Answering SPICY questions I would usually avoid! 

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I get uncomfy again and answer some more Q’s I wouldn’t normally A! This time with added spice

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Music: Kevin Macleod - Incompetech.com

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30. april. 2021





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AmazingPhil Måned siden
to all the scorpios - tbh i'm just jealous that you are cool and i am a jug
Doll 9 dager siden
I am flabbergasted phil
Katie.Officially 19 dager siden
scorpio bois are here ♥️ join the cult
Frauke T.
Frauke T. 22 dager siden
ye. i just gonna believe it while i cry. sad scorpio noises. :c
layla jones
layla jones 26 dager siden
I had started to cry until I read the comment
Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins 27 dager siden
as a new zealander, yes. come join us.
Róisín Anne Grant
Róisín Anne Grant 3 dager siden
It's the first 15 seconds and it's already been confirmed - Phil is the KING of dodging the real tea 👑🚫☕
Radical Mary
Radical Mary 12 dager siden
Me, a Scorpio: I'm neither cool, nor edgy... I too don't like things that can kill me. lol
Emma Abdul-Jabbar
Emma Abdul-Jabbar 14 dager siden
Ezra Beynon
Ezra Beynon 15 dager siden
the fact he said that he wanted to move to New Zealand made me so happy lmao, very little amounts of people say that they want to live here, i think the reason it made me happy is because our country is finally being noticed, and probably cause i might go to the supermarket one day and see tall british lad lolol
paranoid android
paranoid android 16 dager siden
Oh my God, finally someone else who learned about the birds and bees through a dictionary
ALYX 16 dager siden
Please move to New Zealand.
Nina Brooks
Nina Brooks 19 dager siden
omg phil gay? phil has the gay? word
Jared Griffiths
Jared Griffiths 19 dager siden
2:56 Wow, she must have thought you cared more about NOsections than her wedding.
Bethany Yates
Bethany Yates 22 dager siden
phil makes me feel content🥺
Annie Champion
Annie Champion 23 dager siden
just realised why u looked so familiar with the eyebrows...u look exactly like gally from maze runner and i LOVE IT
Shadow Nite
Shadow Nite 23 dager siden
You're the best and i smoke weed every day and coughing is normal for me i cough until my throat hurts but ya know "pain is pleasure hurting a lot" - Douglas from Disjointed
MaddyMae 23 dager siden
I am a Scorpio, but do not relate to ANY of the stereotypes or personality traits/assumptions AT ALL. I’m the literal opposite; shy, quiet, anxious, and sad. Lmao
mayo eden
mayo eden 19 dager siden
thats literally what scorpios are described as tho
X D 24 dager siden
I squealed when he said New Zealand. Im glad to be born here, it is the best place to be in my biased opinion, though it's just like every other place where there's still problems.
Úna Parkinson
Úna Parkinson 24 dager siden
Phil just saying "tit" and grinning demonically for a second is hilarious
Dented Product
Dented Product 24 dager siden
NGL I was feeling the black eyebrows.
Gefen Arnon
Gefen Arnon 24 dager siden
Ok but I really hope that friend will stumble across this video and talk to you again
FiggyforPrez 25 dager siden
I ran my brother over with a go-cart at six and he pushed me through a wall at twelve. It happens lmao. reminiscing that when I found your videos I was fifteen and full of angst, and now I'm tipsy on hard seltzer and chuckling with (at) you during a worldwide pandemic. How time flies.
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets 25 dager siden
“Least favorite zodiac sign?” Phil: probably Scorpio :) Me, a Scorpio: :’( *oh*
Everything Spicy
Everything Spicy 25 dager siden
LOL well I was was looking for spicy as it relates to food and my name PHIL.
Stephanie Shaff
Stephanie Shaff 26 dager siden
When he said Scorpio I was excited because I was picked then it hit me that he said he didn't like us and I forreal cried. What a dork. See Phil you are not cooler than us lol
Maria Dąbrowska
Maria Dąbrowska 26 dager siden
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 26 dager siden
As a scorpio, I see this as a total win.
