Submarine USS Olympia Prepare to Launch Torpedo 

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Sailors assigned to Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine USS Olympia (SSN 717) prepare to launch a UGM-84 Harpoon missile during the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise to sink the decommissioned ex-USS Racine (LST-1191) July 12 off the coast of Hawaii. Twenty-five nations, 46 ships, five submarines, about 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC from June 27 - Aug. 2 in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California. The world's largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides a unique training opportunity while fostering and sustaining cooperative relationships among participants critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security of the world's oceans. RIMPAC 2018 is the 26th exercise in the series that began in 1971. (U.S. Navy video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael H. Lee/Released).

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8. jan.. 2019





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Jet Mech
Jet Mech Måned siden
They would fire these much faster if they had read all that CRT literature.
Jet Mech
Jet Mech Måned siden
4:50 That does not give me confidence in our sub fleet.
Colin Newland
Colin Newland Måned siden
Train like you intend to fight.
Colin Newland
Colin Newland Måned siden
VERY slow! Try that when somebody is shooting at you and you need a 2nd shot.
Criselle Dadiz
Criselle Dadiz Måned siden
The enemy is firing😆😆😆 ohh 10 minutes before we fire so many safety procedure jajaja
Rich Cook
Rich Cook Måned siden
It's a training shoot. They do it by the book.
Dra Williams
Dra Williams Måned siden
Load that mothers
Thomas Delaney
Thomas Delaney 2 måneder siden
GEESH! I understand all about safety, but as long as it takes for them to load a torpedo, the firing solution must be an hour old! The freaking war will be o Er by the time they launch the torpedo!
Azizah Jaafar
Azizah Jaafar 2 måneder siden
Azizah Jaafar
Azizah Jaafar 2 måneder siden
TWSTF 8 2 måneder siden
Haha sounds like they're saying, "What?!" Whenever he shouts out what he's about to do lol they're like, "Huh?!?" 🤣
TheMoonchild1969 2 måneder siden
Torpedoes still loaded manually? I thought this proceeding was already fully automated. Seems clumsy not to mention slow and the potential of human error.🤔
neutrino78x 2 dager siden
this is a lot more automated than it used to be. back in the 60s they used ropes and stuff. Now we have motors and the torpedo is guided into the tube much more precisely. As far as slow...you would normally have the torpedo loaded already so you can launch on someone if need be. :) source: I was USN submarines 1999 to 2003. sonar tech but everyone crosstrains and I'm qualified Torpedo Handling Team Member and I'm also trained in loading and launching torpedoes while underway.
TheMoonchild1969 2 måneder siden
This kind of information doesn't need to be classified? Just asking🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
daniel j 8711
daniel j 8711 2 måneder siden
Gaius Teh
Gaius Teh 3 måneder siden
wow WOW
Greg DeSmet
Greg DeSmet 3 måneder siden
Mean while the target is long gone
Robert Warren
Robert Warren 4 måneder siden
8:00 music name pleaseee
RT Crockett
RT Crockett 4 måneder siden
Americans ... Calibrating, Repeating Commands, Tightening Screws. Russians ... Load & Fire. Department of Defense ... We are sorry to inform you ... Your Sons Submarine was Sunk.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 4 måneder siden
😂😂😂😂😂 explosion "THE END". 🤷
Arathor82 4 måneder siden
(Crimson Tide theme intensifies)
Juan Cobos
Juan Cobos 4 måneder siden
Ten minutes for launch!!! Submarine sink.
Glen Turney
Glen Turney 4 måneder siden
Where there is no vocal sound in this video, (maybe 'Classified' instructions may have been given), they should've played elevator music to replace the non audio of the vid. 😁
Tjd 5 måneder siden
Seams like alot of tools to get lost while taking fire or mines
Jon Bauer
Jon Bauer 4 måneder siden
they are all locked to the bulhead when not being used
Jackery Lumbai
Jackery Lumbai 5 måneder siden
I'm very disturbing with this loading system very traditional method, very slow and torpedos is in storage condition. The torpedos should ever ready inside round type cartridge or tube and anytime can just turn the cartridge by select type of weapons into the firing tube.
