Tobjizzle Reveals WEIRD Text Jake Paul Sent Him Before Challenger Games 

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Tobjizzle exclusively reveals that, before he took part in the NOsections Challenger Games, Jake Paul sent him some BEEFY DM's!
Plus Tobi talks training, and who he would fight in a charity boxing match?!
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26. mars. 2021





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Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Måned siden
What would you reply back to Jake Paul's smack talk DM's? Comment below!
Moises Javion
Moises Javion 10 dager siden
Dunno if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using Instaplekt. Find it on google :D
WDK LOST Måned siden
@DC17 Ik it’s aids
Thomas Clark-Puia
Thomas Clark-Puia Måned siden
It was so obviously trying to have a harmless laugh. I would've bantered back
OTP SHADOW Måned siden
I would reply back "best of luck my favourite youtuber"
Keondodge Måned siden
@M SPACE S Electrical Ayo that's a good one
Keanuu 7 dager siden
I got to strive to be like Tobi
Arian A
Arian A 8 dager siden
Tobi a real one
VerT Cyclonn
VerT Cyclonn 12 dager siden
Jake looks dumb when he runs
Adaeze Idezuna
Adaeze Idezuna 14 dager siden
Jake Paul already knew he wasn't goin to beat a black guy I mean.... TBH I honestly think Jake said that cuz he already threanted and unlike Jake the others can actually run Tobi is one strong and mature guy Plus it was for charity no need for the trash talkin
Carlos Lara
Carlos Lara 19 dager siden
Tobi is just a nice guy if yall agree with me
Carter 21 dag siden
Anybody who refers to themselves as a ‘NOsectionsr’ should be pointed at and laughed at
666HKLZ 13RR
666HKLZ 13RR 22 dager siden
Tobi vs vik
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell 29 dager siden
Feel like you guys bring up your titles, clips, thumbnails etc. too much during your podcasts.. Can only assume it impacts the way your guests may approach certain conversations and might take them out of the moment slightly, leading to a lower quality interview. Would prefer to see you fully engaged in your discussions rather than consciously thinking about how to get the most clicks and views constantly
Punctual Måned siden
I reckon Tobi can take Tanner Fox😁
Green Hornet
Green Hornet Måned siden
*To be fair, Logan is a lot more explosive and faster than Jake!* He would’ve won, the guy who won realistically, was a sprinter, and then became an entertainer; so it doesn’t really count. Also, to be fair; Jake was 40kg heavier, and he beat tobi so it was impressive.
Satans Candy
Satans Candy Måned siden
Logan did the event for charity , jake did the event to boost his own ego and competition.
Chloe Rene
Chloe Rene Måned siden
Tobi is just so chill and laid back I cant picture him fighting anyone
Flash Dust
Flash Dust Måned siden
Tobi is soo humble
Flash Dust
Flash Dust Måned siden
Tobi is actually one of the most slept on Sidemen
Anastasia Pandora
Anastasia Pandora Måned siden
Clarkyboyy YT
Clarkyboyy YT Måned siden
This is how many people like jake =0
LEACH 96 Måned siden
No ones a fan of Logan at all you can’t atone yourself from what he did it’s disgraceful and so non human thing to do
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
Tobi uses the good ol tactic of killing them with kindness
Kyle Ferriol
Kyle Ferriol Måned siden
Jake sounds like a salty 10 year old in an idiot's body
Miles Peterkin
Miles Peterkin Måned siden
He's right he's got that Ronaldo technique
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Måned siden
I think Jake knew Tobi was fast ,so he tried to make a beef for hype
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
"You got the wrong black dude" 🤣🤣 Tobi can be so funny in his gentle manner! That was A+ trolling
CvD Måned siden
I think in 6 months time he would've done a lot better, don't know if he would've won but there would certainly be improvement. Like he also said if the technique isn't ingrained you will forget it.
