Demi Lovato on Owning Her Truth and Working with Ariana Grande | The Tonight Show 

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Demi Lovato talks about her album Dancing with the Devil, the challenges behind shooting her documentary and working with Ariana Grande.
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Demi Lovato on Owning Her Truth and Working with Ariana Grande | The Tonight Show




9. april. 2021





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J. VM Dag siden
What is her truth?
Vocaljam/Saara Koivisto
Unbelievably touching documentary, Demi you are an amazing artist and singer. And the short hair looks incredible and does such justice to your beautiful face
Niki C
Niki C 10 dager siden
Something about the thumbnail is a little Pooty...
Flóra Szemán
Flóra Szemán 13 dager siden
Jimmy grew hair
Sean Callaway
Sean Callaway 15 dager siden
Should have been called "Eating Froyo With The Devil".
Jennable Rose
Jennable Rose 15 dager siden
Another soulless celebrity, she's long gone.
M BI 16 dager siden
Home many more times will she "start over"? This is getting to be a bore.
Grazi Oliveira
Grazi Oliveira 17 dager siden
پریسا ابراهیمی
Fun fact: BTS , Ariana and Demi now are under the same label 😎😏
Carolina De Lucas
Carolina De Lucas 17 dager siden
i love them together miss them sm
Shaliek 17 dager siden
I love that he calls her pal
Brooke Kupec
Brooke Kupec 18 dager siden
i dont want to be rude but i think 34 + 35 wasnt the best song lyrically and visually, and i know ariana is so much better than that. met him last night is AMAZING and demi and arianas voices blend so well together; best but most underrated collaboration of the year. we were robbed for a mv of pov, safety net, and met him last night.
Paulo Brito
Paulo Brito 19 dager siden
I'm sorry but I think she is probably still struggling...😔
MarkGranted 20 dager siden
Hei Dinglepop
Hei Dinglepop 20 dager siden
She talks about Ariana in 4:50
Blue Alvin Aniban
Blue Alvin Aniban 21 dag siden
I love you demi..❤
Joy Andrade
Joy Andrade 21 dag siden
I love this friendship ❤ Demi and Jimmy 😍😍 hahaha I remember when Ellen DeGeneres got jealous of her 😂😂😂😂
Mauricio Blandino
Mauricio Blandino 21 dag siden
Demi you are so strong I love u ❤️
joanofvocals 21 dag siden
two of the only vocalists who can sing live these days. imagine those 'met him last night' bridge harmonies!
Andrea cure
Andrea cure 22 dager siden
She is so fucking beautiful and her album is GORGEOUS!
Iara Ferreira
Iara Ferreira 22 dager siden
She's a light in this world. I love her so much
Gabriela M.
Gabriela M. 22 dager siden
What's with the "Bud" and "pal"? It doesnt seem like a way a host should call their guess on TV. I know they're friends, I just think it's weird. I've never seen him doing this before 👀
Mitze Bender
Mitze Bender 22 dager siden
Much love for you, Demi. The strength to be so honest is inspirational and I'm sending hugs and love your way. Much respect!
Arif Mohammad
Arif Mohammad 22 dager siden
I miss jimmy n Ariana together 🥺
Sarah Nesheiwat
Sarah Nesheiwat 22 dager siden
Demi and Jimmy are adorable ♥️♥️ Jimmy you always have the greatest interviews with her they are my favorite ♥️
M P 23 dager siden
You have disappointed me Demi. I believed in you, that you can join tha Club 27 :-( Shame that you did not managed.
kristian turner
kristian turner 23 dager siden
owning her truth tf is that about?
Stephanie L. Ortiz
Stephanie L. Ortiz 23 dager siden
Monique Velez
Monique Velez 23 dager siden
Ahh she so pretty, so talented, and so real....I love her 💖
Bree Serigne
Bree Serigne 23 dager siden
Omg she cut all that beautiful hair
Laura Gomes
Laura Gomes 23 dager siden
lmaoo "heres my bff" ellen rn: 👁👄👁
Jack GED
Jack GED 23 dager siden
It’s all about small victories, meditation and healthy nutrition.
