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Gossip Girl premieres July 8th on HBO Max. Developed by showrunner Joshua Safran, a writer and executive producer on the original series, this extension of the pop culture classic takes us back to the Upper East Side finding a new generation of New York private school teens being introduced to social surveillance nine years after the original blogger’s website went dark. The series is based on the bestselling novels by Cecily von Ziegesar and the original show, developed by Josh Schwartz \u0026 Stephanie Savage, which ran from 2007-2012 on The CW. GOSSIP GIRL explores just how much social media - and the landscape of New York itself - has changed in the intervening years. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on NOsections for more Gossip Girl season 1 promos in HD!

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» Starring: Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak, Savannah Lee Smith



9. juni. 2021





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Karina Garcia
Karina Garcia 36 minutter siden
Looks like the US version of Control Z, one of the characters Isabella is in this:/
Sirbebilee 97
Sirbebilee 97 53 minutter siden
This is NOT Gossip Girl :(
NandasGlam Time siden
wow now I know why Sebastian didn’t stay in legacies!!!
kusum bidari
kusum bidari Time siden
678Mansi Mishra
678Mansi Mishra Time siden
This is nowhere near the original one, Original is OG
Morgan-lee Carstens
What is the music playing in this trailer?
Dipanwita Time siden
Rather than watching this I would happily re-watch the old GOSSIP GIRL again..nobody I REPEAT NOBODY can replace Queen B, Chuck ❤
Me quedo con gossip girl Acapulco
PandiLand Time siden
Mmmm...I understand teens these days would probably like it...but I was a teen in the OG Era and it's nostalgic for me and I'll probably just keep watching that one.
Black Eyes
Black Eyes Time siden
so spanish vibe here🤦 no no
Mary Allyn Sabado
Dis is not gossip girl 😑
cinnamondoll Time siden
This doesn't look fun like the OG gossip girl and they don't look likable
Joni Davis
Joni Davis 2 timer siden
Least its Kristen as GG nobody can replace GG's voice. Def looks darker than original and a dif spin on things. Looks interesting...like GG says "We know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.”
Joshey Dubs
Joshey Dubs 2 timer siden
This is either going to be really great or really awful
Shu Cao
Shu Cao 2 timer siden
Is it a movie or a series? From the trailer, I think I still prefer the OG Gossip Girl.
Martina Fabiana Roa
Martina Fabiana Roa 2 timer siden
LOOks good elite and euphoria vibes but nothing is going to top OG GG would've like it if they had just named it completely different then it would keep the OG show alone
Nini Wolf
Nini Wolf 2 timer siden
It should’ve been a spin off with the original character’s children
Mashael S
Mashael S 2 timer siden
Gossip girl from SHEIN
Mj Nelson
Mj Nelson 2 timer siden
Looks terrible
Alessia Castelli
Alessia Castelli 3 timer siden
La brutta copia della serie di gossip girl unita ad élite.. orrore allo stato puro
Angelique Hogan
Angelique Hogan 3 timer siden
This definitely ain’t the CW Gossip Girl I grew up with!
Paige S
Paige S 3 timer siden
it doesn't have the camp the original had, but it looks intriguing enough. I like elite and euphoria haha.
Almost Apples
Almost Apples 3 timer siden
if piggybacking off a former show's glory had a face...
Nathali M
Nathali M 3 timer siden
Eww no 🤢
Galaxy k
Galaxy k 3 timer siden
the voice of gossip girl shouldve been kristen bell, and i swear if dan or even jenny is still posting blasts-
Gail Rodrigues
Gail Rodrigues 4 timer siden
Gossip girl will always be Serena and Blair ❤
emrence janes
emrence janes 4 timer siden
I hope this lives up to the original....
jennifer k
jennifer k 4 timer siden
Love the diversity but would have been nice to see some East and South Asian characters as well. Make it just like real NYC!!!
Kaycie With ie
Kaycie With ie 5 timer siden
This show has potential, but I wish they would’ve called it some kind of spin-off of gg with a different title, cause this definitely doesn’t feel like the og so far. But! this is just the trailer so we’ll see I guess.
DaShai A
DaShai A 5 timer siden
Looks like it’s going to be terrible 😍
Nerdy Girl
Nerdy Girl 5 timer siden
Judas Oné
Judas Oné 5 timer siden
Nope, nope, nope. Unless it has Badgely, it ain't right.
Luis Ortega
Luis Ortega 5 timer siden
i don't want a new blair, a new chuck, a new serena; and this trailer gave me exactly what I want, gen Z vibes (control z, euphoria, elite), new characters and a entirely different show, + looks more expensive and more cinematic.
BeastMaster228 5 timer siden
wasn't gonna watch bc i thought it was gonna be on CW11 but this is HBO Max so it gotta be good, right?