Peter Sedliak
Peter Sedliak 4 måneder siden
Its anti-ship missile, not torpedo and this is training launch so its kind of normal that they have to go through all process.
米丸帯刀 6 måneder siden
what name of the last music?
Kuya Berto's TV
Kuya Berto's TV 6 måneder siden
Afraid with these men, loaded the torpedoes very slow.
Dra Williams
Dra Williams Måned siden
You have to load that torpedo and prepare it properly otherwise don't have torpedoes
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke 6 måneder siden
By the time they've prepped the torpedo there's already one coming in at you from the enemy.. way too slow
jimmie crackcorn
jimmie crackcorn 6 måneder siden
Depleted uranium lol hurl
jimmie crackcorn
jimmie crackcorn 6 måneder siden
@Mark Cooke never heard of it but Milan? Ats I know of viper uglsp and hummer 7ton dragon wagon at mounted. Sure inf assembled versions also. Wasnt it a tungsten load or something
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke 6 måneder siden
@jimmie crackcorn yes we came to Seattle to train some of you to use the Milan (Anti tank ) system
jimmie crackcorn
jimmie crackcorn 6 måneder siden
@Mark Cooke rock on brother, trained a few of y’all on camp Johnson to use claymores. Best drinking buds! ;p
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke 6 måneder siden
@jimmie crackcorn I'm ex British Military
Андрей Гичко
Андрей Гичко 6 måneder siden
Я не говорю что у янкии плохое оружие..но вот такое впечаиление что бы стрельнуть нужна куча людей..какие то затычки..ключики..боевой клич и тд..не война а игра блин
Bewildering Truth Seeker
Bewildering Truth Seeker 6 måneder siden
I wonder how much of these procedures they actually follow in a emergency situation... Like, seems to me that all those procedures would get in the way. Likely a life and death thing.
Chris 28 dager siden
Could end up flooding the weapons room if you don't follow the procedure
Wilson Clarito
Wilson Clarito Måned siden
This is not a movie that made a shortcut method to lauch torpedo.
Dra Williams
Dra Williams Måned siden
Didn't during World War II and it's not going to now they are trained on how to load these torpedo tubes in the most extreme emergencies
bob walton
bob walton Måned siden
Was wandering the same the enemy could have done killed twice i thing.
Sam Elson
Sam Elson 7 måneder siden
Ww2: shove it in, equalise pressure, shoot it out!!
Colin Kesby
Colin Kesby 7 måneder siden
I made these bombs early 90s
Quinten Arnaldy
Quinten Arnaldy 7 måneder siden
Kleytons 7 måneder siden
Е Х 8 måneder siden
Пока зарядят-война кончится.
DiSoGood 8 måneder siden
В кепках в подводной лодке...
Juan Cobos
Juan Cobos 8 måneder siden
Fire!! ....and the ship is now in Alaska. Jajajajjj
кожевник едвард
Интересно они непосредственно перед каждым выстрелом так "быстро" заряжают?
MarkusBarak 9 måneder siden
Was gonna say at first... That is not an ADCAP... then I read the description... Harpoooooooon!!!
percival baga
percival baga 9 måneder siden
How many minutes consumed?
david paris
david paris 10 måneder siden
Life is precious and beautiful and only once for everyone, so why waste it in an underwater box?
Qwerty080 10 måneder siden
I never thought a torpedo is this long
no horse indin
no horse indin 6 måneder siden
Thats what she said...
John Silver
John Silver 10 måneder siden
Вот кто рашистов остановит! Украина с вами!
bassmith448 bassist
bassmith448 bassist 10 måneder siden
What happened to the audio at 2:59-3:00???
PePe the Gecko
PePe the Gecko 10 måneder siden
Is it supposed to be that huge?
Joe 10 måneder siden
lol, she did ask that...
