Testing EVERY Product that Footballers have Complained about - are they really that bad? 

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Football boots, Footballs and shirts, are they really to blame for bad performances on the pitch?

Jabulani Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeerU...

INSTAGRAM: bit.ly/IGkierandb

football soccer recreation challenge. viral football moments including messi , neymar ronaldo and mbappe tricks and skills

Kieran Brown.



14. juli. 2021





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Amnah Khan
Amnah Khan 4 timer siden
Upload a video.
YeCannyDaeThat 8 timer siden
Neymar shouldn't have agreed to promote a product he didn't love. Shows no respect for the fans buying them.
Alex likes pie
Alex likes pie 10 timer siden
I don’t play soccer (or football) yet this video is still very entertaining to watch!
brick boss
brick boss 23 timer siden
dai le cong
dai le cong Dag siden
The lethal dry frequently curl because fang aboaly meddle into a plastic story. puzzling, insidious crow
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 5 timer siden
What boots do you use because I am looking to get some new ones for my birthday
Sör James - its a choice
The World is strange ! Why do not the brands like Adidas & Nike talk to brand ambassodors ? About the weight i have no clue … but i am not a PRO ⚽️.
James Pettitt
James Pettitt Dag siden
Blended in with the crowd? The crowd literally wear the playing shirts regardless of which one it is that is a shit excuse
Meghna Chakraborty
You play better than messi 😏😏
David Edwards
David Edwards Dag siden
I am going to have to become greedy like the filthy rich footballers. Until now, if I had shoes I didn't like, I didn't wear them and bought a different pair. Who would have thought I could sue the shoe company?
Arsenic ツ
Arsenic ツ 2 dager siden
0:44 whatever animal that is, it’s a bloody legend.
Noob08469 Fortnite
Noob08469 Fortnite 2 dager siden
You are beter than w2s/Harry
TEEWHYESSOHEN 2 dager siden
Video idea : attempting tik tok football tricks shots
Victoria Pattenden
Victoria Pattenden 3 dager siden
Hi, I just want to say I am a big fan and I want to ask u how do u do them cool tricks that u do.😀
kingmfiji yt
kingmfiji yt 3 dager siden
hen ko
hen ko 3 dager siden
Messi wasn’t really wearing takedowns, he just had the .1s made without the lace cover.
Sadikul Rahaman
Sadikul Rahaman 3 dager siden
Play a football match
Asim Malik
Asim Malik 3 dager siden
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Glen Jones
Glen Jones 3 dager siden
What a great video. Go the Olyroos and Matildas.
Glen Jones
Glen Jones 3 dager siden
@hen ko and that is why there are different brands and models in each brand. I used to love rebok myself or umbro.
hen ko
hen ko 3 dager siden
I thin the problem with most of the football boots is feet type, because I literally can’t wear adidas without my feet cramping
Sanity Dripz
Sanity Dripz 4 dager siden
What boots do you use because I am looking to get some new ones for my birthday
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dager siden
Are these products really to blame for bad performances on the pitch?
Wang Lei
Wang Lei 4 dager siden
apparently, the gloves that have a wrist strap has more cushioning and pad on them
PlanK SA
PlanK SA 4 dager siden
You can't really do this test, you're not the players... We are all different... We have different feet and hands. Lol, I'll leave a like for the video effort... Subbed too
Benjamin Blomerus
Benjamin Blomerus 4 dager siden
Why he has to film on that shitty uneven field with flowers growing on it 😶 Mans got almost 2mil subscribers and the videos look like shit because of the environment, drives me mad cause the content is otherwise good
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 4 dager siden
10:07 Very good sync with the music when the ball hit the wall.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dager siden
Please buy YEEZY v2 BOOTS !
Emerson Tayfour
Emerson Tayfour 5 dager siden
Anyone going to talk about the running dog at 0:44
joe kehoe
joe kehoe 5 dager siden
Try gaeilic football the Irish sport
VALOR7 5 dager siden
0:43 cat running
U need to clean u r tongue regularly 😂 Can't understand anything.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 4 dager siden
00:44 dog runs in the background
Kimi Kaze
Kimi Kaze 5 dager siden
Man when I used to be a goalie I used pro touch with strap and they were the best ones I've used. The cushioning and dampening shots and possible rebounds were outstanding
