The REAL Reason Tobjizzle Doesn't Drink Alcohol 

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Tobjizzle recruited seasoned drinkers and fellow Sidemen members Behzinga and Wroetoshaw for his "TRYING ALCOHOL FOR THE FIRST TIME" video. Tobi shares what drinks he consumed and the grim aftermath...
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25. mars. 2021





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Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Måned siden
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Elliot Wood
Elliot Wood Måned siden
Propaganda on a friday down waterfront then loft is what tobi needs
Jay 381
Jay 381 Måned siden
@Nathen atamu EXACTLY 😂 must be a glitch somewhere lol cos out of all the countries, why use our flag 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂 we are so tiny on the map, yall who dont know where NIUE is wont even know who we are or that our island exists haha
Nathen atamu
Nathen atamu Måned siden
@Jay 381 hahaha crazy the niuean flag is there. But why?
Jay 381
Jay 381 Måned siden
@Ewan Bird I was just about to comment that. Im Niuean so thats buzzing to see our flag there 😂 considering how small our country is lol
Ewan Bird
Ewan Bird Måned siden
Why did you put the flag of Niue
ASMRSAFESPACE 3 dager siden
omg i thought it was cause he’s a recovering alcoholic i swear i heard it before
Oscar 4 dager siden
Yeah, alcohol sometimes just doesn't agree with people. Whenever I drink I get kind of sick to my stomach. But I only ever drink in the evening with friends, so the with the conversation I won't notice getting a little sick, and I ain't gonna be running anywhere. I fucked hate the taste of alcohol though, fruity cider is the only thing I can drink!
Dyzuu 7 dager siden
Cmon bring tobi to Norwich lad!
Nothing Matters
Nothing Matters 7 dager siden
No one has ever enjoyed a sober night out...EVER 😂
JGibbsMusic01 16 dager siden
Who the fuck cares. Don’t drink if you don’t wanna drink. Literally the most pointless thing I’ve ever heard.
Ali The great
Ali The great 19 dager siden
Rhys Doleman
Rhys Doleman 20 dager siden
Don't even talk to me about sambuca had the full bottle in pint glasses was on my arse really thought I was going to die
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis 26 dager siden
GreenMantaray 27 dager siden
Never heard of this guy before (to be honest, I don't know anything about the side men, and I imagine they're doing just fine without me!) but he comes across as a genuinely lovely guy!
Andrew Kensett
Andrew Kensett 27 dager siden
I don’t drink alcohol..tried loads of things but they all taste awful to me lol. People I meet at uni etc are almost baffled how I don’t drink. They’ll be like have u had a bad experience with it etc. I guess it’s not the norm to not drink alcohol so people are curious to why we don’t.
Lennon Coltman
Lennon Coltman 28 dager siden
I don’t Msg on NOsections but when he whent about 16 someone’s back shed and a bottle of cheap vodka oof that hit me how British
Filthy Rich
Filthy Rich 29 dager siden
What Jack is talking about by his mates putting a penny in his pint is called "Save the Queen". My group of mates do it a lot to each other, more so back then than now as we're all grown up but there's the occasional "Ugh, really?" moment. I'd much rather enjoy a beer than have to neck one, but I'm happy necking one regardless. My main issue with putting the penny in a pint is the fact that it's just dirty.
Taylor Mould
Taylor Mould 29 dager siden
Tobi just casually loses an AirPod
Daniel Purdy
Daniel Purdy Måned siden
So Tobi's tolerance was increased 1000 fold due to that first-time video? That's how the IPA happened
Chase Elmore
Chase Elmore Måned siden
Cause he's 4"10 87lbs lol...
