Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts 

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1. april. 2021





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TheMegaMuffin Time siden
Obviously it isn’t gonna work when the glue is still hot🤦🏼‍♂️🤣
Ben Farmer
Ben Farmer Time siden
Pour boiling water over the dent while putting out the dent with a toilet plunger
ThirrezImp 3 timer siden
Why did u even try did u see it was 5 min crafts
Lexy A.
Lexy A. 3 timer siden
Poor car didn’t ask for that kind of pain
Maybe you need to wait for the glue to cool down😆
Xwlik's Show
Xwlik's Show 5 timer siden
I love how he just destroyed his car for a video😂😂😂
Ventilate 11 timer siden
Use a suction cup
SnAgz2k 13 timer siden
U supposed to let it sit Shitty
T A 14 timer siden
This is the type of guy to buy a pet goldfish and then take it for a walk
Joanna 16 timer siden
spread out in his hand. Looks like he failed this on purpose
Phillip Mace
Phillip Mace 16 timer siden
This would help bc my dad has a dent in his gto😁🤗
Roxanne Royale
Roxanne Royale 16 timer siden
I think you have to cool it off frist
Aariq Williams
Aariq Williams 23 timer siden
Let the glue dry and pull soft
Lily-Kate Dag siden
you’re supposed to let it dry
Looked like you needed to be patient and let it dry but maybe I am wrong.
Larsvisbaas Larsvisbaas
🤦use a megnat
James Connor
James Connor Dag siden
The dent is too big
Elios Dag siden
Leave it to harden you didn't even let it cool down.
P0werPuppy Dag siden
Stop harassing these people. Edit:I mean commenters harassing people in NOsections shorts.
Rhoda Ramos
Rhoda Ramos Dag siden
Bruh he didnt even let the glue cool off or harden
Franklin Duba
Franklin Duba Dag siden
You did not wait in 10 min
Axattack77 Dag siden
Wow who knew if you put melted glue on a car it will stay melted
Nici X2
Nici X2 Dag siden
Ohaaa thx. I meen. You "destroyed" your car for us
-The Wolf Cookie-
The thumbnail looked like cocktail molotov
serop Dag siden
Heat the metal u potato head
Little Buttercup
I see a lot of comments that starts with a "this is the type of"
The Zebra Finch
The Zebra Finch Dag siden
Maybe the issue is the glue
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo Dag siden
Just use hot water on the dent and put the hot glue stick and walaaahhh
iris ramos
iris ramos Dag siden
You need to let it dry
Hezekiah Hewes
Hezekiah Hewes Dag siden
Hezekah Hewes 10 minutes ago and I will be don't talk about Miami under her name is a few minutes and let her in my headache taco Bell near me la Sia bye
Hezekiah Hewes
Hezekiah Hewes Dag siden
Hezekah Hewes yeah my name
Brian the loser
Brian the loser Dag siden
Wait for it to drry
Chris G.
Chris G. Dag siden
Mayne let it cool down? Im not sure
TheRobloxSnitch Trs
"This is the type of kid" "This is the reason" "Your the type of guy" "This is why" None of you are funny
Luddy Aria
Luddy Aria Dag siden
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Dag siden
You are the reason why there's a advice saying "contains eggs" in the egg box.
Sawyer Thompson
Sawyer Thompson Dag siden
Bro you good ??? You gotta let the shot cool down😂
Jake Baran
Jake Baran Dag siden
Usama Islam
Usama Islam Dag siden
Let it get cool bro
MisterSinister Dag siden
People can't even follow instructions
John Jackson
John Jackson Dag siden
I think it was because you didn’t wait a while for it to dry but I’m not sure
adintest Dag siden
They cut when they were waiting for the glue to ne solid
PradeepMaxtrip Dag siden
He born without cold sense
Tim b
Tim b 2 dager siden
Try using a plunger
Tacky Toby
Tacky Toby 2 dager siden
Nah your glue sticks were just crap
Rox Sup
Rox Sup 2 dager siden
Idk if that hack works, but you gotta do it when the glue sticks cool down
Golden Goat
Golden Goat 2 dager siden
willox 2 dager siden
This is the type of kid who would use toothpaste to try and fix a cracked screen.
•Sunset _Gacha•
•Sunset _Gacha• 2 dager siden
Now he’s got dents and glue on his car.-.
Ezekial 7902
Ezekial 7902 2 dager siden
Did you wait five minutes
isaias cadiz
isaias cadiz 2 dager siden
Espera a que se enfríe po matewea
Kxmmyluv 3000
Kxmmyluv 3000 2 dager siden
Never, I mean NEVER trust 5 minute crafts
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 2 dager siden
U have to keep it on there for a little longer
Cruise N Sh8ts
Cruise N Sh8ts 2 dager siden
bullshit... no patients shit
lord beerus
lord beerus 2 dager siden
Let it dry a bit first you nob head
frenchiveruti 2 dager siden
This kid is the reason why shampoo has instructions
frenchiveruti 2 dager siden
The comments are the kind of comments this kid wouldn't understand.
