Pre-Match Press Conference | AS Roma v Manchester United | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer & Bruno Fernandes 

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Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and top scorer Bruno Fernandes as the Reds head to Rome looking to secure a place in the UEFA Europa League Final.

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5. mai. 2021





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The Hh
The Hh 24 dager siden
*GLAZERS OUT!!!!! 🔰🔰🔰*
Aditia Alfarezi
Aditia Alfarezi Måned siden
Every time MU buys a used striker from PSG, it will penetrate the European League final. an example is Zlatan's case in 2016/2017. now Cavani .next buy icardi
CAPTIGER. Måned siden
Highlight as Roma vs Manchester united lag 2 please ❤️🔥
o - o
o - o Måned siden
Glazers Out
Dirty James
Dirty James Måned siden
It seems fan channels have been giving fake Cavani news. SMH. I had a feeling... Hope he stays 🙏
nishaad771993 Måned siden
Well...love the club, back the manager but... LUHG Glazers out
sherrif west
sherrif west Måned siden
Love man utd hate glazers
Mogammad Abrahams
Mogammad Abrahams Måned siden
Have to feel for Ole. These owners will let him face all the heat but he handled it well. Big ups Ole and the team.
Aamus Durant
Aamus Durant Måned siden
Let’s go united!
Λάζαρος Αναστασιάδης
The point is one and only glazers out 😡😡
Israel Ayeni
Israel Ayeni Måned siden
Ole also uses Tactical Periodisation in his trainings with his boys
Poosaka Channel
Poosaka Channel Måned siden
Ole is so underrated!❤⚽
J190 Måned siden
Only criticism of ole, he needs to learn when to rest players. Last year bruno was dead on his feet in the europa semi final, this tie is done. If we can't go through while resting the likes of bruno, pogba, rashford etc we don't deserve to be in the final!
andrew pearson
andrew pearson Måned siden
Great on camera man management aimed at Greenwood! Å little more heading and boxing practice for Greenwood! Young Williams could cross a few for Greenwood, from the wing ør up close, left and rights!
Uber Hoofenhoussen
Uber Hoofenhoussen Måned siden
andrew pearson
andrew pearson Måned siden
Some stupid questions about the club! Why do you not ask the wonderful cleaners what the Glazers think? Solly is the football manager, not one of the owners! That is like me asking you if Trump is going to get elected next year! Football questions!
Smoka Haze
Smoka Haze Måned siden
it always look like all of these journalist has the same questions
Kritish Sibcharan
Kritish Sibcharan Måned siden
Hope van de beek will get a full match ..Unleash the beast plzzz..Awesome neat player
PepperCryBeatz Måned siden
Ole is the man
PepperCryBeatz Måned siden
Ole please rest your main players today please
Wild Man
Wild Man Måned siden
Ole must recruit who scored goal with a bicycle kick in protest last week! If want win trophy this season. WhenStupidToMuchGoExplosive🤣
justonemorego Måned siden
Don't give them views you idiots
Gurpreet Bhuller
Gurpreet Bhuller Måned siden
glazers out
David Coelho
David Coelho Måned siden
MU call your Sugar Daddy correctly, it's SPORTING CLUB OF PORTUGAL!
Todor Zhelyazkov
Todor Zhelyazkov Måned siden
Let's score a winner!
Uptodate Itc
Uptodate Itc Måned siden
I never saw Ole THINK REALLY HARD before he say a word like this time periods. To be honest, glaz family makes a lot of messed since they came in.
patlsk Måned siden
GlazersOUT! Sancho & Rice IN
Nathan Shelmerdine
Nathan Shelmerdine Måned siden
bruno is elite.
Balogun Abraham
Balogun Abraham Måned siden
Bruno's speaks so well for a Portuguese. A true leader. With him and Maguire in the club i am happy.
Tajudeen Jelilikehinde
Bruno best player in the world right now I hope you win champions league for Manchester United
Brotund Måned siden
Ever since the news about Ed Woodward leaving Ole looks 2 years younger again.
Grant Pickering
Grant Pickering Måned siden
I love Bruno and his mentality. He will help lead this club to great things. Up the reds!
