The Future Of Reasoning 

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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here: gatesnot.es/3t1u93B
my twitter: tweetsauce
my instagram: electricpants
The extended mind thesis: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_mind_thesis
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work: nosections.info/green/1ImmqHubnaituMw/video.html
Molecule animations from molcalc.org
"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber: www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674237827
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8 nosections.info/green/w2eenmp6qIeDuNA/video.html
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche: www.pnas.org/content/107/Supplement_2/8993#:~:text=In%20biology%2C%20a%20%E2%80%9Cniche%E2%80%9D,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
Visual system diagram by RATZNIUM en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_system#/media/File:ERP_-_optic_cabling.jpg
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28. april. 2021





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HEROiC FLOWS 27 sekunder siden
Bill Gates is literally throwing chemicals into the atmosphere intentionally as you say the goal is 0% emissions....
Michel Ottens
Michel Ottens 44 sekunder siden
Was recommended this video because Tim Morton gets a mention, but gosh this is a messy essay. It flips the hyperobject definition around to not be about unknowability and the hubris of exclusive belief in reason, but posits hyperobjects as being just another big thing we humans can know and get a handle on, if we only avoid cognitive fallacies by reinventing the wheels of scientific consensus and representative democracy. Those two institutions already exist, and fixing their corruptions requires (to Morton and co.) a better appreciation of the philosophical, critical, and playful approaches, besides the predominant reasoned approach to things. Morton and co. are very specific about how to think and act differently, and how presently possible those changes already are, rather than being dreams of some future utopia. Calling those other three ways of thinking and informing action (philosophy, criticism, experimental play) merely "the future of reason", the latter defined here as facts and logic, is muddling and conflating definitions and leads to no real conclusion at all? Lots of good fragments of lipservice to other thinkers and science folk though. Good stuff to look up, though I'd wish mr. sauce had better integrated and collated all his sources into something meaningful.
Erich K
Erich K 10 minutter siden
haha... you lost me the second you brought our Bill Gates version of reasoning... but loved the thought exercise...
Jere Järvinen
Jere Järvinen 13 minutter siden
The elephant in the brain is a great book on this subject
Reece Farndon
Reece Farndon 27 minutter siden
bill gates: literally has the funds to change the world and help stop the climate disaster also bill gates: writes a book as if it will help and acts like it isn't just performative
Modern Classic Collectables
Modern Classic Collectables 30 minutter siden
f@ck this sh!t go for a walk around a park and write down your issues. Go with your gut intuition and ignore this bloke.
Gehan Dileepa
Gehan Dileepa 31 minutt siden
your narration is always awesomely spine chilling
Leonardo Abreu
Leonardo Abreu 36 minutter siden
Thank you for the video. It is really intriguing.... I'd like to know more about the theory behind lotocracy...
pasha veres
pasha veres 42 minutter siden
"In total we release about 51 billion tons of such gases every year - and we need to release - zero." Re-thinking? Worked for me. Decided to re-think watching the rest of this video... and didn't.
Anuradha Dissanayake
Anuradha Dissanayake 47 minutter siden
Interesting to see a video mentioning Bill Gates that didn't attract a horde of conspiracy nutbars in the comments section. There must have been some 5G happening at the time distracting them.
AbyssFiend 49 minutter siden
We are Legion.
Mohamed Abdi
Mohamed Abdi 50 minutter siden
you learn from childhood to read facial expressions like when your mother is angry so then if you see how someones facial expressions looks you can see if they are happy or not and you can actualy know why someone is angry fore example u did something that they dont like to them and yes you cant know aswell because if you mother comes home and u actualy did nothing that makes her angry u could not know why she is angry .
Systems Realty Team
Systems Realty Team 52 minutter siden
Invest in commodities
dudeman369781 52 minutter siden
I'll remember this guy forever
a0001521 Time siden
1:57 Or is it?
ctx Time siden
Imagine amount of difficult literature he had to read to put out this NOsections video. I would love to have references for every claim he made, since it's video about reason.
