A Stalker Texted Me... 

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Things are starting to get real: the Hi5 Studios Stalker has officially texted the team. While his true desires still remain hidden, the back-and-forth does give the team some hints and clues to chew on for a little bit, including a surprise revelation about their otherwise quiet emulator provider: the elusive "D" and who they may really be. However, it's the bombshell that the Stalker quite literally leaves the team with that may indeed change how they view him, as well as everyone else they've come into contact with during this investigation.
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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:46 - The Phone -
Samantha approaches the team with an odd discovery: the phone that was in the LAPD case has been ringing and buzzing in the vault.
03:05 - Check The Vault -
The team heads up to the vault and checks on the phone, and make a startling discovery.
05:34 - "We're Listening..."
After discussing for a few minutes on whether or not they should answer, Matthias starts a conversation with the Hi5 Studios Stalker. And so it begins...
09:25 - Very Hot And Cold -
The team gets the first taste of Nelson Syphus' ever changing attitude.
13:03 - CEO vs CEO -
Negotiation time has come as both Matthias and Nelson are locked in a battle of wits, and not the fun kind.
17:20 - What He Wants -
He finally starts making some demands on what he wants, but it's pretty clear it's stuff the team wouldn't want to part with.
20:20 - That's OUR Emulator... -
It's one request too far: the team has no desire to give away their only bit of leverage that they have, especially when it didn't belong to Nelson in the first place.
22:45 - Why Us? -
Nelson dangles the carrot: he can give the team information on 863. It drums up a conversation about their role in all of this, and suddenly, it all seems very real.
27:43 - Should We Give It To Him? -
As the Stalker continues to push and push the team, they are starting to realize how much power they actually have in a situation like this.
30:37 - Ice Cold Heart -
The team tries another tactic, and attempts to reach out for the human side that Syphus may still have.
33:03 - A Gift -
In order to "prove" his argument, the Stalker has left the team something...
36:43 - Search The Sprinkler Boxes! -
Once the conversation seems to end, the team heads around the studio to see which box their Stalker indeed left his "gift" for them.
39:00 - NEXT TIME -
M-Vlog Team:
Woodland Demars
Samantha Fekete
Shenelle Trujillo
Quinn Fulmer
Michael Badal
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Samantha De Bruin
Samantha De Bruin 4 dager siden
The computer said that he would reach out for something and they were not suppose to give it to him
MoreCoolJack1 - GWG
MoreCoolJack1 - GWG 4 dager siden
IM SO CONFUSED someone please tell me if this is real or not, because I was convinced it was real, and then the beginning, 0:01, threw me off!!!!!
Comically bad Youtuber
Wait a minute so woods new about that place where the car was he likes solitaire AND it was his fob like is no one gonna talk about that
Comically bad Youtuber
And him an syphus both know where the sprinkler box is
Comically bad Youtuber
BobaZ 8 dager siden
Y is the tittle a stalker and not The stalker?
HarryPotterNerds 2020
HarryPotterNerds 2020 9 dager siden
The guy said he is a the absolute. But he’s also not Nelson as he said it n another video.he also said syntec is his company. So what...
Zellenger 9 dager siden
i think woods would be a good voice actor for anime
Khaled209dxb 10 dager siden
Make this a Netflix tv show called nelsons origin or the discovery of Nelson syphus
ICE_DR4GON 10 dager siden
Theory : what if syphis / nelson programed the computer when he was in the base! That would explain alot
ICE_DR4GON 10 dager siden
Theory: What if Nelson or Syphus programmed the computer? That would explain and uncover a bit more of the story and explAin a bit more if y catch my drift!!?
Jun yan Chen
Jun yan Chen 12 dager siden
Phone: Hello moto moto Matt: This phone is weird.
