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From Series 2, Doc Brown, Joe Wilkinson, Jon Richardson, Katherine Ryan, and Richard Osman attempt to eat the egg in the fastest time.


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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.

Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.



8. juni. 2021





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Rock girl
Rock girl 2 minutter siden
I thought you had to also eat the shell; so glad I wasn’t on this show!
duy 2 timer siden
Alex Horne is the Evil Morty
Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller 2 timer siden
If any of them had just eaten the shell they could have argued the others didn't eat the egg at all.
FreddyFish 6 timer siden
Doc, here is a comfort. Chickens laying eggs aren't the same as women having their period. Chicken don't have ovaries. They have nothing to do with eachother. In the same matter as animals eating their newborns as humans eating their child.
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 minutter siden
Eating raw eggs nowadays is fine. Getting sick from a raw egg in the modern day would be luckier than winning the lottery.
Goldie Is not my name
Goldie Is not my name 8 timer siden
these guys are cowards i woulda just eaten it raw
Ward Vos
Ward Vos 8 timer siden
None of them ate the Shell tho :(
Ben Maass
Ben Maass 9 timer siden
I eat raw eggs all the time, just crack that shit and down it.
Tyler Lepage
Tyler Lepage 13 timer siden
"I'm not gunna hoover it off the table like some egg-hungry whore" 🤣 you've killed me
New Romanian Mapper /NRM
Am I the only one that would've (attempted to at least) just straight up swallow the egg like a fucking snake?
Brett Leisy
Brett Leisy 16 timer siden
tsk tsk tsk... I woulda skipped the obviously inadequate egg holder, just crack, pour into back of mouth and swallow. there is nearly no taste to it especially if you keep it all to the back of the tongue.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 17 timer siden
there is only one way to win this challenge and i know it, alec knows it, and god knows that joey chesnut knows it
Hans H
Hans H 17 timer siden
Who the hell starts with seconds and then minutes??
Neo Evropa
Neo Evropa 22 timer siden
Mfw I eat one raw egg every day.
Malus Ex Machina
Malus Ex Machina 23 timer siden
"It was not my favorite thing I've ever done, but I had a nice cup of tea with me" british-ness in a nutshell
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 17 timer siden
cant believe 3 grown ass men didnt eat the egg as it was as soon as they read the task.... someone confiscate their men card asap
Jack Costello
Jack Costello Dag siden
Crack an egg into a beer. Bottoms up. Done.
Anna Morimoto
Anna Morimoto Dag siden
In Japan, we do eat raw eggs on rice. We also know Salmonella exists. Sellers are very thorough about cleaning the eggs and keeping them germ-free. Sadly, I don't trust the eggs in any other country, so I wouldn't try it in the U.K.
Ashly Plourde
Ashly Plourde Dag siden
Joe looks like a guy who grew out his beard for vacation but he didn’t wanna mess up his good haircut for when he goes back to the office at the end of his trip
coder49 Dag siden
Eating raw eggs nowadays is fine. Getting sick from a raw egg in the modern day would be luckier than winning the lottery.
buttieboy666 Dag siden
Why can I watch tasks but not episodes in Spain?
Tiara Soemodihardjo
Tiara Soemodihardjo 2 dager siden
I am craving a scrambled egg rn because of this video 🤣
Ai Hope
Ai Hope 2 dager siden
Mousses is made out of raw egg white Mayonnaise is made of raw egg yolk Eggnog is basically raw egg white + spices Poached egg with runny yolk= raw egg yolk =_= Why was this a challenge?
Dr Wh0
Dr Wh0 2 dager siden
Technical none of them are the egg since the definition of an egg is "an oval or round object laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate, usually containing a developing embryo" This means that they had to eat the shell as well
Hendrik 2 dager siden
Richard was quite clever to keep his mouth shut when it came to defending himself.
RavenSuperstition 2 dager siden
Salmonella has entered the chat
Mr.D L
Mr.D L 2 dager siden
Ugg, thanks to the first Rocky movie people have been drinking eggs raw all the time. It's crazy.
Tabi967 2 dager siden
I achieved egg in 24 years
Cristian Albornoz
Cristian Albornoz 2 dager siden
cant believe 3 grown ass men didnt eat the egg as it was as soon as they read the task.... someone confiscate their men card asap
AvantTemps 2 dager siden
I just know I would’ve been chaotic and just cracked it on the table and swiped it into my mouth
AsianJesus 2 dager siden
is there a stigma in europe on eating raw eggs?
Ai Hope
Ai Hope 2 dager siden
I guess or they are just stupid? Mousses is made out of raw egg white Mayonnaise is made of raw egg yolk Eggnog is basically raw egg white + spices Poached egg with runny yolk= raw egg yolk and all those examples are food they eat everyday.
RazorBeamz 2 dager siden
I think this is the best task the show's ever had.
Kyunikoi 2 dager siden
Eggshell is edible, they all failed the task NEXT
dhava 2 dager siden
I like how the second first system is still being used
Hypnotoad 2 dager siden
Salami with ketchup? Hmm
zabnat 2 dager siden
In the university one of the tasks on our freshman initiation party was to eat a whole raw egg as fast as possible. Yes, including the shell.
