Manchester United 2-4 Liverpool | LIVE Stream Watchalong 

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We are back for the LIVE stream watchalong of Man United v Liverpool in the Premier League. Full match coverage and highlights here at Stretford Paddock

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Stuart Morris
Stuart Morris 25 dager siden
Complaining about missing 'an' important defender?!!!!! Hahaha don't make me laugh. All Liverpools injuries and you lot mewling about 'One' average defender. You've just proved Liverpools arguments, THE END. Total clowns
Mr Postboxface
Mr Postboxface 26 dager siden
Quick, jump in this bucket, this will annoy the Glaziers and stop that LFC
david.fraser7 26 dager siden
Can't stand that Trev guy, had to turn off this watchalong sorry guys. If it's true he was a coach at utd then somebody must've mixed up the paperwork and hired the wrong guy because his insight is blunt, his opinions are nauseating and he is just plain irritating. Looking forward to more watchalongs without him coming up.
Josh G
Josh G 27 dager siden
Has he just compared scholes to Fred
FRENTZAS KONTOS 29 dager siden
Ole rested his players onyl for them to lose to Leicester and handle their City rivals the title,and then plays his strong team and gets batteres.Its just hilarious lol
Clare Harrison
Clare Harrison 29 dager siden
why didn’t united put 3 points ont table against Leicester, if only for a bit of pressure, especially after city rested players against Chelsea and got beat...........why’s no-one questioning this topic.........
Strictly Football
Strictly Football 29 dager siden
cheers for the 3 points you “gifted us” lads🙌🏿
Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai 28 dager siden
@Strictly Football I hope you make it ahead of Chelsea, All the Best👍
Strictly Football
Strictly Football 28 dager siden
@Mandar Desai we were dead and buried last week, now it’s in our hands, I’ll take that scenario all day long looool
Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai 28 dager siden
@Senpay You Deserved to win but they made it easy for you.
Senpay 28 dager siden
@Mandar Desai we were way better than man utd
Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai 29 dager siden
Agreed👍👍Christmas Came in May, But You Guys Still have to Win The Last 3 to have a Top 4 Chance and You have Dropped Points against the Teams you should beat.
H. Ali
H. Ali 29 dager siden
Baldy in the middle was cringe. Great seeing the other two squirm.
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 29 dager siden
If it's acceptable for man united to lose 2 games in a row at old Trafford and one being vs liverpool then ole GUNNAR soslkjaer is the man for the job but until then go and get a proper manager like Julian nagelsmann.
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle 29 dager siden
Guy in the middle dropping all the cliche “pretending to know about football” one liners 🤣
่๋Jayman Namyaj
่๋Jayman Namyaj 29 dager siden
Smalling tackle Cavani Its a pen BUT bailly Tackle Nat It's not a pen WTF VAR
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes 29 dager siden
That guy is so annoying Shutup man
Greatlove Wonsee
Greatlove Wonsee 29 dager siden
now Paul pogba can continue talking against Jose mourinho if that will make him happy as other big players are doing their jobs for their clubs
Darren Mulholland
Darren Mulholland 29 dager siden
Philips kicked Bailey.....you need them goggles looked at you clown
Paul M
Paul M Måned siden
Old guy just going on about the glory times hahaha. get out of the past lad
Parthiv Pm
Parthiv Pm Måned siden
Sam Potter
Sam Potter Måned siden
Jays dad is a real one, made some great points, even with a dm a cb and a rw it’s still gonna be real tough to catch those twats in blue
Hadas Mehari
Hadas Mehari 29 dager siden
Your right, imagine today there to centrebacks one youth player and a championship player and we couldnt do nothing?? Watch when they get VVD back and Konate this year we got lucky with no real big time injuries and teams around us being sub-par
Sen Lkr
Sen Lkr Måned siden
Do more Protest 😂😂😂😂😂
still game
still game Måned siden
Comedy gold
still game
still game Måned siden
Incredible insight on display here folks just do what you have to do........even
Millie X
Millie X Måned siden
Fernandes - 1:35:20 1-0 Jota - 1:59:51 1-1 Firmino - 2:13:35 1-2 Firmino - 2:32:00 1-3 Rashford - 2:53:05 2-3 Salah - 3:14:40 2-4 You’re welcome ! Up the reds 🔥
Ish 29 dager siden
What a legend
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher
Cheers Millie waited 7 hours
Jo Daresh
Jo Daresh 29 dager siden
Cheers millie 🤪
linda stanley
linda stanley 29 dager siden
Nice one luv 👏👏😂💋
D C Måned siden
Lovely 😛
Em Simpson
Em Simpson Måned siden
Boys, you need get some moderators involved, sort out the live chats.
