Perfectly balanced as all things should be - LG Gram 2021 Laptops 

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LG Grams are the most popular laptops at LMG because of the lightweight and performance appeal. The laptops do get yearly updates and this year there are some noticeable improvements!
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4. mars. 2021





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Dieterdde 5 timer siden
God damnit LG, why the non upgradeable RAM, and no config for 32GB, such a huge mistake! Seriously bummed out on that.
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan 22 timer siden
0:43 pure fan service
Will RunRun
Will RunRun 2 dager siden
Hi, if possible to review the travel gaming laptop backpack sleeve for amzn.to/2qduu8q ,amzn.to/3idpYw3,amzn.to/2oYe4jM, shall we be in touch?
boe dillard
boe dillard 6 dager siden
Love the 17" gram - great laptop but I think they should make 2 models - one with a 10 key keyboard as it has now and one with a nice spacious standard laptop keyboard for adult male hands.
curio 10 dager siden
They dropped the expandable ram.. That's sad, that is the one fearture that made this a better choice than most.This exclude every one who are power users and wanted something that is good enough. CPUs being a bit slower is OK given they are already adequate and Quick sync and embeded graphics handles the edge cases well. But limiting RAM has no workaround, why did LG decide to lose a chunk of their market?
Midnight1211 13 dager siden
Costco has the 11th gen version of the 2 n 1 and I would LOVE to see what you think!
bizmonkey007 16 dager siden
This laptop is so close to being great. The trash speakers just ruin it.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 23 dager siden
Every time I see Linus start twisting a laptop to tests its rigidity 😱
Apex 23 dager siden
this + external gpu dock = perfect ?
Cardoc 29 dager siden
LG Puts Ryzen CPUs in the Korean models. When do they plan on bringing Ryzen to other countries?
Evan C
Evan C Måned siden
I'm nervous that RAM cant be upgraded as I like to use my laptops for 7-8 years. Do you think 16 GB is enough? (Everyday use, but I also use photoshop/premiere pro from time to time)
Kernelpickle Måned siden
Did they fix the shitty barrel connectors for the power? I used to work for LG in their IT department, and the older models would fail on them all the time. Super annoying because they didn’t have docking stations and you had to buy a USB-C charger separately, but there were even older models that didn’t have those USB-C charging ports, which meant having to replace the chargers all the time if you unplug and plug it in several times a day working in an office and taking your laptop to meetings and taking it home. My only real complaint was the lack of GPUs so we had to get Dells for the Engineers that needed to run CAD on their laptops. The fact that Linus didn’t remove the battery makes me wonder if he’s missing something, because I swear they used to put the RAM underneath it.
thanos Måned siden
Linux Streamer
Linux Streamer Måned siden
amazon does already have to much of my data just like microsoft
noomy 663
noomy 663 Måned siden
A good example of the idea that the world may change with a single flick.
Yeast Måned siden
If this laptop was truly perfectly ball the likes and dislikes would be the same
Dougie Sinclair
Dougie Sinclair Måned siden
dell xps 17 or Lg gram 17....READY GO
tutacat Måned siden
When is the LMG MCN unboxing
Terryss Måned siden
old meme.
Adam Zugone
Adam Zugone Måned siden
Concave keycaps. Just thought you should hear that again.
jharris947 Måned siden
1:21 6:21...WOW!!! That super reflective screen is a big no no/deal breaker. Worst reflections I've ever seen on a laptop. Like a mirror.
FOC Måned siden
I just kill edge from Task manager lol xD
Joshua Krishna
Joshua Krishna Måned siden
Hope their scanners work better than Asus. Bunch of zephyrus ones didn't
ugurugutugu Måned siden
I don't get what is so good about face recognition. Fingerprint is more secure and not much faster...
manish doddamane
manish doddamane Måned siden
waiting for you to upload a tech vdo regarding of blue computer glasses
Junior jr
Junior jr Måned siden
Does it have upgradable ram on the 17?
kumbandit Måned siden
Intel laptops, so basically garbage inside?
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming Måned siden
Spiffing brit
BenetrixFTW Måned siden
Just got this laptop its brilliant!! so light and yes you can get better performance on other laptop but the lightness is crazy
Sayan Chakraborty
Sayan Chakraborty Måned siden
LG: A Classy and Sleek Finish to our best of best laptops. Linus: Let's check the flexibility and ruggedness of this sh*t here.!