FilmLog 6288
FilmLog 6288 Time siden
5:48 ohhhhh shit the song came onnnn
1m-inus1 Is 0
1m-inus1 Is 0 Time siden
To contribute an opinion, the future of reasoning will be non-existent. There will be no reasoning in the future. Whether we reach a civilization where we become one mind or a civilization that we have rulers who decide things for us, reasoning will become inefficient, redundant, or even a taboo. This all boils down to what I call behavioral entropy, where emotions are extinguished and all are equal and the same. We can see some signs now where opinions become offensive, meanwhile, what is new and non-conventional, destroying the traditions, becomes the modern setting. Remember when Michael said that an individual's opinion is inaccurate, but the mean of that shared opinion from many individuals becomes accurate? That is what's happening, the climax is arriving. There's no conclusion to reach, there is always debate. Social Equilibrium where everyone thinks the same thing is on its process of creation. Once all the opposing sides collide, creating sparks, fire, and destruction, either the bigger eats the small or a compromise will be reached. There will be peace, but at the same time, there will be nothingness. There is no contrast, no light nor dark, but only gray. This will start on the bigger scale with the help of the internet. Then from the world to a continent, from a country to a city, from a house to an individual. The decision or the compromise have yet to be concluded as this process will take a very very long time, even centuries. However, by the time our civilization reaches that point, reasoning will disappear together with emotions and maybe, even communication. What is the point of socializing if everyone thinks the same and acts the same as you do? That's how it will just happen. There's a price for everything, the law of exchange. We are part of nature, therefore, just like how the universe will end not with a bang due to entropy, so are we. Edit: This is just an opinion with no extensive research, thank you for your time :)
dHarvey FTW
dHarvey FTW Time siden
I am the ancient one
Phattrick Time siden
Bill Gates money, great
4350 King of The Hill
Do you subscribe to Waking Up by Sam Harris?
Miha Sušnik
Miha Sušnik Time siden
Is it really the case that people do not get an occasion to debate nowadays? Or is it that we do, but when we do, every side just keeps reaffirming their own view? We could ask ourselves why that's the case. A very good point in the video, that "if everyone else was just using logic, everything would be fine" is a very limited view, but it didn't take us far enough. People need to learn to understand and respect emotions. Because when someone feels a certain way, that is a fact. This is the real barrier to "reasoned debates". This is especially for people crticising the "fake news" state of the world, who love to value "reason" above how others feel, to learn.
Willow Time siden
Roye Fang
Roye Fang Time siden
2:59 my brain at 3 am
optimistic nihilist
Something that wasn't mentioned was lying. People can have an incentive to lie to the detriment of others. Then, conversation can be used to manipulate, so in turn other people are paranoid about others fooling them, so they shut down to themselves and don't like to discuss things. Also, people don't like getting told they are wrong for some reason, so they get really emotionally invested in an argument like their life depends on it. That seems like an issue.
Tushar Garg
Tushar Garg Time siden
Why isn't stuff like this , critical thinking , taught at a school level ( It wasn't in my time at least - is it today ? ) Edit: literal goosebumps watching this video - especially towards the end. Thank you Michael.
Willow Time siden
Joshua Lilley
Joshua Lilley Time siden
Michael: ' I am not an elephant ' Logic: Therefore... I am not cool :(
Marian Bogdan Neagoe
Hy Michael, what do you prepare for us in the future, another season of mind field?
Fully Over Yall
Fully Over Yall Time siden
The next video is just gonna be "shut up and do communism!"
Bradley Ticehurst
Bradley Ticehurst 2 timer siden
If reason comes from available information, isn't it crucial to consider where the majority get their information? If one was to reverse engineer reason by curating information for the masses (mainstream media/social media ect) one could hijack the process to produce a desired result, correct?
52Hz Whale
52Hz Whale 2 timer siden
pagamenews 2 timer siden
Water vapor is a dangerous gas? I need to stop drinking tea!
HAPPY BIRD 2 timer siden
optimistic nihilist
optimistic nihilist 2 timer siden
"Whether a species can extend their empathy can be the Great Filter"
Dimitri Andreou
Dimitri Andreou 2 timer siden
Oh noes! How would a technologically hyper-advanced civilization will ever cope with...a slightly higher probability of storms and droughts! 🤔
JC Foster Takes It To The Moon
Freaking loving this video, I've been thinking about all this stuff lately. Dang.
aka Kitsune
aka Kitsune 2 timer siden
How to reduce the emissions of the factories? Outsource the factories to the Moon!