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force Måned siden
Every nice person has to get ready to be in a fight that's for sure in their time in the life time.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Måned siden
tobi parents raised him right👍thats why people loved that guy
CrazeyP Måned siden
Jake was looking for Drama and tobis like :) 👍🏾
Liam Blanco
Liam Blanco Måned siden
how genuinely good is Tobi
Spencer Kawelo
Spencer Kawelo Måned siden
I think if Tobi were to do a charity fight he would be good for mma cause I bet he got a killer kick
Rashtial10 Måned siden
1:06 just look at that conversation man. You just cant hate tobi
instinctXlar Måned siden
quick hands ;)
Mezzano Måned siden
With how laid back and soft spoken Tobi is if he says he could probably win the fight he could probably win the fight 💀
Kamon Måned siden
ngl, but I kinda respect jake for a little bit now.
hanz almero
hanz almero Måned siden
jake talking tash is so cringe he just doesnt know how to talk trash his insult is weak
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf Måned siden
Mohammed Måned siden
Which place did tobi come?
Chivers Athlete
Chivers Athlete Måned siden
400m training so much effort . Years of pain and hard work but was worth it
Rahul singh
Rahul singh Måned siden
I think Jake knew Tobi was fast ,so he tried to make a beef for hype
FOZZY is ERE Måned siden
Luv Toby he is a top guy 100%
Avengers West
Avengers West Måned siden
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Asaki Mushibara
Asaki Mushibara Måned siden
tobi parents raised him right👍thats why people loved that guy
Chris Måned siden
Who tf is Steven tries nigga looks like a lawyer
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname Måned siden
Jake Paul is so fucking cringe
Ronald Rice
Ronald Rice Måned siden
The foolish psychiatrist correlatively trot because kevin phenotypically number down a spurious tortellini. delicate, greedy drink
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
“Cool moment of smack talk” what is Jake Paul a twelve year old child 😂😂
sxm Måned siden
imagine wroetoshaw on this podcast
FaZe TSM Måned siden
Tobi vs faze rug would be a good fight
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
I like the side men but Toby seems a little bit of a bit ch
Blaze FN
Blaze FN Måned siden
Is there full video episodes instead of listening?
Muking Måned siden
I want to see Tobi vs Vik it will be sick lol
Georgia •_• :]
Georgia •_• :] Måned siden
Every sidemen: AYO FUCK JAKE PAUL Tobi: I don’t really care
Louise Tait
Louise Tait Måned siden
Jobi vs Willne or George
Yng Killaa
Yng Killaa Måned siden
You on cocaine
Aige Måned siden
Robert n-smith
Robert n-smith Måned siden
Why the fuck do people think this is entertaining????
ChungFoo Måned siden
tobi is so kind he even brings the good out of jake,..... bless tobi
Robert Cracker
Robert Cracker Måned siden
Logan’s little brother talking smack nothing new their
SirTunde Måned siden
Jake paul came second though
Ezyceelad Måned siden
Bareli Z
Bareli Z Måned siden
Wtf was that bruise on Logan’s leg though? HoW does that hAppen? It looks like the galaxy shat on his leg that thing had planets bro Edit: I’m legit just curious of like the medical causes and happenings of that bruise. Tobi said something about hamstrings? But I don’t understand how a maybe hamstring pull could result in that? Does anyone know what exactly happened and how :$ Seems like it’s more of an athlete’s injury
Bareli Z
Bareli Z Måned siden
@Roni Bärlund sheeeez thanks for explaining mate!
Roni Bärlund
Roni Bärlund Måned siden
He teared his hamstring in a basketball charity game. Those bruises are called hematomas. Hematoma is generally defined as a collection of blood outside of blood vessels. Most commonly, hematomas are caused by an injury to the wall of a blood vessel, prompting blood to seep out of the blood vessel into the surrounding tissues.
Ben Drew
Ben Drew Måned siden
Stop talking about fighting...no one gives a fuck any more!
Judi Latrisha
Judi Latrisha Måned siden
The thankful stool desirably groan because resolution disturbingly communicate along a jaded bait. wrathful, abusive fisherman
James Taylor
James Taylor Måned siden
I like the side men but Toby seems a little bit of a bit ch
Paula Hamilton
Paula Hamilton Måned siden
Ok he just said it
Paula Hamilton
Paula Hamilton Måned siden
@walker fueltero What one is Tobi?
James Taylor
James Taylor Måned siden
@walker fueltero still not as bad as yours
walker fueltero
walker fueltero Måned siden
@James Taylor It's Tobi btw
James Taylor
James Taylor Måned siden
@walker fueltero you're* learn how to spell.
Glizzy Man
Glizzy Man Måned siden
Thoughts Måned siden
Ngl steven would smack tobi for real he seems like a joke from his content but he would clap tobi
Refined Zen
Refined Zen Måned siden
I love Tobi man
Litfan27 No
Litfan27 No Måned siden
Limon Måned siden
Tobi Vs willNe ?????????