John M
John M 3 dager siden
is no one gonna talk about the baddie saying "real gangsters run red lights"
GinoZump 3 dager siden
I miss Catherine's old face :((
HypeOmanic 3 dager siden
It's just one raw egg...not that hard???
Jonathan Fraser
Jonathan Fraser 3 dager siden
funny thing is, he had a tea which would have cooked the egg
EarthKnight 3 dager siden
What kind of savage puts ketchup on salami!?
damanorelse 3 dager siden
everyone uses the Egg cup, Surprised no one sucked it out of the shell. I guess they didn't have a grandma this series though, so they might not have been taught this trick.
Jeff24669 3 dager siden
This episode cracked me up!
iguanas in camouflage
iguanas in camouflage 3 dager siden
Please don't microwave eggs... At a certain temperature they explode
halffulltome 3 dager siden
0:53 A roar egg
Gray Saltine
Gray Saltine 3 dager siden
All the shit people go through on this show and they can't eat a raw egg? I would have bet money at least someone had the balls to just ram the whole thing in their mouth, shell 'n' all. Disappointed.
Alex Fonte
Alex Fonte 3 dager siden
I could’ve done this in 2 seconds 5 seconds if I had whiskey
dertigerbauch 3 dager siden
None of them ate the shell, which is part of the whole egg. I'm kinda disappointed :(
Adam Place
Adam Place 3 dager siden
"Real gangsters run red lights." "I'm tempted to say 'a gentleman waits till it's gone green' but..." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jesus people. Is the task "who can come up with the dirtiest double entendre"?
Tinna Sell
Tinna Sell 3 dager siden
I don't get them. Raw eggs are good. I used to eat them as a child and I can consume one or two per month today. My teacher said it's good for your health. Same my mother said. No one in my surrondings have problems with raw eggs. Its a revelation for me that therr is this I-am-not-an-egg-person thing going on out there.
Madsmore 3 dager siden
"Real gangsters run red lights." 💀
CHgeri 3 dager siden
I always watch these at 1.25x speed. If I ever met any of you guys (unlikely) it would be so odd to hear you guys speak in slow motion
The Treacherous Leech
The Treacherous Leech 3 dager siden
Just make a sunny side down egg, faster to eat and quicker to cook Or just throw some sugar in that bad boi and stir for kogelmogel a polish desert.
Ethan Burnell
Ethan Burnell 3 dager siden
Open mouth, crack egg. Easy.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 3 dager siden
This is how you lose an empire.
Andrew Frey
Andrew Frey 3 dager siden
I'm not an egg guy but I would of cracked that open into my mouth right out the gate.
PbFoot 3 dager siden
"real gangsters run red lights." forgot about that gem. katherine ryan delivers the gold! 🤣
Obnoxious Commenter
Obnoxious Commenter 3 dager siden
Meanwhile the Japanese
SpenseryMae 3 dager siden
I work from home, and can make a full course breakfast and eat it on a 15 minute break - frying the egg could have taken 2 minutes 😂
Julie E
Julie E 3 dager siden
Sentence no one has ever said before: "I'm not gonna hoover it off the table like some egg hungry whore"
grantgrant30 3 dager siden
A few things. Richard did not eat the egg he drank it so therefore he is should be disqualified. Also if I was there you grind up the egg shell because that’s what says eat me so you eat that it’s an easy 5 points
DJ Deckard Cain
DJ Deckard Cain 3 dager siden
I love British TV. British and Aussie TV seems to be the best... they're real and real funny.
silent x
silent x 3 dager siden
>Enters the room >Ate the egg >Refused to elaborate >Leaves the room
Julie E
Julie E 3 dager siden
Grab your tea cup on your way out
Ju Dy
Ju Dy 3 dager siden
I would literally just cook it and then get rid of the shells, and then stuff it in my mouth in one bite. .. it was only about eating it the fastet after all
Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah 3 dager siden
Ulas Yalcin
Ulas Yalcin 3 dager siden
'You shouldn't eat raw eggs' me: *eating raw egg with my natto and rice also me: *at a shabu shabu shop, drinking raw egg
Marko.r 45
Marko.r 45 4 dager siden
why is everyone so wierded out by just drinking an egg??
ある亀井 4 dager siden
i thought someone might've just cracked an egg open and slide it directly into their mouth, i guess its just me
Douglas Pealing
Douglas Pealing 4 dager siden
Pisco sour anyone?
J S 4 dager siden
Joe and Katherine took their assumed loss very differently
Clara Spain
Clara Spain 4 dager siden
I wouldve plugged my nose and swallowed. Ive had worse. Ever had STREP THROAT?? Anti Biotic drink for WEEKS, now THAT, was foul.
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper 4 dager siden
gross, a dude drinks dr pepper with breakfast???
Poxyclypse 4 dager siden
Hands up, who has eaten a raw egg? /handup - (I did it on a dare.) It's nicer in a blender with orange juice.
Ben-Joop Venter
Ben-Joop Venter 4 dager siden
Five people who have never seen Rocky.
