HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Joe Saunders 

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May 8, 2021 -- Canelo vs. Saunders from AT\u0026T Stadium in Arlington, Texas

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8. mai. 2021





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JARZ 2 timer siden
my boii got more belts now then ex girlfriends lol
JARZ 2 timer siden
canelo all the wayy !!!! p4p
Rahul S
Rahul S 2 timer siden
Had to come back to cleanse my eyes after watching social gloves
Crazy Clown
Crazy Clown 3 timer siden
LAS Vegas.✌✌☺😊🥃🥃
raesa 4 timer siden
and Jake Paul says he finna beat Canelo 🤣😭
Carlos 5 timer siden
I rate her watch NOsections vs TikTok
Pendekar Keyboard
Pendekar Keyboard 6 timer siden
Sergio González
Sergio González 8 timer siden
Aupa el canelo
c 9 timer siden
9:45 gordon ramsay in the back 🤣
datkidkrazyfly 9 timer siden
I remember when Canelo first signed with DAZN the commentators were in love with him fast forward lol and now they like Canelo in a tough fight, Canelo is down, Canelo is missing everything yada yada..
fire fox
fire fox 10 timer siden
Rosendo Contreras
Rosendo Contreras 10 timer siden
Se habla de los grandes que es el Canelo, también se debería hablar pelea como esas que Lara, GGG donde Lara hizo los qué quiso le robaron la pelea a Lara, las dos con GGG las perdió las dos también se la robaron.
K P 11 timer siden
Those body shots are vicious
Keith Lacey
Keith Lacey 12 timer siden
Personally I thought Billy got well banged about, not close at all
Keith Lacey
Keith Lacey 12 timer siden
Billy J has no where to go. I Would like to see Billy J fight Eubank again it was a debatable points victory. According to Billy it's an easy fight for huge money, so I see no reason to avoid Eubank and earn a fortune. Eubank has begged for a return for years. Someone tell me why you would avoid a huge payday for an easy fight
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 14 timer siden
That uppercut…..cheesus
georgewilhelm 14 timer siden
So impressive. A technician, a mastermind
Isaias Diaz
Isaias Diaz 15 timer siden
Not to sure about these commentators 🤔🤥
Matt's Horsemanship
Matt's Horsemanship 16 timer siden
I hope we see bjs fight again. I liked him. He was so funny when asking Canelo "you like that beef huh?.. You love that Mexico beef" LOL because of the roid test. Too funny. Bjs is funny and entertaining plus he's a great fighter. I feel he was doing great against Canelo until that round where the freak accident happened. I'd love to see a rematch here
Matt's Horsemanship
Matt's Horsemanship 2 timer siden
@Chimkinnuggers2888 that would've been funny too but the subject is a touchy one. Canelo was just hoping he'd not mention that
Chimkinnuggers2888 3 timer siden
I wish canelo said "your girl likes that mexican beef too 😉" lol i hope saunders eye heals
videopaenguin 18 timer siden
Canelo is proof that nothing is impossible with hardwork, discipline, dedication and lots and lots of steroids.
Rupesh Sapkota
Rupesh Sapkota 19 timer siden
Saunders has lethal uppercut which does nothing
Tu Greenaway
Tu Greenaway 21 time siden
They were calling it wrong I was calling it 7 rounds to conallo
Tu Greenaway
Tu Greenaway 21 time siden
Needs to regroup
Conner Anstiss
Conner Anstiss Dag siden
All these haters would get pieced apart and put into a coma by saunders
Daniel Burden
Daniel Burden 10 timer siden
Instead Saunders got put into a hospital by Canelo 😉
Richard Tavarez
Richard Tavarez Dag siden
“Ouch… my eye. I quit coach” 😂
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez Dag siden
I can’t fit all the belts is such a huge flex 💪
Danny Serrano
Danny Serrano Dag siden
Nice but you guys make it a mission to find the whole fight on dazn… lame
Tsyu Dag siden
Canelos win was so phenomenal it made the referee proud 🇲🇽
Carmelo L Perez
Carmelo L Perez Dag siden
Here again watching this power punch land....
