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Denmark - Finland - midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed on pitch on 45' 

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12. juni. 2021





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Rickey Montilla Namin
Rickey Montilla Namin 2 timer siden
Are you here bec of tiktok?
A C 4 timer siden
We are waiting for your return🇩🇰
Famous idols art
Se murió?
Sahil Dalvi
Sahil Dalvi Dag siden
My maternal grandfather and uncle passed away because of cardiac arrest. Feeling bad for this.
LEON dağlar karakuş
LEON dağlar karakuş 2 dager siden
Eriksen is avile
Chag Channel
Chag Channel 3 dager siden
The Medics Team, The Ref, Kjaer, Casper, All the danish team and the finland team also the supporter who gave the flag to cover cris.. they are all heroes... Salute
Woobyung Chae
Woobyung Chae 4 dager siden
We all love you Eriksen
MICHEL Matyss 4 dager siden
Le pauvre petit garçon 👦
MICHEL Matyss 4 dager siden
Enorme respect
Isa Falleaen
Isa Falleaen 4 dager siden
A lot of our danish was in shock for many days 😭 our whole country was so sad, all country had look from to euro 2020 and I dk first game this happens 😭
Melika Tehrani
Melika Tehrani Dag siden
Sorry to hear it,, Thank god he's alive, god bless you
SuneTheMairn 4 dager siden
1:33, 1:41, 2:01, 2:43 Thomas Delaney Thank you for being a friend good friend
Santhosh Kumar Reddy
Santhosh Kumar Reddy 5 dager siden
AED saved him
走り出す山手線 7 dager siden
I wish he will able to play as professional again.But most important thing is health. please don't strain yourself too much. From Japan
NOR19ANDRO 7 dager siden
Medical professionals, technology and science are in play here
SheepAnims 8 dager siden
They made it to the quarters for him. Respect from a KIND, NOT Racist English fan.
mikael 7 dager siden
who did you play in the semis?
MCShrimp 9 dager siden
3:05 "Is he gone?"
FelixPlayz! 10 dager siden
Bless Eriksen and his teammates! Hope he is now ok!🙏🏻🇩🇰
Landen Patterson
Landen Patterson 10 dager siden
god bless
Mohamled Ramzi
Mohamled Ramzi 11 dager siden
AF X 12 dager siden
سبحان الله يدرككم الموت ولو كنتوا في بروج مشيدا يارب احسن خاتمتنا 🤲🏻❤️ الحمدلله على سلامته ❤️
Gabriel Eugene
Gabriel Eugene 13 dager siden
I was very scared and worried that he will be gone thank god he's not
Joydip Das
Joydip Das 14 dager siden
Very sad
Andrei Vlad Popp
Andrei Vlad Popp 14 dager siden
For healthy heart eat extra virgin olive oil,leafy greens such as spinach,kale etc,tomatos and strawberries
Ali Islam
Ali Islam 14 dager siden
May Allah bless him
SAHABAT PANGESTU 14 dager siden
amalox 15 dager siden
At the 2:13 minutes u can see that the goalkeeper and the player with 19 on his jersey turn 2 see that Erickson get CPR and then they release that things are really bad and serious
Jose Iriarte
Jose Iriarte 15 dager siden
Great captain simon he ran like his life depended on it to put his teammate on his side.
Simon Says
Simon Says 15 dager siden
3:31 It was so scary seeing Ericksen getting revived on live TV with an electric shock. I will never forget this.
OMKAR SHIGWAN 16 dager siden
АЛЬ О 16 dager siden
А что в итоге?
Noone 16 dager siden
Italy Wins even for him ❤️
Keba97 16 dager siden
Imagine what his wife had to go through when she saw her husband collapsed on the field..
Pro mil
Pro mil 16 dager siden
Macie swoje szczepienie piłkarzy.
Sean Logan
Sean Logan 16 dager siden
I love how the opposite team also generally cared and didn’t just see what was going on ,that’s the sportsmanship we need in every game and in every fan base
Emma Thun Jørgensen
Emma Thun Jørgensen 16 dager siden
Brade 16 dager siden
Man, so glad he's alright now but this was actually fucking scary to see happen
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea 16 dager siden
...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL !🇮🇹 💪 forza Eriksen..meritavate voi la finale non gli inglesi. Ma abbiamo vinto ! Anche per voi 😉
Chiko was here
Chiko was here 17 dager siden
Screw FIFA for making them go back out there and finish the game. There's no harm if you postpone the game for another week and move things around. This was literally life or death, and FIFA bottled it yet again.
