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Editor’s Note: Previs is a collaboration between previs artists, directors, producers, and other department heads. Directors have a role in guiding and producing the previs, and some furnish the storyboarding materials on which previs is based.
We talked to Hollywood's busiest visualization studio, The Third Floor, to find out why visualization is the secret MVP of Marvel movies.
The Third Floor is one of the world's top visualization studios and has worked on 19 of the 23 installments in Marvel's "Infinity Saga." From previs and stuntvis to techvis and postvis, The Third Floor's work on Marvel movies runs through the entire production process. The first previsualizations of a Marvel film can begin well in advance of its release date, often before the screenplay is fully finished. Find out how Marvel visualizes its movies years before filmmaking and how this practice has helped the MCU rise its position of box-office dominance today.
The Third Floor has done visualization work for 2010's "Iron Man 2"; 2011's "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger"; 2012's "The Avengers"; 2013's "Iron Man 3" and "Thor: The Dark World"; 2014's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and "Guardians of the Galaxy"; 2015's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Ant-Man"; 2016's "Captain America: Civil War" and "Doctor Strange"; 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming," "Thor: Ragnarok," and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"; 2018's "Avengers: Infinity War," "Deadpool 2," "Ant-Man and the Wasp," and "Venom"; and 2019's "Captain Marvel," "Avengers: Endgame," and "Spider-Man: Far from Home."
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How Marvel Actually Makes Movies Years Before Filming | Movies Insider




28. jan.. 2021





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ronak surana
ronak surana Time siden
The role of directors is completely faded
Rexal World [English]
Rexal World [English] 3 timer siden
I used feel intimidated thinking how they pull off such complex MCU movies. It's a relief to know that the director does not have to do it all alone.
MANTLAL MARKAM 4 timer siden
Please also make a video on Transformers
Jonathan Skinner
Jonathan Skinner 11 timer siden
This is crazy!
Bill The snowman
Bill The snowman 16 timer siden
Wait so they made endgame before infinity war game
F. C.
F. C. 17 timer siden
Marvel basically cheats on making simple entertaining spectacle driven action movies, visual roller coasters. while DC tried to make intelligent, visually unique & impressive, thought provoking films until WB booted Zack Snyder & hired that hack Joss.
SUBODH LAMBE 23 timer siden
I had seen captain holding mjoinir (😂) in 2016 i swear i don't had any idea it was real leak
waranghira 23 timer siden
At first: What, so they can't work with only the storyboard now? At 2nd: Ohhhh, it helps with the technical CG aspects.
Christian B.
Christian B. Dag siden
Not answering the real questions: Was there a Previs of Ant-Man killing Thanos by increasing in size in his butt?!
Christian B.
Christian B. Dag siden
So the issue for directors is that they can't be a little dictator that decides on the entire movie, but they have to work in a team. Got it
Martin CHATZ
Martin CHATZ Dag siden
Thanos threw a rock at Captain America
Tony Wizdard
Tony Wizdard Dag siden
Looks like some early PS3/Xbox 360 game
RidingwithSam Dag siden
so basically the directors are just copying what is already done by the previz team? previz team are the real directors.....no wonder some directors don't like working with marvel studio because essentially you have limited control over the creativity of certain scenes..
sam signorelli
sam signorelli Dag siden
Pretty impressive planning....and not limited to film. The show coordinator for the 19-time world champ Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps starts planning out shows 3-4 years before they're planned to hit the field, which gives him and other staffers time to try out show elements with various band programs they work with. This allows them to not only know what should work in the actual show, but to plan out changes to the program as the season progresses. They knew what they were going to do in the 2019 program as far back as 2015.
shahid hayat
shahid hayat Dag siden
Imagine if the previs is leaked
Eric Madill
Eric Madill Dag siden
So the studio designs the movie then hires a Guinea pig as a director to shoot the shots exactly as they’ve been prefabricated.
RidingwithSam Dag siden
yup, that is not appealing for top directors... basically, they have limited creativity over the film. that might explain why marvel studios movies are so similar to each other despite having different directors in them.
Saint Arj
Saint Arj Dag siden
I always thought that was just shit CGI that they used afterwards, not 3 years earlier
Chase Burnish
Chase Burnish Dag siden
And that's why marvel is generic
Addison Frazier
Addison Frazier Dag siden
im having second thoughts on joining the movie industry...
NT 2 dager siden
Takes away the soul of the movie
joonkt90 2 dager siden
Pretty sure the final battle scene in black panther was pure pre viz... :/
Chase Carter
Chase Carter 2 dager siden
So they make all the movies now as PS2 games first and then film them? Cool!
Elias Tackaert
Elias Tackaert 2 dager siden
The fight scene in black panther with kill monger en T'challa would've been better if they used previs.
Shubham 2 dager siden
Gotta meet vfx company for spoilers
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile 2 dager siden
I want to watch all the previous now
hotgirlsarehot 3 dager siden
Whedon: *drags and drops Previs shots into Trash bin*
Phil A
Phil A 3 dager siden
So that's why the flick is sooo expensive and the end credits take up half the film. All of them combined don't have the talent the likes of Buster Keaton, Chaplin etc.
