Freaky (2020) KILL COUNT 

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 8 dager siden
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The Rat prince
The Rat prince Dag siden
did you seriously get Kathryn herself to do the kills for you?!
Nicolas Ezekiel
Nicolas Ezekiel 2 dager siden
@Douglas Anderson awesome! Took roughly 15 mins but it actually worked!
Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson 2 dager siden
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal password hack if you wanna try it yourself
erain martinez
erain martinez 2 dager siden
(gasp) 16:12 Language! O.O
Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly 3 dager siden
Can you do the movie would you rather
Charlotte Parker
Charlotte Parker 16 minutter siden
The voiceless afterthought historically burn because war putatively invent including a flashy beach. magnificent, steady moon
We_need_2talk -
We_need_2talk - 51 minutt siden
Great job chelsey and james
Mippy Uchiha Rblx
why does the start looks like a rip off a Friday the 13
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts 10 minutter siden
Because It's set around Friday the 13th, the killer wears a mask and it was originally called "Freaky Friday the 13th".
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan Time siden
I wish you weren't such a social justice warrior...
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts 9 minutter siden
Really don't understand this. He didn't really give any opinion.
Kosta Danicic
Kosta Danicic 49 minutter siden
Pops Maelard Mega Kranus
You should've said uncut, unlike ma hairs
marie-hélène martel
Go Chelsea!
Phillip Kalinko
Phillip Kalinko 2 timer siden
9:38 I guess lesbianism became a religion now
Angelo 3 timer siden
Dem_playzRBX No
Dem_playzRBX No 3 timer siden
First time I never skipped to the kills I guess it’s not so bad after all
The Swift Kitten
The Swift Kitten 3 timer siden
“I miss the boobs”
Avonyx 3 timer siden
1:50 did James just say the N-Word lmao
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts 9 minutter siden
plague doctor
plague doctor 4 timer siden
you are black i am gay scp 173 is a peanut
Ania Farberg
Ania Farberg 4 timer siden
Petition for Chelsea to take over Dead Meat
Pac 450
Pac 450 5 timer siden
Miss the boobs
Sassafrass 5 timer siden
wasptwister 5 timer siden
video starts at 3:00
Freaky 5 timer siden
guys they stole the name of the film from me..... i renamed my channel 1y ago
Greatest Gilmore
Greatest Gilmore 6 timer siden
Haven’t watch this in a minute
Mxr Scream
Mxr Scream 6 timer siden
James can you try and do the kill count for Irishman but if you can’t I understand since it’s 3 hours XD but if You do good luck and thx
Mxr Scream
Mxr Scream 7 minutter siden
But it has kills
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts 8 minutter siden
He can't because it's not a Horror movie.
marklola12 7 timer siden
That bottle death was fully ripped off from the sorority row remake
King Kaiju gaming
King Kaiju gaming 7 timer siden
22:50 is that his wife!!?
Aaron Borger
Aaron Borger 7 timer siden
He was Cameron?! He sure doesn't look like it. never would've known as without you James
rahxrahster 7 timer siden
Not you (James) saying he (Christopher Landon) should stay in "the hard R lane"
rahxrahster 6 minutter siden
@Shifty Bench Podcasts I know 😁 the wording is just funny
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts 7 minutter siden
It's a perfectly valid term used regarding movie ratings.
Theemuis 123
Theemuis 123 10 timer siden
11:41 I litterly thought he said " I'M GAY, WHERE SO DEAD"
Trey SaVge
Trey SaVge 11 timer siden
Ferris bueler was the shit when it came out
Trey SaVge
Trey SaVge 12 timer siden
I watch u before I watch movies 😅
Qwerty_Ops 13 timer siden
Janisse A James
Sebastian Rhys
Sebastian Rhys 13 timer siden
Gotta say, that bottle kill is creative
Gaignun Lucid
Gaignun Lucid 14 timer siden
I think my favorite thing about this movie was they didn't kill off any likeable characters.
