MY ADHD NIGHTMARE | Papers Please - Part 1 

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Travelling to Canada required EVEN MORE paperwork than Paper's Please does so this should be interesting...

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2. mai. 2021





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Ozukai 4 timer siden
It's so scary when you make the smallest mistake
Sealion 9 timer siden
I just wanted to let you know that I did enjoy this markiplier video. God I love markiplier.
The Corrupt Fox
The Corrupt Fox Dag siden
As a Canadian - i’m Sorry for all the paper work to come here mark😭😓
Mazen Mohamed
Mazen Mohamed Dag siden
Jack is soooooooo freaking slow at this game compared to mark (probably due to poor editing)
Jupiter Rising
Jupiter Rising 2 dager siden
This game looks horrible and boring.
K P 2 dager siden
Does anyone remember the bite of ‘87
kailgod666 2 dager siden
Слава Арстоцке!
Reyquiem 3 dager siden
If you use the inspector to match Dari Ludum's name to the woman's note, you get the option to detain him. Do that and the dancers live. (Just in case anyone else was wondering.)
Tray Terra
Tray Terra 3 dager siden
This is so much like my first run in this that it kind of hurts a bit lol. (My first time playing this was alongside this lets play series though, lol.)
HBGaming 4 dager siden
5 videos later, I have still not liked the video.
Lukáš Petera
Lukáš Petera 4 dager siden
Am I the only one who remembers Mark playing this game some years ago?
Corbanizer 4 dager siden
I have ADHD too
Big Wiz
Big Wiz 4 dager siden
10:48 it sounds like he says the n word lol
Adam Hsu
Adam Hsu 4 dager siden
Adam Hsu
Adam Hsu 4 dager siden
Adam Hsu
Adam Hsu 4 dager siden
AST 5 dager siden
Parents: You should study for your exams coming up! Me a couple hours before the exam: 9:38
Thomas 5 dager siden
10:50 fu- fu- nig- wait what
BfordOfficial 6 dager siden
Mark: "Shockinly you go" Terrorist: "Oh you have no idea what shock is."
daiton sheffield
daiton sheffield 6 dager siden
Are you moving to canada
video 6 dager siden
Mark: rants Canadian flag: imma slide in here
rybob priest
rybob priest 6 dager siden
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Hannah Alexandra
Hannah Alexandra 7 dager siden
“Invalid Gender? YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!” Markiplier may participate in dystopian immigration policy, but he is very modern when it comes to gender. 😍
Mega_Bird700 7 dager siden
I'd say the way Mark plays is probably more accurate to that line of work.
Nicole Tran
Nicole Tran 7 dager siden
Mark, on behalf of us canadian's, we apologize for trudeau
Comrade Everclear
Comrade Everclear 8 dager siden
When you realize we have a dictator in office, fraudulently mind you, trying to make this type of thing a reality.
Nobody 8 dager siden
9:38 Mark went back to Fourth grade
Heeru 8 dager siden
Moral of the video : Find some Adventurers job.
Jakeichan 9 dager siden
Mark is actually being respectful to Gender dysphoria, so the game is the one being insensitive. your doing good Mark dont listen to those jerks
Jo_ Josuke
Jo_ Josuke 7 dager siden
@Becuase I'm bored and the game takes place in 1982
Becuase I'm bored
Becuase I'm bored 7 dager siden
I think that's just worldbuilding
DanPlayz 9 dager siden
Finally mark does papers please!
April_10th_1998 9 dager siden
I fucking love this game. I wish more people would play it! Also, it's a lot easier to play on an iPad. (Although I'm sure it would be a nightmare to record). Easier to make fast movements and you can get more people through the checkpoint, which equals more money.
michale busby
michale busby 9 dager siden
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Jack 10 dager siden
15:20 the song is - " Davy Jone's Theme music (music box)"
Jack W
Jack W 10 dager siden
Mark’s caveman eyes are confused
Mutella C
Mutella C 10 dager siden
i guessing you need that stuff only when you fly there because when i drove there all i needed was a passport
qepfemi hepejtid
qepfemi hepejtid 10 dager siden
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Anton L. Graf
Anton L. Graf 11 dager siden
24:19 it's what *he* said! It's what *he* said!
Faze _Jey
Faze _Jey 11 dager siden
I like how you talk about this 4months ago
Leo Abbona
Leo Abbona 11 dager siden
So I forgot why did you come to Canada
The Ultimite Lifeform
The Ultimite Lifeform 12 dager siden
I love how is this at the ‘inaccurate gender’ ones he’s really accepting and not judging. He’s good
Candy Ze queen
Candy Ze queen 12 dager siden
I like how markiplier shouts "YOU DONT KNOW THAT" when it says invalid gender
Ann Kids club
Ann Kids club 12 dager siden
Oh you poor poor man use the ⚠️ everything will be fine.
Orao ne lovi Muve
Orao ne lovi Muve 12 dager siden
Manual: exists Mark with an iPad: WHATTTTT?
Orao ne lovi Muve
Orao ne lovi Muve 12 dager siden
Mark to stripper: hehe il see you later... Mark's wife: *loads shotgun* Mark: UH ACUALY I HAVE A WIFE
Cody Wannamaker
Cody Wannamaker 13 dager siden
Maybe because I live in Canada and it seems normal, but everything you described seemed reasonable. Maybe it's just a lot different in the states
Malachai Boyle
Malachai Boyle 13 dager siden
i actually have ADHD, so i would hate playing this game
Kit OP
Kit OP 13 dager siden
"Ladies and gentlemen... We got em'"
The Dragon Skull
The Dragon Skull 13 dager siden
My god he's somehow even more bad at this then Jack lol
Sabrina Nicole
Sabrina Nicole 14 dager siden
I feel bad for him For sitting forever to remember the cities
Crispy 14 dager siden
for the love of god mark read the fucking tutorials
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson 14 dager siden