Justin fitzwater
Justin fitzwater 13 dager siden
Just realized he took life's blood with has shown to make people "splintered" possibly split personality and he's going back and forth like he's bipolar. And most subjects died afterwards.
kera James
kera James 13 dager siden
Oof that green background and white text hurt my dyslexia haha
Double Deez nutz
Double Deez nutz 14 dager siden
Didn’t the computer say dont listen to syphus
Double Deez nutz
Double Deez nutz 14 dager siden
I would just destroy it
bobby riggs
bobby riggs 14 dager siden
I love how this is a 3 year escape room. Excellent writing. Im so intrigued. Ive been binge watching for both my days off...
Echo fortyNINE
Echo fortyNINE 16 dager siden
Lé Gasp, I'm stupid... Maybe this is the Co-founder and he got in the way of Deb and her plan to get rid of Nelson. And he needs that serum to stay alive!(Clap) it makes Sense because Nelson never noticed they Existed in that building, even with the break in's, it was the co-founder the whole time!
Britteney Smith
Britteney Smith 16 dager siden
i have the same phone it is a motoe6
pineapple yeet
pineapple yeet 17 dager siden
Oh I just realized why he put stalker no syphus
Jv Borbon
Jv Borbon 17 dager siden
i know im late but didnt the apple 2 say avoid contact with syphus
Jenelle Ghazala
Jenelle Ghazala 21 dag siden
Ik this is an old vid but I used to hv that same phone and it was used like a normal phone because there was a phone coming in the mail anyways ik that is the exact same phone bc of the logo on the back and if I am correct the charging port is on the top please check and I hope Matthias sees this bc I thought u should know I might hv the same phone.
skull candy
skull candy 22 dager siden
He actually can't ask you anything because his company doesn't exist anymore
Joshua Chambers
Joshua Chambers 23 dager siden
Matt this could end everything and you could have stopped this non sense. Your life could go back to normal
sad._.dreams 25 dager siden
DON'T GIVE IT to Nelson at all
sad._.dreams 25 dager siden
Bro he desperate
Edwin Cruz
Edwin Cruz 25 dager siden
I have the same phone lmao
Isabelle 26 dager siden
Woods: he’s needy Me: just like the guy who has a crush on me... Lol my life rn😂😩😭
Rohan Abraham
Rohan Abraham 28 dager siden
Finally they said this is an ARG. Now i can go slam my friends who used to bother me saying this is real.
Grace Cody
Grace Cody 28 dager siden
"Never stop flexing when you're proud" -Matthias 2021
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 28 dager siden
So then this all adds up from the previous previous video when they figured out Matt woods and Sam where being specifically selected and how the camera VR goggles has them in the pictures
Tushar Chaudhari
Tushar Chaudhari Måned siden
Imagine matt texting syphus.. Matt : what is pegasus? Syphus: it's a flying horse. That will be hilarious 😂
Roman Wasylewski
Roman Wasylewski Måned siden
Where’s mega desk?!
Senay Telahun
Senay Telahun Måned siden
Hi am the stalker you have been waiting for you 🤪
Gabriele Kolar
Gabriele Kolar Måned siden
I was bored so I decided to watch this again and I noticed something and I just thought it was funny. Woods kinda predicts the future at 35:24
Lilly Cox
Lilly Cox Måned siden
Nelson could have split personality disorder. He could be all of these people.
Spencer Hilliard 4
Spencer Hilliard 4 Måned siden
Jasonkevin Joseph
Jasonkevin Joseph Måned siden
Phone:beep beep Me:MORE TEXTS? SYPHUS:yep
Eddie02 Måned siden
The phone is a motorola
Skystreak 534
Skystreak 534 Måned siden
this feels like fnaf and i dont know why\
Potato’s And Banana
Them talking about destroying the evidence: Me thinking: they could send the burnt evidence, still sending what he wants. Just different Also idea; make a copy of all evidence, mainly the paper and write all stuff down. (Yet again that is happening)
Coolsnowtiger Måned siden
The ringtone for the police case phone is my mom's ringtone for her phone. The ringtone was already annoying but now this video will forever be engraved in my brain. Love what you guys are doing tho!