Kazuo Izumi
Kazuo Izumi 3 dager siden
me gusta :D asi es mucho mejor para peliculas de ciencia ficción, a favor.
Thanos 3 dager siden
someone is spoiled the entire plot years before the release
Protocol1008 3 dager siden
The previs is basically a Mightyraccoon video
O Jacobsen
O Jacobsen 3 dager siden
I suppose this is why action scenes in marvel films are so uniformly forgettable across the spectrum.
Blitz Creak
Blitz Creak 3 dager siden
directors still got a say about the way the movie is shot, and most previs team know what the directors would love to shot on certain scenes
jhonny poopy
jhonny poopy 4 dager siden
When people are starving marvel be spending 💸💰💲💶💵
Dhanush Gowda
Dhanush Gowda 4 dager siden
Imagine previs being leaked 🤯
Kian Mainit
Kian Mainit 4 dager siden
so they are keeping at least 3 years worth of previs's currently?
Onnethox 4 dager siden
This type of work has to require some engineering or physics ...bruh this looks hard af to do
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 4 dager siden
I had no idea that Ted Cruz knew so much about movie-making.
HARSHA 4 dager siden
Did anyone notice in the first shot cap was with the beard and thor was slim like they were in infinity war
ThisIsAName 5 dager siden
Why is Ted Cruz in this video?
jojo twice
jojo twice 5 dager siden
Actors are gonna be disposable, time to cut those million dollar salaries
Max Lee
Max Lee 5 dager siden
such an undermining of the job of the director
Eshaan Vaidya
Eshaan Vaidya 5 dager siden
I’m surprised Marvel didn’t use previs for black panther
Oedhel Slater
Oedhel Slater 5 dager siden
Is this why the Marvel movies suck so hard?
Siddharth Kashyap
Siddharth Kashyap 3 dager siden
David Elfrink
David Elfrink 5 dager siden
I want to watch every pre-Res, lets me watch every marvel movie as a PS2 cutscean
Prokster 5 dager siden
Without and with RTX.
Scott Chapman
Scott Chapman 5 dager siden
This looks great but I can completely understand why she turned down the job; lots of the director's job has already been decided. Not great as an artist.
ThunderBlastvideo 6 dager siden
wow... so THIS is the real reason why Marvel is so big.... PREVIS... interesting....
laserwolf65 6 dager siden
And this, children, is why many directors don't want to work with Marvel. They're told, "don't worry about the action, we got that covered." And many in the industry are like "then what do you need me for?"
Lord Data
Lord Data 2 dager siden
Also explains why MCU movies seem more like quirky comedies rather than Hollywood blockbusters.
S L 6 dager siden
Only in America. This is why America is far beyond any other country.
Levy2k9 6 dager siden
6:31 didn't know Ted Cruz was a movie buff.
Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose 6 dager siden
havent seen the full video but this is what ik so far as far as ive heard, the idea of infinity war and endgame was originally pitched in the making of Age of Ultron. so they made age of ultron with civil war, infinity war, and endgame in mind if you look at the avengers after Age of Ultron happened, you can see how much sokovia affected them. its not really important but i just think its cool
No Way
No Way 6 dager siden
I look forward to when they can do the whole movie digitally.
BackForwardPunch 6 dager siden
oh, thats why they look like crappy videogame cinematics
Mohit Punia
Mohit Punia 7 dager siden
These shots are also referred as animatics or animated storybaords.
ViolentLee 7 dager siden
I do video game motion-capture and normal acting here in Japan. They stick VERY CLOSE to previz or storyboards in both. And often shoot in sequence. As an actor, that’s a bit stifling. It limits our ability to make choices - often one of our greatest contributions to a production. When there are so many effects and money involved, I get it. I’m fortunate to work with Hideo Kojima on Death Stranding, as he allowed us to still make choices in rehearsal and even during shooting.
So Vo
So Vo 7 dager siden
So, for each Marvel movie there is a machinima version.
Colliding With Mars
Colliding With Mars 7 dager siden
the previs artists should get more credit for all of their hard work!
GestahlianChocobot 7 dager siden
And you idiots get angry at Scorcese calling these movies "products". Pff.
Francis Rodrigo Ceblano
immagine if you worked for years and it gets scrapped
ACADIA 7 dager siden
then what's the point of the director if they don't even get their voice out on the big screen?
Wilder Warhol
Wilder Warhol 6 dager siden
they do endgame and infinity have been worked on since the russo brothers were hired they wrote the script and these people just make what they say
Eddie C
Eddie C 7 dager siden
I mean if the pre-viz shots were turned into a PlayStation 1 game I would be down to play them. They still look pretty good.
Joan Perret
Joan Perret 7 dager siden
So Black Panther never left the previs phase, gotcha.
timeb4ndit 7 dager siden
No wonder why their movies are generic. I don’t know why anyone would want to direct a Marvel movie, other than for the paycheck. Filmmaking by committee.
