Going Through Maddie's Private Diary to Reveal Her Secret! 

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I hope we don't live to regret it. First Rebecca Zamolo created "Being Mean to My Best Friend for 24 Hours and Surprising Her with a Dream Vacation!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "We Trapped the Evil Ghost Evilyn Living in Our House!" Finally the Game Master Network made."Maddie Finally Reveals Her Secret, Instantly Regrets it." Now in order to trick Rebecca and Maddie, Matt and his best friend must get them out of the house. Matt writes a private message from the game master to send Rebecca and Maddie on a mission. While they are gone, Matt and Rick Noah, his best friend, go through Maddie's private Diary. This might get extreme when we learn about all of her secrets, crushes. What will we reveal? Do you think the girls will know what we are up to and will the game master meet Rebecca and Maddie at the lake of secrets? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca 20 dager siden
Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea? Also comment when you subscribed for a shout out especially if its today!
Ruby Webb
Ruby Webb 8 dager siden
Rebecca I love you.
CHAKMA RAJ GAMING YT 9 dager siden
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Lewis Malengier
Lewis Malengier 9 dager siden
Futsum Kifle
Futsum Kifle 20 dager siden
Fidget toys
Fidget toys 20 dager siden
I subscribed
ANIKA INDU 33 minutter siden
Do not tear those pages or I will tell Maddie
ANIKA INDU 34 minutter siden
Girl rule boys drule
ANIKA INDU 36 minutter siden
If you tear that page I am going to tell Maddie
ANIKA INDU 46 minutter siden
hey Maddie Ben your crush has a NOsections channel
RainbowDash SpiderBoy Ms. Cupcake
What will you do if somebody went through your diary if you have one hoh
RainbowDash SpiderBoy Ms. Cupcake
Diaries are for secrets not for spoiling it
RainbowDash SpiderBoy Ms. Cupcake
Why do you have to be mean for her she didn't do anything
Doireann Lynch
Doireann Lynch 14 timer siden
It was so mean of matt and rick noah to read maddies dairy
Gabriela Gutierrez
Gabriela Gutierrez 14 timer siden
Merrick know what you are the worst I don’t like you anymore it’s like you know anyone I making crying face all the time because you guys always been into Rebecca and many
The Cepeda Family
The Cepeda Family 15 timer siden
Rebecca and Maddie the paper with your surgery go to the lake a secret it was my aunt I forgot his name but it is the Green me please listen to me I’m your big big big fan
S & S Health Shop
S & S Health Shop 17 timer siden
Saalihah 💞
Zowie Harrison
Zowie Harrison 17 timer siden
wolfy 21 time siden
look like someone call Rick like MaDDie
Vallerie Babili
Vallerie Babili 22 timer siden
Maddie noooooo Hey i now that rick noa has a crush on maddie and i do not treste my mind
Xiameny Lourens
Xiameny Lourens Dag siden
De bois ar de wurs😠
Kiara Spikol
Kiara Spikol Dag siden
it is a trick from matt
omega daley
omega daley Dag siden
Why are you guys going true her dairy
Moulae Jean
Moulae Jean Dag siden
I love this video
Aaliyah Harper
Aaliyah Harper Dag siden
Diary of a wimpy kid
Moonlight MooN
Moonlight MooN Dag siden
Wait douse Rick noah like~ Maddie oooooo~~~~
Dia Julia
Dia Julia Dag siden
Maddie and Rebecca the boys are looking in your diary 📔
Holly Cable
Holly Cable Dag siden
dairy of a wimpy kid
Jehan Tabarki
Jehan Tabarki Dag siden
I unsubscribe because what you did
Ricardo Sanchez
Ricardo Sanchez Dag siden
GIRL said we better and better hacker but the boys tricked them caought
Kamren Gant
Kamren Gant Dag siden
Diana Rubio
Diana Rubio Dag siden
Rebecca punch matt in the face
masah 151
masah 151 Dag siden
Maddys fear is ghosts that is totally right
Braden Puscheck
Braden Puscheck Dag siden
Like yeah me to
Syasya Syafiqah Sahriman
i saw r.h.s at the bac k of rebeca
Patricia Henry
Patricia Henry 2 dager siden
I am so mad at matt
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 2 dager siden
Why would Matt and Rich Noah go through Maddie’s diary that mean what if you had a diary then Maddie went through it
Victor Johnsonhomie
Victor Johnsonhomie 2 dager siden
Why Does Maddie Have Multiple Crushes.
Rhyddian Llewellyn
Rhyddian Llewellyn 2 dager siden
Rebeca your dumb when your were back there the went 3 2 1 and you we’re back there
Reuel Arkin Dinginbayan
Lal Rema
Lal Rema 3 dager siden
That guy was ben
Little Chipmunk
Little Chipmunk 3 dager siden
Poor Rebecca
JackAi 3 dager siden
Rick Noah is working with the rhs he is Daniel's best man
RedLondon the Label
RedLondon the Label 3 dager siden
I would have smacked Matt with that shovel
Unicorn Besties Forever
I am upset because apparently us that are not VIP aren’t as important to know about all of this. 🥺
RB x PINK 12 timer siden
Yeah I know right
Inam Molahloe
Inam Molahloe 2 dager siden
Malak Abdouni
Malak Abdouni 3 dager siden
His name is Ben Azelart
the boss
the boss 3 dager siden
Evilny is in rick Noah
Ailyn oceguera
Ailyn oceguera 3 dager siden
I started to watch your vidos just yesterday day
Ailyn oceguera
Ailyn oceguera 3 dager siden
I have subscribe and I hit the bel
Vam X
Vam X 3 dager siden
Alaska is usually Irish Kansas kaiser susu isjs Kansas kaoss skills
Tamra Carter - Crandon
Rebecca I hate your husband he’s just a little cool he is thanking you so he could get more here with Noah his best friend he have more time to just go to your cousins diary he actually wrote that 📝
Amber Zihlke
Amber Zihlke 3 dager siden
Rick Noah has a crush on madey
BOOBOO Gamer 3 dager siden
??????..?.?...?.?..?.?..?.?a..?.?..?.?..?.?.?..?..?.?.?.?.?..?..?.?..?.?..?.?.? ?..?? .?.. .?.?..?
