Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Diamond Nationals 2012 

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MAVTV coverage of the 2nd annual Diamond Drag Boat nationals from Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO.




18. jan.. 2013





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757 Sam
757 Sam 5 dager siden
I want to see premiere Lucas oil drag boat racing series like lake Havasu, red bluff, San Diego, fire bird raceway world finals, and lots other places.
Derpin Bird
Derpin Bird 6 dager siden
What's the yellow gas coming out of the boat at 6:40?
JohnnyRottenest 6 dager siden
Bullshit until 4:45
Mick Carson
Mick Carson 28 dager siden
Is Lucas Oil still around?
slowpoke96z28 2 måneder siden
Dang it pazzy. -.154
slowpoke96z28 2 måneder siden
Kebin Kinsley does boats too?
Peter Edd
Peter Edd 2 måneder siden
I don't understand why they don't use a. tether to hold the boats that has a calculated breakaway force.
Specialized 29er
Specialized 29er 2 måneder siden
The common goal is not to die.
Yeti8it 3 måneder siden
Am curious what those Bikini girls look like now . lol
Mark Torres
Mark Torres 3 måneder siden
San Diego here I Come.
Mark Torres
Mark Torres 3 måneder siden
Without question the most dangerous type of racing on the planet.
shane phelan
shane phelan 3 måneder siden
God it's crazy enough to try driving fast on land, but near suicidal on water, literally. I couldn't imagine how fast these boats are.
Dean Guilberry
Dean Guilberry 3 måneder siden
27:19 Great angle on a great run.
Taevon Gilchriste
Taevon Gilchriste 3 måneder siden
The fish hahahahahahah
son nguyen
son nguyen 4 måneder siden
The nappy dolphin physically pine because rice apparently amuse on a pink error. jaded, sable lisa
Lil Joe
Lil Joe 5 måneder siden
What are these boats made of? Carbon or fiber glass
radioguy1620 5 måneder siden
Geez somebody get that turtle a beer ! Before the boats came he held the lake record.
Craig Pennington
Craig Pennington 5 måneder siden
This is bracket racing on water. Don't care for the rules. THEY SUCK. Do like the boats though. Outstanding machines and so are the drivers.
dbltrplx 6 måneder siden
Their trailers need tires
MXStar189 6 måneder siden
how does lucasoiltv only have 37.5k subs ...........LIKE,COMMENT,SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
suka otomotif
suka otomotif 6 måneder siden
🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍 nosections.info/green/zmyJh56LeoqGr6Y/video.html
gary craig
gary craig 6 måneder siden
Got to see the problem child in person at our shop but didn’t know what it really was until a couple years ago this is the the baddest boat in the land
david parker
david parker 6 måneder siden
its boring to watch put electric boat and check the initial .....!
Richard Collins
Richard Collins 6 måneder siden
The far lane is wet
DENNY MEDIA VI 6 måneder siden
the boat was tough and easy to control
Lester Marriott
Lester Marriott 7 måneder siden
Tug boats have tires for bumpers but I don't think it qould help these guys.
Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learning
Do they drop anchors? How do they stop so fast??
Kyle M
Kyle M 7 måneder siden
Less talkey more drivey
Howard Swing
Howard Swing 7 måneder siden
If it's a straight line it isn't racing try hours instead seconds.
Thermidor le vrai
Thermidor le vrai 7 måneder siden
shut up loser
Ajith Aravnid
Ajith Aravnid 8 måneder siden
i miss 2012
Deron Borghi
Deron Borghi 8 måneder siden
I would've built the strip long enough to run 1320'
Miguel Salami
Miguel Salami 8 måneder siden
Even though this was back in 2012 over 8 years ago these were some great Fast boats to watch race👍👍BTW I use Lucas oil products & must say they stay a mile ahead of their competition.💛
John Correia
John Correia 8 måneder siden
Love these beautiful hot boats, ran a hot damn Hando myself way back when.
motocross raymond
motocross raymond 9 måneder siden
Where is this in 2020
Brady McCoy
Brady McCoy 9 måneder siden
Boomhauer at 8:10
บังงนัด นิน้องง
เเรงจิงๆ V8
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 9 måneder siden
Good ole boys with more money than common sense. Well, aren't they all?