Green Hornet
Green Hornet Måned siden
*Honestly, Tobi did NOT have that much; he barely drank it.*
Esther Måned siden
God sent His only begotten son to this world for you(John3:16). He so dearly loves you and wanted a relationship with mankind that He sent Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, to this earth to cleanse us from all sin and restore the brokenness of man’s relationship with God. He died on the cross for our sins and freedom - that we may have eternal life (Jn 3v16) and three days later resurrected - just as prophesied previously in the Bible to show how He conquered death for us!(1 Corinth 15:55-57) All He wants is you. Ask Him to forgive you, cleanse you from sin through the blood of His precious son Jesus, come into your heart and you’ll feel joy and peace like no other. I pray that you’ll never be the same and that you’ll feel and deeply know and understand the love of God from this day forward! In Jesus’ mighty and precious name. Amen.🙏🏾 I love you and God loves you much much more. I also urge you to pray always (1 Thess 5:17) and read the Bible as often as you can to develop your relationship with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and to know Him more. Stay blessed.❤️
TobyTube Måned siden
Charliecollinson 420
700th comment pog
Charliecollinson 420
P oh F dx
Viklaris Måned siden
As a non drinker myself I can relate so much to Toby. He's a real g!
I thought he was actually an ex alcoholic lol
Conor Reidy
Conor Reidy Måned siden
Because he’s boring
Conor Reidy
Conor Reidy 15 dager siden
@James Reviews stfu, i don’t need it to have fun but in general he’s just a boring person, so bland, and him not drinking defo does add to that
James Reviews
James Reviews 15 dager siden
Imagine relying on alcohol to have fun. Lame
Marcus Straya
Marcus Straya Måned siden
People who need alcohol to have fun are boring
Natural Bby x
Natural Bby x Måned siden
See this is what I mean by Tobi isn’t introverted or shy, he’s just quiet! I love how his personality really comes thru in these podcasts 😭😅
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter Måned siden
This video got more views than subs 📈📈📈
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter Måned siden
Doesn’t drink, You WILL DRINK.
C4 Måned siden
Man said lost my airpods ok cool
michelle waltham
michelle waltham Måned siden
I had a great night out in Norwich with my mate in my teens
hanker mcqueen
hanker mcqueen Måned siden
If they think Toby doesn't drink because of his religion remember Jesus drank wine
Ben Whitton
Ben Whitton Måned siden
Bring tobi to Norwich boys, he needs a good night out
Ben Whitton
Ben Whitton Måned siden
@Marcus Straya speak for yourself mate
Marcus Straya
Marcus Straya Måned siden
Nobody has a good time in Norwich
Lenyx Wulf
Lenyx Wulf Måned siden
Ayo why is there a Niue flag at the end of the pinned comment?
ryanator_109 Måned siden
I’m the same as tobi, just don’t see the attraction to alcohol at all
Harvey Davies
Harvey Davies Måned siden
The sidemen audience is so loyal to the point where they can say "I killed 10kids in ohio" but it's a reddit video and everyone would still click on it.
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf Måned siden
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force Måned siden
Hey not everyone needs to follow what every adult do heck i'm 25 and i never drink in my life, i mean i tried but it wasn't for me but that's because i have health issues so i have to make my body a little bit healthy even still it was just not for me. But even if i'm was normal i still wouldn't cause i see the problems people have wants they start to drink and smoke. So just don't want to go to that route. Like we all had a choice to say no its just some just did it because their friends are doing it and don't want to be lame and that's real messed up to like why can't some adults be okay with adults not want to drink or smoke.
BRJ 17
BRJ 17 Måned siden
I don’t drink either. Same as what Tobi said, it just doesn’t appeal to me😅
Leonardo DiCapri-Sun
Yesss I’m exactly the same, saved so much money at uni by not drinking and I had a great time regardless because everyone else’s vibes put me on that level anyway
Slick SA
Slick SA Måned siden
Harrison Walton
Harrison Walton Måned siden
The difference between good and bad vodka is astronomical.
klm Måned siden
i could watch this if it wasn't for all the faking laughing
K sauce
K sauce Måned siden
My teachers know a pope who drinks beer.