Celestia ludenburg
Celestia ludenburg 15 timer siden
Is it just me or did I start wheezing when he said " shoot that mother*****
deepak deepu
deepak deepu 16 timer siden
ScriptedBlanket 17 timer siden
this is freaky
Callum RICHARDSON 17 timer siden
randomfangirl sio
randomfangirl sio 17 timer siden
8:33 my brain shortaged for like thirty seconds when I saw Brendon's face and I think more of a problem than I previously assumed
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 17 timer siden
I love how she said “Pie” the way James does
xxx Dre
xxx Dre 17 timer siden
"You're black, im gay, we're both dead" Me: Someone knows their cliché horror movies
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 17 timer siden
Let me let you know that the scene between Charlene and and the main characters sister would have no words if you know why u know why
bruno grubb
bruno grubb 17 timer siden
23:38 wh does he sound EXACTLY like John Mulaney
Incar Reveldime
Incar Reveldime 18 timer siden
Youre on a critical roll with the tabletop references these last few vids
Firey400blade 18 timer siden
You should do human centipede
jirawat sannoi
jirawat sannoi 18 timer siden
I was fortunate enough to be able to watch this in the theater (only 3 people in the theater so yeah social distancing is in effect) it’s really great can’t wait for other works of this director
CartoonRoc 18 timer siden
Dude shoots straight up in a crowded area like he’s gonna rob a bank or something what are with these police officers.
thedeadone 91
thedeadone 91 18 timer siden
Yeah non binary is not real
Crusty Penguin47
Crusty Penguin47 19 timer siden
Oh god... the lawnmower 3.0... and ball deodorant...
Elias Chen
Elias Chen 19 timer siden
can you do one on spontanious
James L. Anderson
James L. Anderson 19 timer siden
9:10 Millie (Blissfield Butcher): (Screams)
hambone heck
hambone heck 19 timer siden
3:37 might be one of the most creative and nasty kills I've ever seen
James L. Anderson
James L. Anderson 19 timer siden
15:53 Blissfield Butcher (Millie): Booker, help! BOOKER! Millie (Blissfield Butcher): Will you shut up? Blissfield Butcher (Millie): [pouting, disappointed] Booker...
James L. Anderson
James L. Anderson 19 timer siden
20:47 Millie (Blissfield Butcher): I want my body back. Blissfield Butcher (Millie): Come and get it
Alexander Sanchez
Alexander Sanchez 20 timer siden
They live where vampire diaries was filmed LOL
Jesee Cristoper
Jesee Cristoper 20 timer siden
I love this chanel i wach movie to reduce stress
Griffin Martin
Griffin Martin 20 timer siden
Holy shit, I didn’t even realize it was cameron
A1141 schoollife
A1141 schoollife 21 time siden
Let me let you know that the scene between Charlene and and the main characters sister would have no words if you know why u know why
Zetsuke4 21 time siden
lol the switch at the end
Zetsuke4 21 time siden
wasnt thr butcher already shot? how did he still come back?
Zetsuke4 21 time siden
Michael Trinta
Michael Trinta 21 time siden
Tbh that movie had the worst dialogue and worst portrayal of teenagers and how they communicate I've ever seen
Zetsuke4 21 time siden
lol you think that mask looks like you
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 21 time siden
Foxy 758543
Foxy 758543 21 time siden
Bro that sponsor 🤣
Zetsuke4 21 time siden
lol balls deodorant and toner
ApproximatelyMe 21 time siden
16:10 Good man, James, that ain't a word to throw around willy-nilly! I'm proud of ya. Legitimately, I mean, I'm not just saying this for comedy. I'm proud of you. I was already a huge fan, but now I appreciate you even more! :D
Jay morrill
Jay morrill 21 time siden
I really don't like horror movies but I enjoy this channel keep it up
Didleedondidit Vlogs
Didleedondidit Vlogs 21 time siden
Shit my is Isaac
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 21 time siden
The swap was sooooo cool!
TatyPlummer 22 timer siden
"I miss the boobs" hahahaha
usamaclaren 22 timer siden
Ending is so wired lol
FatalStrike 22 timer siden
I don't know why, before the kill count started and you showed some scenes, I thought it was David Spade getting cut in half with the saw lol
I can't stand Vince Vaughn but this movie was alright
Just-GOJIRA fam-11
What about him being in speed
Shifty Bench Podcasts
He's more famous for Ferris Bueller.
