What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone? 

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17. juli. 2021





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JK 2 timer siden
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 timer siden
Damn, the most I've ever had to get is 7 liters of fluids intravenously.
Dorin C
Dorin C 2 timer siden
"He then killed a bunch of bats and drank their blood."
Andrew 2 timer siden
For sure I thought he was going to kill the girl, drink her blood, then ride the goat to the finish line.
Sharon 5 timer siden
Im guessing he didnt come in first?
GradeEhCanadian 7 timer siden
So this is where covid actually started 🤔
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 timer siden
I got goosebumps when you said how long he had walked. Jesus what an absolute survivor!
Ryan Huisman
Ryan Huisman 8 timer siden
Cue the buzzards and or vultures because I'm a dead man.
Alphabet 10 timer siden
He just, ran a bigger marathon
Hélios 10 timer siden
Can you publish the original sources/papers of this story?
Gábor Varga
Gábor Varga 12 timer siden
Whats wrong with your accent ? You randomly put an h in some words..
Calum Jackson
Calum Jackson 15 timer siden
Shout ive got family and wait for dom toretto
twothreebravo 17 timer siden
9:52 The balls on that bat!
Nerd Tastic
Nerd Tastic 18 timer siden
Changing the thumbnail style I see
stank 2 timer siden
It’s working though. His channel is doing much better right now than it was a few months ago
Ashton Loh
Ashton Loh 19 timer siden
So anyways, how do we survive?
Caiden Finnegan's Meme House
I want to make a movie about this so bad when I’m older because I want to be a director and this seems like a 10 out of 10 plot
Levi’s Arc
Levi’s Arc 20 timer siden
Crazy. Me: Turns faucet for some water.
Dylan McGrath
Dylan McGrath 21 time siden
Find Shelter, Find Water, Find Food.
Emily An
Emily An 21 time siden
We all know the real reason why he’s still alive because of using skill share.
Capnskurk 21 time siden
I got goosebumps when you said how long he had walked. Jesus what an absolute survivor!
Maxie Pattie
Maxie Pattie Dag siden
Heart of Africa, on the *commodore 64* Anyone?
Umar Mohammed
Umar Mohammed Dag siden
I got thirsty just watching this video
Emily An
Emily An 21 time siden
Ishmael Dag siden
Prosperi... Prospered.
Derrick Stewart
Derrick Stewart Dag siden
I would fuk up Aladdin
Cory Dag siden
This was so intense.. I cried a bit
LEEboneisDaMan Dag siden
I cannot emphasize this enough to any traveler. NEVER LEAVE THE PATH Seriously. Most people who live where you’re visiting never leave the path out of fear of getting lost. Why the heck do you think you’d do a better job navigating?
Vincent's Videos
flawless transition into the ad read HAHA
French Vanilla
French Vanilla Dag siden
0:40 Wait, hasn't Arizona been hitting those numbers this entire summer?
Minecraft Stuff
Minecraft Stuff Dag siden
DL - 08ZZ 734074 David Leeder MS
im in grade 8
Monir 11 timer siden
Uh who asked?
DL - 08ZZ 734074 David Leeder MS
imm so ocoool \
Jayipayi Dag siden
Lesson learnt: When going for a jog in the Sahara, don’t prepare in case you get lost. Prepare so you can’t get lost. Oh, and don’t go for a jog in the Sahara.
Yousef Obied
Yousef Obied Dag siden
This would make a good movie.
Jaindu Charindith
what a legend
henry sterzl
henry sterzl Dag siden
One time when I was skiing something like this happened only for an hour though i got lost in the snow and it was very foggy it was scary
PAK Nation.
PAK Nation. Dag siden
I will not 'strand' in sahara desert
Daniel Dag siden
Allah saved him through His Grace and Mercy, yet the runner is ungrateful and cannot see the clear signs laid out for him الحمد لله رب العالمين
Taniya De Livera
FUTUREPAW Official Channel
If you were stranded on a desert island, would you eat clean, ripe lettuce or a pig’s hoof attached to their body? 🧐
Michael Petrovich
I would make sure not to be in such a situation.
