Part 1 - 2021 Rolex 24 At Daytona 

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Relive all the action from The Rolex 24 At Daytona, the first race of the 2021 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship season and Round 1 of the IMSA Michelin Endurance Cup.



4. feb.. 2021





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Donald Fuller
Donald Fuller 14 timer siden
What does Cadillac have in these prototype cars? A cushy seat for the 24 hrs? Be nice to see Ford gts out here.
24 HORAS DATYOA 2021 en el siglo de febrero y que le envié el día de ayer a la que se han registrado en la historia del cine argentino que han pasado por los que ha sido un gran trabajo de la historia de la historia de la historia de la historia del cine argentino que han tenido que vender
Glenn Madrazo
Glenn Madrazo 26 dager siden
M3lgar5 Måned siden
One last time for GTLM at Daytona. You will be missed dearly 😭
Ranger23 Måned siden
10:30 boogity boogity boogity let’s go endurance racing boys
Sam Saranguero
Sam Saranguero Måned siden
Nascar FORMULA 1 And Le Mans Eyes Growing
Sam Saranguero
Sam Saranguero Måned siden
Nascar And Le Mans Best Moments
Priest of Syrinx
Priest of Syrinx Måned siden
I am a Corvette fan, but seeing that #79 Porsche go out so early just makes me sad :( When Porsche is running in GTE/GTLM, they've always got an amazing team that makes for great racing. Hell, it's horrid to see any team go out so early in a 24 Hour race. It just takes great racers out of the race :/
Jose Francisco Llamas
Jose Francisco Llamas 2 måneder siden
Just do it!
Priest of Syrinx
Priest of Syrinx 2 måneder siden
I took a break from racing during 2020 because I was so occupied with school and COVID stuff. Then I got hired earlier this year and needed to adjust to that. Now I can watch these amazing races thanks to IMSA uploading them free of charge here. Thank you so much! :D
Afizal Afrizal
Afizal Afrizal Måned siden
Afizal Afrizal
Afizal Afrizal Måned siden
Afizal Afrizal
Afizal Afrizal Måned siden
Afizal Afrizal
Afizal Afrizal Måned siden
amel 2 måneder siden
DeathBoi1887 3 måneder siden
i wake up from passing out, seeing this Thanks again IMSA
Being Single
Being Single 3 måneder siden
Feels like playing real racing 3 game.... 🙏 Thanks IMSA
T J 3 måneder siden
Thanks fo the video 👍🏼 Wish they add next to racer name the number of pit stop used.
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 3 måneder siden
Johnny was getting bummed
Gray Gubler
Gray Gubler 3 måneder siden
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Gray Gubler
Gray Gubler 4 måneder siden
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Act Brow
Act Brow 4 måneder siden
le mans ?
Danoid Dano
Danoid Dano 4 måneder siden
Thank you IMSA for posting this race.
sunny 4 måneder siden
sorry for the delay, but thanks to IMSA and everyone who makes the races happen, for giving us all a awesome, positive so sports event during these trying times.
Sara Sarah
Sara Sarah 4 måneder siden
The camera views.........WOW!!!!!!!!
carl nocera
carl nocera 4 måneder siden
great start for Team Corvette - excited to see the season develop.
Ben Conway
Ben Conway 4 måneder siden
Dose IMSA stand for International Motorsports Association??
Deft Knight
Deft Knight 4 måneder siden
Me, the 31, when I have AI set to Average: 13:04 Me, the 79, when AI is set to Above Average: 21:20
dscgt seven Hatten, jr
dscgt seven Hatten, jr 4 måneder siden
Thunder 55
Thunder 55 4 måneder siden
I always boot up Gran Turismo whenever there’s a 24 hr race to see how long I can last driving while the race is on. I’ve done all 24 hours once. I’ve not lasted even 16 since. I must’ve killed a ton of my life force when I did that......