D Rock Herb
D Rock Herb Dag siden
Damn bro ... where was the sponsee 2 weeks ago when I got the man scape bundle 😫
Goji Thriller66
Goji Thriller66 Dag siden
My brother and I just got done watching the movie and I’m so glad I watched it before this video, fun movie I hope they do a freaky/happy death day crossover
TheRedFox 178
TheRedFox 178 Dag siden
"I hope he stays committed to travelling the Hard R lane" Literally my favorite thing this video, just caught me so off guard I can't stop laughing
Dylan Mccargow
Dylan Mccargow Dag siden
Ngl kathryn's role in detective pikachu couldnt have been anyone else
Matthew Castillo
Hey James, mention me in a video
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball Dag siden
The loving panty microbiologically succeed because caution hopefully influence to a swanky delivery. vague, stupid debtor
I love that ending 😂
Francesca Maria
Francesca Maria Dag siden
YT: Shows movie and says R Also yt: Comedy
Eleazar Rosales
Eleazar Rosales Dag siden
This movie is a combination of Freaky Friday,Hot Chick,Friday the 13th,Halloween,and Child's play.
J Gunzler
J Gunzler Dag siden
The cop fired her gun in the air to scare off the killer rather than ummmm I dunno SHOOT AT THE KILLER or at least try to arrest him (like cops do) ... Stupid!
Darnell Anderson
Garbage...three words Vince F"N Vaughan
Constantine Papadopoulos
I also used to think about when people shoot up into the air that the bullet might end up hitting someone, but no. It is so extremely unlikely that a bullet will hit something that you could fire 5,000 bullets into the air in the middle of time square in the middle of a busy day and the chances of hitting someone by accident would still be 0. The reason is, the surface area of a bullet is very very small, and when taking into account speed, the exact angle at which it is shot, wind, the rotation of the earth (yes, even that plays a role when speaking of the full tragectory of a bullet), and again, when you think of how small a bullet is, and how many infinite places there are that it could land, the chances that it would land exactly where a person is standing in a way that would hit them is so small you LITERALLY have a better chance of winning the lottery. So as much as I understand your sentiment, no, her shooting straight into the air is not a bad thing, if anything it's a good thing. It's safer to shoot vertically than it is to shoot in a random horizontal direction if you're just trying to scare someone.
Aaron D
Aaron D Dag siden
“That’s a paddling”
Igknightor1 Dag siden
“I hope he stays in the hard r lane” JAMES NO!
Shifty Bench Podcasts
Shifty Bench Podcasts 6 minutter siden
It's an actual term used regarding movie ratings, though. That's all he meant.
rahxrahster 7 timer siden
Gehgw Gwtst
Gehgw Gwtst Dag siden
I want cheslea to host a kill count PLEASEEEEEEEE👁👄👁
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall Dag siden
Who cant stop thinking about far cry 5 with the scene that says bliss
alexander schultz
you should do resident evil. especially with some of the brutal kills.
Daniel Holguin
Daniel Holguin Dag siden
James, when the cops shot the real Butcher, they actually were allowed to. If a suspect on the run is holding a weapon, they’re considered a threat and the cops have permission to open fire.
Havok TheUndeadGeneral
10:50 MK9 Kung Lao anyone? 🤣
Quito Dag siden
Quintessential Teenager
Can you review Donnie darko
Jumpman0926 Dag siden
The mecha butcher 😂😂
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Dag siden
Tammy and the T. rex had a better lgbt character. This dude is so annoying
Rena Loveless
Rena Loveless Dag siden
ok but that bottle in the throat thing went harder than I thought this movie would dare go
Teresa Scott
Teresa Scott Dag siden
The way he says shoot that mother f word
Your Sensei
Your Sensei Dag siden
I know some people liked it, and go ahead if you do, it's all good, it just felt poorly written to me.
daniel barrera
daniel barrera Dag siden
darrell dackombe
This was filmed at the same place tvd was fimed
Breadguy332 1
Breadguy332 1 Dag siden
I fell asleep and i woke up to james talking about ball deoderant
Ecks Dee
Ecks Dee Dag siden
The "Hard R Lane"
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