Malia 27 dager siden
Phil looks like Benedict Cumberbatch in that picture-
Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson 27 dager siden
You should get a rabbit! I have one, they're cute easy to take care of, and absolutely the best pet. Its like a small dog but it hops❤
Thewaterspirit57 27 dager siden
Phil.... I don’t think you should really feel guilty for missing that wedding, cuz even after giving compromises to make up from being dumb and forgetting, they full on dropped you :/
Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith 27 dager siden
Your housemates hosting a robot burning ceremony is the most wholesome thing I've heard in a while
Requaero Remaneo
Requaero Remaneo 27 dager siden
Phil with black eyebrows looks shockingly similar to Spock 👀
yoonhwa 28 dager siden
come to nz bby
Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown 28 dager siden
My biggest hope is that this vid mended that friendship for phil!
Viv *
Viv * 28 dager siden
Brittany Steinmann
Brittany Steinmann 28 dager siden
I'm a scorpio lol😅 😆🤣😭
sevi lou
sevi lou 28 dager siden
8:20 he reminded me so much of Benedict Cumberbatch here!!
Angela Vidal
Angela Vidal 29 dager siden
I actually liked those black eyebrows :o
Leen K
Leen K 29 dager siden
okay but the wedding story?? that person was so childish for blocking you 🤥🤥
Sock V
Sock V 29 dager siden
Nooooo I knew you we’re gonna say scorpio but it still hurt😭😭😭♏️
Chrissa Todd
Chrissa Todd Måned siden
the spiciest thing is how many times said ass and i am here for it.
Paige Ruff
Paige Ruff Måned siden
The horrified gasp from Dan within the first 1:42 got me so wEaK lmao
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
8:10 lol self love is a term like self care Phil 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
“making me be content, instead of making me feel content...” - Phil 2021
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
7:16 not me thinking phil wrote SPOON 😂 (also isn’t it spelled “spawn”?)
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
6:59 an ass tweet from 2013???
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
6:50 what is this??? 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
5:23 im literally eating Ben & Jerry’s right now, CUT THE CAMERAS 🤭😂🍦
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
4:30 a spade? like a playing card???
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
the first question 😂 🏳️‍🌈
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
1:30 where did he get brow pencil? 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
oh so people actually dye their eyebrows? 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
lovelyjuliexo • Måned siden
i swear if we don’t see Phil get a dog at some point- 🙄🤚 🐶
Kaylin Kelly
Kaylin Kelly Måned siden
clueless co.
clueless co. Måned siden
You said sebastian and my mind went to sebastian stan
Autumn Måned siden
i thought he looked good w the eyebrows LOL
Sera Sabiline
Sera Sabiline Måned siden
Hearing Phil swear feels illegal
phil howell's houseplant
Phil: Once I threw a spade at my brother My American self: *is trying to understand how the hell Phil chucked a card so hard at someone, it damaged them*
Michelle Måned siden
When he said Scorpio ( my sign) I fr :O
Annika R
Annika R Måned siden
Manbun with shaved sides, you should try it!
Ares Jones
Ares Jones Måned siden
pumpkinnn _
pumpkinnn _ Måned siden
when you read it wrong, scorpios are singled out once again 💔
h a n n a h ☪
h a n n a h ☪ Måned siden
I do like the eyebrow pencil look...