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores 8 dager siden
so thats how they manage to keep little details consistent along with the series they make.
The Man
The Man 8 dager siden
Pretty much Hollywood is about to replace all the people that work on set with computers and AI Equipment. Lmao. Now all of Hollywood is really about to go Broke.
Vertutame 8 dager siden
I seriously don't like the music of low base.... I heard it so much I hate it...
Agam 8 dager siden
i thought this was a clickbait but dayumm this was satisfying😮
El Glu
El Glu 9 dager siden
Start writing your drafts early, kids
Devin Gresham
Devin Gresham 9 dager siden
This is quite worrisome when considering the creative decision making of a director. There's pros and cons to this, at the end of the day
Vibhor Mathur
Vibhor Mathur 9 dager siden
I need Corridor Crew to explain me this.
agy_1 10 dager siden
Less creative and more pipeline directing...oh and less director more studio production. I could have sworn people complained of studio heads calling the shots. 🤷🏽‍♂️
peterkray 10 dager siden
Marvel movies are the most overrated crap ever.
huggybear69deluxe 10 dager siden
Previs, then techvis... What's next? Jarvis? An AI who makes the complete movie by itself?
SPINEAR 11 dager siden
I thought Previs was made by the director. So... every Marvel movie director is just doing a manager thing now?
Gabun 11 dager siden
Damn, even the unfinished previs look like a hell of an animated movie
Axat 11 dager siden
Dc's theatrical l cuts are previz and another cut is real movie..
Jon Without an H
Jon Without an H 12 dager siden
to all the inspired/intimidated writers out there. You can do this with just pen and paper still. Dont let this intimidate you. Hydra will never win
cieo 13 dager siden
Republic 117
Republic 117 13 dager siden
What’s the outro song called? Sounds so familiar
JD Ros
JD Ros 13 dager siden
They look like Playstation 3 Games 😂
Juan Guillermo Fernández Vásquez
This amazes me, but am not sure if I like it. 🤔
Jesse Atalor
Jesse Atalor 13 dager siden
This is the secret of Marvel's success. I hope DC is learning.. they failed terribly with Zach's movies. I hope they see this and step up
Anand Rai
Anand Rai 14 dager siden
This video is making Martin Scorsese quesy probably.
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma 14 dager siden
Its literally like Anime scenes made into movies irl ngl its awesome
Anakiana 14 dager siden
I guess the role of directors changes then / there are two schools of directing-approaches. There's the 'director who has their own vision in their head' - and who then goes on to do things; to direct actors and the crew so that their vision is realised. I imagine there is quite a bit of trial and error / experience involved with that approach. And then there is extensive PreVis where the vision is developed by a team (of which the director may or may not be a part - though I think they should be) and the main task of the director is similar to that of a conductor in an orchestra. The instruments and musicians are there, the sheet music is all set and done, the stage is set - and now it's all about coordinating everyone to create a perfprmance that's more than the sum of its parts.
Dudalist 14 dager siden
no wonder hulk still dabs in 2019
Phil Sharp
Phil Sharp 15 dager siden
That explains why all these superhero films are so dry.
sandeep sandy
sandeep sandy 15 dager siden
That first-person scene from spiderman was cut out from the original movie. I went to movie for that cool first-person scene that was shown in the trailers but man was that a disappointment.
JONCOR2004 15 dager siden
And here you can see the difference between the MCU where everything is mapped out and tested years prior to shooting and the DC Universe, where they shoot and reshoot and reshoot because they don't know what they want the movie to be.
Elvice OS
Elvice OS 15 dager siden
So Directors just go and copy what's on the previs lol. Props to Ford and Ramirez the real Marvel mvps
Flawsome 15 dager siden
Meanwhile, Nolan just concentrates all that time on actually writing an amazing story that makes the best superhero movie of all time.
Shakthi Ganesh
Shakthi Ganesh 8 dager siden
Ok, we get it. MCU films are hot garbage.
Chance Bates
Chance Bates 15 dager siden
Previs is the death of Directorial creativity. No wonder Marvel movies are so mediocre
Connel Asikong
Connel Asikong 15 dager siden
DC please do this...
Kush Kamble
Kush Kamble 16 dager siden
DMC5 has the best previs till this date
Avadhut 16 dager siden
So you are saying at the moment some movies from phase 5 are ready in Previs ... Wow. They should mention those VFX teams along with the director's name. They deserve the credit also
Keith Hughes
Keith Hughes 16 dager siden
this is what every person do with every movie so they can look at their own shit before releasing it in theatres.
Artistscent 16 dager siden
Imagine if they kept Yondu, at 6:00, in the final fight, the fight would have been over with a whistle.
st go
st go 16 dager siden
Wow, years before production really started? I wish they had planned out the star wars sequels in any way.
Abdulrahman 16 dager siden
6:25 worst scene in my entire life . the feminisms farts
Michael Johnstone
Michael Johnstone 16 dager siden
soon there will be no actors needed, its all digital
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