JC Daley
JC Daley 17 dager siden
I feel so bad for Erickson
Margareth Skauge
Margareth Skauge 17 dager siden
😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️ Christian eriksen
kpop lover
kpop lover 18 dager siden
Thanks god he is fine
Abdulla Nematov
Abdulla Nematov 18 dager siden
Eriksen the best world football Denmark in the winner euro 2020
DNA GAMING KH 18 dager siden
When I'm watching this, my tear is trop down 😢. Feeling pity to him. Wish he will better soon. 🥰🥰
Officer Alonzo Harris
Officer Alonzo Harris 18 dager siden
When I watched it live the first time the players seemed more upset
Kimberly Berrios
Kimberly Berrios 18 dager siden
May God be with him always ❤️
Rose 19 dager siden
So scary😭
Ömer Derda Durgan
Ömer Derda Durgan 19 dager siden
CallumG_01 19 dager siden
Imagine Eriksen having to watch this video of himself lying dead receiving CPR. Must be a crazy experience knowing in that moment he was dead and brought back to life 🤯
Adam Oliver
Adam Oliver 20 dager siden
Luckily he's okay now but that is a massive shock
Kron Abazi
Kron Abazi 20 dager siden
Oh noo
Bourbon Bridge
Bourbon Bridge 20 dager siden
Wish u a quick recovery ericksen..love you
Protik Biswas Victor
Protik Biswas Victor 20 dager siden
everyone was crying... Everyone everyone everyone!!
Demonwhisper 20 dager siden
So fucking scary to watch 😱 He just completely shut down, like someone flipped the off-switch or something 😧 When this had to happen, it's fucking lucky that it happened right there at a packed stadium in front of thousands and lots of well-trained medics nearby who were able to act fast and decisively. This all looks very scary, but the timing of it wasn't half bad when you think about it. Imagine if it had happened when he was out jogging or in the shower behind a locked door or something. He would have not been still with us. Of all the potentially bad places something like that could happen, it happened right there in front of everybody! When you really think about it, this was not a tragedy, it was a miracle!
AIMAX SER 20 dager siden
OMG what a horrible moment!
Cembalon 20 dager siden
Those open eyes where the most shocking picture.
Cembalon 9 dager siden
@Sabrina nichts zu danken ☺️ meine Großmutter kam aus Apenrade
Sabrina 9 dager siden
@Cembalon aww danke schön!🥺❤️
Cembalon 9 dager siden
@Sabrina i hoped so that Denmark would win the EM because of this and your fighting. Greetings from your neighbour Germany.
Sabrina 9 dager siden
Agreed! At first I was confused, but when I saw his eyes, I realized, that it was serious. I began to shake, and my heart was beating so fast… It was so uncomfortable, and I feared the worst🥺
Clare Travels
Clare Travels 20 dager siden
This is scary to watch, thank god Christian is doing well in hospital 🙌🏻 all my respect for the Danish team from England!! ✊🏻
ZimboLimbo 21 dag siden
Here after the heroic semi final against England! To me Denmark were the deserved winners. I'm a England and a LFC fan but that penalty against Sterling shouldn't have counted for. My respects to your great nation. The determination and sportsmanship you showed brought me close to tears. You will always be in my heart 🇩🇰. God speed Eriksen.
Chaeyoungs Strawberry Farm
My family watched this on a big screen at my cousins birthday and he had just gotten Eriksen’s shirt as a gift with his autograph on it, he was clenching the shirt the whole time on the edge of tears which broke a lot of is seeing how hard that hit him. It’s obvious but he’s not the type to get like this. It was truly horrifying watching and I’m thankful for the teammates being as quick as they where
Shiny gem out
Shiny gem out 20 dager siden
That is sad
Gal Prager
Gal Prager 21 dag siden
Thank you Denmark for a great tournement 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
BeLeC 62
BeLeC 62 21 dag siden
吳鳳Rifat 21 dag siden
Get the cup for Eriksen ❤️ 🇩🇰🏆 i support Denmark with my all heart,best wishes from Turkey and Taiwan 🇹🇷🇹🇼
Əli Məmmədli
Əli Məmmədli 4 dager siden
Loves from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
Isaac Wu
Isaac Wu 6 dager siden
Turkey sucks, out from first round
steph 18 dager siden
I want england to gi finals, but not that way. Denmark deserves better
llvll-Ä҉ n҉ t҉ o҉ n҉ i҉ o҉ -llvll
Denmark is out because of that stupid penalty accorded
Demonwhisper 19 dager siden
@gloworm106 he (Simon Kjær) is not being blamed for it back home in Denmark. It was an extremely difficult situation and it would have gone in anyways if his leg hadn't been there.