Stewart Randall
Stewart Randall 10 måneder siden
I had no idea that drag racing boats existed until I clicked on this video
S Lit
S Lit 10 måneder siden
I bet Kenny Sargent... Doesn't go Down Town to look at himself in the Mirror....He probably has mirrors all around his House so he can check on the DYE JOB ON HIS HAIR...And who knows what else he Dyes....
Wild Bill
Wild Bill 11 måneder siden
1,000 ruined racing. Why not make it extra safe and go for 100'?
KawazZX10 11 måneder siden
"Fastest man on the planet in a boat"? Typical American commentator bullshit. The "Fastest man on the planet in a boat" record was last broken in 1978 by Ken Warby who is still alive and well. A lot of people died before him as well as after him in the pursuit of that higher mantle piece. His son David Warby is currently trialling a new boat in pursuit of his own water speed record. All respect to this form of racing. Wouldn't watch it if I didn't respect it however the reporting is just plain wrong. Current record for said fastest man on the planet is still Ken Warby at 511 km/h (318 mph). It's sustained speed over a distance. If they can achieve that with a V8 later in the game then awesome! Just honour those that lived and died for that particular mantle "fastest man on the planet in a boat". From what I read there's 50/50 chance survival rate on pursuers of that record. Hope David makes it through the other side and maybe even breaks it.
Jason Wills
Jason Wills År siden
Onlya146mph,onwater ?
Roberto Arkenburg
That’s what happens when you give your boat a name like “Problem Child”
A. W. Sum
A. W. Sum 20 dager siden
Bad juju!
Пётр Степанищев
Столько лишней болтовни, кошмар😱
Thellbro År siden
Nope, not watching another pampered 1000ft race! #bringbackthequartermile
Kevin Erhart Jr.
That sux !! Boats on fire, sink it!!! What!!
John Berry
John Berry År siden
Excellent video! 246 mph on the water, that’s insanely fast!
Mark Torres
Mark Torres 3 måneder siden
Hell ya.
Neil McBratney
Neil McBratney År siden
PLEASE - IN MEMORY OF NANCY DAVIS (WAR PARTY. TAF 556) consider a donation or sponsor supporting this boat. Sincerely, Neil McBratney
Keyboard Warrior
Let’s hope the climate brigade don’t find us...
crispyspa År siden
They are boats...they get wet... Why would a rain event cancel qualifying?
Dean Hilbig
Dean Hilbig 8 måneder siden
Windy usually... I asked one once with I swear drops big enough to hurt you, but not very hard.. " hehe, wel it's drinking about 7 gallons in about 5 seconds, another drop or 2 ain't gonna make much difference!!!"
B P År siden
Where do you put the fishin pole?
Brady Allen
Brady Allen År siden
why is this just now on my recommended
Whatyoudo År siden
one thing for shore, these aint no goofy dudes! Yuk! Yuk!
Ron Jones
Ron Jones År siden
Forget the trophy. I'll take the brunette trophy girl.
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Audi 1
Audi 1 År siden
Bet they are not using e3 plugs in the e3 boat.
zxggwrt År siden
Wow these things are nuts! It hauled the mail for sure. Lockdown NOsections at it's finest.
R3D År siden
Hello viewers from 2013. It's now 2020, Donald Trump is the President, Bruce Jenner is a woman, OJ Simpson is a free man, and the apocalypse is here in form of a global pandemic!
karuma in gaza
karuma in gaza År siden
The reason why these boat crash there too flat
Synthetic Danimal 90
I dont know much about these boats, but the announcer saying these things leave harder than top fuel dragsters sounds wrong. The dragsters go 70mph quicker in the same length.
Evan Okeefe
Evan Okeefe År siden
And I just learned where the name 1320 video came from
Dgisch År siden
17:22 looked like his boat moved first with a reaction time twice as slow ok
IstasPumaNevada År siden
Let's hope y'all stopped with the bikini-clad eye-candy since then. Women are not decorations.