Tom Budin
Tom Budin Dag siden
46 is a normal summers day in australia
Ali Makaveli Da 7th Sign
*This guy: Cheats death* *His wife: He's probably cheating on me*
Pagox Dag siden
I almost cried.
[D]rang Dag siden
him eating bats? this reminds me of something
Asyraf Azman
Asyraf Azman Dag siden
1:05 Anakin ain't going here anytime soon
Osiris Dag siden
He had a compass, why didn't he just keep walking due North??
Porco Playz Bolide fernza
Easy find north get to Greece or other civilization depending on the time line if modern or not if not modern or if Greece isn't powerful enough
Salvi Dag siden
So is he lucky or unlucky? Cuz like man 😂
•Fanta Panda•
He didn't even pray for anything or think about some miracle happening. God must've somehow see him almost dead and helped him.
Renata Szabo
Renata Szabo Dag siden
The Little Prince(ss)
K T Dag siden
5:53 the BURRITO sandstorm
Lipunov Production
Why he didn’t use his compass and go north?
Tech CT
Tech CT Dag siden
Was he stupid or stupid?
Benjamin Collum
Benjamin Collum Dag siden
I would die, The end
Brooklyn Dag siden
“He was so dehydrated he couldn’t bleed” Mission failed successfully
Patrick Kosasih
Patrick Kosasih Dag siden
If it was me, i would die in day one
David Inghram
David Inghram Dag siden
If it`s around 2 in the afternoon, I`m taking a nap.
The Old Khanye
The Old Khanye Dag siden
Marathon: 251 miles Prosperi: hold my urine.
WRONG Dag siden
This is like verbatim what the Wiki for Mauro Prosperi has written lol...I understand covering topics like this where there are hundreds of articles and videos documenting a phenomenal event that phrases and words are going to be similar, but like this is straight up ripped off from the Wikipedia article.
Joseph Sirico
Joseph Sirico Dag siden
Moral of the story: You go back to the Sahara desert I break a your face. Madone
Alan Hawkins
Alan Hawkins Dag siden
So is this like a metaphor for “The Biden Administration.”
Alan Hawkins
Alan Hawkins Dag siden
@WRONG Well Sir, your name says it all.
WRONG Dag siden
@Alan Hawkins I don't see how 7 months into Biden's Presidency, the USA has no productivity and is also a barren wasteland.
Alan Hawkins
Alan Hawkins Dag siden
Barren wasteland, Absolutely no productivity.
WRONG Dag siden
Tekila Tnf
Tekila Tnf 2 dager siden
My journey to Europe was crossing this hell! Trust me it's Really scary!!
Muhtasim Rahman
Muhtasim Rahman 2 dager siden
I would prolly be like imma just sit here in pain and stay there till I die achievement unlocked: basically suicide
Khemet Watch
Khemet Watch 2 dager siden
Feet dont fail me now😡walk west
BLADOX 2 dager siden
Did the guy have 3 swords and green hair?
MatanzaGermany 2 dager siden
Absolute Master of Survival
Megan Lukes
Megan Lukes 2 dager siden
I still can’t believe anyone ever wanted to do this race. I feel thirsty just watching this
Omar Saletović Prins
Omar Saletović Prins 2 dager siden
“I’ll have the famous bat soup” This guy started Covid.
887 Sinatra
887 Sinatra Dag siden
I thought the same thing when i saw the bats. you're the real mvp
Bollywood Reviews FIJI
Oh so he was the Reason of COVID 19 or Corona .... Remember Corona came from Eating a BAT first 2 years ago ....
Saminim 2 dager siden
a whole week and 2 million views still a 1000 people haven’t claimed that free 1 month skillshare premium
Sauceman69 2 dager siden
Chefs on a recipe be like: now cook your steak on the Sahara desert
S Tra
S Tra 2 dager siden
It'd be so easy to survive. You just go to the nearest 7 Eleven and buy a lot of water and ice. Some hot dogs and pizza, too and you're good to go.
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen 2 dager siden
Sun everywhere. Why not carry a gps tracker with an emergency button that all works off satellites, recharged the solar panels?! And the gps tracking should always be on, so that in the case of going off the track it would alert him and the people overseeing the race. Better yet. Don't race in such an extreme place?!
