Stevie Opens Up About His Childhood Sexual Abuse (*TW) 

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*TRIGGER WARNING: themes of sexual abuse and paedophilia.
Love you, Stevie. Stevie11White
Stevie opens up about his traumatic experience with a paedophile neighbour and how the abuse has affected him into his adult life, in the hopes that it may help others who have suffered a similar experience.
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NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood)
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28. sep.. 2020





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Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast 7 måneder siden
Dear Stevie, Sharing your story in such raw detail as you did, is nothing short of amazing. 
I know you didn’t do it for yourself, or for the show, but for those out there who may be experiencing
a similar nightmare, and that makes you one hell of a person.

 The courage you have shown by allowing this to be known by the public is immeasurable, and even 
if it helps just one person, it has the potential to be life-changing.

 You are incredible mate, and should be super fucking proud of yourself for having gone through
what you’ve gone through; and come out of the other end shining. You’re a beautiful person, mate. 

Proud to not only call you my co-host, but one of my best mates in the entire world. 

 Love ya. - Jaack
Shann x
Shann x 12 dager siden
WJ 19 dager siden
Stevie is so cool
Laytonarmy123 Måned siden
Robbie Greasley
Robbie Greasley Måned siden
Its n Fairplay
Sean Mcnicholas
Sean Mcnicholas Dag siden
Your one of the strongest people out there power to you Stevie ✊
Mickey Holmes
Mickey Holmes 2 dager siden
Stevie you didn't cause this. You didn't deserve this. Thank you for sharing your story.
Anonymous 2 dager siden
Massive respect
Guacamole Fries
Guacamole Fries 2 dager siden
Dear stevie and any one else who’s reading this that had experienced sexual assault I know it’s hard, but you’re incredibly brave. society and the justice/police system is failing sexual assault victims. Stay strong x
Michael King
Michael King 9 dager siden
This heart breaking, so sad
nikeeweston 12 dager siden
Christ hope Stevie gets some help or someone to talk too. I get the feeling there’s more. So brave stevie
mcgoo 365
mcgoo 365 13 dager siden
Good for him , it’s frightening how common it is , I remember being young and the local shop keeper used to invite me to his house after work and constantly touch me on my arms etc saying how handsome I was etc and how I should come by his for a chat etc I was 12 ! I never even realised at the time what was going on but thankfully I knew enough not to go
mcgoo 365
mcgoo 365 13 dager siden
Also he used to give me free things from the shop including alcohol etc
Becca 15 dager siden
Just want to thank Stevie for opening up and talking about this from a male perspective. We hardly hear about this and it needs to be talked about more, parents worry for their girls rightly so but they don’t seem to teach boys the same thing, things are changing dramatically and now I feel like it will be. You’re brave and strong and I truly hope you’re healing. Also thank you to Jack for allowing Stevie to talk about this on here, this podcast is mostly about comedy and laughter but allowing him to open up and talk about this must’ve also been hard for you to hear and talk to a friend about too. Thank you to everyone involved during this episode and hopefully this gets conversations rolling to ensure this doesn’t happen to your kids or anyone else for that matter.
monkeybandit official
monkeybandit official 15 dager siden
Such a brave man, if sharing your story helps one person your job is done . Much love xxx 🙏🙏👏
Patrick Kilcullen
Patrick Kilcullen 16 dager siden
That was strong, well done stevie that took more than just guts.
Crankers 16 dager siden
your so strong for telling your story
Steve Pasche
Steve Pasche 17 dager siden
Massive bravery
Tom Coyne
Tom Coyne 18 dager siden
Take a man to talk openly about this. Nothing but respect mate
L Baba A
L Baba A 19 dager siden
Big up for sharing this
DAVE MONOHAN 20 dager siden
Liar for content
Guacamole Fries
Guacamole Fries 2 dager siden
Bro grow up
TMO 123
TMO 123 3 dager siden
What content? How is this story beneficial to the success of a podcast called 'Happy hour'
Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un 5 dager siden
What a sad life you have
eightfive 15 dager siden
your disgusting
FirminoFan 101
FirminoFan 101 19 dager siden
Blitzz 20 dager siden
so much respect x
The Gaming Archives
The Gaming Archives 20 dager siden
so much respect for you dude hope your doing good
Craig andrews
Craig andrews 21 dag siden
Total respect to you fella , WAS NEVER YOUR FAULT , you are an inspiration to all going through this who need to talk.....You deserve nothing but praise for what you have done on this video
Sleepy Celeste
Sleepy Celeste 21 dag siden
This breaks my heart. I hope we can eventually get to a point where more male victims can share their story without feeling like they're less of a man for confronting the monsters who took advantage of them. Seeking justice or outing pedophiles should be considered honorable because it is. I have no problem calling out people who have the nerve to tell a victim to stay silent, like how fucking dare you? or the parent protecting their pedophile sons, it just boils my blood. If you have little brothers or cousins please sit down with them and educate them on what pedophelia is and how to protect themselves. A lot of times these disgusting pigs go after victims who unaware of the human anatomy and what is okay and what isnt. Don't let your kids stay at people's houses, and dont trust anyone even your own flesh and blood
Joe Ward
Joe Ward 21 dag siden
✌️Wow much respect ✌️
Pizza King
Pizza King 22 dager siden
Takes a lot of courage to open up to thousands of people and talk about this. Such a strong person.
