Bitcoin News: BTC & ETH Set for HUGE PUMP (Best Alt Season) 

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In today's video, we will discuss the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency news. In our market watch segment, we’ll break down the biggest movers in the crypto market. We’ll discuss the SEC crackdown on XRP's ripple, some NFT news, and the increase of hacks.
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Intro 00:00
Market Watch 8:14
BTC Chart 17:55
Bullish Fundamentals 24:10
Bitcoin to $100k 29:06
Grayscale ETF 40:49
Cardano Pump? 47:35
NFTs to Stay? 53:35
SEC Crackdown 1:03:26
Compound Billion 1:09:26
Hacks Increasing 1:15:40
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5. april. 2021





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Elliot K
Elliot K 5 dager siden
This title didn't age well.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 10 dager siden
Great show as always guys 🙏
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 10 dager siden
Enjoy your vacation Ben!
Prince Larry
Prince Larry 11 dager siden
Great video! I lost the flair for ETH. Where I think BTC is highly volatile, ETH is usually stagnant. Not really a fan of big caps though. But GEM $EFX is a favorite low-cap in that it has strong use cases and efficient working team. #Crypto
omar alfaruk
omar alfaruk 11 dager siden
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 10 dager siden
"Fit Network"? You´re welcome ,-)
Bones Justice
Bones Justice 15 dager siden
Acacia N
Acacia N 16 dager siden
Enjoy your vacation Ben!
D Gstring
D Gstring 16 dager siden
Unsubcribe tbis is nothing but clickbait!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 11 dager siden
Get around $octa - safe moons smarter cousin! 🚀
Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe 16 dager siden
Really appreciate the daily news and tips, keep up the great work! 🚀
Jimbo C
Jimbo C 16 dager siden
Bit boy make a video and prediction on noia
eeeMaister 16 dager siden
Mas U
Mas U 17 dager siden
$FEG 🚀 Feg token going UP 🚀🚀
Ojeda 66
Ojeda 66 17 dager siden
Freedom kissing 😂 😂 i love this guy
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 17 dager siden
Looking to get into NFT PROJECTS.... any direction on where to start?
Marquis Pagan
Marquis Pagan 17 dager siden
COV Is going to the moon 🚀
Eric Ontiveros
Eric Ontiveros 17 dager siden
I haven't lost much but i can't climb up either. I could seriously use some coaching... 😤
Marko Lipovac
Marko Lipovac 17 dager siden
Andrea Jay Timmis
Andrea Jay Timmis 17 dager siden
I don't know which is better? Eth or bitcoin? Cause eth has low value and high expectations. Btc is very high. Holders are in here?
Wiclz 17 dager siden
Polkamon (PMON) - Ethernity (ERN) - Vechain (VET) - Chiliz (CHZ) and Cardano (ADA) all have incredibe 10x-100x-1000x potential in short to long term
Piece Of String Theory
Piece Of String Theory 17 dager siden
"Fit Network"? You´re welcome ,-)
Dan K
Dan K 17 dager siden
300k to the moon
A stray bull Nosivad
A stray bull Nosivad 17 dager siden
Get around $octa - safe moons smarter cousin! 🚀
Steve Evers
Steve Evers 17 dager siden
what about zilliqa
Anton Klemens
Anton Klemens 17 dager siden
Le Pack
Le Pack 17 dager siden
Safecovid (sfc) 🚀
RangerDan 17 dager siden
Where can we buy Bit Torrent..?
Alice Incognito
Alice Incognito 17 dager siden
I'm prepared for the worse case scenario, WW3. I own 0xMR, a fairly mineable multi-chain, multi-contract privacy focused project.
Sandra Chan
Sandra Chan 17 dager siden
i don't mind ... ask TJ :)))))
SIN.G.L.E 17 dager siden
everyone focused on ethereum and bitcoin. take a look at litecoin it is gonna explode soon.
Piotr Urbaniak
Piotr Urbaniak 17 dager siden
PundiX to the Moon!
iTryyHarDD_ Gaming
iTryyHarDD_ Gaming 17 dager siden
Where can I buy Fantom
George Franklin
George Franklin 16 dager siden
I got some.
johan magnuzzen
johan magnuzzen 17 dager siden
Michael Saylor is right. The dude who is NOT long on Bitcoin and ONLY engages in leveraged trades because he's too much of a coward to go long and accumulate, is dead wrong.