BOOBOO Gamer 3 dager siden
matt and ricknoaw saw you .
Deo Gracias Merle
Deo Gracias Merle 3 dager siden
I'm laughing 😂😂😂 when the game master slap maddie and punch
Maissa Tazi
Maissa Tazi 3 dager siden
I can't Believe you
Maissa Tazi
Maissa Tazi 3 dager siden
adri8550 adri8550
adri8550 adri8550 3 dager siden
I’m sorry Maddie they gotta open it they got the 🔑 :(
Blac Royales
Blac Royales 3 dager siden
I don't like Rebecca I love her
Just your friendly Neighbourhood idiot
Diary of a wimpy kids is my favourite book
Aneira McGrogan
Aneira McGrogan 4 dager siden
Aneira said Guggenheim
Jilianne Elaine Galicha
Rick Noah is acting really sus like was it’s really obvious
Neysa Belle Johns
Neysa Belle Johns 4 dager siden
NOT COOL MATT!!!!!!!!!😡😡🤬🤬
Kirsten Gray
Kirsten Gray 4 dager siden
kyung choi
kyung choi 4 dager siden
No do you have a star to Rebecca have it
Layler Lynch
Layler Lynch 4 dager siden
Diary of a wimpy kid
Lenny Rodriguez Cosme.
That's is ok
adniin aden
adniin aden 4 dager siden
Dairy and the wippy kid and I am mad at Matt and Rick Noah 😡😤😡😡
Akeiba Robinson
Akeiba Robinson 4 dager siden
Daddy dream of you not reading her diary I'm very disappointed in your matt ☹️😭
Akeiba Robinson
Akeiba Robinson 4 dager siden
Matt that is mine 😭☹️
britt !
britt ! 4 dager siden
Oh my gosh Matt and Rick Noah I used to love you guys you entertain me so much but now Maddie was my favorite girl in the NOsections and star diaries or for personal secrets sometimes she’s not personal space sometimes or somethings that she’s not some people don’t know I’m 7 years old and I have a diary 📔
Oyunchimeg Byamba
Oyunchimeg Byamba 4 dager siden
Alishaa Godika
Alishaa Godika 4 dager siden
To be honest I think Rick Noah and Matt should be removed from the game master network for doing this. It has private stuff in it and it is unacceptable to invade someone's privacy.
Amay Manu
Amay Manu 4 dager siden
at 6:03 rick noah har is black last time when rick noah cut his hair it was green
sanja Batinic b
sanja Batinic b 4 dager siden
I feal so bad for Rebeca
Jadyn Smith
Jadyn Smith 5 dager siden
Sry to say Matt but ur best friend likes Maddie
christian umesh
christian umesh 5 dager siden
christian umesh
christian umesh 5 dager siden
Yasmin Hassan
Yasmin Hassan 5 dager siden
Yasmin Hassan
Yasmin Hassan 5 dager siden
It is a 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻
Harper Lapatta
Harper Lapatta 5 dager siden
Not nice Matt
clara olanna
clara olanna 5 dager siden
sus boys lol
Toca._.Aesthetic 5 dager siden
bts chanel bang tan singers
I have a seceret diary to and am a big fan of bts and black pink and you
Anupa Lall
Anupa Lall 5 dager siden
Matt and his friend are reading Maddie‘s diary
NR Venema
NR Venema 5 dager siden
NR Venema
NR Venema 5 dager siden
I Love You Ben van Maddie ❤️🐨🐥🐦😊😂🥲
NR Venema
NR Venema 5 dager siden
feary playz
feary playz 5 dager siden
Astrophobia is a severe and irrational fear of stars and space. It is one of the specific phobias that are related to a defined object or situation. For many, astrophobia is strongly connected to a fear of aliens. Films such as Alien play into the fear that hostile intelligent life may exist outside of our own planet.
Isaura Siguencia
Isaura Siguencia 5 dager siden
Isaura Siguencia
Isaura Siguencia 5 dager siden
Joey Santos
Joey Santos 6 dager siden
I hate matt
Tori Hartsfield
Tori Hartsfield 6 dager siden
Went kids
Skyler Davies
Skyler Davies 6 dager siden
char7501 char7501
char7501 char7501 6 dager siden
diray of a wimpy kid
Crystals Snoweplayz
Crystals Snoweplayz 6 dager siden
Dairy for a wimpy kid
Areesh Adil
Areesh Adil 6 dager siden
Mariam Al Hosani
Mariam Al Hosani 7 dager siden
In ghost busters when the angry ghost got in Daniel and said that the game master network hates you Matt well that was right. We all hate you I can’t watch this anymore I hate you Matt
Brenda Thomas
Brenda Thomas 7 dager siden
I am so sorry rebecca also Rick Noah took maddie's diary key
Jp Grout
Jp Grout 7 dager siden
Rebecca and Maddie met met en Rick Noah Jort Irene opening opening
cookiexd40 7 dager siden
The boys are going through my eyes diary they trick you so they can look at it
cookiexd40 7 dager siden
I hate y’all that’s so rude you can’t go to through someone’s diary
Kelly Jefferson
Kelly Jefferson 7 dager siden
Fake Fortune Teller Prank!