Saurabh Raj
Saurabh Raj 2 timer siden
7:29 Shri Krishna
Fabian Caceres Grandon
What a great video and I just met Kialo, the platform for rational debate, yesterday. This must be a sign
Weltraum Affe
Weltraum Affe 2 timer siden
“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” - Jeff “the Dude” Lebowski
HexedCat 2 timer siden
I think you saved America Micheal
Mihai 2 timer siden
This is the best youtube channel. This is how youtube should look like, instead it's full of garbage, but treasures can be found inside this garbage dump, and this is vsauce.
SotraEngine4 2 timer siden
16:33 And endurance running. We are some of the best species on endurance running
SotraEngine4 2 timer siden
14:15 Soms people actually do do that consciously, because the brain didn’t invest in developing that system Tbh Inferring that everyone does that is ableist towards people with autism It would be better to say that it means most people, as there are exceptions
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 timer siden
A HyperObject like Nazis trying to stifle evolution. "Climate Disaster" you mean the Global Warm-onger by all those nukes going off? There is so much bitch like behavior in this video. This video should have been about the evils of opterant conditioning necromancy, heuristical logic exploits, assertivism mutual assured destruction, and the NLP agenda.
Antylics 2 timer siden
cancel culture idiots on twitter need this video so badly
Matthew Lanning
Matthew Lanning 2 timer siden
2011 all over again
SET A LIGHT 2 timer siden
thank you for this video
AniKhang 2 timer siden
I have literally never heard of a lottocracy but what a wild idea, yeesh
DRISZI 3 timer siden
Dux Angus
Dux Angus 3 timer siden
A lottocracy sounds very interesting and I think it would be quite effective even possibly at a larger scale, but WHO controls the random selection? If it's possible for a jury and or judge to be bought out or "personally" selected by one of the sides in a court case and politicians at any level, so to can the randomly selected people for the lottocracy.
Shashank Laur
Shashank Laur 3 timer siden
You make NOsections worth it. They should be grateful.
Petar-Vasilij Sivcev
Petar-Vasilij Sivcev 3 timer siden
Did anyone notice how his watch keeps appearing and disappearing!!!???
Neo lo Jizzm
Neo lo Jizzm 3 timer siden
Meaningful words spoken here
SCI_WITH_FUN 3 timer siden
Iz Just Meh
Iz Just Meh 3 timer siden
i feel like i wasn't allowed to watch this because i would know the secret
Dexter J
Dexter J 3 timer siden
Every fucking time.. Thanks V sauce for reminding me that not constantly adapting makes me stupid. The end of this made me cry, when you hear people articulating thoughts you've cultivated like they were the last tomato
Rik Thunder
Rik Thunder 3 timer siden
took me a bit. but I now understand the married/unmarried puzzle after a few minutes of thinking -.-° not quite immediately though.
Madison Wisconsin
Madison Wisconsin 3 timer siden
Sounds like Vsauce is a fan of big brother making our decisions for us since we are apparently unreasonable.
IJakeMe 3 timer siden
You know what doesn't have reason? " Justice " I can throw myself out the window call 9-11 and just say that the guy below me did this to me and he'll go to Jail for a long time where is your reasoning now huh?
crimson90 3 timer siden
Ah, yes, Pepe Sylvia. He doesn't exist, but he's everywhere.
spambot71 3 timer siden
14:13 so i guess he's not autistic then
Psinfoni 3 timer siden
a video packed with many REASONS that many things are wrong in this world, cuz its not often about reasoning its about money and power... and a true honest discussion about facts is sometimes hard when some scientists are corrupt and paid to state false information so that the outcome is that what some powerful person wanted it to be. i like the idea of tha randomness that surely could give better results than this where only the billionaires do everything they want and if they do it wrong... well heck delete that information with all the power you got so that only the good parts of you show true... (like gates... wasnt he on "child pleasure island" with his millionaire friend who tortured a lot of children... then his friend killed himself and his wife stated it all after she was sent to prison... wonder what the REASON was to go on that private island) if the people would be all like vsauce it would be great but sadly theres only one vsauce ever born
System Reality
System Reality 3 timer siden
How can i add turkish subtitles to this video ?