Thelma Juarez
Thelma Juarez 5 timer siden
Im sorry this might just be my opinion but Blair was my whole package for sticking with this new series but I’m just not feeling this new Blair character. She doesn’t have it for me. But who knows I gotta watch the show to officially judge.
Milana's Life
Milana's Life 5 timer siden
Ok can I Just say I LOVE Zion Moreno
Lulu 5 timer siden
Why are the actors in this generation so cheesy compared to a decade ago??? They can’t act. They sound like they are fake acting when they are talking. It’s not natural at all.
giovanni donovan
giovanni donovan 5 timer siden
Se parece a la serie de netflix!
House of Matrix
House of Matrix 5 timer siden
The have the kid from Perfectionistits going be lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Adrian Mendez
Adrian Mendez 6 timer siden
Daphne M
Daphne M 6 timer siden
The bald girl tried too hard ! I’m not feeling this. 🤔
Daphne M
Daphne M 6 timer siden
Private school with that clothing ? 🤔 I don’t think so ! 😒
PromiseMe Ali
PromiseMe Ali 6 timer siden
He’s no Chuck Bass js 🤷🏾‍♀️😭
Tashanna Foster
Tashanna Foster 6 timer siden
yall need to get over in these comments the original gossip girl isn’t coming back it’s extremely outdated this is a reboot can I repeat REBOOT get over it if wanna keep watching the og one for nostalgia fine, but stop b!tching about the new one y’all are grown.
Lexie Lou
Lexie Lou 6 timer siden
Yikes. I cringed so hard the entire time. I read the books back before the show was even pitched, so I only watched a season of two of the show because it deviated so much. This is so far from the original universe it's laughable! HBO, please stop making dumb "teen" shows like this and Euphoria. You're better than this
Kalea Mon
Kalea Mon 6 timer siden
Sometimes u should just leave the classic iconic shows
Kalea Mon
Kalea Mon 6 timer siden
how about no✨🥰
chloe rose
chloe rose 6 timer siden
This is like a knockoff Élite. We really didn’t need a reboot
CA89 6 timer siden
Not interested I’ll just watch the re-run
BMWfan86 7 timer siden
It reminds me of Cruel Intentions mixed with Gossip GIrl.
Ziggy Neilson
Ziggy Neilson 7 timer siden
Um.. i dont think this'll appeal to teenagers today, because none of us our like this and it seems odd like the shows like pll and gossip girl a few years ago, were popular then, but the same shows coming out now wont be good tbh
Gra Fer
Gra Fer 7 timer siden
R. 7 timer siden
i kinda wish they waited like 10 more years and had the kids of the original gossip girl as the main characters instead of brand new types of people. would have been better.
Radmila Domingo
Radmila Domingo 7 timer siden
Eh the original was and will be the one I’ll stay watching
Amna -
Amna - 8 timer siden
This will never replace gg
Paula Mello
Paula Mello 8 timer siden
Stop being annoying old nostalgia people! The show is not the same as the original, bla, bla, bla. You guys haven't even seen it and are already complaining or saying that it should be canceled. STOP! It's a new show for a new generation, your teenage years probably are already gone, so enjoy what you had and let the new kids have a new gossip girl.
agfan84 8 timer siden
Why do they always cast adults to play kids???
petite rose
petite rose 8 timer siden
Okay, I'm not even gonna watch this but please, the people saying "I won't watch it 'cause it's bad, unlike the og one"... You're lying to yourself. You have the right to love it, don't get me wrong, there's some show that are bad because of writing or directing and I still love watching them, but at least I know it. The og one was bad too. You may love it because it's nostalgic or something else I don't know, but be realistic for a sec. It was never a good show.
Aleta Chivone
Aleta Chivone 8 timer siden
This is so disrespectful to the original..... Lord
Madison Dolan
Madison Dolan 8 timer siden
No no no no no I’m sorry but no dis ain’t gossip girl
Tay Pike
Tay Pike 9 timer siden
This is NOT gossip girl wtf? I feel like it was supposed to be a completely different show but they couldn’t get it to take off so they just slapped in gossip girl to try and get people to watch it does anyone else get this vibe? Like I feel that I’ve watched something VERY similar but can not think of the name of it
Darian Michelle
Darian Michelle 9 timer siden
has this something to do with the original gossip girl? cuz I don't understand, sorry 😅
Cheyenne Bossier
Cheyenne Bossier 9 timer siden
Okay I’m glad the have Kristen Bell back for Gossip Girls voic but other than that this feels completely different. It’s definitely giving more of Elite vibes. It looks like a super interesting show but literally feels nothing like Gossip girl. Hopefully we have some cameos atleast of the OG characters.
Alexis washington
Alexis washington 9 timer siden
jubed0ll 9 timer siden
Are there really no original ideas left?