Bob Sagit
Bob Sagit Måned siden
I respect tobi for choosing to speak on alcohol so easily and so respectfully allowing others to have there fun meanwhile he can still have fun to not have a drink to loosen up i like it I respect it
Remo Ravi
Remo Ravi Måned siden
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Benjamin James Clarke
Met jack at fleece in Bristol, can confirm he's a better dancer when drunk
lodiSiB Måned siden
Mate, I'll sit there all timid, not saying a word at all. Music comes on and I'll come alive on the dancefloor haha
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith Måned siden
Greenwxy Måned siden
Tobi is the most likeable guy ive ever seen
Louise Tait
Louise Tait Måned siden
SAVE THE QUEEN, if you know you know
AD Måned siden
Facts 💯❤️
Dio Pereira
Dio Pereira Måned siden
I beg he tweets when he comes to Norwich 😂
UltimateKicks Måned siden
Such a lightweight 🤣
808 RIKO
808 RIKO Måned siden
I think tobi was just so introverted and shit and kinda still is and is just scared to drink as he thinks he might do something or say something stupid that would make him viral.
Lisa Måned siden
I'm of the same mindset as Tobi. Drinking just never appealed to me. It tasted horrible, cost stupid money, and usually always led to a mess - so why bother?
Luke Munden2424
Luke Munden2424 Måned siden
Fair play, I don’t drink either it’s a waste of money and it’s not meant for your body!
oniOn Måned siden
I am 21 and never tried alcohol or cigarettes. All my friends and family drink it or even produce their own alcohol but I don't want it. And I am not religious.
izzy 4sif
izzy 4sif Måned siden
Tobi was born in a really tough and rough place with a lot of drunk people and criminals... I'm surprised he's not like that
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force Måned siden
we all have a choice to say no or yes and tobi was strong enough to say no which not lot of people can do.
Simen Albom
Simen Albom Måned siden
Just say Hackney it saves you mad time
Fletcher savva
Fletcher savva Måned siden
We need Harry on here next
Thoughts Måned siden
I dont drink much but every time i drank i made a bunch of friends and i think i tolerate the drinks very much and every time i drank too much i didn't do something i usually wouldn't have soo i only have good memories from drinking
marc destefano
marc destefano Måned siden
any one come from the clip of tobi chugging a class of beer😅
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Måned siden
I’m 16 I don’t wanna drink I was like Fanta and COke
K Måned siden
the way at the end of each video they have a clip
Flames Fortnite
Flames Fortnite Måned siden
I like drinking it is funn
marakus 1991
marakus 1991 Måned siden
Think Vickstar will tell you different about the mixing drinks myth 🤣
chosen1 Måned siden
if tobi just records his drunk mates then he would be big as david
Vuk Måned siden
Waaait so he had his drinking video AND Sidemen PUB GOLF in the SAME DAY!!?! lol
DoubleTapThatDotty Måned siden
Cos he's a neek that's why
BB 17 dager siden
Self awareness pal have some
orlando Lord
orlando Lord Måned siden
Tobi: “I prefer apple juice thanks”
Pik Snok
Pik Snok Måned siden
Tobi looks sick in the thumbnail
Jordan Edge
Jordan Edge Måned siden
Tobi is fucking boring
BB 17 dager siden
To him you’re boring see how this works
james annetts
james annetts Måned siden
Shame that all the decent xlubs in Norwich have shut over time. But the waterfront is a banger, just dont talk the walls as theyre dripping with sweat LOL
OptimaL SkillzZ
OptimaL SkillzZ Måned siden
Tobi seems like he’d be a top tier person to go out to pub with, which is ironic if he doesn’t drink😂 Always smiling, top guy
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force Måned siden
I mean lot of people go with their friends to the pub and don't drink and still have fun i know cause i'm one of them i'm 25 and never drink or smoke.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Måned siden
I’m with Jack on this one, I can’t go out clubbing & not drink. I wish I could though, credit to him!