David Martinez
David Martinez Dag siden
No me canso de ver este video cuando le da su merecido al hocicon
James Carbon
James Carbon Dag siden
I think Canelo felt Billy Joe's orbital bone break. Because he knew the fight was won. Right when the bell range. Canelo started celebrating. He must have felt a break. A crunch when he hit him
BCF Neir
BCF Neir Dag siden
Come on Demetrious do you’re job
The5GIO5 Dag siden
Toxic canelo
Young 51-50
Young 51-50 Dag siden
Now go fix that eye and teach your son some manners 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
Young 51-50
Young 51-50 Dag siden
No go fix that eye and teach your son some manners little guy
SPAWN AKA Dag siden
This guy is just trying to make money on freaking commercials
beandon Dag siden
13 million in 1 month. And Jake Paul says he can't sell ppv? He has more views than you! 🤣
Terrell James
Terrell James Dag siden
Canelo needs stop fighting all these bumbs go fight some thurl dog’s 😂😂😂
Chimkinnuggers2888 3 timer siden
Yeah he needs to fight elite mexican fighters and not these washed up black and white fighters. I agree with you
Deven Arevalo
Deven Arevalo Dag siden
It’s crazy that Canelo only loss is to one of if not the greatest boxer
Yosvani Rodriguez
Soy cubano al 100 ,siempre con los míos....PERO HAY QUE RECONOCER QUE ES UN BOXEADOR SUPERRR BUENISIMO
Element_87 Dag siden
Love watching this again 😂 Billy Joe lowd mouths in all the videos then quits 😂 😂
dilan Ruiz
dilan Ruiz Dag siden
Canelo Eres el mejor saludos de Ecuador 🇪🇨💪
Dikshesh Malik
Dikshesh Malik Dag siden
9:08 when the hype begins!! 🤜🤛
Tenxing King007
Tenxing King007 2 dager siden
Saunders is Walmart's Tyson Fury.
Richard Tavarez
Richard Tavarez 2 dager siden
“Wussy”… The word of the day😂
Last Mohican
Last Mohican 2 dager siden
See what happens when you trash talk ? Bjs better learn to keep his mouth shut next time !!
Harold 2 dager siden
Canelo went easy on billy joe towards the end of the 8th round Canelo showed mercy you can tell he’s not trying to hurt him anymore he’s not putting anything behind his shots
smokey 2 dager siden
Saunders playing a fool. It was only a matter of time. For the first time, i saw Furry keeping his mouth shut. I can't wait until Canelo faces Plant. People complain that Canelo isn't fighting this guy or that guy. He is busy eliminating the paper champions in the 168 ol pound. Appreciate his heart and his talent. When Canelo loses I will still be a fan. Allmost all great fighters don't know when it is time to stop. I hope that it doesn't happen to Canelo.
Gaming Raven
Gaming Raven 2 dager siden
Proud of Saunders, he was going on to win in my opinion until canelo landed that beautiful shot
likqujo dedusqip
likqujo dedusqip 2 dager siden
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Cash Cody
Cash Cody 2 dager siden
Did you see canelo do the punch around the back move 😂 when he did that in the first fight with GGG the look on GGGs face was priceless and when the ref was scolding canelo ggg hit him back.
Tyler Berman
Tyler Berman 2 dager siden
these highlights are of canelo basically not the actual fight, billy had more highlights in it then this and thats just a fact
Ade Ayodele
Ade Ayodele 14 timer siden
And he lost.
nerner nenerner
nerner nenerner 2 dager siden
Bjs did well in the fight but canelo drinks irn bru. Too strong for billy.
I’ve watched this fight a dozen times now, and the only excuse I can make for the commentators is they are watching from the ring apron, whilst I’m watching on a 55 inch telly, with the camera right on top of the action. After getting whacked to the body in the first 3 rounds, Saunders threw virtually every punch whilst on the retreat. Hardly any landed, and those that did weren’t hurtful. Watch him in the corner at the end of the seventh. Gassed out and clearly worried. He only stood his ground in the eighth because he didn’t have the energy to run anymore, and look what happened. The commentator who has Saunders winning should invest his fee in a white stick and a guide dog.
Bilal Hamza
Bilal Hamza 2 dager siden
One of those commentators is straight up garbage. He should just keep his fu***ng mouth shut, can't understand a fu****ng word he's saying.
bisbeekid 2 dager siden
The announcers clearly favored and rooted for BJS, even when he had only won two out of eight rounds. One had BJS ahead at the seven round point, which is downright ridiculous. That guy obviously knows squat about boxing.
The Kickboxing Community
9:12 what a joke he had Saunders ahead on the scorecards
Crier T
Crier T 2 dager siden
I’ve just watched the full fight and this video is edited heavily in favour of Canelo. Saunders won the early round and landed significantly more shots, yet the video doesn’t show any of them. Obviously Canelo won but this video is biased to fit an agenda
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 2 dager siden
Why was he putting his hands down ?
Sr.Donuts 2 dager siden
Eso le pasa a Billy por pete
ken masters
ken masters 2 dager siden
Billie Joe Saunders is a quitter.