Jayden Kemp
Jayden Kemp Måned siden
You think syphus is just sitting on the toilet waiting for the answer
Steelers Fan1027
Steelers Fan1027 Måned siden
Plot twist: “D” is Nelson’s ex
Kate Morrison
Kate Morrison Måned siden
Syphus could have multiple personalities. I remember this disorder being connected to the trials done on people. One of the sheets said the aftermath of the drug gave the subject multiple personalities. Just something to keep in mind.
Martin Serna
Martin Serna Måned siden
Aroon Diedrich
Aroon Diedrich Måned siden
Hi what are you doing
googly eye cat
googly eye cat Måned siden
Strike two is coming
Blake Ballers
Blake Ballers Måned siden
It the lapd officer because how will someone get a lapd case except a lapd officer
taetaethequeen Måned siden
What if syphus has multiple personality disorder?
CL Parker
CL Parker Måned siden
Everyone: depressed and confused. Me: eating all my Halloween candy
Jamming with John
Jamming with John Måned siden
Me:just vibing and watching the video Phone: HELLO MOETOE
violet zois
violet zois Måned siden
maybe you should try and move locations and see if he still comes after you. Edit: i just realized that maybe there is still more evidence where you are.
Rosa Figueroa Benson
I know I’m late but I just thought what if he had a personality split like those documents where talking about??
Rosa Figueroa Benson
Which proves he has been experimenting on himself so it is actually possible for him to be all 3 so that means his brain or body is working against itself
Saturn Zone
Saturn Zone Måned siden
Probably needs to vials to survive, and yes I’m behind.
Sealpros Måned siden
my guess is that sam is doing something
Ayushmaan Rajawat
Ayushmaan Rajawat Måned siden
At 21:13 u should have started threatening him that u will destroy the viles and if he broke in again u would take very severe that he couldn’t have even thought of
Jose Llamas
Jose Llamas Måned siden
Woods to answer your question about how he can destroy your business. He can make a video that is called "10 reasons why you need to subscribe to Mathias"
Madison Bouvet
Madison Bouvet Måned siden
In the video we found a key that leads use to an abandoned car the 843 American flag key was seen at 10:53 bottom left hand side!!!
Jeff Da Oofer
Jeff Da Oofer Måned siden
"im unstable, I need food" what are you tanner?
0/0/6/2 Måned siden
What if with the test subjects and one of them mentioned split personality it was talking about him? We have never seen D or the Undercover LAPD officer but only Syphus but they all want the same thing?
Tackyraindrop Måned siden
i wish it was real
DEZMOND Washington
DEZMOND Washington Måned siden
They should ask him who d is
Jonathan Holguin
Jonathan Holguin Måned siden
I have that same phone I am scared
Wolf Dragon
Wolf Dragon Måned siden
You should take that mountaineer to a junk yard and Destroyer it
Sam Garrett
Sam Garrett Måned siden
Maybe that serum that he injected in himself could be what he’s living on. Or maybe that’s just movies getting to my head lmao
Kabree Bates
Kabree Bates Måned siden
What if D was syphius’s wife and they began to disagree about the intentions of Syntec and they split.
epic man
epic man Måned siden
The computer said he'll contact u saying he's offering you something but not to trust him he can not be trusted 💯
Raging Donut
Raging Donut Måned siden
The phone is a Motorola
asbo gaming2021
asbo gaming2021 Måned siden
I just thought about somthing becouse he like changes when he texts he could be bipolor or somthinb
Emerson Cohen
Emerson Cohen Måned siden
Just make a copy of all the papers you need, for now figure out what you sincerely want to do later
Andrew Wilkins
Andrew Wilkins Måned siden
Also remember that John Doe did say there are still things in the mountaineer so you should not give it up
Allen Fam
Allen Fam Måned siden
I wish I would seen this video earlier but I would have texted him “Why wouldn’t you take the things with you that we have found in our walls/under stair cases and in ceilings?”