Raider.clanCL1Pz Måned siden
if toby comes to Norwich for a night out prince of wales road is the only place to go
bobbyven Måned siden
He looks high as fuck
DIM6 Måned siden
Apple Juice Gang all the way 🍏🍏🍏🥤🥤🥤
Tk: controller Games
Apple juice gang
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa Måned siden
Big ups Tobi. IMO alcohol is quite overrated.
Liam Dempsey
Liam Dempsey Måned siden
were all so curious about tobis life
AKAKezzy Måned siden
Please tell me when Tobi is at waterfront
Kenny 2020
Kenny 2020 Måned siden
Who? And who cares lol
Tk: controller Games
Bruh it’s a podcast
Steven Garnham
Steven Garnham Måned siden
Tobi in the waterfront 😂
biggie cheese
biggie cheese Måned siden
How can you not like Guinness, well hes not irish like me but you should still like it
a a
a a Måned siden
what’s up guys nepenthez here
Tk: controller Games
Manuela Omane
Manuela Omane Måned siden
Tobi is me,me is Tobi😅
Atom Måned siden
Someone should have told tobi not to run arter drinking
Nitty Nigel
Nitty Nigel Måned siden
Bolingoli’s nephew
Azbypa Måned siden
Mmt babyy
14e Måned siden
Why do they never post the full episode??
Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Måned siden
Full episodes are exclusive to Spotify, this channel is for highlights clips!
RK UGO Måned siden
Guinness from a bottle is ass, get a ceg
Roger That
Roger That Måned siden
What a sound guy
Khaylan Lalla
Khaylan Lalla Måned siden
The mighty Jizz!! 🤣✊✊
Oliver Knox
Oliver Knox Måned siden
The life lesson for kids:Don’t run after the sambuca alarm has gone off
Juliexx Måned siden
Imagine Tobi going to a pub with Harry, Ethan and BambinoBecky - absolute chaos 😂
Gg Dd
Gg Dd Måned siden
In other words because he’s boring
Hi Lol
Hi Lol Måned siden
lol drinking makes you fun now?
jamie paton
jamie paton Måned siden
@Tk: controller Games sorry I don't know who "who" is but what did "who" ask? Maybe if you put a question mark then your twitter child comment wouldn't look even more dumb than it is
Tk: controller Games
@jamie paton who asked
jamie paton
jamie paton Måned siden
@Courtney Ashton his whole personality is boring
Courtney Ashton
Courtney Ashton Måned siden
Not drinking doesn’t make someone boring
ur mother ur mother
ur mother ur mother Måned siden
Moment of silence for that one airpod.
Banana Drama
Banana Drama Måned siden
I am in the same boat with Tobi. I really rather not drink but my friends are big advocates for drinking.
leedsutd357 Måned siden
what a muppet he is
MattyIceyyy Måned siden
tobes is nuts on the pod
DerpL Måned siden
Why can a man just not drink alcohol?
Kane Keating
Kane Keating Måned siden
Wtf is Tobi talking about he barely drunk anything
Hieillua •
Hieillua • Måned siden
Alcohol is a weird concept to me. It doesn't have a place in your body as nutrition. It also literally kills the good bacteria in your gut. We're also learning more and more about how important those microbes in your gut are. Meanwhile we're fucking our guts up with alcohol? I also don't get the whole drinking culture. Not being able to have fun with friends without changing the chemistry of your brain. Thankfully I can have fun with my friends without needing to drink. I'm sure there will be a time where more and more people will wake up and stop drinking. Just like how more and more people are getting into health. I've also completely stopped eating processed crap. Also haven't had a cheat meal in more than a year now. Resetting yourself is great. You don't need those chemicals in your body. They do more harm than good.
Will Davis
Will Davis Måned siden
The Dab King
The Dab King Måned siden
Ayyyy, another Sideman ticked off!
My Apology to Jake Paul...
My Apology to Jake Paul...