TheRealOne M
TheRealOne M Måned siden
Aidtom Måned siden
Thanks for playing your weaker team against us 👍
Romeo Kagwa gaming chanell
Oh ok
linda stanley
linda stanley 29 dager siden
@Romeo Kagwa gaming chanell he was being sarcastic mate 👍🏻
Romeo Kagwa gaming chanell
Romeo Kagwa gaming chanell
Yes rashford cavani and liverpool won
Aidtom 29 dager siden
@Romeo Kagwa gaming chanell that's their strong team 🤔
Steady Woodward
Steady Woodward Måned siden
Awful end to the season for United the scousers will feel like they’ve retained the league finishing in the top 4
nolls14 Måned siden
The league you haven't won for a decade. You were probably a toddler then . Battered tonight by England's greatest club.
spjdbauer Måned siden
Might aswell be Celtic
Tonesh 92
Tonesh 92 Måned siden
Can we play you every week
SMIFFY Måned siden
Rooney doesn't have a statue because A) he won fuck all for England B) was a member of the most underachieving generation of English players, most of which didn't really want to play. C) Can we stop giving everyone a fucking statue.
CamsTV Måned siden
Time stamps lads ??
finesse merchant
finesse merchant Måned siden
I'm still looking.
Paolo Vm
Paolo Vm Måned siden
YNWA guys
Gethin Hughes
Gethin Hughes Måned siden
Karma for TORY TORY Man Utd today. Rashford would be ashamed of those chant's. YNWA
Floyds high heels
Floyds high heels Måned siden
Hahahahah get slapped, I hope the Glazers stay forever
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 15 dager siden
@J • Prod this aged perfectly, bottling Europa, 5 years without a trophy, banter FC.
TheRealOne M
TheRealOne M Måned siden
5th actually
Floyds high heels
Floyds high heels Måned siden
@J • Prod 6th place with our 3 main centre backs out for most of the season is fine, wait until next season when we’re battling City and your PE teacher manager is struggling for the Top 4
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas Måned siden
@J • Prod just lost at home to your biggest rivals and your gassing.
666 BRLN 999
666 BRLN 999 Måned siden
nah man i'm also a LFC fan but F$G, Glazer and the rest of the Scum and parasites need to be kicked out, by force if necessary, the destroy the game, which is more important than 1 individual club could ever be.
Giant Face Bork Laser
1) no penalty no party 2) vengeance for Man Utd purposely losing vs Leicester 3) that’s your 3rd defeat in 4 games 4) Liverpool beat Man Utd with a defender who was playing for Kidderminster last season 😂 5) one of Liverpool’s worst seasons and still wiped the floor with Man Utd easily 6) United were extremely lucky to only concede four and even score once let alone twice 7) just admit you’re a lucky penalty fluke team, Klopp in his whole LFC tenure has had fewer penalties than Ole got this season alone. 8) ref was literally a manc who gave you every single decision possible and still you get nothing
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 15 dager siden
@Giant Face Bork Laser and they didn’t even win it🤣🤣 you couldn’t make it up! Glorious stuff
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 15 dager siden
@jack rogers we enjoyed the Europa league thoroughly🥳 things didn’t turn out quite like you expected did they? Aww, poor little guy 😊
Giant Face Bork Laser
Giant Face Bork Laser 29 dager siden
@jack rogers imagine saying enjoy the Europa league while your b*tch a$$ is quite literally in the Europa league 😂 You’re basically admitting it’s a pointless b-tech competition, yet if you win it of course it’ll become very important innit
jesus alamo
jesus alamo Måned siden
Salbutamol fc is back I see. Pump pump. Klodopper oops I meant Klopp. Cant wait for the truth to come out about the asthmatics.