MrMyPersonality År siden
lotta love when son was crying about dad
MINH Vio År siden
Mời h2r bước ra giao lưu đi
Cap'n Jay Greybeard
Why still record in interlaced video?
Parent of Twins
Parent of Twins År siden
Why would rain matter to race boats? I can't be the only person confused. If someone could let me know it would be greatly appreciated.
Joel Vega
Joel Vega År siden
. . .
Stephen harris
Stephen harris År siden
why are they taking off before the Christmas tree even lights a yellow light
Gliderider År siden
I think the other boat spun its prop, should’ve pedaled it more 😂🇺🇸
Springbak Inc.
Springbak Inc. År siden
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ryancrazy1 År siden
6:30 a tire company sponsored a boat race?
ryancrazy1 År siden
@Icutmetal you really don't get how jokes work, huh?
Icutmetal År siden
ryancrazy1 You really don’t get how sponsorships work, huh?
Peter and Dorothy Bowles
Jason B.
Jason B. År siden
What engine blocks are they using?
Cool Nick
Cool Nick År siden
20 year old challenger owners be like: Another video of our cars drag racing
Process of Elimination
7:08 Funniest interview.
Process of Elimination
Wouldn't it be as simple as adding an underwater rudder-like thing to make these boats not fly out of the water?
NHRA Gold År siden
I'm pretty sure we launch harder than a boat... just saying!
Black Thunder
Black Thunder År siden
My guy love a challenge. I just gave em a good one
Magia År siden
Wonder if the aliens look down and watch us and laugh!
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson År siden
I just imagine there are wheels underneath
hebatnya engkau
hebatnya engkau År siden
Butuh pak hang
William Epps
William Epps År siden
@7:58 - The drag boat equivalent of surf dude - nosections.info/green/z2JlfZFpd66H1NQ/video.html
S Lit
S Lit År siden
Why Doesn't Gilette Razors SPONSOR THESE GIRLS.....To get rid of the Almighty Bearded Clam ?????
S Lit
S Lit År siden
The woman are Supposed to get NAKED...When you Win.....YEE HAW....SKIN
A Frog
A Frog År siden
"my guys love a challenge and I just gave`em a good one" When your balls are bigger than your brain xD
Mike Otto
Mike Otto År siden
Only in the U.S. would there be a purpose built drag boat venue! I’m Canadian and Canada is lame and boring and so is the rest of the world!
Mike Otto
Mike Otto År siden
Wait til a European answers and says ooh ahh, we got F1! These boats will leave F1 cars sitting still when it comes to acceleration! Oh... did I say F1 is a gay girlie sport!!
Huenxiwake up-atl
... Slim fast should become a major sponsor
jlucasound År siden
Lucas Oil. Hmm. ;-)
Strange Duck
Strange Duck År siden
they spend so much time staging the tire must be getting cold
Somerandom År siden
what the fuck, this is a sport? that's so cool!
Wild Bill
Wild Bill År siden
Fuck that 1,000 feet shit. I quit watching after they pulled that pussy shit.
Crazy Funny Cats
20:45 barehands.. Why no fire 🔥 resistant gloves 🧤?
Wyatt Marley
Wyatt Marley År siden
They are on water
8,0000 Hp? what? Holy Shiznit.
Bass Buster
Bass Buster År siden
Hang on ...ha ha... I thought he said 8000hp... must get my hearing checked...
ben dover
ben dover År siden
nope your hearing is just fine
Graeme Guthrie
Graeme Guthrie År siden
I started watching roadkill a while a ago an learned that mike Finnegan was in to competitive drag boat racing, I’ve been hooked ever since
Paijo Neww
Paijo Neww År siden
Okey good
Raj Gill
Raj Gill År siden
chicks at 43:50 are literally pieces of furtniture in the grand scheme of things here wow
Can Acar
Can Acar År siden
no idea why this was recommended to me but i sure appreciate it!
jjamanda År siden
Hi can you tell me the diameter of the chute and distance from the back of the boatthanks for the great video