william tillkvist
william tillkvist 22 dager siden
maaan, this is very powerful! Havent watched all of it yet. But so far, fair fkn play for talking about this dude
Brian covid fake Ferry
Brian covid fake Ferry 22 dager siden
Back in the 60s my aunty was groomed for a short while. My grandad and her older brothers found out. He was crippled and no charges brought on our family.
Nathan John
Nathan John 23 dager siden
Stevie you are a king! Such a powerful story, keep your head high mate you’re a legend, Never forget that pal.
Smash It
Smash It 23 dager siden
Ted Rob
Ted Rob 23 dager siden
Incredibly brave. It's vital for people like Stevie to come forward and share this. Absolute titan of a man. A great guy and so well handled by Jack. You can tell they're best mates. Much love to both
J 23 dager siden
Huge respect
Childhood Fractured
Childhood Fractured 23 dager siden
Cheers Mate. I was sexually abused as young boy. So was my business partner. So we decided to do something about it. No child should ever have to face undue suffering. We decided to write a book about our lives experience being sexually abused as children in attempt to make child sexual abuse prevention mainstream. If you’re interested, please pre-order our book here www.kickstarter.com/projects/childhoodfractured/childhood-fractured?ref=user_menu Either way the pandemic of child sexual abuse isn’t going anywhere unless we start taking collective action as a society! Cheers again mate in sharing your story! You helped me!
VR2 Crossquake
VR2 Crossquake 24 dager siden
This was intense and emotional. Can’t imagine being in the situation
Harry Curtis
Harry Curtis 25 dager siden
Stay strong mate
Mister Anon
Mister Anon 25 dager siden
Watching this made me realise I might have been a victim and honestly don’t know how to think
Lee J
Lee J 14 dager siden
Talk to someone mate. You’re not alone 👍
NotJessica 24 dager siden
i hope your ok
dimitris anastasopoulos
Thats sooooooooo fucked
Lew Elliott
Lew Elliott 25 dager siden
The 228 people who disliked are paedophiles
Random Clips
Random Clips 25 dager siden
Wow you have opened my eyes
drinky 25 dager siden
I never comment on videos, but all due respect for talking about this. I hope you know you did absolutely nothing wrong. You took money like others did, at 8/9 you couldn't have known the gravity of the situation, you did absolutely nothing wrong. That was him trying to exhurt control over you. Luckily (I hope so anyway) we live in a different world now, that if is happening now and someone came forward I honestly believe they wouldn't get away with it like that sick fuck did. I cant praise you enough for someone in your position to come forward to talk about this. If this leads to one person to come forward and talk about this, or even one person to now not think that something like this is their fault then you've done amazing. Really, really well done. I hope this helps you to try and put this behind you. I tip my hat to you
TheChoogoo 25 dager siden
The fact that communities like MAP are sometimes considered ok FUCKING DISGUSTS ME !
Inverness Fan
Inverness Fan 25 dager siden
Child abusers seem to be manipulative. Child abuse is evil.
naya nihak
naya nihak 25 dager siden
What's so scary is that there are legit pedos that want the age of consent should be 0 months. They say the way homosexuality has finally been accepted that they too in time will be accepted in society and will have rights. Hell fire awaits these disgusting individuals
darin Muir
darin Muir 26 dager siden
The only way to get over something like this is,is to talk about it ! So hard but it's a must ..U can't let it happen too someone else 💙👊..shocking that he didn't get jailed
Blade 26 dager siden
Bait the guys name and people will hurt him
Ed Woodward
Ed Woodward 26 dager siden
Dan Noble
Dan Noble 26 dager siden
Stevie is so strong for raising awareness of this. His actions will go further than he realises to help people.