Thisisntanoption 4 timer siden
Nice, the first city shown growing is las vegas
Afif Farhati
Afif Farhati 4 timer siden
Anyone wants to actually discuss the video instead of memes like the rest of the comments? I want to seek more knowledge and thoughts about the subject but i don't know where to start...
Mr. computer
Mr. computer 4 timer siden
All fun and games till you realise hes actually a ancient god
Jackson Masiel
Jackson Masiel 4 timer siden
A lot of these same topics are touched on in Moral Tribes by Joshua Greene. Super interesting stuff
Boss Boy
Boss Boy 4 timer siden
The issue is tolerance, people are not torerant of thoughts that aren't the same as theirs, which unfortunately leads to people shouting
Joel Bondurant
Joel Bondurant 4 timer siden
Bitcoin fixes this.
Jimmy Baller
Jimmy Baller 4 timer siden
The great sin of reason is not admitting fallibility. Great content. Listened to the whole thing.
Rogann McFall
Rogann McFall 4 timer siden
Bill gates is a monster
Adil Hussain
Adil Hussain 4 timer siden
These videos used to be more appealing and entertaining.
Natdl 4 timer siden
How many people turned it off when they heard the name Bill Gates…😂
jamesmiller 4 timer siden
new vsauce video, new existential crisis
Saksham 4 timer siden
No one is taking about that hand behind Michael 5:57
Nick Schmneck
Nick Schmneck 4 timer siden
The insinuations to political figures and the leftist ideology is very evident in this video, sad to see from what i thought was an unbiased science channel
NerdWorldNinja FoldingSpaceTime
In a Quantum Reality We Already Are The Ancients...
Attackoramic 4 timer siden
Vsauce: how do you rethink everything? Me: *grabs a bat*
BlockyShapes 4 timer siden
“We will all someday be the ancients” yes, as long as we cut down on those emissions you were talking about. If not, we might not be ancient to that many people.
Fernando Barros
Fernando Barros 4 timer siden
How? Ecosocialism.
Chris Webber
Chris Webber 4 timer siden
Mahesh Bandara Wijerathna
This is proof that NOsections content can have actual value. Even if it's just a guy sitting and talking to the camera for 30 minutes.
Dennis Albert
Dennis Albert 5 timer siden
Reasoning = algorithm
John Thimakis
John Thimakis 5 timer siden
Thanks so much for sharing. 😎👌🏼
gooneybird808 5 timer siden
fuck ya dog! well said
Boss Boy
Boss Boy 5 timer siden
Its a bleak future
Lilian Tavares
Lilian Tavares 5 timer siden
you’re actually arriving to the opposite conclusion from Zizek
Yeahdoh 5 timer siden
What a great video
Joepags23 5 timer siden
Great job Michael you've earned awesome elephant status
Biomirth 5 timer siden
Sometimes out of frustration I want Michael to be wrong, but he knocked this so far out of the park I'm going to not be back till the 11th inning fetching it.
Tama Huntley
Tama Huntley 5 timer siden
The amount of people that don't think about this stuff on their own it's funny
Michael Gabel
Michael Gabel 5 timer siden
This is a great argument for conservatism. Based on time tested principles.
GonnSolo 4 timer siden
Did you watch the video?
xVect 5 timer siden
When Michael said that you don’t actually analyze people’s individual body movements and body language to come to conclusion that they’re upset, he obviously doesn’t have bpd.
fool 5 timer siden
I respect the hell out of this channel and won't stop watching but goddamn does it piss me off seeing bill gates here. Who the fuck cares about intellectual property and profig in the middle of a global pandemic.
Hao Asakura
Hao Asakura 5 timer siden
AKA: his telling all the Libs to leave their eco chamber.
T T 5 timer siden
Phlogiston. Goodbye.
Crimea River
Crimea River 5 timer siden
This was a fantastic video. We need to end online censorship and banning. We need to bring ALL voices into the space and be willing and vulnerable enough to modify bad ideas, even when they're our own.
Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian 5 timer siden
This was pretty good until you said Bill Gates.