Артем Акубеков
Артем Акубеков 11 måneder siden
Как-то скучно 😐
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 11 måneder siden
Se. Acomodan tanto. Huebean tanto. Ablan tanto,. Q. Creen. Q todavía. Están. En la tierra""" con vida. ,,,,,. No. Saben. Q ase ya dos horas. Un. Torpedo ruso. De 500. Kilómetros por hora. yaaaa los iso cagar. Ahora están en PENA. O PENANDO. EN OTRA DIMENSIÓN. En los mares. De Siria jajajajajaja. Y otros por Venezuela jajajaj. VIVA SUDAMÉRICA. LIBRE
arnold sanders
arnold sanders 11 måneder siden
So much for rapid fire. Jeez...
Виталий Смокотов
Долго торпеду готовят.
Towelie Towel
Towelie Towel 11 måneder siden
In the Navy we love to boogie
Andrew Jernigan
Andrew Jernigan 11 måneder siden
I’m curious how fast could you really shoot one if attacked
Daniel Udo
Daniel Udo 9 måneder siden
Half an hour from what it looks like
Kajhygwife. 惠芬
Kajhygwife. 惠芬 11 måneder siden
Kajhygwife. 惠芬
Kajhygwife. 惠芬 11 måneder siden
mokomothman MM47
mokomothman MM47 11 måneder siden
Everyone complaining about the speed- This is training. They're taking their time. RIMPAC has dozens of friendly vessels in the water with them. Do you really want an incident? Slow is smooth, smooth is fast- crawl, walk, run.
Jon Bauer
Jon Bauer 4 måneder siden
@Eric Peterson there shear risk of messing up a step can be drastic, flooding fire, ottofuel leak.... this is all training. there are quick load proceedure. crawl walk run. we train slow and correctly so whem the time comes its muscle memory. You train for speed and youre gonna get sloppy. train proper form and you wont even have to think when a real situation happens.
Jon Bauer
Jon Bauer 4 måneder siden
slow is smooth smooth is fast. better to go slower and every one staying safe then have to stop when someone gets their hand taken off or gets electrocuted. qauified weapons handling team leader here
Sakarias Karlsson
Sakarias Karlsson 10 måneder siden
Well.. Lets just say you dont want to drop a live torpedo on the floor.
Eric Peterson
Eric Peterson 11 måneder siden
My issue isn't necessarily with the crew. How fucking complicated does it need to be to load a torpedo? There should be about 90% less steps. I'm actual combat, this sub would be added to the "permanently on patrol" board. It's about who can shoot the fastest accurately. If it takes you 3 minutes minimum to load the tube, how do you expect to get more than 2 shots off before you die?
Wandi Dwiputra Lande
Wandi Dwiputra Lande 11 måneder siden
How they restock the 'ammo'?
Bayu Rukmana Jati
Bayu Rukmana Jati 11 måneder siden
Yo man. Go to base, and restock the ammo. But safe mode = on. So the ammo wont blow up in the middle of restocking. It's still the same if they are in war. We cannot restock in the middle of battle. At least, not in the enemy area.
J J 11 måneder siden
It’s stunning how boring this process looks. I think I’d rather launch myself from a torpedo tube than spend a tour on one of those subs.
The Helghast did nothing wrong
When you are dealing with hundreds of kg worth of high explosive boring is good.
Василий Пупкин
Why is so clean? Because its new?
Joe 10 måneder siden
High Standards.
mnrobards År siden
We in trouble if it takes that long under normal conditions to load.
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark År siden
I wonder if it took that long for an old Gato class to load and launch one torpedo.
tony baloney
tony baloney År siden
OMG! Hope they dont have to do it when every second counts. Seems like there ought to be a faster way.
vAPART van Appeven Paul
tony baloney by the time they load one torpedo the war is over. 🤣
Dwight Turner
Dwight Turner År siden
Russian and Chinese spies thank you for this info.
tensaibr År siden
My God is that a loud sub.
Qxvay 929
Qxvay 929 År siden
marian Hadarau
marian Hadarau År siden
THEY Will be shot until THEY Will fier!!! 😂😂😂
LamboFerrari År siden
Man it was a slow reload, but the music at the end woke me up. So what is the name of the music?