donnie baker
donnie baker 3 måneder siden
what a light weight ...ive played Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for more than 24 hours many many times online killing everybody over and over ...hacked guns with no recoil yaw pitch or roll firing 30,000 rounds per minute dead on target looking like a big laser weapon with damage turned up from 100 max to 90,000 knocking avatars clear off the map as no one ever had a chance ! then I found the movement speed listed on every gun like a AK-47 was 1.0 .guess what happens when you change that number to 5 ? you can run 5 times faster than anyone else in the game so fast you dont even appear on their monitors until you stop ...like dirrectly in front of ssomeone and fire your dead hehehe
Jhyro Messiah Pe
Jhyro Messiah Pe 4 måneder siden
I don't know why this is less popular than cars going around in circles.
Avva 4 måneder siden
Just now getting into motorsport, this channel is a great resource. Been a PC gamer for a long time and I'm now dead set on building a simulator rig with force feedback. Thanks IMSA!!
Eddie 168
Eddie 168 4 måneder siden
Man called a porsche a ferrari
Henry M
Henry M 4 måneder siden
The BMW that was behind the Porsche got on the throttle a tad early, causing it to hit the Porsche and make it spin. Now I understand it. Also. Props to y'all, IMSA. Good job uploading these for those who can't watch it on TV. Cheers, lads.
Plisskenation backfromthedead
I always think daytona its easy lol. Been watching the rolex 20+ years. Its all about patience. I made my first year as a spectator in 2020 and i didnt make it to the end lol. Cuz i didnt pace myself lol. A test of endurance for cars, drivers, teams, AND FANS 😁 was dead for a week but id do it again in a heartbeat
ItsCrisp 5 måneder siden
Thank you, IMSA, very cool
zdoginterprise 5 måneder siden
2nd time going to this race & 2nd year in a row, Last year i went back & fourth to the hotel this year i stayed the full 24hrs and stayed awake, this year was a trip but i was finally able to accomplish this challenge without sleep! Can't wait for next year! Going to Sebring since it's only a 8 mile drive for me! Watching this for the first time thanks for uploading this! 💚
Anthony Gibbo
Anthony Gibbo 5 måneder siden
I echo what John said salute to the pit crews the MARSHALLS they really are the unsung heroes and it's obvious why I think they should all get some little reward honestly anyways big hats off to them thanks guys 👍🏽🙏🏽❤
Psychosocial Maggot
Psychosocial Maggot 5 måneder siden
The night racing is what got me into endurance racing and my favorite part by far is watching the break discs glowing red hot under heavy breaking.
Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis 5 måneder siden
GTLM Porsche: Exists GTLM BMW: I'd tap that
Odniel Mahadika
Odniel Mahadika 5 måneder siden
nascar drivers are very slow
Max Goes Racing
Max Goes Racing 5 måneder siden
Seperate GT Start: Exists Production crew: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.
William Ford
William Ford 5 måneder siden
3:37:13 Explanation as to why there was an extended yellow flag period early in the race.
Surf City Corvettes
Surf City Corvettes 5 måneder siden
Your broadcasters are terrible! The nonstop stuttering by both makes it so difficult to follow what they’re talking about...do they even know what they’re saying? Shea Adams is twice the reporter of those knuckleheads. She speaks clearly and precise. The other guys need speech lessons.
msnovtue 5 måneder siden
Is it just me, did anyone else notice Bill Auberlen getting a face full of fuel during the #96 BMWs pit stop screw-up????
Swiftanium 5 måneder siden
Thats my dream ever since i was a kid🤤😄
sgtpepper6379 5 måneder siden
IMSA radio is just infinitely better. So much more passion and information.
Jojo Divas
Jojo Divas 5 måneder siden
The black BMW M8 actually etayed behind the Ferrari after that first race start incident which is somewhat surprising. Decent driver on that black M8 I suppose probably realizing that the red M8 was at fault and almost ruined the race for some cars specifically the Ferrari 488 GTE
Stevie Joe Sampson
Stevie Joe Sampson 5 måneder siden
Just like always the #9,#11 and #4 don’t have to have fresher tires to be just as fast, Jeff and Clint and Mike was talking about a 12 seconds fall off at the first caution and Ryan’s tires was what five better tires, fake racing as always in the Clash.