Juan Montano
Juan Montano 17 timer siden
It was 1994 Einstein.
Promise Breezy
Promise Breezy 2 dager siden
I passed sahara desert to Europe i just shared my story on my channel
dafunkalcoi 2 dager siden
what a story
seang1979 2 dager siden
Spoiler alert: I have a question- Looking at the map of where he ended up, he was heading southwest for much of the trip. If he had a compass, why wouldn’t he go north if that is the direction he was supposed to go? Also, based on the race location in Morocco, civilization would be in that direction. There is nothing but barren desert if you go south.
Alex Guzman
Alex Guzman 2 dager siden
Why do you use kilometers a lot can't you use also the imperial system
vixxysty 2 dager siden
this is like steel ball run. but there are no stands
Thoomas Ssmith
Thoomas Ssmith 2 dager siden
The tough deficit superfamily surround because icon revealingly care down a offbeat vase. craven, equal income
Arcaneus Umbra
Arcaneus Umbra 2 dager siden
TLDR: dead
A Hamlin
A Hamlin 2 dager siden
This is so wrong how people in these comments are trying to make jokes out of his ordeal
Casa Motors
Casa Motors 2 dager siden
Bro the regular temperature in iraq during summer is 50 lol
Terry L
Terry L 2 dager siden
I would pull out my gun and shoot myself in the head... hell I'm probably going to do that any ways lol...I'm so lonely
plus one savage
plus one savage 2 dager siden
umm thumnail is stupied the sahaira is in cal
Gabriel 2 dager siden
@plus one savage?
plus one savage
plus one savage 2 dager siden
@Gabriel wildfires
Gabriel 2 dager siden
@plus one savage sorry if I've missed a joke but the sahara is in africa
plus one savage
plus one savage 2 dager siden
@Gabriel california
Gabriel 2 dager siden
What's cal
Thembelani 2 dager siden
1:29 puts things into perspective doesn't it.
BrandoJones 2 dager siden
Some say drinking urine in those situations is useless or actually makes it worse. Wonder what's the definitive conclusion.
Gabriel 2 dager siden
It makes it worse bcs of the saltiness
Rajesh Mohanty
Rajesh Mohanty 2 dager siden
Why no movie on this ...
scronx 2 dager siden
Bravo -- you're better than he is!
Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez 2 dager siden
Mind over Matter in real life sounds like Faith to me .
Roman Soiko
Roman Soiko 2 dager siden
and i have thjree personal goals Put Omar al bashir n priosn for darfur, start myh own Human rights NGO in South Afric anad move there I found a Malawian model who was studying Photography in Johannesburg Univeristy and was able tosudcceed ina long distan ce interracial relationship in post aprartheid South Africa quite difficult
Roman Soiko
Roman Soiko 2 dager siden
If your compass does not work you shoul dorient youtself by teh sun the sun rises in teh eeast and sets in the west state winne rof new jersey in geography
JerryTheSlime 2 dager siden
fucking shit thats insane
Sans 2 dager siden
He is a legend
Downsyndromecatz 2 dager siden
I'm not here
Uncle Enore
Uncle Enore 2 dager siden
THIS is the definition of a "man."
MeowO_O 2 dager siden
That's so stupid! He chose to run when it was the hottest time of the day, in a storm, and laid down to rest when the storm was over and when heat was relativly low. Guess Darwin didn't do his job properly.
2 dager siden
I would eat the sandwhichsthere.
Pierre Jean Catudio
Pierre Jean Catudio 2 dager siden
Matthew C
Matthew C 2 dager siden
What ir? I would finally get rid of all my sins
Shonen Jump Magneto
Shonen Jump Magneto 2 dager siden
As someome whose been dumb enough to attempt it vua slittingbthe wrist, yeah it's harder than it seems & I don't mean having the will to do it lol. PS: Also, the common conception of vertical slits, while on paper accurate, again, is harder than you'll know, & chances are you will survive but now without full use of your arms. My friends dad suffered that fate. Nerves.
Max 2 dager siden
Mans watched the mr ballen video on this an made his own lolll
GTAVictor9128 2 dager siden
Had to listen to "A Horse With No Name" after this video.
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