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These things are WILD.
Link to speakers - www.mauip900.ld-systems.com/
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26. feb.. 2021





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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Måned siden
What's the first thing you'd listen to on these?
Super Crip69
Super Crip69 Måned siden
Black metal
tom dickey
tom dickey Måned siden
Pantera, Cowboys from hell
Joshua Shorey
Joshua Shorey Måned siden
probably some stuff from the Interstellar soundtrack
esco bar
esco bar Måned siden
Aidonia - I'm krazy
Dennis Barzanoff
Dennis Barzanoff Måned siden
choke me like u hate me but you love mee
daviee b
daviee b 5 timer siden
pirates of caribbean
Keithsupreme 10 timer siden
very expensive speaker and parking pole
Adam Dag siden
THX intro sound, anybody?
Chriswin Saji
Chriswin Saji 3 dager siden
This is craaazy
Yassine Saadate
Yassine Saadate 4 dager siden
Plz what's the name of the music 🎶(6:35)
Cacophony 4 dager siden
Has anyone found any of the tracks in this video?
eric moeller
eric moeller 5 dager siden
Those things are absurd i wonder if its 1400 watts per unit or total
Sreenand Anumolu
Sreenand Anumolu 5 dager siden
Imagine putting 7 Nation Army Glitchmob Remix on those speakers at 100% volume and bass
Justin Porter
Justin Porter 7 dager siden
I just feel like these dont really exist. I cant imagine this life.
John Kavanaugh
John Kavanaugh 7 dager siden
Mind blowing, deep deep.
Robert Karpati
Robert Karpati 7 dager siden
i need this tracklist
Ethan Stafford
Ethan Stafford 7 dager siden
What is the intro song? I want it!
Nutak Aizmirsti
Nutak Aizmirsti 7 dager siden
Plastic volume knobs :D :D (:
Nebil .H
Nebil .H 8 dager siden
what is the intro song name..???????
Akhpalwak Khan
Akhpalwak Khan 8 dager siden
6:38. Peak reaction 🔥
Afsal bin A Rahman
Afsal bin A Rahman 8 dager siden
Anil Beharry
Anil Beharry 8 dager siden
fantastic video production! keep up the good work.
RKR 8 dager siden
Wooooooooooooooahhhhhhhhh 🔥
Christiaan Schabort
Christiaan Schabort 9 dager siden
Anyone know these song names ? 👀
gus ramirez
gus ramirez 9 dager siden
kanaka maoli
kanaka maoli 9 dager siden
Funny how it has a hawaiian name (Maui) but doesn't ship to Hawaii lol
James Thorney-croft
James Thorney-croft 9 dager siden
Please anyone tell me that tune he puts on please I need it !!!!!
neko neko
neko neko 10 dager siden
Wait one speaker is 4000 euros what the... I mean I know they are premium but man for that money you can do a lot of stuff with regular speakers.
Sebastian Pedersen
Sebastian Pedersen 11 dager siden
I have these speakers, insane!
Alohnzo Jackson
Alohnzo Jackson 12 dager siden
I wanna know who made that nasty beat he was playing
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.R.R. Tolkien 4 dager siden
Life after death - Malawii
Lehman Chan
Lehman Chan 12 dager siden
Seems like the lows are not low enough
Hectic Hive
Hectic Hive 13 dager siden
Missed opportunity at 8:04 to turn all the lights off and turn on the car... have the car’s headlights light up in sync with the trumpets blare! That would’ve been a sick shot I think
hosackies 13 dager siden
Too bad I'm only experiencing this on cheap cellphone speakers...
Haaris Khan
Haaris Khan 13 dager siden
Man I thought the second track was the the universal intro to movies
HEADSHOT GAMING 18 dager siden
8:23 OMG🤣🤣
Lucas D
Lucas D 18 dager siden
That is going to sound so terrible in that room.
Ammar Ahmed
Ammar Ahmed 19 dager siden
When did you become Batman?
