Zias Punches Adin Ross After He Annoys Him By Acting Sus! 

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26. april. 2021





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Nugget 2 dager siden
Why dis man always getting bullied in his own streams and shit lmao
Priceless TimelessFlowz
This man just so free with life nothing to be too serious or fake about although the sus joke won't sit well with me
Hydro Is a qt
Hydro Is a qt 8 dager siden
This game u playin is lillegal
crkviceRZ 11 dager siden
Chucky Ponce
Chucky Ponce 12 dager siden
He should had punched if u will use that word
Mason Wall
Mason Wall 12 dager siden
Ahhhhhh big dz put it in me 😂😂
pexy 13 dager siden
adin is weird asf ngl
Ara8icPo3try 13 dager siden
So why did zias wanted his insta promoted but he got angry when others promoted it ? I am really starting to think that zias is only around adin for personal reasons. The first time he was on adin's stream he asked adin to promote his cashapp and he asked the people to send him some money...
sick gamer
sick gamer 13 dager siden
That is not a punch 😭😭
Sami B
Sami B 18 dager siden
I could just look at you and laugh 😅 your to funny bro
D Baby
D Baby 18 dager siden
That sus shit getting annoying
Myst Svan
Myst Svan 18 dager siden
El F1ako
El F1ako 19 dager siden
These dudes suck at shooting in some crafts 3 or 11 wut you got 😎
The Revirantless
The Revirantless 19 dager siden
Humor is subjective
TikTok Fame
TikTok Fame 20 dager siden
7:00 💀Zias
lucas m
lucas m 21 dag siden
adin needs his sub sound to be "big DZ put it in me."
AstroZ BTY
AstroZ BTY 21 dag siden
You used DDG pass
Q.A.C. Productions
Q.A.C. Productions 23 dager siden
Hey cancan
Julio Perez
Julio Perez 24 dager siden
It’s crazy that he did that but he is dating Adin sister
Blitz TGB
Blitz TGB 25 dager siden
The clickbait is on another level
Jessica Nonya
Jessica Nonya 26 dager siden
Buds shirt needs to say "straight outta asshole" 😂😂😂
Theking2yt Rob
Theking2yt Rob 27 dager siden
Congrats on one million!!
KRSever Patino
KRSever Patino 28 dager siden
They calling each other babe...
XR_NYC_O G • 11 years ago
6:19 why is he asking those questions😭😭😭
Wesley James
Wesley James Måned siden
He did that cuz Zias gettin smoked in dice
Jae Måned siden
Adin is gay Fr 🤦🏾‍♂️
Oh Dam
Oh Dam Måned siden
its funny asf seeing this now that he used to it😂😂
Jonah Katz
Jonah Katz Måned siden
Yeah and that’s a punch apparently
Young Legend13
Young Legend13 Måned siden
I thought I was the only one that thought the gay stuff was annoying
Yung Dez
Yung Dez Måned siden
Dude coulda hurt em
ryan Måned siden
claim your week late ticket 🎫
justjevon05 Måned siden
Adin: Zias can we go get ice cream 🍦
Nant.917 Måned siden
4:57 WTF lol. he tryna break his toes
Drip bayless
Drip bayless Måned siden
1:54-2:10 lmao
Pyrex TV
Pyrex TV Måned siden
He gave him the faze blaze special 😂😂😂
jake warn
jake warn Måned siden
That nigga blou and zias training that boi on the low
fhfhnfhfh Måned siden
1:23 bruh💀
Juan Gonzalez-_-
Juan Gonzalez-_- Måned siden
Zias hates adin bro 💀 I know he wanna beat his ass, adin gotta move out with pami
KReal Vevo
KReal Vevo Måned siden
I think adin has a thing for black guys
ThatBlueVette Måned siden
7:03 😂😂😂😂
Raúl Gonzalez
Raúl Gonzalez Måned siden
That “punch” look strong
Mummy Napkin
Mummy Napkin Måned siden
That white dude playing dice is weird idk the way he's acting is annoying
Sora wears Rick Owens
Y’all know who the dude who diced with zias is?
Jeoq Måned siden
Adin got me jumping off my bed on my toes 😭🤦‍♂️ it hurt btw
Innocent Ray
Innocent Ray Måned siden
“ he said big d z put it in me”💔💔🤦🏿‍♂️😭
Lucho ._.