Julia Hardiman
Julia Hardiman 5 måneder siden
I don't know if you guys at IMSA Radio read this but will you please sort out your sound levels, two years now we have watched this and both times you are inaudible (12 hours to go mark and its hopeless) and as for the timing screens , why can't you talk to the guys who do the graphics and copy WEC, fastest lap times twelve hours in is pointless do intervals for every car, not first to last but to each car in front, that way we can see who is catching up etc. Is it too much to ask?
-CHROME HEARTS- 5 måneder siden
great♥from Japan
HXXIA 5 måneder siden
Thanks so much for uploading, finally a series that cares enough to get with the times for us race fans. 👍🤘
Zachary Newman
Zachary Newman 5 måneder siden
I just can't watch the NBC coverage anymore, I just wait for IMSA vods
CrSnds 1986
CrSnds 1986 4 måneder siden
Man I agree! Too many commercials! One thing that's bugging me is how do you watch the IMSA live stream instead of NBC's coverage? I love John Hindaugh's commentary!
Joel David Soto Ferrel
Joel David Soto Ferrel 5 måneder siden
cuando en español ''''??? solo es ingles....
Retards iPhone
Retards iPhone 5 måneder siden
Can’t wait for y’all to come to the glen!
The Real Fauxstradamus
The Real Fauxstradamus 5 måneder siden
That speed racer livery hit me right in the nostalgia. That is too cool
tacticalretreat 5 måneder siden
Thank you IMSA for posting this so quickly! The radio lemans crew is the best!!!
nYx 5 måneder siden
Thank you IMSA! I love this race!
Benjamin Grigné
Benjamin Grigné 5 måneder siden
Can’t wait for imsa and wec convergence It’s gonna be tremendous
Mani 1610
Mani 1610 5 måneder siden
Well that won't happen, they will only share the same series but both series will keep existing.
William Ford
William Ford 5 måneder siden
48:45: Discussion of the Michelin Endurance Cup. I was wondering where that was watching the NBC/NBCSN coverage live. There was NO MENTION of this at all. That was one of a number of reasons that the NBC coverage was appallingly bad.
Chris Neria
Chris Neria 5 måneder siden
Watching on Super Bowl Sunday because it's my version of the Super Bowl. Thanks IMSA.
Oscar Tobar, OATmeal
Oscar Tobar, OATmeal 5 måneder siden
Thank you IMSA for uploading the full race, also this has to be the best Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona I have ever seen!
David Battle
David Battle 5 måneder siden
IMSA is the best.
A.F. Whitepigeon
A.F. Whitepigeon 5 måneder siden
I appreciate the switch away from showing the classes on the scrolling ribbon at the botton; that information was redundant due to the color-coded number panels. However, I still think there's room for improvement. With multi-class racing, it only takes a few laps for every car outside the DPi class to be listed in terms of laps down, which make that information less useful for keeping track of the battles. It would be better to list each car's gap to its respective class leader or simply show the intervals between every car.
Gregory Tolson
Gregory Tolson 5 måneder siden
Shea Adam's key of the race of reading the rule book is spot on
paul dosntmatter
paul dosntmatter 5 måneder siden
thank you. im poor but im still a fan!
WholeWizard 5 måneder siden
Where is Magnussen?
WholeWizard 5 måneder siden
@Mani 1610 Thanks
Mani 1610
Mani 1610 5 måneder siden
@WholeWizard 5th. Kobayashi was in the #48 though and finished 2nd.
WholeWizard 5 måneder siden
@DanTheBoss thanks i found him, plus what position did his car finish in, cuz I know kobayashi and other drvrs drove in that car too
DanTheBoss 5 måneder siden
In 01 no car team
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 5 måneder siden
Chris Gardner
Chris Gardner 5 måneder siden
Thank you to IMSA for posting this. I appreciate the posting of this race.
