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We took our riders out for a test ride on the new 2021 superjet




19. aug.. 2020





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Superjet Whackers
Superjet Whackers 8 dager siden
Andrew Borowski
Andrew Borowski 19 dager siden
Glad I kept my 2012
Chase Begeman
Chase Begeman Måned siden
Where can I get those graphics
nick dean
nick dean 2 måneder siden
seems like it would be fun for about 20 mins (without a course which not many have) seems way to stable in my opinion and even going fast it seems super stable (I enjoy the sketchy unstable feel when WOT and just hoping you don't eat it). one of the best parts of standups are that they are difficult to ride, and even when ur half decent you still wipe out and have unpredictable moments, that's what makes it fun for me. this thing seems like it wouldn't be near as fun in the surf/boat wakes or even just sliding around sideways on flatwater with a bunch of buddies. it does seem like it handles nice and would be good for racing, I just don't see it being as fun or as versatile of a ski as the previous generation for the people who already own a standup ski.
Johnathan Wright
Johnathan Wright 7 måneder siden
Can u please make a video comparing the superjet to the sxr 1500 come spring im going to be in the market and my buddies all own sxr 1500s but I'm really leaning towards the 21 superjet I think the sxr will only have top speed on the superjet
chris ynp
chris ynp 3 måneder siden
Then just get the super jet if u dont care about top speed
Ian McKee
Ian McKee 7 måneder siden
Screw speed and carving. Show us jumps god dammit
nick dean
nick dean 2 måneder siden
@Josh Owens yeah but pretty much everyone ends up jumping on a superjet or Kawasaki before they do on rickter or krash. especially when you don't have the money to buy a freestyle ski. you may not be doing anything crazy but going 5 feet in the air on a stock ski is still fun and way better than going fast and carving IMO.
Josh Owens
Josh Owens 2 måneder siden
Factory skis like the Superjet or Kawasaki are not really jumping machines. You can jump, but if you want a freestyle ski, you need a Rickter or Krash etc
BirkLawnLS 7 måneder siden
How do these engines not suck in water?
david thais
david thais 6 måneder siden
Intake is high in hull and water stays low.
Brandi Dearien
Brandi Dearien 8 måneder siden
Thing is hugh!
Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels 8 måneder siden
Jeff Jacobs and Victor “ The Slasher” Sheldon are the true pioneers. Not impressed with these boy’z.
217_Nick_O 8 måneder siden
RIP to the days of sending your friends (who have never seen let alone drove a stand up jet ski) out with you go pro recording all 37 attempts of them raging while attempting to learn how to ride
Eric Helminiak
Eric Helminiak Måned siden
@Zaid Hank Testing it out now. Looks good so far :)
Zaid Hank
Zaid Hank Måned siden
not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Just google for it :)
Graham's gone again
Graham's gone again 8 måneder siden
I want to find a stand up so bad! Mark shredded it! Ive got the old gtx in the garage..cant makenit flip yet..well on purpose. Hahaha 🤙
Jeff Bryner
Jeff Bryner 8 måneder siden
How does this compare to the sxr? Handling , power etc.
Matt Horvath
Matt Horvath Måned siden
@colecooper111 sxr is faster,and handles better. Superjet is designed to be more playful and light
Jeff Bryner
Jeff Bryner 6 måneder siden
@A.J. Stafford yep and kawi has always been a tank compared to the rest of the competition
A.J. Stafford
A.J. Stafford 6 måneder siden
I used to think that also for years but when it comes to that horse play on a stand up you need something lightweight
colecooper111 7 måneder siden
From what ive seen the sxr has more speed for top speed but the super jet is a lot lighter and probably handles better
Jeff Rye
Jeff Rye 8 måneder siden
Awesome! Are you riding the 2021 completely stock in this video?
Dustin Motzouris
Dustin Motzouris 8 måneder siden
mats , steering , graphics and basic tune
W2 Jr.
W2 Jr. 8 måneder siden
Super jets are the best toy. Own one we'll see.
Wren Gooding
Wren Gooding 8 måneder siden
Thanks for the content! We would all love to see some more freestyle/ Freeride videos. We need to know if you can huck it!
Gustavo Reina
Gustavo Reina 8 måneder siden
David Brisson
David Brisson 8 måneder siden
Can you slide it on flat water?
Philippe Notton
Philippe Notton 8 måneder siden
Can a 4 stroke engine really work upside down ? Kawi SXR 1500 was not good for this
live and let live
live and let live 8 måneder siden
It's efi
NICKLE& DIMEz 8 måneder siden
It looks like the boat is pretty forgiving, less skill required and strength compared to a 550 or an x2.. sweet ride!
Marcus Avalos
Marcus Avalos 8 måneder siden
Sooo sick!!!
jack e.
jack e. 8 måneder siden
Dude that thing looks so fun
john arroyo
john arroyo 8 måneder siden
What was that rod hooked up to the back of one of the riders on 5:13?
Daniel Puddu
Daniel Puddu 8 måneder siden
@Dustin Motzouris 500? Please, tell me that you forgot ceros ... if they are only 500 they do not arrive, here,to the ass of the world.
Dustin Motzouris
Dustin Motzouris 8 måneder siden
A 360 camera
Tristan Hipps
Tristan Hipps 8 måneder siden
Mark makes everything look easy. he could flip a pontoon boat
I Had To Make This Account
Mark being like 5' 6" definitely helps lol
Quinten Van Lill
Quinten Van Lill 8 måneder siden
What a day, you are living the life
Tim Shady
Tim Shady 8 måneder siden
Looks like a lot of fun. I honestly dont think juniors should be on the 1500s and they look so right on this ski.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 8 måneder siden
can we flip it: final verdict
Finding Offensive
Finding Offensive 7 måneder siden
@Dustin Motzouris can flip a 3 seater honda in the surf...
Dustin Motzouris
Dustin Motzouris 8 måneder siden
in the surf yes
Bruce Cooley
Bruce Cooley 8 måneder siden
My local dealer says Yamaha is only making 500 of these with limited availability, what are other people hearing?
Loki_JKU 23 dager siden
610 to the US, and 1500 worldwide I heard.
kimchinamja71 8 måneder siden
I believe dealers allotments are based on prior years sales volumes. And then there is a whole pecking order of priority based on several performance metrics between the manufacturer and the dealer as to how much “pull” a dealer can have for getting a higher than normal allotment for a highly demanded product (ie this model ) . I think that’s how it goes based on what I remember being told. I’d guess the dealer that had two allotted is not a very large or high volume dealer in a main /metropolitan market. And if it is, then perhaps there is some truth to the limited , initial production run. Dustin would definitely know as a Yamaha dealer himself.
Edward Schenk
Edward Schenk 8 måneder siden
FWIW. My dealer was allotted two and already sold...
kimchinamja71 8 måneder siden
No way that it’s 500. That’s the number of units than are made in a single /day shift at Yamaha in Newnan. Sounds a little more like your dealer is nudging you with a little FOMO. Yamaha wouldn’t waste their time on 500 units let alone be able to price it at $9500 without losing money on it at that level of production. Just my 2 cents.
Casey Kleeschulte
Casey Kleeschulte 8 måneder siden
Daniel Puddu it is the first year of them they can’t just put a ton of them out there Incase there is an issue with something. Easier to recall 500 then 5000
The Truth About my Son
The Truth About my Son