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez Måned siden
Can please get a full review of the 2021 lineup? These seem pretty freaking awesome
trung nguyen
trung nguyen Måned siden
The cheap cold biophysically correct because partner aditionally arrest round a ablaze loss. miscreant, unnatural argument
mukarram farooqui
mukarram farooqui Måned siden
Shut up we don't care 😂😂😂😂
rabbit drink
rabbit drink Måned siden
wheres the lg ounce i want one of these but im american
Marian Pelmus
Marian Pelmus Måned siden
but the keyboard layout is so ugly why can't we have a classic TKL?!
gameflux Måned siden
Cool !
Etiquette Gaming
Etiquette Gaming Måned siden
when lambo?
Frederico Vieira
Frederico Vieira Måned siden
Hi Linus, thanks for your early review. Any chance to share id theh pcie is Gen 3 or 4? Many thanks
mantenbrink Måned siden
I hate that these great products just barely get through on the european market. I can only buy 2 version of the LG Gram in the netherlands with the wrong keyboard layout. Like why is this always the case with these kinda laptops. It's only been 2 years since we can get an xps normally here
Nicholas Orr
Nicholas Orr Måned siden
Ryzen versions??
progogurt Måned siden
whats wrong with inventorying it after the unboxing?
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez Måned siden
5:22 subtitles "woman on laptop"
keagan Måned siden
iv got a 202 15" gram and love it.
Kongen Gorm
Kongen Gorm Måned siden
They stole the chungus!
imicca Måned siden
LG: GRAM Americans: WHAT'S GRAM, does not sound MURICAN TO ME
Ba Måned siden
Display gloss is dealbreaker.
Wow a whole laptop just to use Instagram.. so 2020
consummateVssss Måned siden
12:14 do they come with a free evo car rental membership as well?
三Anti 3D
三Anti 3D Måned siden
2:03 i thought those were stupidly placed stickers at first
simon stucki
simon stucki Måned siden
the fingerprint caching already worekd on my 10 years old thinkpad... was very handy especially when I still had a hdd as a boot drive unfortunately doesn't work anymore with windows 10
Gaurav chauhan
Gaurav chauhan Måned siden
Now I'm curious does Linus use an antivirus ? Maybe bitdefender ?
S H Måned siden
The lightness LG tries to achieve comes w a lot of drawback I see. Only a single fan, soldered components, terrible speakers and a tiny track pad on the 16 and 17 inch version
Cat Måned siden
Needs more ryzen.
Don. Timeless
Don. Timeless Måned siden
Thanks for the video but! fk x86 & power to the ARM! ARM more powerful , affordable, power efficient, thinner, cooler & no fan jet noise. Plus no more graphics card shortage for disktop! Everyone have a good day.
MR GHOST Måned siden
" Not too shabby" *Jerry intensifies*
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar Måned siden
No One: Linus: Does a surgery on a patient without giving him anaesthesia...
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar Måned siden
5:24 Pause and Turn on the Subtitles... XD
djordje1999 Måned siden
For me budget laptop is under $300, midrange $300-$500, premium $500-$1000, and i dont want to hear anything about more expensive than $1000...
djordje1999 Måned siden
Everything is balanced except price.. Not worth for me..
arnek 8
arnek 8 Måned siden
This laptop looks sad inside.
jacob bugsybudoy
jacob bugsybudoy Måned siden
Can somebody explain why Linus was 'alarmed'when mcafee popped up?
flip8021 Måned siden
Are you allowed to put your own adds in NOsections videos? Seem sketchy given the comment about McAfee?
officiallyoverlord Måned siden
Linus: Talks in depth about the caching fingerprint sensor Me: *looks over at my 2018 LG gram* wait this is new?
Joe Vining
Joe Vining Måned siden
1.35 kilograms? What's that in American?
EPIC GAMER Måned siden
linus is 30+ but still gets voice cracks
Random 4400
Random 4400 Måned siden
I do love me some life's good 😂
Jamal Ibrahim
Jamal Ibrahim Måned siden
Came here because of the caption
Vucari Måned siden
Linus: The flex is not bad... Me: That thing flex's more than a bodybuilder at a photo shoot !