TexTech År siden
They are a long way from rapid fire.
Charles Bowman
Charles Bowman År siden
Sure would be nice if they made the sailors speak clearly instead of mumbling.
Paul Brownett
Paul Brownett År siden
Gee -I did not know they were that slow to load!!! - the average U Boat would have loaded and fired 8 by the time this lot get one in the tube. Some say it is only Training but in an RN Work Up you know what you are doing and do it fast before you are sunk.
Jack Rodgers, Jr.
Way faster in WWII submarine movies...
P A År siden
The glorious hotdog dispenser
Carldankai Badz
Carldankai Badz 2 måneder siden
@Sakarias Karlsson the exploding hotdog
Sakarias Karlsson
Sakarias Karlsson 10 måneder siden
The pain sausage
brian miller
brian miller År siden
You know all that "warning acknowledged" crap was probably only done cuz there's a camera there
brian miller
brian miller År siden
@wouldnt you like to know didn't know there was a 2 star there but yea definatly if an admiral was there
wouldnt you like to know
And a 2 star admiral
fabriglas År siden
Looks a tad complicated ?
Ink Black
Ink Black År siden
Heat of battle. Fire a torpedo. Wait 10 mins to load it.
Self identify as a AR-15
Self identify as a AR-15 7 måneder siden
@Paul Brownett clearly I’ve triggered you. Your arguments are becoming less and less effective. Back up your statements with actual instances of your life and quit relying on the stores of others to sell your narrative. I can give actual life experience to disprove your arguments as I’ve actually experienced them. As former military I know the capabilities of the platforms I was on. As an actual gun owner with experience with a wide range of firearms over a lifetime I know the capabilities of various setups.
Paul Brownett
Paul Brownett 7 måneder siden
@Self identify as a AR-15 Oh WOW you can shoot a squiggle a bunny or a peasant . Oh and a deer and a bear. They are all somewhat shy animals and if you do them from a few hundred yards away it is not much of a challenge. It is fine to go out shooting but what if the animals shot back?? there is a section of film in Crocodile Dundee where the a bunch of drunk yahoos are shooting Kangaroos in the bush - lamping them to confuse them and Dundee at the request of Linda Kozlowski picks up a dead Roo and sticks a rifle under its arm and starts shooting back - to the comment of " F me the Roo's got a gun"!!! and they shoot off. I have a Lady Friend who is Maori in NZ - she went out to catch the meat for my Hangi for my wedding - she went into the bush with one knife and one dog. The dog found the Wild Boar (huge tusks) and bailed it up -= she went in and slit its throat and cut its bits out (taints the meat otherwise) - MO GUN that is not very sporting. So how many have you put down sweetie - and i DON'T MEAN BIG LUMBERING BEARS WHO JUST WANT TO CATCH SALMON. ????
Self identify as a AR-15
Self identify as a AR-15 7 måneder siden
@Paul Brownett my family starts taking the kids hunting at age 5 the first few years to observe and learn. By age 10 we are hunting small game such as rabbit, squirrel, and pheasants. This is followed up with deer, bear. These are hunted with open sights as in a thick forest optics on small or fast moving animals is hindering. Larger game in open areas is best hunted using optics as it ensures a clean kill. Don’t be upset as you’re “mark one eyeball” has been used for years successfully but is not the best option in many instances
Paul Brownett
Paul Brownett 7 måneder siden
@Self identify as a AR-15 He was 12!!!!!!! - One target one bullet. He put down a lot of Professional Germans - so OK smarty pants how many have you taken out???
Self identify as a AR-15
Self identify as a AR-15 7 måneder siden
@Paul Brownett lol he killed an animal with a gun. That’s your argument? Do you think that’s an accomplishment? Hate to tell you but man has been killing animals with various weapons since the beginning. His accomplishments during ww2 are well known. He was fighting in a bombed out city with ranged well inside 1/2 mile. Also was using optics when available.
mike c
mike c År siden
Jesus Christ the navy could make shitting in a bucket a 15 man 8 hour event
I'm assuming in real life push button and torpedo is launched automatically?