Fan fabio quartararo
Fan fabio quartararo 5 måneder siden
Ferrari team good luck
Sjon Hompiestompie
Sjon Hompiestompie 5 måneder siden
Missed big parts of the race, thanks for the upload IMSA!
Josh Mills
Josh Mills 5 måneder siden
Way Too quick to deploy safety cars, give them a chance to self rectify.
PANTYEATR1 5 måneder siden
welcome back IMSA! FUNK YEAAAAaaaaaaa!💪💪💪
SPORT BIKE EXPERTE 5 måneder siden
Very nice Video!
Frik du Toit
Frik du Toit 5 måneder siden
11:45 Not even 2 minutes into a 24h-race and Hindaugh already manages to call a Porsche a Ferrari. Wasn't sure if I't hang around for the whole race, but you made it easy for me, John. Thanks, bye!
alex ventsresch
alex ventsresch 5 måneder siden
Ed Chambers
Ed Chambers 5 måneder siden
Thank you IMSA for re-uploading the entire race!!
Tahzib Hussaini
Tahzib Hussaini 5 måneder siden
good....no need for GTE in IMSA, since GTD dont do WEC
RxHoyt 5 måneder siden
Had a great time at my first Rolex 24 this year. I can only imagine how much more fun it will be next year with garage passes!
Douju 5 måneder siden
So You In DPI,LMP2,LMP3,GTLM And GTD To Race Start
NoSquidSid 5 måneder siden
Im glad alot of motorsports are uploading videos and arent all behind paywalls it exposes people to loads more across the world
Allan shibu
Allan shibu 5 måneder siden
Finally K Mag can win in DPi car Edit: Finally have chance of winning
Erik Piussi
Erik Piussi 5 måneder siden
Was working at the day itself. So now i can watch it in full 👌
tomatodamashi 5 måneder siden
Why don't they wait longer before the full course caution. Wasting 20+minutes because someone made a boneheaded decision seems a detriment to the enjoyment of the race. I mean when NOTHING is wrong (the damaged car is able to get to the pits but just took too long to get there). What's the point of it? This is my only issue with IMSA. They seem too trigger happy with the yellow flags. All they give all these excuses for it, but after 25+ minutes, they STILL need another lap?! WHY? One more problem is just how long it takes to go back to green.
tomatodamashi 5 måneder siden
Are you kidding? Another yellow flag with NO damaged cars still on the field? This is getting ridiculous
Shannon Adams
Shannon Adams 5 måneder siden
I am so glad they uploaded this. It is the only way I am able to enjoy the season for the past 3 years because of my work. thank you to all involved with this channel, it is very appreciated 😄
Real 5 måneder siden
IMSA, only 720p? Not even 1080p? :(
Bob Tucson
Bob Tucson 5 måneder siden
Thank you IMSA!! This is gold!
David Bondy
David Bondy 5 måneder siden
I love that I can watch the second greatest motorsport event on the planet on NOsections after less than a week. Thanks IMSA!
Jonathan I. Ezor
Jonathan I. Ezor 5 måneder siden
Thank you for posting this so quickly, and thank you to John Hindhaugh and the team!
Danoid Dano
Danoid Dano 5 måneder siden
Thank you imsa. Love the Daytona 24 best race of the year.
mark lohnes
mark lohnes 5 måneder siden
Yay, thanks IMSA!
Ian McCarthy
Ian McCarthy 5 måneder siden
Cant say im a fan of the p3s being in the field. Too many classes. I know GTLM is waning, which sucks, but still, we don't need 3 prototype classes in 1 series. Jmho.
William Ford
William Ford 5 måneder siden
The P3s are a class in Europe in the WEC and the European LeMans series and IMSA also races them in the Prototype Challenge. It gave the chance for teams from there to come over plus teams from the Prototype Challenge to get in the race. The race needed more entries after last year's debacle so I am OK with it. If they continue, IMSA should make some balance of performance adjustments so the P3s with gentleman drivers at the wheel are not mixing it up with Gas.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 5 måneder siden
Thanks IMSA for uploading this full 2021 24hr at daytona part by part.