Shyam Vinod
Shyam Vinod 5 dager siden
Fav boot mercurial
Acezer 6 dager siden
Should of used salt water while weighing the shirts instead of regular water.
Eldin Hasic
Eldin Hasic 6 dager siden
The hypervenom are my personal all time favorite type of boot, like they just fit so well and you really can feel the ball like youre playing with bare feet u know
hen ko
hen ko Dag siden
0:44 whatever animal that is, it’s a bloody legend.
Lynx Thunderstorm
Lynx Thunderstorm 6 dager siden
I thin the problem with most of the football boots is feet type, because I literally can’t wear adidas without my feet cramping
Mihăiță 4 dager siden
CreepyTheGamer 6 dager siden
Hi, does anybody know the song at 5:46? Cheers
Karthikaiyan And Vansh Gaming
0:43 sus cat
A M 6 dager siden
Please buy YEEZY v2 BOOTS !
gaming with Oll
gaming with Oll 6 dager siden
Test the 2021 2022 premier League ball
mllop aeet
mllop aeet 6 dager siden
Kieran Brown has good skills in football and he looks handsome too 😏
FTCPAPER 12 6 dager siden
he is not wearing a italian shirt SMH
Mad Lion
Mad Lion 6 dager siden
kieran I had a question , will you please help me
Quiet Monke
Quiet Monke 6 dager siden
00:44 dog runs in the background
MSRS supremeOne
MSRS supremeOne 6 dager siden
This guy is not giving the right reasons
johan ikei
johan ikei 6 dager siden
Indrajit Ganguly
Indrajit Ganguly 6 dager siden
Barcelona claims are false just like their dives
Suraj Dhanawade
Suraj Dhanawade 6 dager siden
6:30 Donnarumma wore them in euro!
Driz_ 6 dager siden
Tbh I don’t feel like the la liga ball is hard to see. Just the pattern and colors lowkey make it uncomfortable for the eyes
Oce4n M4n
Oce4n M4n 6 dager siden
0:44 Anyone notice that thing running in the background
Breanna Hadleigh
Breanna Hadleigh 6 dager siden
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Offpool 6 dager siden
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Tiger Belly
Tiger Belly 6 dager siden
I.... what the fuck did I just see. The video was great till the fuckin Idiocy at the end w/ the jersey😂
Charming nowhere to hide
Kieran Brown has good skills in football and he looks handsome too 😏
Callum Alston
Callum Alston 6 dager siden
The wrist straps are for support and comfort, as a keeper being able to change the tightness of the glove is really important… at least for me when I played
Ninja Dragon
Ninja Dragon 6 dager siden
Kevin Rafferty
Kevin Rafferty 7 dager siden
Another one is the woollen boots Suarez wore against Man United in 2013/14 season away at Old Trafford. Don't think he wore them again after he missed a few sitters lol.
ThereWillBeAChange 7 dager siden
Footballers? I thought this was soccer?
Charming nowhere to hide
Matevz Makarovic
Matevz Makarovic 7 dager siden
Don’t you mean soccer😂😂
gordon sanco
gordon sanco 7 dager siden
i have the 2011 barca kit and its just feels like the real barca shirt to me
Jack Katon
Jack Katon 7 dager siden
As a keeper I’ve bought those gloves and personally they would be so much more comfortable with the wrist straps because they feel more secure and they he design on the back looks a bit strange to me all spiky and that you cant really punch a ball with them and kinda goes in any direction like to the side or up not really forward
Otto Wirtanen
Otto Wirtanen 7 dager siden
recreate the benzema goal agains swizerland
MDNBRGH 7 dager siden
Neymar hasn’t been with Nike for ages
mike ram
mike ram 7 dager siden
The main problem with the boost is having flat foot. Or Wide foot. The pain reason neymar broke shoes from the back because of the back bone. Boots can't be worn by anyone. For example my boots are predators the Beckham boots. I tried total 90s and others and they hurt after a while.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 7 dager siden
That's United for you but the kit and boats are perfect , and united blame a lose against some fuck all team and that's why they couldn't catch up with the winners they were left in the Mancity
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 7 dager siden
If your a footballer you have to give back your desion about the shit you were and about the kit for United Manchester, but there's basically nothing wrong with the kiy
Frank Posnik
Frank Posnik 7 dager siden
Lol you just see a dog running in the backrounds
SteMCFC79 7 dager siden
The United shirt one was just another of Fergies excuses, they were crap in that first half and it couldn't possibly be him and his players...