I,Eeyore År siden
Did that turn into a contractor video demo before the end?
Dany Harvey
Dany Harvey År siden
Look more like a horizontal lauch for the harpoon missile
Slug69_YT 11 måneder siden
And no propellor.
papa fox
papa fox År siden
Sorry I fell alsleep....did it ever get fired?
J C 11 måneder siden
papa fox Best Comment!
Alan McCright
Alan McCright År siden
Many here are bemoaning the lack of haste: This is not combat, it is a training exercise. The crew are appropriately taking things slowly and by the book. There are 50 friendly vessels involved in RIMPAC. It would be rather awkward if they accidentally banged a torpedo into one of them--or lost their own billion-dollar submarine--because somebody forgot step five, don't you think?
B. Domph
B. Domph 4 måneder siden
@Alan McCright that's really neat! Thanks for the response!
B. Domph
B. Domph 4 måneder siden
@Jon Bauer hey, great response thanks that really neat!
Jon Bauer
Jon Bauer 4 måneder siden
@B. Domph in a known area where there is a possibility of combat. you will usually have a combat load 4 in the tube and 4 in stand by. which usaully is just outboard 1 slot of the tubes. incase there is a bad weapon. so you can back haul and change out. but about 2 minutes for a combat reload. in time you also have 3 other tubes ready to launch and a handling team on each bank of tubes.
Alan McCright
Alan McCright 4 måneder siden
@B. Domph In a modern US attack sub, if the torpedo is in queue to be loaded, (it's at the tube inner door),1 1/2 to 2 minutes. If the torpedo in queue has to be swapped-out for, say, a Harpoon Missile, longer; and that time depends on where in the inventory the Harpoon is stowed, where the torpedo has to be stowed, the sub class, and the crew. Though, since a sub has multiple tubes and depending on the mission profile, a Harpoon may be queued at one of the other tubes making swapping unnecessary.
B. Domph
B. Domph 4 måneder siden
So in actuality what kind of time dose it actually take to load in an actual combat situation?
zachary king
zachary king År siden
Well, we're screwed in the next war. Too bad there aren't any WW2 submariners to show you how it's done.
mokomothman MM47
mokomothman MM47 11 måneder siden
Darwin B
Darwin B År siden
Imagine a nuclear powered torpedo being shot from some port to hit naval bases on the other side and including the reactor for its payload...
Whitzwolf 9 måneder siden
russians already making this
PePe the Gecko
PePe the Gecko 10 måneder siden
Thanks for the idea dude :) - from Pyeonyang, Kim Jung Eun
sourskittlez_97 11 måneder siden
Nuclear reactors are not nuclear bombs. They're just radioactive.
wingzero7X År siden
Don’t be giving them ideas they already cooked up.....plus what if it broke midway? Now we have a possible nuke sitting in the fault lines
Raymond Edge
Raymond Edge År siden
Jeses...this load and fire is the slowest. This is like watching the air force do something......snore
Dog Meat
Dog Meat År siden
@Frydaddy so a sub containing a NUCLEAR REACTOR which has the ability to launch a bunch of tomahawks, is more lax than a destroyer crew enjoying the sun... ok
Frydaddy År siden
@Dog Meat subs are a lot more relaxed than the uptight surface fleet, despite being more secret. We even have a Tiger Cruise for the family members. Though this guy is possibly a contractor for the torpedo or something.
Dog Meat
Dog Meat År siden
@Frydaddy civilians are just allowed on nuclear submarines huh?
Frydaddy År siden
Training exercise, not mission procedures. Notice the civilians in the other shots?
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright År siden
Oh my old boat, I think I am one of the few people that has been everywhere on this submarine. It was somewhere around 1993 we were in shipyard, the reactor core was removed so the boat was totally cool, usually when your in port the reactor makes many places in accessible due to heat. You might notice that the submarine is immaculate, that’s because the crew spent hours and hours cleaning. For some reason it’s called a field day it was during those few days that I would find every nook and cranny or as we like to call them pookas to relax and shoot the sh*t. After five hours of cleaning and three hours left to go the nonsense seems endless. Thanks for posting
Charlie Buckley 65
Charlie Buckley 65 8 måneder siden
In the Army, it's a 'GI party'
John Mason
John Mason 10 måneder siden
Behind IC Switchboard, Upper-Level Ops, starboard. A bit of a struggle to get back there, but possible.