Wisey1 19 dager siden
Imagine playing “miss the rage” by trippie redd and playboy on them
Badd 19 dager siden
Perfect addition to my tiny appartment
91 BOI
91 BOI 21 dag siden
Imagine drake trophies on these
BIELIE LIELIE 22 dager siden
*+* *+* *0:01* *+*
ANNAS 1899
ANNAS 1899 22 dager siden
I need that intro music🤣
Hasook 22 dager siden
Still need to know that beat used in the intro 🔥
Vgfhg FC gn
Vgfhg FC gn 23 dager siden
You should of gotten it black so it could look like a Batman car.
劉彥伯 23 dager siden
And speakers works even better after 500hrs of worming up. I'm curious right now
Waldemar Godlewski
Waldemar Godlewski 26 dager siden
Porsche Taycan - this is electrical scrap littering our Earth (Tesla too). Only hydrogen cars will save the planet. But the oil tycoons won't let them lose even a cent.
RickyGaming 27 dager siden
Do i need them? YES Can i afford them? NO Do i have the space for them? NO
iTrash 27 dager siden
baby shark trap remix for sure
Sheikh Abdullah Ali
Sheikh Abdullah Ali 27 dager siden
What is the name of the song that was being played at starting of the vid. Can anyone tell name of this soundtrack?
YoBy CoZy
YoBy CoZy 27 dager siden
In the club 50 cent. In this two tower speaker. I like ur studio.
Charles Woo
Charles Woo 27 dager siden
what's the name of the song with the clubhouse vibe
Charles Woo
Charles Woo 4 dager siden
@J.R.R. Tolkien thanks
J.R.R. Tolkien
J.R.R. Tolkien 4 dager siden
Life after death - Malawii
L' Cynote
L' Cynote 27 dager siden
Those beats are fire 🔥
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal 29 dager siden
Pramod 😂😂😂
Justin R. Garcia
Justin R. Garcia Måned siden
this guys in the freakin bat cave 😂
F R Måned siden
Whats the name of the intro song?
Tonkan Jao
Tonkan Jao Måned siden
4000€ 😅😵
TheFlambeau Måned siden
So.. your car lives with ya
Frank B.
Frank B. Måned siden
PLEASE ANYONE RHE FIRST BEAT, it’s not Dallas it’s not the others mentioned over and over. What is the beat name?
Hector Brooks
Hector Brooks Måned siden
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6:52 that just how sound works, sub-bass goes through the room and overall travels further, high-range is more directional and has less range.
Hector Brooks
Hector Brooks Måned siden
Thank you for commenting, contact him on cryptocurrency investment w....h....a....t....s....a....p....p +....1....9....0....1....4....0....2....0....3....6....7
Shaikh Farhan ali
Shaikh Farhan ali Måned siden
How much money you have
Praveen Elango
Praveen Elango Måned siden
Hey lewis, after the speakers were on, your review sounded more like rapping 😀✌️... I reckon most people felt that and grinned❤️
Hector Brooks
Hector Brooks Måned siden
Thank you for commenting, contact him on cryptocurrency investment w....h....a....t....s....a....p....p +....1....9....0....1....4....0....2....0....3....6....7
Kevin Medina
Kevin Medina Måned siden
Does someone has the playlist of this video.??
Liamsi Habibi
Liamsi Habibi Måned siden
Is amazing your garage super futuridt realistic in a snother level
Tim Leeuwestein
Tim Leeuwestein Måned siden
0:42 forgot a little edit on the boxes
Adam Lievrouw
Adam Lievrouw Måned siden
Anyone know the song used during the intro?
Tj Cole
Tj Cole Måned siden
Lol CGI is not y’all strong suit at all. That’s okay tho just please don’t scare is with it again haha
Onpassive Today
Onpassive Today Måned siden
🤠👩‍🦰 THANKS for your technical info
JR Langdon
JR Langdon Måned siden
lute oosten
lute oosten Måned siden
when you have so much money you dont even walk inside your own building anymore you take the indoor porsche
Mark Harris
Mark Harris Måned siden
I found this channel more useful when it reviewed items an average cat could consider buying. It seems more like a “let me show you all how rich a NOsections-er you’ve made me”, spot. I rarely visit anymore..but congrats on the success man, you earned it.
