends on this
Blue Flight
Blue Flight 11 dager siden
Can you do a “if Gran Colombia reunited” video pls
Samiullah Kalhoro
Samiullah Kalhoro 11 dager siden
Can u please tell how do u research about ur content what websites do u use and how can it be done easily
1 2
1 2 11 dager siden
And the vulnerability to terroristic or war threats are not even considered.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 11 dager siden
A ship this big is like a floating disaster waiting to happen and also makes itself a very big target.
New Zealand
New Zealand 11 dager siden
What's wrong with Ding Dong?
grimki11er 11 dager siden
Sooooooooooo that guy doesnt want to pay taxes, how does he pay for maintenace and normal cost like fuel? Well with a nominal fee, soo lioe a taxe?
sharayu.s 11 dager siden
i have seen so many videos on why this ship failed or is a bad idea ...yet i cant help watching another one!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 11 dager siden
ding dong dell
Eran Gabay
Eran Gabay 12 dager siden
Artemis is a great book.
Raffael Pratama Putra
Raffael Pratama Putra 12 dager siden
Let us Pray to indonesian KRI Nanggala 402
The Architect
The Architect 12 dager siden
I mean, isent that what that very real live a aboard cruise ship called "the world" or something?
meegat 12 dager siden
Kra canal thailand
Making transparent wood
Making transparent wood
Making transparent wood
The Truth About my Son