Roy Hammond
Roy Hammond År siden
@Daniel Wright Definitely no quick exit from the behind the hydraulics if needed.
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright År siden
Roy Hammond Radio is always a good place to hide, if you were a Radioman, or a Nav ET... The fan room was always an interesting place to hide as well. But I actually was able to finagle my way under the ship service hydraulic plant. In hindsight it was kind of stupid, if there was ever a fire especially with all the welding going on, I would have been dead because it took about 20 minutes to get in and out of that tiny space... I am on Twitter if you would like to exchange stories @Daniel_P_Wright Although fair warning, I am an antiwar democrat, I will share a common bond of being members of the Silent Service. Thanks for posting. Stay safe ✌🏼
Roy Hammond
Roy Hammond År siden
Or you could hide in the radio room like we always did, lol.
Duo Maxwell
Duo Maxwell År siden
Goddam if it takes this long to load on there dead in one minute there have lost
Rider Strano
Rider Strano År siden
Does my heat good to see that naval architects still put a little bright work into our fighting ships
Manggekyo Sharingan
Torpedoes! Loss!!
Dog Meat
Dog Meat År siden
Erwin Rommel was known to be a great U-boat captain
Kenneth Salter
Kenneth Salter År siden
Would you like to shoot that up Nasty Nancy's but now she's your weekend trouble!
Devil Doc
Devil Doc År siden
About the comments about the loading being slow. The first fish was actually a Tomahawk missile being fired from a sub retrofitted to fire it. There is a lot of random equipment that has to be mounted to the tube to “talk” to it. Torpedo’s take way less time.
Scott Weeks
Scott Weeks År siden
It was a Harpoon, the Tomahawks had silver canisters that stayed in the tube after launch and had to be back-hauled afterwards.
andy van
andy van År siden
no wonder they (usa and russia) had so many torpedo tube accidents, see how long the inner door is held open for while they load the tube!, esp. since we are told the INNER door is the STRONGER of the two, so why keep it open so long??
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 måneder siden
Scott Weeks
Scott Weeks År siden
Salti Dawg appreciate the comment, but would you mind clarifying where I’m confused? I’m not saying I am not confused necessarily, as it’s been 28 years since I qualified, and crawled in a submarine via a torpedo tube. Then again I was engineering, not weps.
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg År siden
@Scott Weeks You're confused!
Scott Weeks
Scott Weeks År siden
There are actually three doors: breech, muzzle, and shutter. Additionally the breech and muzzle doors are interlocked so they can’t be open at the same time. If I remember right - and I’m not promising that I do - the muzzle door opened automatically as part of the launch command, the shutter door being opened by a button earlier in the firing point procedures.
forgamerz1 År siden
death to america
TruckersShade År siden
Yea, I'm sry, but isn't the ENTIRE idea of a SUBMARINE! a silent piece of war? So why is everyone YELLING!!! For fucks sake, i don;'t have any expertise in sonar or radar but even I could have homed in this loud bunch on dumbasses or perhaps the ORIGINATOR of this video. PLEASE LEARN what you are broadcasting about before you blatently spout off you fucking moron.
mokomothman MM47
mokomothman MM47 11 måneder siden
You should've stopped at "I don't have any expertise" and maintained the illusion that you had some wisdom in you.
George00709 År siden
정준일 År siden
3:14 이거보러 왔제
Colin Kesby
Colin Kesby 7 måneder siden
Yipi Kiia
Vladimir Putin, SH MH
Paladin 06
Paladin 06 År siden
Right Vlad, yours blow up.
C. W. Sayre
C. W. Sayre År siden
Sooooo, since WW1 (yes, WW-ONE), we've actually become an order of magnitude _slower_ in loading and firing a torpedo? Weird.