Don PerPan
Don PerPan Måned siden
Boys you are stoned out of your heads😂
John Johnson
John Johnson Måned siden
Boy do you even know what “stoned” means. No evidence of that in this video
Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Måned siden
No... we’re not.
Oluwateleola Sofolahan
Tobi just doesn’t look aggressive he’s a chill guy so I don’t see him looking for Trouble or someone looking for his
MadMan Måned siden
No one talking about how jake runs like a badly animated ps2 game bad guy.
Jayden 801
Jayden 801 Måned siden
Josh Kindred
Josh Kindred Måned siden
It’s actually made how nice and sound Tobi is man what a top lad
Bobby Firmino
Bobby Firmino Måned siden
lil REDD
lil REDD 21 dag siden
david mct
david mct Måned siden
Luke 67
Luke 67 Måned siden
what did jake say
AveragePCgamer Måned siden
Jake paul is gae.
zeeshan lilani
zeeshan lilani Måned siden
I hate jake paul
Ahad Merchant
Ahad Merchant Måned siden
"Sorry bro you got the wrong black dude" hahahaha gotta love Tobi
Isogun Elizabeth
Isogun Elizabeth Måned siden
People need to stop reading too much meaning into what Jake says 😂 sometimes he's just kidding but people want to criticize since it's Jake Paul
Lady Sarcasm
Lady Sarcasm Måned siden
"You got the wrong black dude" 🤣🤣 Tobi can be so funny in his gentle manner! That was A+ trolling
Aotahi Beach
Aotahi Beach Måned siden
Tobi would smoke almost anyone they put him in the ring with, so long as he has a decent trainer and his opponent is an even match
Cool Daily
Cool Daily Måned siden
taufiq777 Måned siden
this is why i like tobi he is honest and dosent start trouble
Baffle T
Baffle T Måned siden
Tobi: i’m a nice guy, but I’ll slap you up lad
Finn Barry
Finn Barry Måned siden
Tobi is just too nice😂
Unit_Joe Måned siden
I used to run for a team that spewed out a few Olympians and the training was intense for my first competition and I f’d my start up so badly and came 2nd so it just depends on your speed mid distance
Jumex Sossa
Jumex Sossa Måned siden
Imagine if Tobi was a road man he would probably be oj asf
Arthur Kerr Williams
Arthur Kerr Williams 22 dager siden
😂wth is this comment
Richard AdrianHenderson
great video
Rayaan Mansoor
Rayaan Mansoor Måned siden
Look HOW HUMBLY Tobi replied to Jake.......shows his humble nature
Game7 Changer
Game7 Changer Måned siden
LOGAN PAUL- The Name Itself evokes thousands of emotions and gives goosebumps to millions of people around the globe..a living legend amongst us..truly lucky to to be alive in his era.
Angelos Lois
Angelos Lois Måned siden
you lot need better titles, get Zerkaa to do all of them lmfao
Angelos Lois
Angelos Lois Måned siden
put Tobi instead of Tobjizzle lol
0nly Måned siden
I get that exposure is the number 1 priority but for the sake of PR say the best thing about doing it is because its for a charity...
Gibbsey9 Måned siden
That’s not really ‘weird’ it seems he is actually just trying to have a laugh and Toby had no banter??
DAN-mac Måned siden
Tobi vs vikstar for charity that would be a fun show
Zee01 06
Zee01 06 Måned siden
Ngl this podcast is one of da best
Rogue dr3amerrr
Rogue dr3amerrr Måned siden
Jake actually doesnt seem like a complete dickhead in these dms
Nyall Morrow
Nyall Morrow Måned siden
Makes me dislike Jake Paul even more
FPgam3r Måned siden
lol thw way u cut tobi in saying lets talk about jj is class. i rate it
Blackstrom Måned siden
9:50 🙂
Fabio Barrett
Fabio Barrett Måned siden
Higherzzz Great
Higherzzz Great Måned siden
Jake paul 🤡🤡
Robert Cracker
Robert Cracker Måned siden
Logan’s little brother is what we should call him from now on shoutout to Ben askren
sreelatha raghu
sreelatha raghu Måned siden
"You've got the wrong black guy" LMAOOO
Krux Samm
Krux Samm Måned siden
what a tool
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