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Happy #FailFriday everyone! Another great week of fails for ya!

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19. feb.. 2021





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Camryn Sabin
Camryn Sabin 2 måneder siden
FailArmy can always make me laugh no matter what mood I'm in lol :D
Corrina Vail
Corrina Vail Måned siden
I couldn't agree more
Michelle G
Michelle G Måned siden
Same that’s why I’m here I need a laugh it’s working.😂
Jay Murillo
Jay Murillo Måned siden
Hah same
Lard Lover
Lard Lover 2 måneder siden
@ElcrackGG 1 lol probably a patreon donator
Tobias Mills
Tobias Mills 2 måneder siden
I can't complain about the channel, just the sheer amount of people that shoot in portrait mode. I'm not sure why it triggers me so much, it just does.
Jim McLean
Jim McLean Dag siden
WTF are people obsessed with pulling hair out of their nose ? It's there for a reason, people, to keep other shit out !
Владимир Максимов
5:04 - This is your avatar now Jake)))
Preston Graham
Preston Graham Dag siden
Flamers and idiots like the first guy make the world's a worse place..
Bella Miller
Bella Miller 2 dager siden
I bet nobody talks about the ads
John Smith
John Smith 4 dager siden
To many adds.
indyjohn59 4 dager siden
The biggest fail of this video??? The person who made it inability to edit it to have a consistent VOLUME LEVEL... some are TOO LOUD and some you can't hear at all!!!!
nathan madden
nathan madden 5 dager siden
2:08 i dub thee, clamslam
Alejandro Lee
Alejandro Lee 6 dager siden
0:00 Now this is now annoying. She got gorilla glue in her hair and now she has popsicle sticks stuck in her nostrils.
gecko441 7 dager siden
Well the first one deserved it
Lynsey Barnes
Lynsey Barnes 9 dager siden
Okay 4:24, what the heck happened??!!
Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson 9 dager siden
WaterAntEater 66
WaterAntEater 66 10 dager siden
@FailArmy can you guys please higher me cause it’s clearly obvious you guys have terrible employees and I promise you I can find better content consistently unlike your other employees that are embarrassing your brand cause this shit is embarrassing I use to love this channel but now it’s filled of videos that make no sense on the channel
WaterAntEater 66
WaterAntEater 66 10 dager siden
Half of these videos are so bad I can’t even imagine putting these videos online this channel fell off so bad I actually feel bad for the creators failing so bad to where they seem like they started posting last week I hope you guys can actually post a video with actual content soon or even still capable still
Omega Synth
Omega Synth 10 dager siden
What in the World, are people just glueing stuff up their nostrils? Y'know what considering sone dumbass challenges in the Internet in the past, I shouldn't be surprised.
Johnny Gunz
Johnny Gunz 11 dager siden
WTF are people plucking nose hairs (especially men)? That is a great way to get an infection. Use a dang trimmer geeze.
Eric Currier
Eric Currier 16 dager siden
What caused that explosion at 4:21 ?
peach3454 18 dager siden
4:23 what happened?😨
Alwyn Dellow
Alwyn Dellow 18 dager siden
What's with the guy in the car which had that explosion ?? He was lucky. What happened ?? Anyone know ??
UK MedicFRCS 21 dag siden
This is so ridiculous. You NEED the hairs in your nostrils, they help filter out particles that you shouldn't be inhaling. You can trim any hairs that are excessively long but don't go into the nostril.
Adam Guardado
Adam Guardado 21 dag siden
We not gon talk about the truck with the explosion powerful enough to warp the doors to shit and homeboy get out like it’s nothin
Blaze Flamestrike
Blaze Flamestrike 21 dag siden
4:51 I want to know how he ended up getting that all over his face and hands 🤣
Nryxcv Neyfxv
Nryxcv Neyfxv 23 dager siden
The scientific vessel ostensibly question because certification internationally clean after a dreary college. nine, early tachometer
515ventures 24 dager siden
4:23 And he survived that blast?! Omg! I bet he lost his hearing! Looks like a grenade went off!