Ecofairy Måned siden
I did watch it again
🤣🤣🤣🤣phil are you an eridan kinnie your shirt is looking awfully sus /j
Natalie Polk
Natalie Polk Måned siden
only 7 honestly not bad lol
Ye-Average-Artist Måned siden
Question: Isolate your fans! Phil: uh, Scorpios! Me, A Scorpio: *GASP* how dare-
Joss Måned siden
JayJay Shepherd
JayJay Shepherd Måned siden
Phil NZ is not unproblematic. We have high levels of child proverty, child obesity, youth suicide, we have a lot of debt -the price of living in NZ is extremely high and the cost of housing on average is $800000. Plus the government just put a wage freeze on nurses even though our wages are shite compared to other countries. I don't recommend moving here 🤣
BananaJamana Måned siden
Your personality is the best :)
Úna Parkinson
Úna Parkinson 24 dager siden
Hi jamie love your work
LR Måned siden
You're the girl that painted that incredible painting of him all those years ago *.*
rorolilred Måned siden
The robot burning party is so sweet!!
theoriginal1971 Måned siden
Anthony dan or rat is phil’s revenge for dan wearing that leather shirt
rorolilred Måned siden
Are you have the gay?
Taya Moss
Taya Moss Måned siden
wait .. have you not moved in yet
Kacie Vance
Kacie Vance Måned siden
Phil dont ever change your eyebrows!!
Petra Elek
Petra Elek Måned siden
hearing phil swear just added 10 years to my lifespan
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
"they were making me content rather than making me feel content" that was the best sentence ever JKNACKANSCASNCK
Saturn Prist
Saturn Prist Måned siden
shit man im a scorpio XD
Dylan Cole
Dylan Cole Måned siden
You and Dan should collaborate with Smosh. 😄
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
I feel like these are great questions
Vidhi C
Vidhi C Måned siden
Phil is gay because when he learnt what sex was for the first time, it was some straight shit (obvs not all penis and vagina sex is straight sex but the book didn't mean that)
toxic chan
toxic chan Måned siden
Please if somehow you would get a bunny.. dont leave it outside :(
Emmi Rene
Emmi Rene Måned siden
Because scorpios are literally the exact opposite of Aquarius. I’ve never met a Scorpio I like lol
satiresea Måned siden
coming out pt 2: does phil have the gay?
Eve McCloskey
Eve McCloskey Måned siden
awh the hello at the start was so northern I love it
sara Måned siden
who in their right goddamn mind would cheat on PHIL LESTER? satan himself i'm sure
Katie Davies
Katie Davies Måned siden
Leo Måned siden
I live in New Zealand and we have a spare room 👀
Katie Duncan
Katie Duncan Måned siden
okay but somehow Phil with darker eyebrows makes him look more like a Weasley twin???? How???? He legit looks like one of the Phelps brothers I'm dying XD
Annia Balcazar
Annia Balcazar Måned siden
My mouth actually dropped when you said Scorpio lmao. I’ll forgive you only this once 😂
eiwil Måned siden
- why would i wanna do that? me, an asexual.
Elise Kelly
Elise Kelly Måned siden
Yess move to New Zealand we welcome you
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
No one is gonna say anything about how he almost DREW ON HIS EYEBROWS WITH SHARPIE before he remembered he had makeup
Grace Pouttu
Grace Pouttu Måned siden
I feel like these are great questions
em !
em ! Måned siden
philip lester i love you so much
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Måned siden
You're making a troop of furries? Adopt me father.
Sofi Marchand
Sofi Marchand Måned siden
phil please fill in your eyebrows if you'd like to, they look great
JJ Beavan
JJ Beavan Måned siden
As a proud kiwi I volunteer to give you a kiwi family with dogs
beech smith
beech smith Måned siden
psa please don’t get outdoor rabbits!!
Keena Barbour
Keena Barbour Måned siden
the laughter that expelled from my body when you came back and showed us your eyebrows after you drew them on.
Mysteriousmusicgirl !
As a Scorpio I can definitely say I gasped 😂😂
Cat Poke
Cat Poke Måned siden
Lol Phil I don't think "tit" is a curse word
T Måned siden
I'm a Scorpio and I'm not cool or edgy...I don't think.
Landon** Måned siden
I threw a pitch fork at someone once
Eilidh Young
Eilidh Young Måned siden
am i millenial or gen z
Am I A Difficult Person?
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