Dynamic Discs Open | Live Coverage | Final Round 

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It's the final round from Emporia. Who's taking down the Dynamic Discs Open?





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Moif Måned siden
Hey - super big thanks for your spoilers on Twitter. 🤗
Tom Holton
Tom Holton Måned siden
Anyone else trying to figure out/know what song Eagle played for his walk up?
Sasha Jonic
Sasha Jonic Måned siden
Incredibly poor post-win interview from Paul. At around 3:17 mark, when given a chance to be a gracious winner and a kind person when asked about his relationship with Ricky Wysocki and Ricky's performance in light of his personal tragedy of losing his sister to cancer just days earlier, Paul's response, (paraphrased): "He did great - he kept it off the course. I'm sure he'll go home after this and I'm sure it'll hit him, but he'll get through it." Granted what he said was true, but hardly encouraging or sympathetic given the tragic circumstances. Grow a heart man. Life is more important than sport. And just prior to that: "I'm not here for friendships." I thought Nikko was a poor sport. Ricky was the first (and only) person to go over and give him a congratulatory handshake and a hug? This is a good example of why Paul's not as likable as other more personable players. I can see the damage-control by Discraft now: "But, but... he won!"
Sasha Jonic
Sasha Jonic Måned siden
@Joel Slack Fair enough - edited and corrected.
Joel Slack
Joel Slack Måned siden
he said "he'll get through it" , not over it. and anyways it's hard to focus on playing and somebody else's emotions, he was likely alluding that he had to stop making conversation with rick and the card and just play his game.
Querig Gawain
Querig Gawain Måned siden
great coverage and best commentary team so far. keep philo and ian please ;) also would be great to have the hole info somewhere on screen and not just the current top4, which can be a bit confusing when seeing chase card
Naeda Thoms
Naeda Thoms Måned siden
@Querig Gawain We all would like to see that.
Querig Gawain
Querig Gawain Måned siden
@Naeda Thoms true but still on a very egoistical level i would still like to see that ;)
Naeda Thoms
Naeda Thoms Måned siden
I think if philo were to do DGPT live commentary that would mean he wouldn't be able to play in the tournament they are covering.
jiocco Måned siden
Macie Walker? Wow! Her putts on 16, 17, 18... That was as clutch as anything I've seen!
Timothy Meyer
Timothy Meyer Måned siden
They are acting like Paul didn't win the Memorial this year. He is the only one who could win an event that big and have everyone just forget about it. Either that, or they just don't count it if Ricky, Calvin, and Eagle aren't all there as well
HaikesXO Måned siden
3:16:57 what a moment between rick and Paul .. these guys have been battling since they were teenagers. Now 28 and 30 years old. Rip rickys sister. Great tournament.
Reel Creek
Reel Creek Måned siden
Surprised this got so few thumbs up with so many views, DG'rs getting lazy on da-kind support, for the sport?
Josh Grasse
Josh Grasse Måned siden
Does Philo disagree with everything the other two say almost every time lol?
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho Måned siden
Solid group of commentators on coverage. Production wise, strange there's no graphic tracking what hole is being played.
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho Måned siden
RIP to my deaf comrades who rely on captions; might as well be reading gibberish.
HaikesXO Måned siden
AB coming into the video playing polo g ripping 600 foot shots ?? Let’s GO
carny shill
carny shill Måned siden
I really miss the salmon commercials
Lance DuBos
Lance DuBos Måned siden
Absolute top shelf commentary. And it started early enough for us in Asia to watch. Thanks guys.
RJ 2442
RJ 2442 Måned siden
Oohhhweee that spotter on 16 man
brynblue93 Måned siden
To be there for the putt of the year...
Michael Warner
Michael Warner Måned siden
Omg Ricky on 16 was one of the sweetest and loving things I've seen. 😍😍😍. God bless you and your family Ricky. 🤗🤗
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson Måned siden
Sorry for your loss rick and great hearing philo in the booth awesome commentary today
Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag
The Goat 🐐
Backyard Chickens
Backyard Chickens Måned siden
Foot fault - jump putt - Chris Dickerson- hole 4
Garrett Cooper
Garrett Cooper Måned siden
@Backyard Chickens I’m sure you do, but they can’t call that real time and I would argue that he gained no real advantage by leaving the ground half a second early
Backyard Chickens
Backyard Chickens Måned siden
@Garrett Cooper I disagree. I have a snapshot of him with both feet off the ground and disc still in hand. He looks like a jumping Mario.
Garrett Cooper
Garrett Cooper Måned siden
Matthew Parrish
Matthew Parrish Måned siden
Grats on the win Paul. Amazing playing today.
005 Måned siden
God Bless Ricky and his sister 🙏❤ on this day!
Nehpets Ttocs Nosirrag
Amen 🙏🏼
Eric Droege
Eric Droege Måned siden
Why did the good commentary take off on a week like this? And why is there no hole number on the screen? Odd that the disc golf coverage took a step back for a big tournament.
Elite Jd
Elite Jd Måned siden
@JT King He is probably refering to Ian
HaikesXO Måned siden
Personally like Nate doss better than Philo. I like Ian though.
A Bag of Dead Squirrels
Said nobody 😆, Philo and Jerm are way better than Doss.
Aaron Slie
Aaron Slie Måned siden
You seem to be in the huge minority if you like Nate Doss on commentary.
JT King
JT King Måned siden
Really? I'm a big fan of Philo's insight.