"Oh my god, what a goal?!" | Haaland vs. Sancho | FIFA 21 

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Things are getting serious on the console! Erling Haaland takes on Jadon Sancho: which of our two shooting stars will win our FIFA head-to-head? Will either of them be distracted by Erné’s questions? Find out now!
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23. feb.. 2021





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Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Time siden
2 Arogant girls
Rayhan Anshori
Rayhan Anshori 18 timer siden
Haland haland
vitor 23 timer siden
Muito bom Mano
Edi Gojanaj
Edi Gojanaj Dag siden
Ahmed Enes
Ahmed Enes Dag siden
Çağlar OZAN🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🚀🚀
Marawan Mohamed
Marawan Mohamed Dag siden
Wooow nice pro🥰
Sultan Almutairi
Sultan Almutairi
Sultan Almutairi
Sultan Almutairi
Sultan Almutairi
Hi 👋
Roy Juxon
Roy Juxon Dag siden
those 2 have the charisma of a block of cheese
Taha Hadada
Taha Hadada Dag siden
Haaland is feeling his age
Diego Hernan Pentecoste
I love seeing Erling Haaland, he is my heroo
Andorrasrevenge 2 dager siden
I love these guys and hope they get all the money and trophies! BIG UP DORTMUND!
King Momo
King Momo 2 dager siden
Haaland be like: and aaa yea, yea, and yea
appeler moi koro sensei
Dislike is fans of bayern 🤣
pai matheus FF
pai matheus FF 2 dager siden
Ángel Destroy01
Ángel Destroy01 2 dager siden
El primer comentario en español
دخان / BRI
دخان / BRI 2 dager siden
Fz_MONGRAAL 777 2 dager siden
un español colado en el canal de borussia xd
Erik Hiebert
Erik Hiebert 3 dager siden
So sympathisch die Jungs
amir hosen
amir hosen 3 dager siden
This video good Haland you and my to pes
mahmood alsaqri
mahmood alsaqri 3 dager siden
اكو عرب هنا
JOSE OLIVEIRA 3 dager siden
سجاد //الشلشي
Prohean Gaming
Prohean Gaming 3 dager siden
Football players excel
Cinemahuntdotcom 3 dager siden
haaland is beautiful.
Vinnime 876
Vinnime 876 3 dager siden
European Super League Is A Disgrace .
AH GOMING 3 dager siden
Qatar Qa2
Qatar Qa2 4 dager siden
Soveno 4 dager siden
Full kit wankers
terobos gaming
terobos gaming 4 dager siden
Ga bisa bahasa enggres
26 Gaming
26 Gaming 4 dager siden
isnt sancho english? why his accent like that?
26 Gaming
26 Gaming 2 dager siden
@Craig 11 Thanks for the clarification!
Craig 11
Craig 11 2 dager siden
He puts on an accent so they can understand him better, he sounds exactly like someone from south London when he’s not with German guys (and haaland I guess)
Peta Fotball Kid
Peta Fotball Kid 4 dager siden
Haaland im coming from Norwegian
Today GAMING 5 dager siden
Erling Haaland my idol
Balbino Borges
Balbino Borges 5 dager siden
Vai @Corinthians
عادل فرحانیان
Remi Porche
Remi Porche 5 dager siden
Why does sancho sound like he’s tryi by to put on a German accent 😂
No0ofy Nawaf
No0ofy Nawaf 5 dager siden
هالند تعال برشلونة بنعطيكم عثمان دمبلي وخمسين مليون
الطالب النجيب
@No0ofy Nawaf صح حلو بس ثقيييل
No0ofy Nawaf
No0ofy Nawaf 4 dager siden
@الطالب النجيب تراه عرض حلو
الطالب النجيب
يا أنت ثقييييل
ok 6 dager siden
Sancho really said losed and he is english
مشاري العسيري قيمز
كيف الحال الي عربي لايك
عمار العراق
عمار العراق 3 dager siden
ههههه اشون٨
NuXxX 0-0
NuXxX 0-0 6 dager siden
Санчо как ройс , а Холанд как Лева
Avinash Rawat
Avinash Rawat 6 dager siden
🤣🤣..did anybody noticed that all there cards statistics are 99 in the thumbnail😋🤣🤣🤣
Matheus ryos
Matheus ryos 6 dager siden
Jogo de cumpade
Andrei Moldovan
Andrei Moldovan 7 dager siden
Əlsase sancho rinəs oljanka😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lewis Mcgreevy
Lewis Mcgreevy 7 dager siden
First time i hear erling explain things instead of one word answers
Alpha ousmane Diallo
Alpha ousmane Diallo 7 dager siden
Good night the players
Angel Ulises Reyes Martínez
Jaja buen video apenas hablo inglés entendí muy poco viva México 🇲🇽🇲🇽 Unos tacos al pastor
ESTEBAN HERRERA 5 dager siden
Qué onda yo tambien soy de mexico 🇲🇽 pero viva mexico cabr
JR oscar 27 B A
JR oscar 27 B A 7 dager siden
Elsa Varela
Elsa Varela 8 dager siden
haaland is me football Player prefer!!!!