Just Another Aviator
Also they are training people
Kyle Tekaucic
Kyle Tekaucic År siden
Harpoons and Mk-48 ADCAP torpedoes are WAY more complex than a WWI-era gyro-and-depth-steered torpedo-more things to hook up, more interlocks to clear, etc. Plus, even in WWI and WWII, torpedo loading should take just as long, if not longer, since you may not have hydraulic assist in loading the tubes. And whereas sinking ships with a torpedo in early sub ops is a question of multiple fish at once, modern torpedoes are pretty much a one-and-done sort of arrangement, save for capital ships.
TIAN LAN År siden
Mehmetşah Sert
Mehmetşah Sert År siden
Imagine a new world war and these crew on a convoy hunting mission sinking heav container ships with torpedos.
mike voltamp
mike voltamp År siden
They'd killed the enemy well before the convoy was in danger. ic2/ss USS Gurnard.1979-1981.
Cherry Bacon
Cherry Bacon År siden
German Sub attacking- prep torpedoes!!! - "Someone seen my hex key set?"
Michael procure
Michael procure År siden
Thomas Delaney
Thomas Delaney År siden
War would be over by the time they finished loading.the fish!
Gareth R
Gareth R År siden
This is a training exercise if you freeze frame at 6:09 the side of the torpedo says inert it’s a dummy one used in war games, in the heat of the moment they’d probably have the tubes loaded and others ready to go in after if needed
d u
d u År siden
Beats me. Speed and rate of fire doesn’t seem to part of this exercise. Imagine calmly doing all these when another fish is pinging toward you. Nobody heard of auto loader.
Mungo År siden
It is exercise not time contest. They are not going to get some medal for not removing some safety pin, not securing some cable nor for i.e. sending that expensive fish to the bottom of the ocean by not following whole procedure.
Sean McCrary
Sean McCrary 2 år siden
The second is a Mk 48 training torpedo, it's inert. Meaning it has no warhead.
Brian Sonnenfelt
It's also on a VA class...
Sean McCrary
Sean McCrary 2 år siden
That's not a torpedo, it's a subsurface variant of the AGM Harpoon anti-surface missile.
Sakarias Karlsson
Sakarias Karlsson 10 måneder siden
I bet that thing hurts a bit if they hit you ;)
Scott Weeks
Scott Weeks År siden
timaahhh yes there are latches in the tube that hold weapons in place. Don’t ask me anymore about them cuz I don’t remember anymore about them!
hoghogwild År siden
@timaahhh For the UGM-84 subsurface launched Harpoon loading(the first weapon loading showed), at 1:45 "Warning: Weapon must be restrained at all times!" So yes, the weapon must be held in place at all times, even when in the tube. At 2:09 the video shows the "Liner latch pin being installed and confirmed with the following call "Liner latch pin installed." At 6:57 they are ensuring that the weapon(this time a torpedo. trainer) is "restrained" for and aft before they remove the rammer to allow the inner tube door to be closed and secured. "I image there is a lot of room in front for it to slide forward and it could just slide out the back if they take on a lot of angle." The surface ship and subsurface ship(submarine) versions of the Harpoon anti ship missile measure 4.6 meters long(15 feet 1 inch) while the air launched version is 3.8 meters or 12 ft 5 inches. The current Mark 48 torpedoes that everyone uses has a length of 5.8 meters/19 feet. So yes there is some extra length in the tube when the shorter UGM-84 Harpoon is loaded into a torpedo tube.
hoghogwild År siden
@larry ciummo At 1:22 the weapons plug is also labelled "HARPOON". Those folded fins are the part of the missile that help maintain directional stability as the missile moves through the water. All of what you see that is green that is being inserted into that torpedo tube is jettisoned when the missile broaches the surface of the water and flies away. That green cover will be left in the water.
timaahhh År siden
How is the weapon held the tube after the ram is retracted? Do they have some kind of restraint in the tube itself? I image there is a lot of room in front for it to slide forward and it could just slide out the back if they take on a lot of angle.
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