Matthew Burgner
Matthew Burgner 2 dager siden
You're so bad at doing simple things.
Burns My Britches
Burns My Britches 2 dager siden
This is how coronavirus gets spread 😞
Bft ryuzo
Bft ryuzo 2 dager siden
Ravi Kiran
Ravi Kiran 2 dager siden
This is the type of guy who thinks : Oh man that trick happens only for blue coloured cars, another trick for black
Lokman Hakim
Lokman Hakim 2 dager siden
It dint work with dumb people....
Dayanan John Julius
Dayanan John Julius 2 dager siden
Wtf.... Ypu need to wait until the glue sticks dry
Patrisha G.
Patrisha G. 2 dager siden
Use plunger ( idk how to write it but that thing u use when you cloged the toilet)
R.A.A.V M.D 2 dager siden
Let the glue cool, like hwo do u try so mnay times and still not realise why its not working 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Hafiz Azizi
Hafiz Azizi 2 dager siden
Lalpeksanga Tlangchhan
ELF 321
ELF 321 2 dager siden
Mama Sita
Mama Sita 2 dager siden
Lmao did you wait for it to dry? It looks like you didn't
ComradeAl 2 dager siden
Hot glue obviously doesn't work but hot water can sometimes work
Scripter Provider
Scripter Provider 2 dager siden
5-Minute Crafts has misleading videos. Report their videos as 'Spam or misleading' For youtube to eventually delete the video or even the channel
Benny Meeks
Benny Meeks 2 dager siden
😂😆lol oof 😑😑
Ervin Theo Murallon
Ervin Theo Murallon 2 dager siden
Use a plunger bet it will work
T 3UN4
T 3UN4 2 dager siden
One time I saw an instruction on a sun flower seeds on how to eat it.. You're the reason
Wyted 2 dager siden
It does work, you are just too stupid for this...
Atomicbomber2000 2 dager siden
Dude you didn’t even let it cool down
Tala Letuli
Tala Letuli 2 dager siden
Use hot tea it works great 👍
deSuperNoodle 2 dager siden
Y people bullying him, he legit joking
STUAA2021 // Shea The UP Railfanner
Lesson to learn: 5 minute crafts lies about everything.
Coloma, Jasper R.
Coloma, Jasper R. 2 dager siden
Low IQ
Jessie Rodriguez
Jessie Rodriguez 2 dager siden
You should of let it dry
Barett's how-to's
Barett's how-to's 2 dager siden
This is hard to watch. Let it cool!
Techno Dino
Techno Dino 2 dager siden
It looks like you didn't give the glue enough time to completely cool. It was still partially melted when you pulled them off
Khalil Sawyer
Khalil Sawyer 2 dager siden
Your supposed to wait until it dries
Bubba Gacha
Bubba Gacha 2 dager siden
Your supposed to let the glue sticks cooldown on the dent and pull it
Negative Zer0
Negative Zer0 2 dager siden
Everyone’s comments: this guy is the reason.... Me: who the hell tries anything from 5 minute crafts?
Honk Honk
Honk Honk 2 dager siden
Bruh maybe try letting the glue dry
DarkNite Gaming
DarkNite Gaming 2 dager siden
Let it set and dry....
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson 2 dager siden
Let the glue cool 🤦🏿‍♂️
This dude your supposed to wait for the glue to stick
eduard andrei
eduard andrei 3 dager siden
You have to let the glue cool down stoopid
eduard andrei
eduard andrei 3 dager siden
Andrian Lazariuc
Andrian Lazariuc 3 dager siden
let it cool
Great Lakes Logger
Great Lakes Logger 3 dager siden
Typical tiktok idiot
Hyper Hits
Hyper Hits 3 dager siden
Not only did you not let it dry completely, but you didn’t heat the door up with the torch the slightest but which will also help being you’re testing ina suburban and they did it ona much smaller vehicle that’s meant for much lighter shit😂🤷🏼‍♂️
james Marcaida
james Marcaida 3 dager siden
ARKADER13 3 dager siden
Use 10 packs of grilla glue
The GarGanTuan gamer
The GarGanTuan gamer 3 dager siden
Bruh he didn’t even think to let it dry and harden a lil He was just like “Ima use this straight away” Plz someone go fix he’s brain cells
Joanna 16 timer siden
Hey! I loved the video!!
Bard Fall
Bard Fall 3 dager siden
Just pour boiling water lol...
Dalton Urofsky
Dalton Urofsky 3 dager siden
You gotta let the glue cool down dumbass. I know it works bc I’ve done it😂
Hayden Boochay
Hayden Boochay 3 dager siden
Not only did you fool yourself, you fucked up your paint
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