Valerie Smith
Valerie Smith 23 dager siden
I love Demi she brings me such a good vibe
ItsMeHim SOA
ItsMeHim SOA 23 dager siden
I can literally literallllyyyy listen to Demi telling how ‘Met him last night’ a very dark song that amazed me just as much as I loved haha explaining how she got the a star is born ‘There could be a 100 people in the room but it takes one to believe in you’ repeatedly but satisfying ❤️
john:0 23 dager siden
FirstTo TheKey
FirstTo TheKey 23 dager siden
Geez, looks like she s wearing in her head a collant like one of the worse robber ever. Wtf
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee 23 dager siden
I love to see Demi and Ariana together hosting Tonight Show with Jimmy one day. ❤️♥️💖💕
Amy Kim Nguyen
Amy Kim Nguyen 23 dager siden
Finally, Fallon looks happy
Hannah Nicolson
Hannah Nicolson 23 dager siden
This woman has gone through so much and had to deal with so much just to come out stronger, better, healthier, and somehow more inspirational ❤️
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 24 dager siden
. [insert cap comment]
Ella Jule
Ella Jule 24 dager siden
Made one
Ella Jule
Ella Jule 24 dager siden
Omg that mash up of "Angels and Devils." So good and its not even a real song now they
JME WILLIAMS 24 dager siden
Why does he keep saying "Pal" & "Bud"?
kristiner3389 24 dager siden
I loved this. Thank you Jimmy
Andy 24 dager siden
She’s so talented and inspiring
Tawny and Rex
Tawny and Rex 24 dager siden
Best interview. You can tell they’re actually friends and it’s so natural of an interview. My favourite so far
James Hutchison
James Hutchison 24 dager siden
Fallon is oleaginous.
Leah Steffanie Vogel
Leah Steffanie Vogel 24 dager siden
Amanda Mason
Amanda Mason 24 dager siden
Truth is truth. It doesn't make sense to say "her truth" or "my truth".
Kristen Morazzano
Kristen Morazzano 24 dager siden
Jess Lockhart
Jess Lockhart 24 dager siden
her laugh is incredible
Gavin Vale-Smith
Gavin Vale-Smith 24 dager siden
This Album is awesome ,first Album I've brought in a long time
Mery Gomez Burgos
Mery Gomez Burgos 24 dager siden
The most fantastic, talented and brilliant star of the world!!!!!
Fátima Moreira
Fátima Moreira 24 dager siden
Moomooflower :3
Moomooflower :3 24 dager siden
This girl, she touches my soul 🥺🥺
A Lil Tired
A Lil Tired 24 dager siden
I’m tired of hearing “Grammy nominated” when people announce her. It’s time for it to be “Grammy winner”
lil playful fandom girl
I'm so proud of her.
Akshayahearts Fictionalworlds
I liked how he was very respectful about asking her questions about her docuseries
enrique camarena
enrique camarena 24 dager siden
This girl needs to be cancel for good
olivia 21 dag siden
Olivia Klapos
Olivia Klapos 24 dager siden
Your documentary and your album together are SOOOO powerful like they’re like a force of nature in one! 🧡🧡🧡🧡
Myles Los
Myles Los 24 dager siden
Man she is so talented. It's fucking crazy.❤️
Olivia Klapos
Olivia Klapos 24 dager siden
We’ve waited for a Ariana collab w Demi FOR AGESSSS and now that it’s here we don’t know what to doooo 💞💞💞💞
Olivia Klapos
Olivia Klapos 24 dager siden
Demi you don’t know how fucking happy you make me 😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖
Music Nation
Music Nation 25 dager siden
She only makes legendary Songs
Fabián Zamorano
Fabián Zamorano 25 dager siden
Gosh... the preview of the doc. at the end guys... scooter’s ego have no limit
Jime Matthies
Jime Matthies 25 dager siden
I love this woman more than eveeeeeer!!!!!
Shyamaldas Chancadd
Shyamaldas Chancadd 25 dager siden
LOL multiple grammy noms, just two noms
Emman Watson
Emman Watson 24 dager siden
Multiple: "consists of, including, or involving more than 1..." (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Get your facts straight
Karen Rodríguez.