Welp this is Canada after all... 0:25
Magdalynn Hansen
Magdalynn Hansen 14 dager siden
me after seeing mark's reaction to gender violations: 🥰
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin 14 dager siden
And why isnt he using the easy compare check thing.
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin 14 dager siden
Oh mark. Her entry date was December 14th 1982 but her passport expires in November 1982 poor mark. 20 days expired. Just the tiniest details F you over in this game
SaTuRoChAn 15 dager siden
yeah there is much to check in this game xD looks fun though XD
PUP 15 dager siden
you have ADHD too?!
jelani harris
jelani harris 15 dager siden
Yo...send me a link to that cheat sheet, though
Meme D. Memer
Meme D. Memer 15 dager siden
How is this an ADHD nightmare? I'll probably find out l8r in the vid
Tsu Tsu
Tsu Tsu 15 dager siden
WaaaW way to copy Jaaack, at least you waited a little bit for the game to age like a fine wine
Rypzxx 15 dager siden
18:06 dujifghbdhyugdbngdfgd
D.C. Metro Kid
D.C. Metro Kid 16 dager siden
Lol on the video thumbnail photo it looks like Markiplier works for the soviet union
HK 94
HK 94 16 dager siden
Why is he playing papers please in 2021?
Herky61 16 dager siden
It’s disappointing and terrifying that Mark is unironically and truthfuly comparing commie Canada to a communist state
I Do Make Videos
I Do Make Videos 16 dager siden
Bro how I’m so broke on this and I can’t do anything
Fenekku Kitsune
Fenekku Kitsune 16 dager siden
Mark... you need to inspect and interrogate more. You could’ve detained the guy and saved the dancers...
MasterofNone 16 dager siden
I find it funny how they just check the person's pants once they come into Arstotska.
sue sandy
sue sandy 16 dager siden
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Pengmaeda 17 dager siden
I love how it doesn’t even feel like Mark is trying to look over everything. He’s just giving it all a quick glance with ya, “looks good”
Pengmaeda 17 dager siden
“A quick reference guide” *Mark says as he literally has a rulebook open at all times listing all the cities and districts*
IToTheZ 17 dager siden
Je vais te laisser un petit bout de temps pour me faire des photos
too lazy to come up with something
rola grande dura
Tyler Haines
Tyler Haines 18 dager siden
8:02 Mark spent like one in game hour deciding what to do before that thing popped up on what to do lol
Totally Nameless
Totally Nameless 18 dager siden
Full mustache says that female sex is correct. You don't have a choice but to believe!
Boobleshnoop 539
Boobleshnoop 539 18 dager siden
I... I feel like I watched Mark play papers please years ago? Am I wrong?
あすか 18 dager siden
jonki leshi
jonki leshi 18 dager siden
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RagingNonbinaryDragon 18 dager siden
Does he not realize he could’ve just scanned the issuing city?
Forcoy 18 dager siden
3 weeks ago
Furygun81 18 dager siden
Anyone know what the soundtrack is in the background when he's just reading and then when he spots a problem?
DoughBlox 18 dager siden
Lol the best thing about these types of videos is when mark doesn't know what to do he just rants about it.
Daniel Dugovic
Daniel Dugovic 18 dager siden
10:01 This song is brilliant.
J Sharp
J Sharp 18 dager siden
Canada is nazi land under chairman blackface
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 19 dager siden
10:51 mark says n word ._.
Charlie Phantom
Charlie Phantom 19 dager siden
old mark is back he made me resub
Aland Gaming
Aland Gaming 19 dager siden
It might be just me but I can swear that markiplier played paper's please before, and him saying I've never done a video of it further solidifies my beliefs, and i've been watching mark for god knows how long but I know he plays original games first before he plays knockoffs. I even remember this very vividly where he saw the guy that explodes himself and was so surprised. Again might be just me but i can't shake this feeling off, I've watched SOMEONE play paper's please, but I can bet a kidney it was mark.
They Killed Kenney
They Killed Kenney 19 dager siden
The vibe is kinda like George Orwell’s novel 1984 as a video game and I love it
kreatyvkamz17 19 dager siden
This is making me imagine Mark as an immigration officer in an airport
Sticky Pudding
Sticky Pudding 20 dager siden
Wait a minute- Haven’t we been here before?
bub 20 dager siden
Irene Jang
Irene Jang 20 dager siden
The quarantine process is the same with Korea except you have to quarantine for 14 days instead of 8 :/
wolfgirlholo62 20 dager siden
Yeah we ain't handling the pandemic very well. Or at least in an organized fashion. We ignored it in the beginning hoping it would go away and since it didn't now it's just PaNiC aLl ThE tImE
Holgast 20 dager siden
I just realised that 'Dari Ludum' is a pun on 'Ludum Dare'
Salty Gamer
Salty Gamer 21 dag siden
10:50 n word?
Rachel Briscoe
Rachel Briscoe 21 dag siden
i'm sorry but like that creepy music tho
Polinco 21 dag siden
Should we tell him it's only gonna get harder every other day or so??
Polinco 21 dag siden
Lixian, if you are watching this; I Love You!!!!!!
ally johnson
ally johnson 21 dag siden
anyone else screaming at him the whole time "JUST HAVE THE MANUAL OPEN AND FLIP THROUGH IT"
Matt561 21 dag siden
Fun fact: my wife's name is in the game
ronin richards
ronin richards 21 dag siden
1. mark gets an invalid gender ticket 2. trans rights from mark
gabeisveryneat 21 dag siden
the amount of citations he got in one video led me to the same depression he was facing
Border Officer
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Streamer Life Simulator
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