JACK ATTACK 17 dager siden
Jessie D
Jessie D 17 dager siden
I know what Slapsgiving is
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia 17 dager siden
How do I get that free Bitcoin?
Robert Bloodgood
Robert Bloodgood 17 dager siden
JACK ATTACK 17 dager siden
top tear is definitely Ja rule
lawrence RAZO
lawrence RAZO 17 dager siden
We want TJ!!
Maxime S
Maxime S 17 dager siden
Will Bitboy review PolkaDEX ?
Cutie Honey
Cutie Honey 17 dager siden
The Pi Cycle Top Indicator would support a bull run end of April 8th. BUT, that chart has never been correct since it was created! All of the previous crosses and tops were in hindsight, that's just curve fitting.
WISDOM vs knowledge
WISDOM vs knowledge 17 dager siden
Don't Bet against the House of Rothschild TJ!
one three
one three 17 dager siden
I hate Appel.
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
What could be the reason?
phil bedolfe
phil bedolfe 17 dager siden
Bao finance up 27% today ❤️
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
I think this is an alt season!!😊
slim boi
slim boi 17 dager siden
Bidao all the way baby
Samsonation G
Samsonation G 17 dager siden
Shadowbrohogany 17 dager siden
Lamont Cunningham
Lamont Cunningham 17 dager siden
These guys hate XRP. That's why they're pretending that wanting private information that doesn't pertain the a case to be redacted is a bad thing or is in bad faith. That nonsense. It's a normal thing ask anyone with experience.
Franklin Ravani
Franklin Ravani 17 dager siden
Great video. Polka City will be huge. Undervalued project, its a hidden gem.
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Great video,keep it up!💰🥤💰
Gj Porn
Gj Porn 17 dager siden
All these block chains need to be stored somewhere. Think about it! Sia Coin is going to be the leader
Jonno 17 dager siden
Btt, hot and omi 🌚🚀
Chuck Armbruster
Chuck Armbruster 17 dager siden
If I would win the giveaway I'd probably have a heart attack lol that would definitely be life changing
phRza 01
phRza 01 17 dager siden
China is about to be the first to get mass adoption and then all other countries will follow.
fleshpistol 17 dager siden
Exactly. I told y’all that market cypher isn’t shit until the market goes up. Oh wait, everyone makes money when the market goes up.
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
Oh yeah definitely!!
Crypto Lunatic
Crypto Lunatic 17 dager siden
bazickly your wrong about XRP.
click411 17 dager siden
I dont know what Tronsgiving is,But I know what Festivus is
Eli Hatch
Eli Hatch 17 dager siden
That's why we need THETA, we need to decentralize social media, censorship is the bane of all things evil.
Eli Hatch
Eli Hatch 17 dager siden
@Tanner Williams6 yes, censorship and cancel culture is out of control
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
To decentralize social media?
Rory Fisher
Rory Fisher 17 dager siden
bro people on Parler were planning terrorist attacks. its not just a difference of political opinion.
April 2520
April 2520 17 dager siden
They've done the same on Facebook
Thomas Bahn
Thomas Bahn 17 dager siden
I wish I had access to my Tron wallet that I lost my keys to. I would sell it all including the BTT that I was airdropped. When I lost my keys I didn’t even care cause it was worth less than $200 but now it’s worth almost 2K.
Jama Anders
Jama Anders 17 dager siden
Lee Haney
Jay Hendricks
Jay Hendricks 17 dager siden
Okay, how many BTC ETFs will the SEC allow? How do they determine who the winners and the losers are? I believe with GrayScale entering the race there are now official applications with the SEV for a BTC ETF. If I were a betting man, which I am, the initial BTC ETF goes to Goldman Sachs?
abe martinez
abe martinez 17 dager siden
enough lol
Christopher Pallotta
Christopher Pallotta 17 dager siden
Mellon (meaning "friend") is the password to enter Moria in the novel The Lord of the Rings. WTF haha
Tony Zito
Tony Zito 17 dager siden
BNY = Bank New York
Robert Slater
Robert Slater 17 dager siden
Smash the like if I wanna see $300K?
OK Man
OK Man 17 dager siden
Yes here are some scammers. Like in all other countrys. Still better than dropping bombs on innocent people and kill millions, including babys, I think. Greetings from Turkey to America.
rolf johansen
rolf johansen 17 dager siden
Paris Hilton is soooo interesting .....zzzzz
Patrick 17 dager siden
And don’t put hacks last ... worst thing ever
Adam Aitken
Adam Aitken 17 dager siden
TJ in the hot seat...Bring it 😂
Patrick 17 dager siden
I can buy a lambo but can’t buy a stand aka rock to hold up bitsquad sign..