Luca Patsalos
Luca Patsalos 26 dager siden
This guy is an absolute fucking king, spreading awareness for anyone who has experienced this 👑
julie Williams
julie Williams 26 dager siden
I was sexually abused by a very close family member for a number of years when i was a very young child and the person never owned up for what they did to me and i'm now in my 50's and still having help and hospital appointments with consultants now,as the abuser has honestly fucked up my mental health and my relationships and my life and thankfully the person that did what they did to me is now dead and has been for over 10 years and im glad he is dead.Abuse never ever leaves you not what what form it is 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
Ed Woodward
Ed Woodward 26 dager siden
Well done for overcoming it Julie, stay well ❤
Iris Nation
Iris Nation 27 dager siden
Ngl Stevie I always thought you were a wanker but this changed my perspective of you. You’re an incredibly brave human being and I recognise you’re always the voice of reason. Kudos to you
Andrew Conway
Andrew Conway 27 dager siden
Hope ur okay man
Lewis Jamieson
Lewis Jamieson 27 dager siden
Wow. I was emotionally touched by this. I just wanna give stevie a hug. He is so brave.
xJJ6aSuLZx Sullie
xJJ6aSuLZx Sullie 27 dager siden
Such a brave man, respect, hopefully this gives others confidence to speak out 💙 also respect to the interviewer he made a very difficult subject seem like a privet casual conversation, amazing show.
Harry Morris
Harry Morris 27 dager siden
takes a real man to talk about this. my respect for you both is through the roof gents 👏
Rob Simmons
Rob Simmons 28 dager siden
Well played mate
A Person Who Does Person Things
I’m happy all the comments aren’t like the ones I see on other videos of people opening up on things like this, such as attempting to turn it into a gender or race thing I’d see on other videos comments. They’re all thanking him opening up, telling him how strong he is, and it’s all well deserved.
Liam H
Liam H 28 dager siden
Does anyone else here just want to give Stevie a hug? No one deserves to go through shit like this. There are some evil, evil people in this world who frankly need to be put down.
Tom Underwood
Tom Underwood 28 dager siden
give us a name, he will be erased
Snapped Pen
Snapped Pen 28 dager siden
Honestly after watching this video i knew i wanted to come straight here to see if anyone was gonna be disrespectful or anything like that, if they was I would’ve been filled with pure rage because things like this are disgusting and the fact people think its ok and they try to normalise it is outrageous. People can sometimes take their life because of things like this and people just think its ok, its not right. Respect Stevie for saying that
NUFC Reviews
NUFC Reviews 28 dager siden
Massive respect for Stevie I wouldn’t be able to live with something like that but he’s still going strong 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Joey Swift
Joey Swift 28 dager siden
Release his name
Alec Johnson
Alec Johnson 28 dager siden
Takes a lot of guts to speak up such a decent man and great roll model all pedos should have death pen IMO
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood 29 dager siden
What a bloke being able to talk about this huge respect brother
James M
James M 29 dager siden
Stevie you're a legend for speaking up on this. True bravery. It will empower others to do the same, and their actions will empower others.
Napper 29 dager siden
Bet he’s not part of the 97% tho. Hate society no acceptance for men it’s ridiculous we too go through stuff like this we too have a story.
E7011 22 dager siden
What are you talking about? Every single comment on here is supportive of him.
the Tomahawk
the Tomahawk 29 dager siden
Dox him
the Tomahawk
the Tomahawk 29 dager siden
Surly u could just pull up on his ends now
Owen Sykes
Owen Sykes 29 dager siden
Respect for talking
Yellow Potato
Yellow Potato 29 dager siden
Stevie is really brave to open up and talk about this.
JasperLRobb 29 dager siden
thats fucking horrible
marktimmermans1 29 dager siden
As a new parents, this hits hard... People are evil man, fml..
Sick Boy
Sick Boy Måned siden
217 thumbs down...absurd...please people explain why.
Shadow Lime
Shadow Lime Måned siden
this happened to my mom when she was a kid and I swear If I ever find the man he Doomed
vertober Måned siden
stevie bro you are a icon man trust me. takes a lot of courage to speak up about these disgusting things. love u man keep ur head up ur a good guy and a joy to watch week in week out 🤎
Andy H
Andy H Måned siden
Stevie.. so incredibly brave here mate... I haven't managed the courage to even tell my closest friends and family about a similar experience in my life, nevermind putting it out there in public.... If this helps even one kid see what is going on and they tell someone, it will have been worth it... amazing mate.
Jamie Clancy
Jamie Clancy Måned siden
Good man for opening up. Hope you feel better mate.
