Yamaha SuperJet (2021) - Test Video 

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The new Yamaha SuperJet is the latest offering from the company’s lineup of WaveRunners and it’s probably the most anticipated ever. To be clear, Yamaha has always had an iconic place in the stand-up WaveRunner category, but it's been only for racers. Now anyone can buy it and that fact alone has opened it up to a whole new range of customers.
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28. okt.. 2020





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Kommentarer 14   
Superjet Whackers
Superjet Whackers 21 dag siden
JE 4 måneder siden
Good job!
C-los _
C-los _ 6 måneder siden
grab rails on a jet ski??
Richard Marx
Richard Marx 6 måneder siden
Top👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 tenho um 1991 superjet Yamaha 701x
blewyd 6 måneder siden
Capt Steve should compete in a poker run
frank columbo
frank columbo 6 måneder siden
Thxs Steve, That was interesting
Muhannadh Aasir
Muhannadh Aasir 6 måneder siden
I don’t know why, but for some reason I was expecting cpt.Steve to do some flips and tricks
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco 6 måneder siden
Why would you want this over a regular jet ski?
Loki_JKU Måned siden
Why would you want a Ferrari I er a regular Prius? 🤦‍♂️
James C
James C 5 måneder siden
Girly men ride sit downs
Charlie Odom
Charlie Odom 6 måneder siden
@Jordon Weyenberg you are incorrect about the speed. The limit is 65mph, and is done electronically, so a simple tune can override that on skis capable of faster speeds. For example, a Yamaha VXR can do 70 with a tune only, and can actually do over 65 light on fuel and a light rider. As far as going over 55, there is plenty of reason to go faster. Using your logic, why would any boat manufacturer make a boat that does 100+ if there is no need for it, or why would a car manufacturer make a car that does 300mph? The reason is speed. It isn't like the skis are driven wide open all the time though. Most boats in general are driven at cruising speed or below for more than 90% of their life. I used to have a bass boat that would do 100, and regularly drove it at 80+. It isn't difficult or scary to drive a fast boat any more than it is to drive a fast car. If you don't want to go fast, then go buy a slow boat or a slow car.
Jordon Weyenberg
Jordon Weyenberg 6 måneder siden
The average sit-down customer is 50+ and interested in fishing. The average stand-up customer is 20-30 and interested in tricks or racing, these things are insanely nimble, if a sit down is like a gold-wing for the water, this would be like a Yamaha R6 for the water, very very nimble and still quite fast. most skis are limited to 55mph because of the USCG, it will go faster with simple mods, same with any ski really. Not sure why people want to go faster though, 55 is fast on water... especially standing up, more speed could be deadly in the wrong hands.
Charlie Odom
Charlie Odom 6 måneder siden
To the OP. These are MUCH more fun than a sit down ski. Jumps, flips, spins, etc, and throw it in the bed of your truck at the end of the day!
Daniel S
Daniel S 6 måneder siden
Very cool, I was expecting backflips from Steve though!
James Cockerham
James Cockerham 6 måneder siden
agreed, very disappointed at the lack of backflips
Mike 6 måneder siden
Capt Steve is awesome! Great vid
Jeff Walston
Jeff Walston 6 måneder siden
It would be interesting to hear the opinion of someone who has previous stand-up experience to see how it compares
Charlie Odom
Charlie Odom 6 måneder siden
There is a youtuber who did just that. Not only is the new one more stable, but more powerful and better handling. The last gen models are almost impossible to kneel on while sitting still.
Benji Gans
Benji Gans 6 måneder siden
Please do some of the new Gradys like the Fisherman line and the other canyon models
Jake S
Jake S 6 måneder siden
Glad youre finally doing a 2021 Yamaha. Please do all of their new 25’ models (sx250, 252se, 255xd, 255fsh)
Good Guy
Good Guy 6 måneder siden
first :D
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