Iqbal Muhammad
Iqbal Muhammad Måned siden
We Love MU
Lary Hoover
Lary Hoover Måned siden
Come on united let’s knock these blue c***s of their perch
Gaming Block288
Gaming Block288 Måned siden
GLAZERS OUT! atleast we got a trophie this season
Joshua Gouveia
Joshua Gouveia Måned siden
Ole is definitely coming into his own. If he continues in this vein he has the potential to become great.
Nura Qalicha
Nura Qalicha Måned siden
Glazer's out
aashish neupane
aashish neupane Måned siden
Authorities above him should be answering these question but
Only Hooman
Only Hooman Måned siden
Let's see if Ole is kind enough to give Amad 2 minutes playtime today.
Shiju 9492
Shiju 9492 Måned siden
Ole open your eyes
Shiju 9492
Shiju 9492 Måned siden
Give van dee bek play first half
KayDee Måned siden
Ole is the right man for the job. End of ...
Devansh Das
Devansh Das Måned siden
how does a person looks like 5 and 50 at same time???????
Nuru Tejan
Nuru Tejan Måned siden
Ole.. we want to beat Liverpool. That made my day.
r.u.o.k i. am. o.k
r.u.o.k i. am. o.k Måned siden
No sit down all time my boss , please Stand up and shout is ok. for utd.
keras lunak
keras lunak Måned siden
Actually bruno is the man who saved united from relegation, almost though😏
Yusuf Alabi
Yusuf Alabi Måned siden
That's my captain 👏
cradleoflinkinpark Måned siden
Finally some questions about football.LUHG
Harish DEV
Harish DEV Måned siden
How can he please both the owners and fans simulataneously❤️
M&TV YT Måned siden
Hope Bruno doesnt Play against Roma We need him fit!! VDB deserves some gametime!
Wheysted Gym rat & rocker UK 86
Also get the job done go into game on front foot don't just defend the aggregate
Wheysted Gym rat & rocker UK 86
Buy olliie Watkins Aston villa! Grealish?
robert fletcher
robert fletcher Måned siden
Credit Ole!!! the more I view his match interviews the more he approaches he presents a professional attitude. He never knocks his players in front of the press. With the backing of the right people in charge he will develop into a great manager why! he has taken this team that was in the dumps to a team that now believe in winning. He has had a fine mentor in Sir Alex.
Niladri Sekhar Dutta
the only reason ole has bruno by his side.. because bruno is the only player who knows to answer tough questions with right temperament..also knows how to dodge tricky reporters..
Liam Kerr
Liam Kerr Måned siden
Love Ole
Alemshilu Longkumer
Alemshilu Longkumer Måned siden
Please give Bruno a rest tomorrow... Play Mata
Anthony Folkes
Anthony Folkes Måned siden
Simon stone is real disgusting
MC GAMES Måned siden
Ole looks like he is about to have a mental breakdown..i feel for him..the pressure must be incredible..Hang in there ole we all love and support you🥺❤..Lets get those pesky glazers out
Robin Joshy
Robin Joshy Måned siden
Bruno Timestamp 14:52
Hanzala Mehmood
Hanzala Mehmood Måned siden
Ole is a glazer get him out the club
Gabriel Måned siden
Ole is a Glazer puppett.Bruno get the f**k away from there!Sponsors pull the plug!
PLug ZANO Måned siden
bruno speaks like a future manager. ole handled the presser well and wAS basically ask the same questions multiple times without much questions about the match. GGMU
James Graham
James Graham Måned siden
Lol Bruno “I don’t back theese owners, they don’t watch football” -class
James Graham
James Graham Måned siden
@Harish DEV mate the glazers don’t watch anything to do with the club
James Graham
James Graham Måned siden
@Harish DEV yes he did, u probs skipped passed it
Harish DEV
Harish DEV Måned siden
If he said that. Then by tmrw Bruno's contract will be terminated and he'll be playing for Real Madrid on a free
Harish DEV
Harish DEV Måned siden
He never said that bro
1 Park
1 Park Måned siden
Man like Bruno
M G Måned siden
If we win europa the glazers need to invest heavy into wat ogs wants for next season
M G Måned siden
Ole is going to become a serial winner as a manager
zakaria sillah
zakaria sillah Måned siden
Glazers out ASAP whos with me?
Victor Ebubechukwu
Victor Ebubechukwu Måned siden
Love Ole's handling of the team
yie _TW
yie _TW Måned siden
Love you all...United!!! Hate glazer!!!