Brandon Brooks
Brandon Brooks 5 måneder siden
This was the first time that I watched more than 20 hours of this race. Amazing job IMSA and thank you for bringing the races to your fans
Shadow Ops
Shadow Ops 5 måneder siden
I finally found the racing series that I always wanted to watch. Never knew where the race-car corvettes came from. The GT classes is what nascar should be with American cars.
MrSnek 4 måneder siden
@OwO What Is This Sorry, I had them on my mind when I made that reply. I knew they were regular, modern Aston Martins.
OwO What Is This
OwO What Is This 4 måneder siden
@MrSnek they arent one 77s you divvy. they are normal aston martin vantages.
MrSnek 4 måneder siden
Yeah, nascar should be in using stuff like corvettes and AM One-77’s and Amg gt’s and stuff like that.
Hershel Nightsbane
Hershel Nightsbane 4 måneder siden
You know about the Australian Supercars right? Thats closer to what nascar is IMO.
Michael Yachnis
Michael Yachnis 5 måneder siden
Lol 2:05:11
Ethan Nolley
Ethan Nolley 5 måneder siden
Thank you IMSA for the Great Race my Dream is to become a race car driver one day. Have a good day and be safe.
Ohh Yeah
Ohh Yeah 5 måneder siden
I love all gt and prototype racing. But Rolex 24hr at Daytona is the best 24hr
Hoovie Doovie
Hoovie Doovie 5 måneder siden
His comment about racing in the night made me think about night stages in stage rally racing with all the antilag and glowing exhaust and brakes.
Erwin 5 måneder siden
Why was Estre not given the Meatball flag after the race start. It took almost 10 minutes when finally the last parts were ripped of the car's rear and the FCY was shown. A meatball flag could have prevented it. The FCY lasted 13 min after 10 minutes racing.
Olli 5 måneder siden
1:49:30 please hold on!
SXDISLXND 5 måneder siden
This race was awesome
RockJustice Videos
RockJustice Videos 5 måneder siden
Jesus christ... I'm 28 and Tommy Milner is now 35. . . (Some Project Cars 2 videos, ELMS-style races on my channel. 🎬)
Moonshiner54 5 måneder siden
What happened to this live? There was nothing on this channel until yesterday. I watched most of it on NBCSN! I would have preferred to watch here. IMSA radio a lot better than Lee Diffy! I can't stand that guy! I watched the qualifying race here and enjoyed it immensely! I have watched 24 hours at Daytona for many years and have liked how coverage has improved. There was about an hour on NBCSN that was nothing but blank screen. If I didn't already know who won then I would probably watch it here. I hope the racing is covered here this year. I missed a lot of it last year because I didn't know where to watch. Cable doesn't have a very good guide so I can record things and watch later. I don't watch commercials.
agentcrm 5 måneder siden
@Moonshiner54 He's just an announcer.
Moonshiner54 5 måneder siden
@agentcrm Australia is blessed! Was he a racer or only an announcer? I would say only an announcer! He makes such stupid comments. But then so do all the other sports casters!
agentcrm 5 måneder siden
@Moonshiner54 You can listen to IMSA Radio live if you're in the USA. Just go to RadioLemans and hit RS2 on the player. I'm an Aussie, I was so happy whe Drippy left for the USA so I didn't have to listen to him anymore.
Moonshiner54 5 måneder siden
@agentcrm I will probably just wait to watch. I just don't think I can handle another year of Lee Diffy! I might start using VPN then I can spoof where I am at. I know speed is an issue with VPN but has to be better than what NBCSN is putting out!
agentcrm 5 måneder siden
If you're in the USA, It's all on NBCSN, if you're international you can watch it on IMSA TV or listen on www.radiolemans.co/ regardless of the location. (RS2 is IMSA Radio)
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