Amigos aleatórios
Amigos aleatórios 8 dager siden
Hoje tem gol do Haalandinho kkkk
Engku hakim
Engku hakim 8 dager siden
Stay PS4 😁
Konstantinos Mazanis
Konstantinos Mazanis 8 dager siden
Der letzte Satz von Erling und Jadons Reaktion haben mich gekillt
Eesah -786
Eesah -786 8 dager siden
Sanchos German accent 😂😂
Victor Eke
Victor Eke 9 dager siden
Who's here B4 BVB V Man city
NashNash 9 dager siden
achso ein fußballspiel geht jetzt also nur bis zu 45minuten
Lewis Ogier
Lewis Ogier 9 dager siden
Is it just me who can hear Jadon have a little flick of German on his accent 😂
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 9 dager siden
me:HOLY HAALAND CAN BE IN NOsections!?!? my dad :he cant be on youtube me:he is here in this video my dad:well i dont know
EDepics 9 dager siden
Haaland won right?
R๏乃乇Rτ๏ 9 dager siden
Haaland, Haaland Jeder Schuss ist ein Tor bald wird er neymar ha ha ha haaland gegenüberstehen, hey
Asraa 10 dager siden
REI PES 10 dager siden
Só eu de brasileiro aqui??? Sim eu me dei like
Thiago PB
Thiago PB 8 dager siden
Parece que vc n é o único
Samuel Cahill
Samuel Cahill 10 dager siden
Jadon sounds German now ?
Arifi 04
Arifi 04 10 dager siden
Irgendwie erinnert mich Haaland voll wie evanijo 😂😂
Zockania 10 dager siden
Fifa von EA? Fifa von EA ist doch ein gescripteter Haufen Bingo Müll.... mit Lizenzen... welches nur noch dazu genutzt wird Umsatz von EA am laufen zu halten... Lieber ein echtes Trikot von kaufen, das lohnt sich mehr...
Salma and yassir Haddani
Je taime haaland
Salma and yassir Haddani
Je t'aime
Rahul Pillai
Rahul Pillai 11 dager siden
"How do you feel winning against Jadon?" Haaland: "I feel very gut"
سعود حاوي
سعود حاوي 11 dager siden
Man city victory
Suiblade 11 dager siden
I love how Sancho speaks broken English when talking to non English speakers
Kang Anime
Kang Anime 11 dager siden
Haaland studied in Indonesia so I still support Haaland
Yaseen Salhi
Yaseen Salhi 11 dager siden
عندكو شامبو
تركي الأسطورة
لايك إذا انت عربي
ادم شوكولاتة
أنا عربي
Jagger 12 dager siden
7:02 F
Real Gems
Real Gems 12 dager siden
Halaand is not attractive
Real Gems
Real Gems 12 dager siden
They have the full kit on to play fifa 😂😂😂
death hunter
death hunter 12 dager siden
This is so arkward 😂
Khalid Gemar
Khalid Gemar 13 dager siden
Zeyad Mohamed Mahmoud Elsayed
Dude I ruined my english watching this
Grillah 13 dager siden
strange to hear jadon has an accent thats not british
Mehmet58 13 dager siden
Haland helal olsun sancho yo geçti
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 13 dager siden
Wieso sieht man sie ganzen skills und nice tore von Haaland nicht? Oder war das in nem anderen vid?
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 13 dager siden
Wir werden die beiden vermissen :(
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 13 dager siden
1:34 Haha so ne Legende
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 13 dager siden
Erne hat doch Sancho fix gewinnen lassne
kekang wisdom
kekang wisdom 13 dager siden
Good question
Sam Derrux
Sam Derrux 13 dager siden
English left the chat😂😂😂
حمودي الدبيسي
{THE} JØĶĚŘ 13 dager siden
Omar Adel
Omar Adel 13 dager siden
I love Haaland
Răzvan Tătaru
Răzvan Tătaru 14 dager siden
Was willst du sonst fifa spielen!! ⚽⚽⚽
Jagdeep Singh Uppal
Jagdeep Singh Uppal 14 dager siden
English players are so insecure...like the usual americans.
oli ッ
oli ッ 14 dager siden
casually talking about fifa, 05:54 HAVE YOU EVER EATEN A DONER KEBAB
João Victorxp77
João Victorxp77 14 dager siden
Cadê os Brasileiros que estão assistindo ? Wo schauen die Brasilianer zu?
Tuxx 14 dager siden
haalands favorite word is “yah”
ماطر نايت
ماطر نايت 15 dager siden
هلاند قوييي
El chico Sad
El chico Sad 15 dager siden
Se ke no me entenderan pero me la pelan 😎
Faisl TY
Faisl TY 15 dager siden
الحمدالله هلاند
Andres Julian Gallo
Andres Julian Gallo 15 dager siden
the best is bayer munich
When Haaland Gets Angry!