PurpleFish09 Måned siden
So much pain. And nobody cares. Its very painful in this world. No one saved me and no one cared. And no one cares about me except for predators and abusers. Sorry. Just need to rant.
imallexx's wife
imallexx's wife Måned siden
i really feel for men because they have never been as protected and welcomed to open up about things like this as much as we have and im so so proud of him for sharing and raising an awareness about his situation. huge respect for stevie❤️
Overweight Rodian
Overweight Rodian Måned siden
All pedophiles deserve to be tortured and brutally murdered, and i'm being 100% serious about that
ben bushnall
ben bushnall Måned siden
thanks stevie, first time ive watched this, i had a similar thing happen but it was an older 'friend', im 41 now this happened around 12, im recovering from heroin/benzo addiction, as the drugs are wearing off im starting to remember things from my past. i was convinced that i was party to this and maybe even 'enjoyed' it, at the end of the day he was 4 yrs older, which is a massive difference at that age.....ive never said anything through embarassment, maybe 2 friends know. he still lives in swaffham and i know where he lives etc......you ever confronted the guy? the anger is building up and this was a trigger, maybe for the best, i think i need to sort this out to move on?!?!
Cody Mcguire
Cody Mcguire Måned siden
Just watched this I was abused ruined my life for years put the basterd inside for 12 years in the end fair play to you for talking about it not your shame it's Thiers
D JM Måned siden
“Silver linings”...exactly the sort of thing I’d have said to ease the tension. This is so brave to do this and this only goes to make you more of a man. Amazing.
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson Måned siden
Top man stevie
Moa Tamer
Moa Tamer Måned siden
A Person Who Does Person Things
_I thought they were laughing crying emojis for a second oh god-_
Aaron O Connor
Aaron O Connor Måned siden
All my love goes to u
Huw Thomas
Huw Thomas Måned siden
Fair play to him takes balls to say what he said about this . Well done 👏🏻
Taylor Paget
Taylor Paget Måned siden
He’s a fucking king this made me cry coz how strong he is what a hero
Taylor Paget
Taylor Paget Måned siden
@OzHz Studios ikr 👑his mum is super nice as well
OzHz Studios
OzHz Studios Måned siden
Jumpmaster337 Måned siden
Anyone else confused by this subject matter being discussed on a show called “The Happy Hour”?
ArrowJ90 Måned siden
Well done Stevie , so brave to talk about it
Soph_2006 Måned siden
I’m currently 15, thank you for sharing your story Stevie! I’ve not experienced anything like this and I’m so thankful, you’ve raised awareness and given people hope to escape from a situation if they do find themselves in one. I’ve got 2 younger siblings and I pray they never ever experience something like this. Big love to you Stevie, thank you again, you’re so strong!
Lee D
Lee D Måned siden
Thanks for opening up. Disgusted that he got away with it. A sad but powerful story and I hope it helps others.
Charlie hilty
Charlie hilty Måned siden
These people that rule the UK are the same ....just in suits and uniforms
B J Måned siden
I'm glad more men speak out. Just to be able to speak openly. For me, I'm fed up of men being told to shut up by types of people because they're distracting from " real victim" .... Yeah. We know the sorts of people. Who want to downgrade your experiences because you have a penis and therefore can't be a victim
Chargrilled 81
Chargrilled 81 Måned siden
i know i’m late to this and this sounds nieve but it’s good that schools that kids about this and how you should tell someone instead of hiding it
ebe111 Måned siden
Respect man ✊🏻
Geffen Levy
Geffen Levy Måned siden
It's honestly DISGUSTING how people get away with this horrible crime. he deserves life in prison. So gross.
ocaton Måned siden
Pedophiles should be sent to prison for life. Dirty, no life scum. Anyone that thinks it should be normalised should get stabbed.
Lowry TV
Lowry TV Måned siden
If this is his first time telling somebody about this then he is one brave man, he is trying so hard to not let the emotion get to him because then the man who did it wins but fair play for telling the story.
ItzAdz Måned siden
ur a fucking strong dude man, massive respect to u, opening up is very hard
Xankah Måned siden
He’s very brave for speaking out , an inspiration for victims alike
KiePatty91 Måned siden
Bless you man.. huge respect for opening up about this.. So sad ❤
Mark Lester
Mark Lester Måned siden
Incredible strength to speak so honestly. So brave.
Danny Marsh
Danny Marsh Måned siden
“My memory is scattered” surely if your mate tells you that you remember it clearly
L1ucas 27 dager siden
Shutup bruv
Marcus Morris
Marcus Morris Måned siden
Well done Stevie! 👏👏 I was beaten up by my sister's dad when I was 3 years old and it happened a few times. I had nightmares about it until I was 25, when I was hypnotized. I feel your pain mate! ❤️❤️
Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown Måned siden
The abuse is one thing, the lack of justice and fear from other survivors is the real kicker.
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