Anime World
Anime World Måned siden
India doesnt have a single iphone in top100s🤣
WALTER WHITE Måned siden
Your song choice is pathetic
AmpEdition Måned siden
Put 10 of these speakers on each wall and turn it up only 1/4 way with a super clean response 😛
AmpEdition Måned siden
Clearly porsche paid to be in this video, Tesla Roadster takes a dump on this piecer...even the model s craps on it lol
Jochem Strien
Jochem Strien Måned siden
What is the titel of the first song? Shazam cant help me out on this one 😅
mattJT87 Måned siden
Where's his hoodie from? I've literally been looking for a basic boxy fit, washed grey/black hoodie like this pls help
Mason Shattuck
Mason Shattuck Måned siden
Robje Illusions
Robje Illusions Måned siden
simply the best - i love my two maui´s 900 - so nice, so loud, so clear - PA and Hifi mixed - best ever!!!!
Gustavsson15 Måned siden
Lewis you should really share a public playlist! what's the song at 9:34?
Pasindu Nawoda
Pasindu Nawoda Måned siden
FREEI iphone 12
Steven Briggs
Steven Briggs Måned siden
i want these.....like no joke, i want these speakers. damnit!
Alex_T_NAZ z
Alex_T_NAZ z Måned siden
I bet he's with other girls me: watching 1 minute of Lew driving lol
Kwame Akuamoa
Kwame Akuamoa Måned siden
milky way
milky way Måned siden
Found it (Life after death by Dj freedom)
milky way
milky way Måned siden
RESPECT. It isn't the first music it's the second one(where he is opening/testing the speakers). If you also know the first one, tag me plz!
پاکستان زندہ باد،
Am i the only one who thought it was a Wireless Charging station for E-Cars 😂😂
Hamilton Brainerd
Hamilton Brainerd Måned siden
The tiny handball scilly fax because shop nally charge barring a jazzy michelle. roomy, threatening crayon
elsa okta
elsa okta Måned siden
Can someone pls tell me the name of that beat on minute 09.34 ?
Octave Måned siden
bro you're too old to flex wyd lmaoo
lI Ref
lI Ref Måned siden
The church needs these speakers
Arian04 Måned siden
What's the first beat
Nikolas ashorov
Nikolas ashorov Måned siden
Couldn't you buy something more cost effective and better volume and sound than this speakers ridiculous size and price ?
Panos Savvaidis
Panos Savvaidis Måned siden
I NEED a 4K$ set to stream youtube quality music.... Sure!
Aizzad Danial
Aizzad Danial Måned siden
showing off his ride unreasonably
Rishabh Pandey
Rishabh Pandey Måned siden
Can anyone help with the name of the songs used? Shazam unable to help :(
HamzaFromYT Måned siden
Wow 🤩 my phone was vibrating
Circulars Måned siden
Tbh not that impressed with the sound quality
Grant Began
Grant Began Måned siden
Wtf is that song name again of the grand orchestra
Matthew Jordan
Matthew Jordan Måned siden
This looks like Batman’s house🤣🤣
Audio Pro Italia
Audio Pro Italia 27 dager siden
Actually it is
Jan Steven
Jan Steven Måned siden
HandlewithcareVibes Måned siden
my man here never heard a proper SOUNDSYSTEM
dusgif Måned siden
What song is that at 6:40?
Deshi vloger
Deshi vloger Måned siden
3,46,885 rs in Indian currency woooofh🙂
Deshi vloger
Deshi vloger Måned siden
3,46,885 rs in Indian currency woooofh🙂
AlmightyESSO 47
AlmightyESSO 47 Måned siden
Clickbait. 8 thought it was a wireless charger for Tesla 😂😂😅
This is NOT a Tesla...
Ganger 2,1 mill