Adam Orr
Adam Orr Måned siden
@jack rogers it's not no VVD it's no centre backs at all Look what happens to United when you take away 1 centre back We're currently without VVD, Gomez, Matip, Kabak, Davies and Henderson AND STILL SPANKED YOU AT HOME😂😂😂😂
Beinir Ragnuson
Beinir Ragnuson Måned siden
1-0: 1:35:21 1-1: 1:59:47 1-2: 2:13:37 1-3: 2:31:45 2-3: 2:53:05 2-4: 3:14:45
ORIGILIST Måned siden
Wilson Shields
Wilson Shields Måned siden
Fred - out Lindelöf - squad player Greenwood - will be world class Disappointed like everyone else tonight but let’s hope Ole can now be given the funds to correct the very obvious problems. Hopefully get second and a trophy - our manager deserves it
Mas A
Mas A Måned siden
Beaten by Liverpools centre back pairing from their C team 😂😂😂
Jenamiso Mountain
Jenamiso Mountain Måned siden
We lost the game because of the weird fans who made it impossible for the game to be played on Sunday. Everyone of you who overran the pitch is to blame
Joe Barnes
Joe Barnes 26 dager siden
That is the reason you lost the Leicester game. All your big player's were rested for that game so they would be full of energy for the Liverpool game.
Atirek Bajpai
Atirek Bajpai Måned siden
Baldie with the glasses still living in 2007 and talking out of his ass. Ole is the best manager since Fergie and Bruno our best player. Shut up FFS man, this is not the United you grew up seeing so wake up and realise that we have been shit for the past 13 years.
Tobyn Seebohm
Tobyn Seebohm Måned siden
Come on then, who has the timestamps?
Mick Thomas
Mick Thomas Måned siden
This is were we are, we are still miles off, we might no even keep second place.
Gabriel Lai
Gabriel Lai Måned siden
Not sure what we expected - back line have no ball playing abilities especially with lindelof on the left side. Liverpools press killed the midfield. Also set-pieces defending has been poor all season
MrSquareHead1234 Måned siden
Think Henderson just played himself out of the number 1. Can’t be that weak in key moments
MrSquareHead1234 29 dager siden
@finesse merchant I’m worried that neither are the answer to be honest
finesse merchant
finesse merchant Måned siden
It's not like David de glued to line is any better 😴. We've literally seen him make mistake after mistake post 2018.
Kyekye Eminah
Kyekye Eminah Måned siden
Ole had the selection wrong. Rashford always has a field day against TAA on the left and this prevents Arnold from joining the Liverpool attack. Playing Rashford on the left gave Arnold a field day to join the attack from the Liverpool's right. This game should tell Ole ,Henderson isn't fit to lace De Gea's boots. He gifted the 1st and 3rd Liverpool goals with his poor parry of the ball on both occasions. You don't come from Sheffield United and become number one at United over a tried and tested keeper like De Gea. Fergie tried that with Ben Foster at United and failed woefully.
Jamal F.
Jamal F. 29 dager siden
Field day LOOOOL ONE GAME IN 2018. Get ur head outta ur arse
templer priest
templer priest Måned siden
the back stabbed the front in the back,,,,
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan Måned siden
I've said it time & time before. Dean hendersons just another English hype job. The "commanding" aspect of his game is such a myth. We've conceded crosses against Brighton, Milan, Leicester, Liverpool and Burnley etc all with him in goal. Joe Hart 2.0
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 29 dager siden
He's still a young goalkeeper back him don't start giving up on him already Also if you want to win the league I have to say go and get Raphael varane because Victor lindelof is not good enough.