Karen Rodríguez. 25 dager siden
I just love her soooooo muuuuuuch!! 😍
Jessica Ariño
Jessica Ariño 25 dager siden
"Anyone" gives me goosebumps every single time. It's so raw and real. So powerful. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album :) Her honesty is so freaking refreshing. Why are we taught to hide our feelings and pretend to be 'perfect'? We should all be taught from a young age how to deal with overwhelming emotions, both at home and at school and the first step is being able to verbalise It and share It. Right now we're all pretty f***ed up. Most people have experienced some sort of traumatic experience (death, abuse, abandonment...) that we never learnt how to deal with. So we feel misunderstood and alone and end up becoming addicted to things that supposedly make us feel better (social media likes, shopping, alcohol, sex etc.). And we end up worse. So thank you Demi for being so brave and honest. Hopefully soon sharing emotions and trauma will be something normal. Un abrazo enorme desde España.
Del Gaudio Lens
Del Gaudio Lens 25 dager siden
We need more than just one song with Demi and Ariana... we NEED a whole album!!!
E_ Class
E_ Class 25 dager siden
She's cute
Ayesha 13
Ayesha 13 25 dager siden
If you ever want to do a song together Demi call me ;) A☆
sspacedude 25 dager siden
why no one asks about Noah !
Gaurav Bora
Gaurav Bora 25 dager siden
What she didn't win a Grammy yet ? She should have multiple by now. Unbelievable
Ana Lis Moreira
Ana Lis Moreira 25 dager siden
Caitlin Edwards
Caitlin Edwards 25 dager siden
Love Demi!
Liana Adele
Liana Adele 25 dager siden
am I the only one seeing that thumbnail?
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg 25 dager siden
Demi Lovato is a good role model. More people have looked up to her now than her Disney days.
Malin 25 dager siden
the sweetest girl, love her to death
Earth Mamma
Earth Mamma 25 dager siden
I love Demi, she’s a beautiful person
Mel Richo
Mel Richo 25 dager siden
I wish Demi’s duet with Noah was getting as much attention as Arianas!
Ojaswini Marathe
Ojaswini Marathe 6 dager siden
Easy is an amazing amazing song!
Mauricio Blandino
Mauricio Blandino 21 dag siden
Easy is my fav
meredith snails
meredith snails 24 dager siden
so true
Music Lover
Music Lover 25 dager siden
Same omg Easy is such a gooood song ! Hope it will be a future single tho
Vanessa Raices
Vanessa Raices 25 dager siden
Demi Moore 🎶 always her music , I'm sorry , im glad she is ok now, stay beautiful 💕
Bian 25 dager siden
natalia garza
natalia garza 25 dager siden
love her hair 💕
Skyler Rhinehart
Skyler Rhinehart 25 dager siden
God, she's gorgeous.
Cynthia 25 dager siden
Her short hair looks incredible, really suits her
Song ÒwÓ
Song ÒwÓ 25 dager siden
Demi’s so precious honestly
Anna Paulla
Anna Paulla 25 dager siden
Alguém bota legenda em português aí , pelo amor de deus !! #lovatics
Kierra Paxton
Kierra Paxton 25 dager siden
Hi guys! My name is Kierra Paxton and I’m a budding musician JUST starting out looking to connect with other artists. I would really appreciate your support. You can follow my business account @kierra.paxton on Instagram. Sending good vibes and much love to all my fellow musical people out there. 😂 ~Kiki. 💚💚
brook Parsons
brook Parsons 25 dager siden
Kaci Beaver Westbrook
Kaci Beaver Westbrook 25 dager siden
She is so brave for telling her story the right way. . .by her.!
A normal person
A normal person 25 dager siden
The fact that Demi’s laugh is hitting whistle notes... a true vocalist
A normal person
A normal person 25 dager siden
Demi’s laugh is so contagious 🥰I love her
Stefania del Prato
Stefania del Prato 25 dager siden
Her laugh is so wonderful!!!!
Isa P
Isa P 25 dager siden
Shes a fighter
Oss Delmar
Oss Delmar 25 dager siden
I thought Jimmy’s hair was a prank
Thata 25 dager siden
Elizabeth Renee Martin
Elizabeth Renee Martin 25 dager siden
Maria Carolina Ribeiro
Maria Carolina Ribeiro 25 dager siden
demi is the sweetest, love her so much. glad to see her happy and doing well, her new album is incredible!
mariavittoria onode
mariavittoria onode 25 dager siden
celina 25 dager siden
„No you’re Ariana“ Queen shit
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