Padraig Hoeflinger
Padraig Hoeflinger Måned siden
Social stalker new documentary on netflix that will come out about this
Kennadi Clampitt
Kennadi Clampitt Måned siden
I love how then just aren't fazed by any of this
Fernando Muniz
Fernando Muniz Måned siden
Hello moto
Kiara Reyes
Kiara Reyes Måned siden
Hear me out what if he did test on him self that’s why he said I need things to survive because the thins he need to survive could be the serum and that why every time he starts to get mad at you the goes back to being nice because it’s a life or death matter
Jack Ceriello
Jack Ceriello Måned siden
wait can someone explain the start screen thing to me, so is this whole story made up?
Garrett Gibson
Garrett Gibson Måned siden
I would've said f this come at me and I'll give it to the police, give me the reason this happened and well think about it so try me
Hayden Mccann
Hayden Mccann Måned siden
The text message that the stalker wrote he said D was a thay is D more than one person is my question
Skylartober Måned siden
“45% of you aren’t subscribed” it’s just Nelson and D watching your videos and then rewatching to see if they can get a lead! They aren’t gonna subscribe lol they just want their stuff back and they are rewatching your videos to find out how!
Chamath Jayasinghe
Chamath Jayasinghe Måned siden
Should've replied "new phone who dis?"
Otaku-chan Anime
Otaku-chan Anime Måned siden
You guys have more control than this Stalker, he may have the information. But you have a 'Life blood' that he needs the most. Burn it if you need to. And thank you Woods for pointing it out. He's trying to get you to force to give you the things you collected away, with threats.
Jason Zenk
Jason Zenk Måned siden
Do you remember the ghost hunting
Brea Bishop
Brea Bishop Måned siden
Anyone else an Amazon driver that hears that text tone throughout the day randomly and hates that this is the tone they have set on this phone
Gwen Walker
Gwen Walker Måned siden
what if its a crazy "fan"
Y Not
Y Not Måned siden
Nelson called D, THEY, it is possible that D is a group of people and not just one person
Y Not
Y Not Måned siden
ITS TANNER, now we know he isn't dead
Manticspark9215 Måned siden
He said the number out loud so he obviously wants us to text it
L5T Harmony Note
L5T Harmony Note Måned siden
I had to take a little break after learning this is an ARG and not reality,but now I’m back. You guys are still awesome.
Abstract Nightmare
Abstract Nightmare Måned siden
Abstract Nightmare
Abstract Nightmare Måned siden
Ive been learning about it
Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson Måned siden
Just so everyone knows this story is fictional not real calm ur self
Maleah Thomas
Maleah Thomas Måned siden
Nelson is mean if he was talking to me like that I would had buried all the evidence in different spots then move somewhere else and ghosted him
Ava London
Ava London Måned siden
I don't know if you remember this or not but "John doe" said specifically told you not to give anything to him and said that syphus was going to ask you for something and not to give it to him no matter what
Oreo Måned siden
Ok but when syphus said “that’s the most intelligent thing I’ve heard from you” I died of laughter
Raimonda Liana
Raimonda Liana Måned siden
so is this true, or just entertainment?
T Haynes
T Haynes Måned siden
He talks more about this series being fictional on his other channel Behind 863
Chronic Gaming
Chronic Gaming Måned siden
what if the person texting thge lapd person and syphus are all the same person because syphus might have a split personality disorder where two sides want help but one wants to hide everything
{Boba Boys}
{Boba Boys} Måned siden
If you think about it Matt truly has the upper hand. Nelson says he can destroy his business. But Matt could destroy the evidence and Nelson needs some of that to survive so that would definitely be something he could hold over his head and get the info first or Nelson says goodbye to his work.
Matt Barber
Matt Barber Måned siden
How was the phone still alive???
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
caught fire that one time. There was a fire at syntec.
Gavin Parker
Gavin Parker Måned siden
Why did it cut 9:41
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Måned siden
was literally there and close enough to hear what they were saying to each other). Coincidences don’t happen here...
Zak Wing
Zak Wing Måned siden
Does anyone know what that ringtone is?
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