Ahmad Ibrahim
Ahmad Ibrahim 29 dager siden
Joe Hart was world class for 2-3 years at his peak, won multiple PLs and had unreal UCL performances against Barcelona if you remember Also joint top Golden Gloves holder with Cech
Jack H
Jack H 29 dager siden
respect Joe hart
jesus alamo
jesus alamo Måned siden
100%. Notice how there was not a single question about his mistakes by the media in the post match presser. Its like N.Korea TV
Fan Boy
Fan Boy Måned siden
Head’s up reds. We already on top 4. What’s all matters is Europa league.
A M Måned siden
Probably the worst guest appearance ever. It's so clear he has no idea what he's talking about. He's shouting instructions and what the players have to do like he's Fifa Coach of the year when he probably would get fired from coaching a 9 year old football team. It's obvious he's never actually played any type of football because half the stuff he's saying wouldn't work or aren't obvious from a players perspective on the ground level compared to sitting on a chair watching the whole pitch on broadcast angle on tv.
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2 Måned siden
Fred and mctominay pissed me off today so did luke shaw our whole back cost us the game today absolutely shit performance. And dean Henderson absolutely shocking in goal should have done better with jota equaliser, done absolute madness with firmino making it 3-1
nvn 0711
nvn 0711 Måned siden
need 2 new CDM whatever it is.. Fred is awful.
Jo Daresh
Jo Daresh 29 dager siden
Fred flopstone
Andrew Måned siden
@dbo 0 they’re both shite
dbo 0
dbo 0 Måned siden
Fred is decent. Mctominay is the awful one.
MrPoepope Måned siden
We need a CDM desperately, but Henderson is also not the answer in goal right now, maybe in time he will be, but De Gea is currently still the best keeper in this team and he's shown it the last few weeks.
TY AFTV Merchandise Man
Not surprised those two clowns at "CDM” cost us the game
Kev Alderson
Kev Alderson Måned siden
Why is Fred on the fucking pitch
paraffinalien Måned siden
Awesome Liverpool great performance from the lads tonight What a game from klopps REDMEN,YNWA,Dellboy
Romeo Kagwa gaming chanell
The happines felt bye liverpool fans like me just wow
jesus alamo
jesus alamo Måned siden
Salbutamol Fc. Those who know know. Klodopp, oops I meant Klopp
Sports and Money
Sports and Money Måned siden
I have told you guys in preview video.. that utd is not winning today.. tipped liverpool or draw and over 1.5.. However.. no need to troll our players.. This match was required to show how Big maguire is for the team and push further the management for some key signings in transfer window..
blade runner6789
blade runner6789 27 dager siden
@Sports and Money 👍
Sports and Money
Sports and Money Måned siden
@blade runner6789 i respect your feelings.. i do that too mate.. but i was just wanted to let you guys know the betting punters view on yesterday match..
blade runner6789
blade runner6789 Måned siden
I would never bet againt United.
Joshua Van Schalkwyk
Adam Mcflurry
Ishraq Qureshi
Ishraq Qureshi Måned siden
With all due respect, the punditry from Trev was absolutely shocking.
Glas razuma
Glas razuma 5 dager siden
@Aaron Maduray No problem. I just thought you were being cheeky which is totally fine.
Aaron Maduray
Aaron Maduray 5 dager siden
@Glas razuma It was a genuine question. Thanks for clearing it up for me. YOU DA REAL MVP!
Glas razuma
Glas razuma 5 dager siden
@Aaron Maduray The one in the middle. Or maybe you are joking and implying they are all crap. Fair enough then.
Aaron Maduray
Aaron Maduray 26 dager siden
Which is Trev?
خير الإسلام
خير الإسلام 29 dager siden
Constantly interrupting as well 🤢
Suaird Måned siden
Ahahahahahahahahahaha..........losing to the foxes ON PURPOSE didn't work did it
sweetlad Måned siden
I mean it still might but yeah
Jake Berry
Jake Berry Måned siden
Enke Måned siden
which was worse? 1) This fat annoying guy called trev or 2) the game? i would say 1