Acer21 7 dager siden
0:43 brother the dog😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gregory Tate
Gregory Tate 7 dager siden
0:43 what the dog doin?
7 dager siden
León González
León González 7 dager siden
Footballs are normally black and white since the 70's in ortder to have a better view of them on TV
Christian Danielsson
Christian Danielsson 7 dager siden
Do you like sweden or live there
Tanishka Thawre
Tanishka Thawre 7 dager siden
He I have post a comment on your befores video in that I have said that plzzzz say a best football shoes under 500 rupees and that shoes be available on Flipkart or Amazon and I'm from India my name is rudranshu thavre so plzzzzzzz give answer ok by
David Zeidan
David Zeidan 7 dager siden
The draconian armenian superiorly wish because city minimally colour despite a big representative. nosy, astonishing ramie
Growncore 7 dager siden
Michael Groenewald
Michael Groenewald 7 dager siden
The Hypervenoms are trash haha
DutchBeFlexin 7 dager siden
Ben 7 dager siden
Calls the classic 90's man utd away shirt ugly. Wears a pink en purple monstrosity the next shot... 😂 Okay dude...
Ryan 7 dager siden
Love how you go into a Volta court when neymar came on
Cama Wangtob
Cama Wangtob 7 dager siden
Nobody literally nobody That cat in the background at 0:43
Cama Wangtob
Cama Wangtob 7 dager siden
serry ciok
serry ciok 7 dager siden
I have a question. Has your game improving with all the repetition you put on your trick shots? I hope it has. Sick videos man
H & H
H & H 7 dager siden
Maybe the Messi laceless hurt more when someone steps on you or tackles you.
Andre Akopyan
Andre Akopyan 7 dager siden
that man u kit looks nice idk if it’s just me
Itsyoboy e
Itsyoboy e 7 dager siden
I think the grey kit is pretty neat tho
NcWcN1 7 dager siden
The ball at 3:03 would have worked a lot better as a replacement ball for snowed-in conditions, not for regular play.
m m
m m 7 dager siden
Jakuario Jackson
Jakuario Jackson 7 dager siden
Banned from La Ligma Balls
Jack Baker
Jack Baker 7 dager siden
Just don’t wear the boots … simple
Kate Dutton
Kate Dutton 7 dager siden
he should have tried out coca-cola iykyk
Woz Mac
Woz Mac 7 dager siden
pro equipment is designed mostly for performance. not always for comfort or fit or looks.
Huanax 999
Huanax 999 7 dager siden
00:54 what the dog doing
Sam Beattie
Sam Beattie 7 dager siden
The problem with the Barcelona shirt is that the material wasn’t water wicking so any sweat they made stuck in the shirt whereas the new ones help the sweat evaporate much faster
Camilo Mella
Camilo Mella 7 dager siden
I have a question. Has your game improved with all the repetition you put on your trick shots? I hope it has. Sick videos man
Name 7 dager siden
As a goalie I can tell you that the wrist wraps really help with giving support to your palm/wrists when blocking hard shots with an open palm. It prevents the palm from folding back too far.
McKie Robert
McKie Robert 7 dager siden
The collar thing is obvious. It bites into the the tendon and fleshy part on the upper part of your foot. Try wearing them for an hour in a game. I could never boots with a collar it's too constrictive.
Vitor Rosa
Vitor Rosa 8 dager siden
Mate, you have to keep in mind they run and sprint for how many KM, the boots and elastics will take a stance
Riley Villeneuve
Riley Villeneuve 8 dager siden
I liked my hyper venom phantom 2 and 3’s, both put a nasty outside curve on the ball
Robo Cop
Robo Cop 8 dager siden
I lose the top of my right big toe nail every 3-4months because of my boots. Still wear 'em to get my money worth :)
woodychopper 8 dager siden
that was a rubbish test on the shirt holding water; could very well be that it keeps the sweat from evaporating and retains moisture better; you halved the water and then just didn't do proper testing; wear it, jump in a pool or get someone to throw a bucket of water on your front and back and then wait 10 minutes; see if that makes a difference.
13 Productions ODell physical
Oh ya Messi 16
Oliver 8 dager siden
Athletes tend to be quite superstitious, so any tiny changes in their kit can completely destroy their focus. Odd explanation, but probably true in some of these cases (cutting the boots or wanting to wear older models)
Lucy and Douglas
Lucy and Douglas 8 dager siden
We just not gonna talk about how Donnarumma wore those gloves for the euros?
my dream came true.
Ganger 1,7 mill
my dream came true.
Ganger 1,7 mill
Jeffrey Bezos
Ganger 2,2 mill
Deadpool and Korg React