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 25 dager siden
5:02 It's Tobias Fünke! "I just blue myself"
Jetsin Patipatthanan
Jetsin Patipatthanan 26 dager siden
Good stuff
NO NAME 28 dager siden
Setting fire to paint lol what the fk did he think would happen? :'D
alliballiskalli 29 dager siden
4:22 what iin the world?
Sam Hollis
Sam Hollis 29 dager siden
4:22 i am so confused
Autistic Pixel
Autistic Pixel 29 dager siden
4:22 when vapes explode lol
John Doe
John Doe 29 dager siden
What a f**king freak in that first clip. What has happened...smh
PsychoTom Måned siden
4:23 please someone wtf was that?
iLeow Måned siden
4:22 What fucking happening ?? I don't understand wtf
Jon Farga
Jon Farga Måned siden
Time to Stop!
William Dobbins
William Dobbins Måned siden
So the first few clips are straight up ripped from reddit.
Shimmer Shine
Shimmer Shine Måned siden
Some of which were ripped off of tiktok
Cloud Puff :3
Cloud Puff :3 Måned siden
These are always what I watch when I’m done with school. They always make me laugh!
Ninja dos Games
Ninja dos Games Måned siden
4:22 bro wtf????
Grim Shadow 2.0
Grim Shadow 2.0 Måned siden
03:12 OWWW! I'm sure he broke his tail bone cause that's exactly what happened to me last year
jas bhanga;
jas bhanga; Måned siden
The angry robert postmeiotically overflow because blowgun informally battle round a automatic trousers. condemned, coherent blouse
jabbabbabba Måned siden
All Biden supporters.
MissMichSan Måned siden
Yuck that guy with his face touching the floor by the women's restroom.
Censoring Free Speech -YouTube
:30 two of the most annoying sounding women lol
Iain Clark
Iain Clark Måned siden
6:54 I've said this before, but how many permanent neck and back injuries have we witnessed in these kinds of videos....!
Nock Måned siden
6:16 get out my living room before I fuck you up XD move girl
DiabloSamurai1985 Måned siden
Puts hand in front bird with giant beak. WTF do you think it’ll do!?!
diane mckimmy
diane mckimmy Måned siden
armpitfuzz Måned siden
Back in the day, when home waxing first came out, I literally removed many layers of skin in my bikini area.... I walked like I had shit my pants for many days, I was a waitress at the time, it did NOT go un-noticed !!!!
Nat Helm
Nat Helm Måned siden
Kids are just getting dumber and dumber.
1234gs You know
1234gs You know Måned siden
5:00 and it’s Sunday evening
QueenBeech Måned siden
3:50 bruh, you aren't suppose to drive your car through a river
Comedymojo Måned siden
*Awesome video* ... *You inspired me to make similar content and now I have an awesome audience* :D *Keep up the good work* 😊
Lincoln Tavares
Lincoln Tavares Måned siden
4:22 como o cara sobreviveu ????
Elisia's Evolution
Elisia's Evolution Måned siden
where did they that glass for the window... asking for a friend
Sakonema Måned siden
4:21 That's proper road rage.
Scott LeBlanc
Scott LeBlanc Måned siden
6:35 Just drives away like an asshole. Hope he got caught. People like that are garbage.
Living Soule
Living Soule Måned siden
How many times am I going to see the guy laying face down on the floor outside the women's bathroom?
super paperissima molto spettacolare complimenti ciao da valerio wontolla
Atelier.si Måned siden
0:26 Can I take your ordaaaaaa
331SVTCobra Måned siden
1:23 don't worry, you don't look any dumber.
Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen Måned siden
This was hilarious
Zilla Deliva
Zilla Deliva Måned siden
The Look at me Society.....
su oh
su oh Måned siden
The vagabond moat microcephaly realise because pickle lately pedal despite a rebel fisherman. handsomely, fresh word
Joseph McGowan
Joseph McGowan Måned siden
6:30 hardcore parkour
jessie james
jessie james Måned siden
The dead nitrogen algorithmically suit because writer apparently ignore pace a abiding candle. magenta, elite sneeze
MattDP Måned siden
4:30 he has to be deaf
Jan Cernak
Jan Cernak Måned siden
04:22 oh kurrrrwa... Deaf for two weeks.
stefano dash
stefano dash Måned siden
In 2020 cars will fly 1:10
Just Videos
Just Videos Måned siden
Hi everybody
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
3:14 Pyro from TF2 screaming
Sammy One Thumb
Sammy One Thumb Måned siden
The only thing i can say is this fail army im a huge fan, but wow there were to many adds in this short video. It ruins the viewers attention on that. I get your making money on here but thats a bit much. It got real annoying no hate im a youtuber too, no where near your level, but I would not bomb my vids like that.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
6:27 LMAO literally every morning when I wake up
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Måned siden
Dumb, hairy creatures trying waxing. And they say they don't believe humans come from apes.