Lucho ._. Måned siden
Can sb please explain how this dice throwing game works
Jayden Ponce
Jayden Ponce Måned siden
Adin, your funny asf
keith Foster
keith Foster Måned siden
What dice game they playing I’ll send adin money for these streams I didn’t know he did that
50k ShotzFired
50k ShotzFired Måned siden
Its funny how you can get away with more illegal shit on camera then off 🤣🤣🤣
vVesi Måned siden
how do you evens play this
carlos diaz
carlos diaz Måned siden
Wtf that’s a pound bag and I just notice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Darklord 99245
Darklord 99245 Måned siden
It seems real the hit did, like it wasn’t much and I know they playing with money but this how adin grind to get his money and zias now he ain’t gay so I’m just scared for adin he die in like 1 real hit lol
Sillyguytrey Måned siden
Imagine somebody start acting gay back to adin when he start acting gay
broneves Måned siden
so wheres the punch
Quincy Hampton
Quincy Hampton Måned siden
Camera turn on to these niggas shooting dice nk street affiliation at all💀💀💀💀
Jayden Hill
Jayden Hill Måned siden
Jesus is Coming very soon pray and repent before it’s too late to turn to god he’s always there for you, you just have to except him.
Will Tann
Will Tann Måned siden
He didn't even punched adin
Lean-o TheBuilder
Lean-o TheBuilder Måned siden
he was just mad like don’t play with someone while their gambling 😂 he had to get that anger out😭
Amirio Måned siden
put some timestamps damn
Snip3dkid Måned siden
I wish zias acted the way around adin when he first met him he was so funny
Jeff Guzman
Jeff Guzman Måned siden
I know totally agree
Houston Tx
Houston Tx Måned siden
Zias is like a big brother
Houston Tx
Houston Tx Måned siden
Dude In the yellow roll dice so ugly
ScottyBoiii 562
ScottyBoiii 562 Måned siden
Weird asfuk
SINNER Måned siden
Why he always referring to himself in third person in his titles😂
Killa Bee
Killa Bee Måned siden
That wasn’t even a punch😭 thats something you do to your lil brother when he being annoying
Mr258 Måned siden
Helllll nahhh zias not even shaking that shit doesn’t slide
Ryan Remick
Ryan Remick Måned siden
Adin looks like a little kid “Zias can we get ice cream” 😂😂
Hazeyy Måned siden
Just making this 1k comment
Lil Grizzz
Lil Grizzz Måned siden
They gotta be gay n they turning you hella sus 😭🤣
Chase Reed
Chase Reed Måned siden
Yea dude he totally punched him
HTO _ Måned siden
Zias only likes Adin when he high asf
jason lopez
jason lopez Måned siden
De'andre Bray
De'andre Bray Måned siden
What game are they playing?
Zanes Burner
Zanes Burner Måned siden
Herbert real life gay lmfao
StupefysMindset Måned siden
What did Ziaz do to him at the end of the vid?
AimCorrectly Måned siden
i dont think Zias rocking with them anymore
outtakontrolljr Måned siden
He said punch 😂😂naw bro he pushed you lmao
pick laboom
pick laboom Måned siden
yo adin are they real gay? be 100% true. no disrespect
seven eleven
seven eleven Måned siden
watch out bro he can beat anyone up in gta😂
StayPaidDdot Måned siden
What dice they placing it’s not clo or 7-11
James Bond
James Bond Måned siden
When adin kept doing that toe thing like I felt soo much pain in my toes
aquad instant
aquad instant Måned siden
nice click bait
SheLuvZane -
SheLuvZane - Måned siden
Zias Take Shit Way Too Far
JAY FLAWS Måned siden
Me the whole vid ayooo
Milo Måned siden
Mafiababy Måned siden
Everyone that moves their legs like that are sus ong
Codydafinesser Måned siden
white boy creasin the fuck out them crocs
Brady Plante
Brady Plante Måned siden
Zias and adin should evolve fight
Santonio Doss
Santonio Doss Måned siden
Zias finessing 😭 he not even rolling he dragging I’m hip took white boy cheese 😭
Scrubs ツ
Scrubs ツ Måned siden
adin getting so much clout from z and b lou 😂😂
Jabez Amarri
Jabez Amarri Måned siden
My mans adin just wanted 🍦
JustMarlon Måned siden
“no that almost dislocated my fucking shoulder moe” 😂😂😂😂
leavemealone Måned siden
Shit got real when his brother turned out to probably really be gay 😂😂😂
Cayden Linder
Cayden Linder Måned siden
Trueee zias okay with it now shit this duo is so funny tho whenever I’m down I just laugh my ass off at how weird adin is look at him at beginning of this video on his belly lookin at everyone shit is so good
Brando Colon
Brando Colon Måned siden
Jackson Fisher
Jackson Fisher Måned siden
I tried jumping on my toes like Adin and just sprained every toe but my pinkie toes
BZK Måned siden
Burns Fam
Burns Fam Måned siden
This dude says something sus in every sentence . Can’t even have a regular conversation he needa chill and act his self
Jabari Washington
Jabari Washington Måned siden
Bro shooting dice bro jus tryna stay focused on the cheese
Acewildin Måned siden
Shoot dice with me😂
RCKETBEATS Måned siden
They Like brothers frl
Ganger 1,7 mill