Ejiamike Prynce Charles Ifeanyichukwu
So much for a coach who has and is still being looked down on... With the class , patience and professionalism being implored into these sessions , you already know how much of a great guy and coach he is.. It's just a pity he's being in this spot, but then the Europa league could and would comfort him. GGMU 💪🏾
1341141 N4JI13
1341141 N4JI13 Måned siden
Come Bruno Let’s Win The Europa League This Year
ahmed dz
ahmed dz Måned siden
If we win the European League and Manchester City wins the Champions League, the city of Manchester will celebrate a lot
N H A M Måned siden
We could celebrate if we win the super cup
M G Måned siden
If Man City win united shouldn’t celebrate
The Mancalorian
The Mancalorian Måned siden
Cmon bruno crack them shots in the net. Ole its a busy week pick your teams right, rest key players for bigger games and this is time to play youth even some benched stars.
Afaan Grewal
Afaan Grewal Måned siden
First things first Ole has to recognise us as supporters and not fans.
Daniel Renteria
Daniel Renteria Måned siden
If you're a supporter you're a fan.
Wheysted Gym rat & rocker UK 86
Ha yeah 🙄 the stupid fans who postponed last game big game too I paid a nowtv pass for that! 10 pounds wasted hmm. I was at home wanting the game
Leon Harris
Leon Harris Måned siden
Please start amad Diallo and Donny van beek
Kristoforus Moa Mado
Manchester united ini tahun juara liga Europa.... Mu pasti bisa.....
Leon Harris
Leon Harris Måned siden
Ole we need to win a cup and a finale
Barbers Life
Barbers Life Måned siden
We all know Man United owners didn't make any money from last Sunday Match which was suspended . I think we man United customers should take over and control the club it's our money they pay players and get rich with!
Chris H
Chris H Måned siden
ole: lets get to questions about the game. next question: so about the Glazers....
AISHAMJLUV Måned siden
Feel so bad for mason now that I know he was gonna try to score a winner on his 100th appearance 😭💔 I hope the players know the protests were for them as much as they were for us 🙏❤️
Azam Turdiev
Azam Turdiev Måned siden
Can u guys add captions?
Ibrahim Gandhi
Ibrahim Gandhi Måned siden
A character like Ole shouldn’t have to deal with the scraps of our despicable owners, yet here he is handling it like a boss! Bruno’s mindset exceptional as always, let’s hope this Europa cup is ours to take home! GGMU
Ramjan Måned siden
You can see ole doesn’t wanna be associated with the battle between the glazers and the fans he just wants to do what he’s payed for
اوراس العراقي
JR joeti
JR joeti Måned siden
jiggersotoole Måned siden
Ole is the man 😊
MEHDI Måned siden
Do you guys realize how Bruno faced the press after what and not Maguire? Bruno is such a true leader 💯👊🏽
Matty McMattface
Matty McMattface Måned siden
What would happen if OGS managed to unite the senior players & say we aren't playing another game until the MUST requirements have been met?
barbaro Helm
barbaro Helm Måned siden
They listen to the fans 🤣🤣🤣 then why dont they sell up
Omario Reid
Omario Reid Måned siden
Yoni Marlow
Yoni Marlow Måned siden
Bruno smart. He mentioned sporting is about the players, but didn’t say specifically United fans is against the owners.
Daryl Awuku
Daryl Awuku Måned siden
13:41my favorite 😂
Murphy moe
Murphy moe Måned siden
3 games in 5 days is ridiculous Sun/Thurs.
PeteDiazDee Måned siden
"Please voice your opinions! They've all accepted it was a wrong thing to do which is ...a start. Let's continue on that." -Ole's heart so is with the fans! 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚
Yu Grande
Yu Grande Måned siden
Love old love glazers u aren’t a utd fans u hoodlums
Tony Måned siden
Simon Stone is such a useless journalist. Always baiting people with his questions
Barnes Chris
Barnes Chris Måned siden
Well done ole. Keep going!
Tony Måned siden
The flint in his eyes when he said the glazers will listen and improve communication with us.... Have they finally got it!
1Dulchie1 Måned siden
The main man, the fans love him ❤the crap board love him, what a man handling the whole show 👏🙌
Tony Måned siden
I agree but they didn't break in .there's footage of the security letting them in
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