Scott Binder
Scott Binder Måned siden
I can't believe that there are this many stupid people in the world. I really have to wonder how they survive day-to-day.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Måned siden
6:34 uh sir, you can’t park there
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Måned siden
I do not like your mirthful I see a bad weed the hat
helmut kohl
helmut kohl Måned siden
die arme unter den armen
helmut kohl
helmut kohl Måned siden
4:30 was ist den da passiert? war das eine auto bombe ?
itsyaboixa 11
itsyaboixa 11 Måned siden
1:26 you’ll sneeze it out later
helmut kohl
helmut kohl Måned siden
1:33 °-° aiaiaia lol das ist unglaublich, der arme sein laber bart weg ^^ ich seh nichts mehr meine augen sind voller tränen, vor lauter lachen
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Måned siden
4:22 wtf did he do!? He was pretty lucky.
DOOM667 Måned siden
u can die from an infection if you plug your nosehairs. dont do it.
Davor Varga
Davor Varga Måned siden
What is this creature on 1st video?
BETHANY R Jimenez Måned siden
5:00 dude just ask to join that blue man band or something 😂😂
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 25 dager siden
@BETHANY R Jimenez oh good. I feel better now
BETHANY R Jimenez 25 dager siden
@Mike Lewis I have watched the first three seasons of that series though 😂 it just didn’t occur to me
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 25 dager siden
This comment saddens me because you could've made an Arrested Development reference and you didn't, which means you probably don't know Arrested Development and that is sad.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
A lot of these fall under the "You get what you deserve" principle.
ayyrron reko
ayyrron reko Måned siden
6:34 kamloops bc?? LOL
Ka I
Ka I Måned siden
7:00!!!! Omg he could die
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
How deep is it ? 🙄
Minnie Måned siden
4:23 Yeah, funny -.-
Lorik Qui'in
Lorik Qui'in Måned siden
0:16 Eye you bastard. Best one look at the bird's face!
Marc-André Lafleur
Marc-André Lafleur Måned siden
6:27 LMAO literally every morning when I wake up
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
4:20 when you let one rip in a closed space while lighting a cigarette.
Super Dave
Super Dave Måned siden
4:21 what the hell happened
Sean Carter
Sean Carter Måned siden
I do not like your mirthful I see a bad weed the hat
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
Damn i haven't watch a Video from failarmy in years. Lol I still have a subscription to.
Cra-z- Girls
Cra-z- Girls Måned siden
Paweł Bronek
Paweł Bronek Måned siden
Szkoda czasu. Wogóle nie śmieszne. Zwyczajnie głupie
Shannon Peacock
Shannon Peacock Måned siden
How did the explosion in the work van happen?
ObsessionPC Måned siden
4:22 THAT is the reason why I never buy cheap propane torches and make sure the small shut off valve is closed when I am done, beside the fact that the trigger is safe guarded. Lucky dude, walking away like that. DAAAMN.
L.Roy Måned siden
Somebody PLEASSE explain 4:21. A bomb from the inside, is powerfull enough to destroy the metal doors... and the guy comes out of it like nothing happen... is he the TERMINATOR or what? 😨😨😨
Brian Andersen
Brian Andersen Måned siden
7:12 - Just got a divorce and is starting to date again...
Thomas Jeffries
Thomas Jeffries Måned siden
David Christoffersen
Just for you guys who don't want to go dig for answers, the clip at 4:30 is a propane gas explotion caused by a leaky torch that the driver axidently ignited when he entered the truck.
Michelle G
Michelle G Måned siden
How deep is it ? 🙄
Dharzjinion Måned siden
4:02 and now to our late night screening of The River Wild. Tee hee hee :D
Daddy likes to go fast!