Homayun Yavari
Homayun Yavari 21 dag siden
I am so happy that he is ok now , was very emotional scenes and this is what football is about ; it brings people together ❤❤❤. Really hope he comes back 🤲🤲🤲🙏🙏🙏. Love from Afghanistan ❤❤❤.
nikipersia 21 dag siden
is he ok now?? this broke my heart....I hope he is totally recovered now
KD 21 dag siden
I think he has recovered now
Ronny Meneses
Ronny Meneses 21 dag siden
Te estañaremos crak
Tony Gucci
Tony Gucci 21 dag siden
That's sad
Xudoyqulov Tolib
Xudoyqulov Tolib 21 dag siden
Miki Maus
Miki Maus 21 dag siden
Mr Hugo Jacob
Mr Hugo Jacob 21 dag siden
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 is with you tonight 🇩🇰 We wish you all the very best Do it for erickson 💕 If 🇩🇰 win.. I hope someone makes Erickson get to Wembley to lift that trophy for this country ❤️ 👍🏼
Mr Hugo Jacob
Mr Hugo Jacob 21 dag siden
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 is with you tonight 🇩🇰 We wish you all the very best Do it for erickson 💕 If 🇩🇰 win.. I hope someone makes Erickson get to Wembley to lift that trophy for this country ❤️ 👍🏼
Constantin Cornelius Châlon
Denmark vs England 10:0 today !!!!
ABCD 21 dag siden
Experimental Mrna vaccine caused this
Magic Adu
Magic Adu 21 dag siden
Sad for Erickson
Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards 21 dag siden
When I saw this match. When the danish national anthem played I said to my family eriksen doesn’t look right and when I saw him drop I said to my family tolded u there was a problem ever since this has happened Denmark have played amazing I hope we beat them 2moro but Denmark have already won by the doctors saving eriksen life
Nandjee Prasad
Nandjee Prasad 22 dager siden
Salute to that Medic🙏🙏
Filip Pavlovski
Filip Pavlovski 22 dager siden
good luck to everyone and to eriksen thank you god everyone is ok good luck to every one what have problems thank you god
clairebraverman 22 dager siden
It went from bad to worse to life or death in seconds. Glad he’s recovering. Prayers from the US 🇺🇸 🇩🇰
Ali Mamedov
Ali Mamedov 22 dager siden
Дания стала победителем евро 1992 года. Желаю им победы и на евро 2020. Это будет красивая история где отец и сын Шмейхели будут оба чемпионами. Лестер ведь стал чемпионом АПЛ, никто ведь не ожидал? Вперед Дания!
Pro Gamer 2134
Pro Gamer 2134 22 dager siden
Omg so sad to watch christian eriksen we love you amen🙏🙏🙏🙏
bhr 22 dager siden
Ben izlerken dayanamadım Allahım ailesi kahrolmuştur
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez 22 dager siden
I wish Denmark win the second euro for erikson
George-GG 22 dager siden
I love you, Eriksen. I hope your family and you are ok. You are a good man and a special person. Congratulations for The Denmark Team and for The captain. YOU ARE REMARKABLE!
Fikri Maulana
Fikri Maulana 22 dager siden
my uncle was not helped after playing badminton because he had a heart attack
Martin Holmgaard Jacobsen
Ooohhh shit
Хикмат Абдураимов
А где русские бл
Simion Kalimin
Simion Kalimin 22 dager siden
My condolences to Denmark 🇩🇰 for the lost of great footballer
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 23 dager siden
In America there’s a ambulance and choppers available within mins. Like for real! 🤬
Kayziix 21 dag siden
Sounds weird to me that the medic has to run across the entire fucking field to save a life, to begin with...
Kevin Könnemann
Kevin Könnemann 23 dager siden
Das wäre sehr Schöm das mit Eriksen
A55K1KKR 23 dager siden
It's only taken me 3 weeks to notice that Schmeichel ran the length of the pitch to get there, and I watched it live.
Luis Fullwood
Luis Fullwood 23 dager siden
You know, with the upcoming match on Wednesday, I'm glad Erikson is alive today to see you guys play the semi's. No matter what the outcome, we would be honoured to play on the same pitch. Respect to Denmark and love from the UK ✌️ 🇬🇧
Achou Fares
Achou Fares 23 dager siden
Now eriksen
Lene Skyggelund
Lene Skyggelund 23 dager siden
I have se Cristian Eriksen in dbu
andros ioannou
andros ioannou 23 dager siden
I do not need to play football again, it doesn't matter, but it's important that life is very important for man🙏🙏
SquirrelOG 24 dager siden
By far the most emotional thing i've ever seen on a football pitch, To happen in Denmarks first game of the Euro's! It almost feels like they are destined to win the tournament now
LeeF_96 24 dager siden
The passion this Denmark side have since this tragic incident is amazing and I wouldn’t be mad if England lost on Tuesday
chazer 007
chazer 007 22 dager siden
Me neither, if they beet us, I'm supporting them all the way
Rowland89 24 dager siden
Stephanie Freitas
Stephanie Freitas 24 dager siden
This was the longest, most intense 4 minutes of my life, truly devastating! Thank goodness he is okay!
Kasino80 24 dager siden
And they heard everything while standing there. That would give me nightmares.
CELARIYO FF 24 dager siden
Denmark🇩🇰 fan reporting from India🇮🇳
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan 24 dager siden
Just watch captain...respect from India...
SEVERUS LOVE 24 dager siden
Herri Itv dunyaca unlu oldun sghshshs