Widad Oteh
Widad Oteh 4 dager siden
One of my all-time favourite tasks. Never thought someone drinking a raw egg could be sexy but the way Richard downs it without hesitation is just incredible.
Victoria 4 dager siden
Microwave is the way to go really. If Catherine had nuked it for less than a minute she probably could have done better than the 30 seconds and 3 minutes
Victoria 2 dager siden
@Bram van Duijn we used to make scrambled eggs in the microwave all the time when I was a kid, but it is a delicate dance. Eggs cook really fast, and basically explode if you leave them too long. I don't remember the exact time we used for it anymore, but probably less than 30 seconds. I think you could cool it and eat it faster than the other guy did though
leexabyz 2 dager siden
Or poke a pinhole or two in it, I hear that works
Bram van Duijn
Bram van Duijn 2 dager siden
Eggs can explode in a microwave, and even if they don't they can have pockets of superheated egg within them directly after microwaving which can explode on being touched or just squirt out a jet of superheated egg on being cracked. so I'd do so in some kind of container and cool it with ice or running water before eating it.
沈啍 4 dager siden
I love it when an obvious last place gets saved by another contestant’s DQ.
Dr. Agent Ice
Dr. Agent Ice 4 dager siden
I saw the egg and it said eat me fastest wins and my mind went just eat it all in one bite shell and all... probably would have been faster than cracking it
RoseKindred 4 dager siden
Put the egg in your mouth, crunch down, swallow. 2 seconds and you are done.
Gobelyn 4 dager siden
1:34 so egg are the only thing in the world that doesn't care about gravity
Zeal Iskander
Zeal Iskander 4 dager siden
Common sense not a huge thing in taskmaster I reckon... just grab a glass of water and plop the egg inside it, then drink the whole thing. Painless.
Mike B
Mike B 4 dager siden
Super excited about the Heinz Ketchup sighting. Pittsburgh born raised and still live here
Jorielyn Cubio
Jorielyn Cubio 4 dager siden
All I need is some rice and salt.
TheBosstin 4 dager siden
I legitimately would've grabbed the egg as fast as possible and popped it in my mouth
Bastiat C
Bastiat C 4 dager siden
I have to say, I'm really disappointed no one made a whisky sour.
Shugo Pendragon
Shugo Pendragon 4 dager siden
That doesn't use the yolk
Soerika 4 dager siden
"eat me. fastest win" so all I can think of is throw down the floor and suck everything that's on it
Mark Gray
Mark Gray 4 dager siden
Oh come on, she's had worse stuff in her mouth.
TurbanatorUK 4 dager siden
I think we need a compilation of the times that Greg really couldn't hold in his laughter at the absurdity or sheer comedy of the situation. He tries to remain cold and objective as the Taskmaster, but when he corpses, it's brilliant.
Johan Sadewa
Johan Sadewa 4 dager siden
Meanwhile in Japanese I see them eat egg raw, I'm sure they are special egg, right?
GadBoDag Dag siden
In a lot of countries they vaccinate the chickens against salmonella. They don't in America because it's cheaper.
C D 3 dager siden
You can buy ultra pasteurized eggs, in some countries that's what all stores sell.
Dtyler171 4 dager siden
For what it's worth, salmonella is usually on the exterior of an egg (if it is, which is incredibly rare)...and then this man bit into the egg and then was worried about eating it raw 😂
Dtyler171 3 dager siden
​@Anton A I...what? My comment is specifically about him opening it with his mouth, which he did do 🤔
Anton A
Anton A 3 dager siden
Good thing nobody tried to open it with their mouth :)
Lmao No
Lmao No 4 dager siden
Do people actually feel disgusted with eating raw eggs? I've been eating raw eggs for a while now so I don't know how they feel ( I live in the Philippines )
Nick Conley
Nick Conley 4 dager siden
das some good banter rite der
TheWatchernator 4 dager siden
This is just Lockdown Olympics on a bigger budget. Garbage.
James Flames
James Flames 4 dager siden
Basic geometry would seem to suggest that the inside of an egg will have greater volume than an egg cup.
James Flames
James Flames 4 dager siden
Bunnys Scale Models
Bunnys Scale Models 4 dager siden
i wouldve simply swallowed the whole egg
Amy Schell
Amy Schell 4 dager siden
Richard came in like a boss and just ate the egg.
Mike Guaranteed
Mike Guaranteed 4 dager siden
You're not gonna get sick from eating raw eggs unless maybe if you buy low quality eggs from a country with bad standards. I've been eating 5-10 raw eggs daily for years. I've never been ill from it.
Hal Kael
Hal Kael 4 dager siden
Its not hard to eat a raw egg… there is no taste, and it slips down easy, gone before you know it
A.J. Steinman
A.J. Steinman 4 dager siden
No comments on "really lovely meat display"?
A.J. Steinman
A.J. Steinman 4 dager siden
If there's any visibly left on the bowl or skillet or utensils, the clock shouldn't stop-- those are extraneous things that the contestants chose to bring into it, and any complications they bring about should be held against them.