Eastern Wind
Eastern Wind Måned siden
Wish they'd have got rid of the numpad but otherwise this seems like a great device
david youlus
david youlus Måned siden
linus drop tips has returned
Lyger Måned siden
this beard era is so sick
WiseOldMan Måned siden
They need ryzen in LG grams
Grumpy Wolf Gaming
Grumpy Wolf Gaming Måned siden
I really don't understand these tests where he tries to practically snap the laptop in 2. I have been using laptops for over 20 years and I have NEVER treated a lpatop like that :/
web1bastler Måned siden
Only 16G is a real downer. My ancient X230 has 16G. When I pay premium I expect premium features. Not features that would seem OK back in 2013.
multiforme Måned siden
The audio from the laptop sounds shit
web1bastler Måned siden
Lucky Goldstar :þ
EnderArchery Måned siden
Did LG give you an image with the background set, or is it a custom one?
John van de Ven
John van de Ven Måned siden
I was wondering if these two laptops are also available with Ryzen cpu's.
blackoes Måned siden
8:39 that empty space though
Yoav Rheims
Yoav Rheims Måned siden
But why Intel CPUs thought?
Enrico Conca
Enrico Conca Måned siden
LPDDR4X only exists in soldered form, so any laptop sporting LPDDR4X is not upgradeable.
Filip Måned siden
How do hell you get all the laptops with preset wallpaper.
Mr pitust
Mr pitust Måned siden
the touchpad is _tiny_ though!
Kool Clay
Kool Clay Måned siden
Don't drop the soap ..I mean laptop, Linus!!
Hydruś Måned siden
I was actually ready to write a comment "wait where tf is numpad on 17 inch laptop? This laptop is kind of business class of laptop and in business you type a lot of numbers, and good luck to type those in number keys up to the letter keys on keyboard" but not this time! Now there is a fashion to remove everything useful from electronic devices like headphone jack from flagship smartphones, chargers from flagship smartphones, usb type a from laptops and now to remove numpad on 17" business laptops where it is absolutely necessery.
torpedospurs Måned siden
There aren't any LPDDR4X SODIMMs. Thus if you want LPDDR4X (and Tiger Lake seems to demand it) you are stuck with soldered RAM. LG really should do Ryzen 5800U versions with DDR4 RAM!
Stuart Bernholc
Stuart Bernholc Måned siden
I'd like to see the Lenovo X1 nano here and what they do to make it so light and have mil-spec durability. It's even lighter than the lightest gram. 13in though.
Nick Braun
Nick Braun Måned siden
"Thats actually not that bad!" Me: *sees the keyboard flexing like a god dang trampoline*
MK Mute
MK Mute Måned siden
Internal looks terrible.
Tao Zen Qi
Tao Zen Qi Måned siden
look at all the empty space, fill that up with battery LG.
twothreebravo Måned siden
"Perfectly Balanced"? We'll see about that, someone call the Spiffing Brit!
Deadshot Jatt Gaming
ElectroMac74 Måned siden
Major LCD Manufacturer that settle for Full HD on 14" laptop, blew my Mind
Dean Måned siden
I’m looking for a laptop for university but want it to last all 6yrs of it. Only using Microsoft 365(word and PowerPoint with some light excel) and web browsing mostly. Options are m1 MacBook Air 16ram 512ssd for £1260 after student discount. Asus zenbook s i7, 16gm ram an 1tb ssd for £1500. Last option is an LG gram 14. I7, 16gb ram and 512gb ssd for £1360. What is best?
Django Unchained 2
Django Unchained 2 Måned siden
Why does he kinda sound like ign reviewing call of duty though
nin6246 Måned siden
If you enjoy features like biometric fingerprint scans, there's a 100% chance that you're not a good person.
Neeboopsh Måned siden
mcafee is probably sniffing drugs, eating poop through a hammock and running from the cops. so he's pretty cool
Tyler French
Tyler French Måned siden
A drug dealers favorite laptop the “gram” 😂
Terax Games
Terax Games Måned siden
The only thing i hate about lg gram is upgrade path.I wanted to buy for my girlfriend 15inch version last year.Wanted 16gb and what? only 8 gb and guy on lg says: -Yea you need to buy one from us,wait for it,then call service and buy upgraded ram,send it to service,wait 14 days and get it back. So im like yea ok and i went for hp x360 spectre.BTW great laptop for the price :P
bkboii24 Måned siden
6:28 you can enjoy popping your laptop open and going straight to work without need for finger scanning or entering a password if you have a MacBook 😉 Get on our level losers! 😜
The Truth About my Son
The Truth About my Son