Mari 9 timer siden
Vivian Greene
Vivian Greene 9 timer siden
Gossip girl literally ended less than 10 years ago lmaoooo they are so desperate for story lines
Vivian Greene
Vivian Greene 9 timer siden
We didn’t need a reboot..
HeyTiesto 9 timer siden
Bleeah.. Neahh.. Terrible and boring, poor copy
millenials! chill out
buwoo 9 timer siden
B D 10 timer siden
You can’t redo gossip girl.
Alison Luna
Alison Luna 10 timer siden
1:32 is that Elizabeth Lail??
vanesa pardo
vanesa pardo 10 timer siden
Blair left the chat cuz she doesnt like shit
Madeline Belford
Madeline Belford 10 timer siden
Am I the only one excited for the show? The vibes are totally different from the original show and I’m fine with that because it would feel off putting and stale if the reboot just tried to follow the original perfectly. This feels like a new fresh take, that aims to up the drama and I’m all here for it.
Gigi A
Gigi A 10 timer siden
The frank song describes the og gossip girl
Staša Savović
Staša Savović 10 timer siden
Blair and chuck stop!
JDog 101
JDog 101 10 timer siden
Only reason why I’m seeing this is because of Thomas Doherty
Gda 10 timer siden
From the picture I saw on twitter that shit looked so bad but I’m try to watch this
Kaje Alexander
Kaje Alexander 10 timer siden
GG OG was a classic. We need to put aside OG GG and be ready for a new generation for the new generation. It won’t be the same, it won’t be as good for all the OG fans as it was iconic for our day and age (oldie here). It was new, edgy and had mobiles which was new for us hence the old Motorola Razer. But, this new generation is for the new generation to enjoy what we loved so much. IMO.
Lydia tea
Lydia tea 11 timer siden
If Blake or leighton or someone from the og cast doesn’t make a cameo it won’t be right
Karina Huertas
Karina Huertas 4 timer siden
They move on and don want it
Gwen Jones
Gwen Jones 11 timer siden
Frank ocean!!!!!
Rocío 11 timer siden
Karly’s world
Karly’s world 11 timer siden
This reminds me of control Z and not bc Zion, but it really does give that vibes with a touch of fashion sense
Karly’s world
Karly’s world 11 timer siden
OKAY im really sorry for judging this, but wow this trailer looks amazing and promising, seeing the fashion sense now
Andrea Marieth Becerra Ayala
It just feels like the Mexican series control z mmmmm idk
jules 11 timer siden
im so excited
Maryam khan
Maryam khan 11 timer siden
They ruined it already with showing bisexual relationships, stick to one sex preference please.
bahman sadeghi
bahman sadeghi 11 timer siden
I am gonna watch the old one again. haha
İrem Üner
İrem Üner 11 timer siden
This is not GG. This is Elite or control Z. I’m disappointed. I was very excited but I dont like it... gonna watch it anyway
Livvy G
Livvy G 11 timer siden
Who’s going to watch?
Sisi X
Sisi X 11 timer siden
This is not gossip girl haha maybe the Serie is good but it’s just not the same
Pasto 11 timer siden
The only thing that looks like "Gossip Girl" is in the name
Mogsori 11 timer siden
I'm sorry, but what's going on? I thought it was Vanessa with shaved head, as it was in books, but here it looks like Blair?!
hurricanetortilla 11 timer siden
is it just me or is the fashion so far not it, like giving me kind of basic 🙈😅
Agne Dragunaite
Agne Dragunaite 11 timer siden
This looks more like Elite than Gossip Girl but go off 😐
meredith85 11 timer siden
xnxtyx 11 timer siden
That bald bitch is so cringe I already know I’m gonna dislike her
Havva Elal
Havva Elal 11 timer siden
Eskisinin yerini asla tutamaz
Ashly 12 timer siden
Kinda crazy how everyone is comparing it to the old one from a 2 MINUTE TRAILER. It seems “dark” bc they are trying to hook the local audience not bc thats how the show is going to be 100% of the time lmao yall are so dramatic about this... Nostalgia is fun but like yall are acting like the old one was 100% perfect. And besides if they made a show w the “descendants” of the old one yall would complain too bc they would get compared to their parents who WOULDNT even show up bc the actors didnt want to come back 💀
Karina Huertas
Karina Huertas 3 timer siden
The fact that gossip girl only had one good season, because the show runner left after the 1rst season and I watched the whole thing , it become reptitive and the characters were stuck like a never ending game blair vs Serena and then peace and again.Nate was a background character, Dan and Blair were cringey, a lot of plot holes, Georgina became a funny character. They tried to make the middle class ones in the bad guys. HBO is running this series, they care about quality, even with Game of thrones they made them film another pilote because they didn't like the 1rst one. I'm going to watch this series.