Aziz Coulibaly
Aziz Coulibaly 2 dager siden
Canelo is a monster ! All these belts !!!!
Aziz Coulibaly
Aziz Coulibaly 2 dager siden
Canelo is a monster ! All these belts !!!!
KingGodTravis 2 dager siden
Go to 9:07 to see the puch that finished him, Saunders was boxing great until that punch landed 😂
Jeremy Sims
Jeremy Sims 2 dager siden
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Positive Infinity Positive Infinity
Sergio Need To Take A Back Seat On Commentating- NOT ONCE DID HE POINT OUT MISSED PUNCHES FROM SAUNDERS only missed punches from Canelo …sounds like a punk
luis vargas
luis vargas 2 dager siden
Anyone know the songs name at 4:42???
Sapati Saveaalii Malietoa
BJS should learn from Thurman on how to be a man. Thurman gave Manny a great fight even though he was dropped and even struggled with his ribs, he fought Manny until the end.
Manrique 3 dager siden
Chris Manixx pulled an Adele Bird
Obie Toh
Obie Toh 3 dager siden
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Clark Loeffler
Clark Loeffler 3 dager siden
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수염보틀 Suyeom Bottle
존나 멋지다
Jai A.
Jai A. 3 dager siden
Wth this man thanos💀 what titles does he currently have?
Abraham Canche
Abraham Canche 3 dager siden
john-ross Evering
john-ross Evering 3 dager siden
Canelo is the best fighter today any questons
Ermek Baiseitov
Ermek Baiseitov 3 dager siden
Jocelyn RAYON
Jocelyn RAYON 3 dager siden
When you know the job is done! 9:30 Canelo is an idol, !!! 🥊🥊🥊🥊🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 Champion of the World ....VIVA MEXICO!
Bigi57 3 dager siden
Welcome to the highlight reels Billy! 😂😂
Fahmaan Mohammed
Fahmaan Mohammed 4 dager siden
canelo has more KOs than the fights billy fought in his career
Chana Raina
Chana Raina 4 dager siden
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Twikzy 4 dager siden
Technically he’s undefeated cause mayweather is just the best
thizzle91 4 dager siden
You can hear that bone break at 9:08.
TributeToBoxing 4 dager siden
9:44 is that Gordon ramsey?!? (top right)
nak gunung
nak gunung 4 dager siden
Who is nama ring ounnoncer canelo vs ggg 2?
JuanPapi 101
JuanPapi 101 3 dager siden
That ring announcer is the best
Joe R Perez
Joe R Perez 4 dager siden
Canelo vs Jake or Logan Paul. Who’s down✊🏻
Spartan Nation
Spartan Nation 4 dager siden
Was getting tired of all the biased commentary
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 4 dager siden
Saunders didn't have the heart to win. You need alot of heart with talent to beat Cenelo.
Ej Lays
Ej Lays 4 dager siden
I still don’t think Canelo can beat May weather
Samuel Musa
Samuel Musa 4 dager siden
Theyve fought before he didnt.
Back4Fungame 4 dager siden
clean strikes, alvarez has an excellent sense of shifting his body weight into his punches. it's like watching a more subtle tyson in his prime.
PELLIKAAN 4 dager siden
9:38 was such a magical moment
astewart1003 4 dager siden
Watching real fighters reallly reminds you how horrible of boxers those Paul boys are.
gregory rocha
gregory rocha 4 dager siden
What fight are these announcers at?
Kai Nguyen
Kai Nguyen 4 dager siden
Canelo the greatest of all time, prove me wrong 😄
Deep 2 dager siden
@Kai Nguyen , This version of Canelo looks too powerful to be sure.
Kai Nguyen
Kai Nguyen 2 dager siden
@Deep Canelo was too young and Floyd was in his prime that time , I’d bet my house if there’s a rematch for Floyd and Canelo. Canelo would knock out Floyd May weather lol
Deep 3 dager siden
He was schooled by Mayweather.
SubZee 4 dager siden
Boring!! They not even hugging each other!!! Mayweather Vs Logan was much much more exciting!!
R1pa 4 dager siden
Jake vs Canelo 😁🥊
Cinil mesa sanchez
Cinil mesa sanchez 4 dager siden
9:08 uyyy!
Lizeth Peña
Lizeth Peña 4 dager siden
9:08 uffffff
Robert52535 4 dager siden
I'm keep showing this in UK they can't believe that Texas have fully opened and everyone is fine.
Marko Santani
Marko Santani 4 dager siden
the bigmouth Saunders has given up