TVX Gamer
TVX Gamer 17 dager siden
The hurt vision lamentably contain because pilot peripherally attend off a royal ramie. skillful, grateful gratis custard
Kalosha Kalosha1
Kalosha Kalosha1 17 dager siden
Buy TRON ( TRX ) as soon as possible. It’s going to fly.
brainsplat24 Johnnysteele
yeaaaaaa buddyyyyyy!!!! light weight baybeeeee!!!
Bobba Ganosh
Bobba Ganosh 17 dager siden
Just mention Tron. WTF I forgot I had them.
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
TRON is damn good for long term!’
Shaun Poole
Shaun Poole 17 dager siden
It was a great interview.
Lawrence Bronson
Lawrence Bronson 17 dager siden
Nope. Looks like XRPs turn. And Altcoin season.
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
Definitely...!! Alts to the moon!!
phil bedolfe
phil bedolfe 17 dager siden
Great show as always guys 🙏
Scott Silva
Scott Silva 17 dager siden
Thxs bitboy
Gheorghe Rusu
Gheorghe Rusu 17 dager siden
XRP to 10$
Mike Kavanagh
Mike Kavanagh 17 dager siden
Frenchie × English bulldog = Free Lance Bulldog
Derek Broyard
Derek Broyard 17 dager siden
🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎 ATL
Bezzie7heGenius 17 dager siden
Already know gonna win. I always win.
Honorio Soto
Honorio Soto 17 dager siden
At the bank 💀🔫 why do we need these institutions?
naomishedd 17 dager siden
I watched the Ronnie Coleman documentary. Wow.
Sil Ben
Sil Ben 17 dager siden
The Mayor of POLKA CITY has spoken 🤑🤑🤑
Benjamin Coats
Benjamin Coats 17 dager siden
Big fan of both Bitboy and Soapbox Crypto. Keep killing it!
Hannibal Yamro
Hannibal Yamro 17 dager siden
Could this years “BITCOIN ETF” be what triggers the Bear Market this cycle, similar to how the creation of the “CME” back in December of 2017 ended BITCOIN’s Bull Run?!?
Michael Curcio
Michael Curcio 17 dager siden
Moon tickets
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
Alright taken off😀🚀🚀
Michael Curcio
Michael Curcio 17 dager siden
Buy doge and xrp
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson 17 dager siden
The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
@jeanne mcsweeny btc ain’t a Stock
jeanne mcsweeny
jeanne mcsweeny 17 dager siden
@Tanner Williams6 btc
Tanner Williams6
Tanner Williams6 17 dager siden
@jeanne mcsweeny which stocks precisely?
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson 17 dager siden
The Rich stay by spending like the poor and investing Non stop,while the poor stay by spending like the rich and yet not making
jeanne mcsweeny
jeanne mcsweeny 17 dager siden
I invested inboth stock and crypto but currently I believe crypto is doing More better!!"
What Drives You
What Drives You 17 dager siden
Check out my video
Check out my video 17 dager siden
*I have fоund bugеd bitcon ex-chаnger, it automatically exchanges to etherium almost x10 rate!*
Anything Under The Sun
Anything Under The Sun 17 dager siden
Really gimme link asap
Mike Stain
Mike Stain 17 dager siden
I have magic beans if u want i
무한 17 dager siden
exhcanged $400 for almost $3800 such a good day ! thank u
RoRo GEXCELUK 17 dager siden
We are grateful Ben
Hustle N' Crypto
Hustle N' Crypto 17 dager siden
vechain is not mooning lmao. i have it it only went up to 10 cents.
GAME PR 17 dager siden
BTT 🚀🚀🚀
GHOST 17 dager siden
Hmm i think i once saw a channel that just changed your pitch a little bit, using your videos like that a whole youtube channel.
krissie 17 dager siden
$OCTA aka Octans is going UP!
naomishedd 17 dager siden
SocialWarhead 17 dager siden
Sorry guys, but my xrp broke out....there my dirty little secret is out.....👍👍
FIFTH ELEMENT 17 dager siden
$VRA 💎💎💎💎
RoRo GEXCELUK 17 dager siden
Consider it done
Ganger 2,2 mill