Overnight in the World's Oldest Underwater Hotel 

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today I explore the oldest underwater hotel in the world. coolest experience of my life 🤠🌊

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9. juli. 2021





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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan 17 dager siden
100K likes and Daniel will adopt me as his legal grandson 🧜
Michael The Hero James
Michael The Hero James 23 timer siden
It got 123K likes
kriszhun 13
kriszhun 13 Dag siden
Are you adopted yet?
c-family Dag siden
Please do that daniel
Satan’s Cousin
Do it
sallywolfBrite Dag siden
Yeet Prime
Yeet Prime 3 timer siden
7:36 looks like a grouper
Zainab Aladraj
Zainab Aladraj 4 timer siden
does he reply
Fouad Gataz
Fouad Gataz 5 timer siden
Dude when that shark came out my heart skipped a beat dang
Sabrina Stevig
Sabrina Stevig 6 timer siden
Your eyes behind you your eyes those are creepy
Jackson Tolley
Jackson Tolley 6 timer siden
I love your video's
Update You
Update You 8 timer siden
I used to watch this dude when he was so small and just random searched it today 😂
Brecht Baeyens
Brecht Baeyens 8 timer siden
Pixeel 9 timer siden
after 45 minutes..... my soul left the body
Backwards box Liam
Backwards box Liam 10 timer siden
The shark thing made me jump
Youtube Brant
Youtube Brant 14 timer siden
My soul left earth, went to mercury, venus, mars, earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, the moon and back, i cannot describe how much that scared me, the loud thundering noise gave me a concussion. My heart stopped for a solid 8 seconds because of that jumpscare.
Emanuel Alanis
Emanuel Alanis 15 timer siden
KGB 16 timer siden
I can *dive* into this content lol
KGB 16 timer siden
I’m scared of water beds because of conjouring4
emili kk
emili kk 16 timer siden
i have fear of lakes and oceans anything thats not a pool
emili kk
emili kk 16 timer siden
the shark like scared the life outta me
noob dood
noob dood 17 timer siden
That sharp jump scare got me so badly, my body was shaking XD
Amber Pitkin
Amber Pitkin 19 timer siden
The fish were cheking you out lol
Lowellii Orak
Lowellii Orak 19 timer siden
I am really scared of water if I step in just one little tiny space of water I am so scared that I read at one time so I'm so scared
Skyler Blackwell
Skyler Blackwell 20 timer siden
why did i also not realize it would get dark underwater i-
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 20 timer siden
Is no one going to talk about how eerie that old tape was like gosh
Quazar303 20 timer siden
Kelly Adele
Kelly Adele 20 timer siden
When he did the shark jump scare I almost cried
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 20 timer siden
Daniel be like: 🍕👁👄👁👌
Snowing 21 time siden
4:32 I literally thought I saw something and honestly expected a jumpscare and still got scared ;-;
Nicole V
Nicole V Dag siden
You scared me so much would you put that shark fin picture up
Flipper _Tastic
Flipper _Tastic Dag siden
“Peace, love, and claustrophobia” Ryan Trahan 2021 😂
Axel Paz
Axel Paz Dag siden
the shark jumposcare made me cry ._.
Flipper _Tastic
Flipper _Tastic Dag siden
Imagine Ryan Seeing this and liking this comment. Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing EVER! Ryan if you see this I’m a huge fan!!! And love watching every single one of your videos!! ❤️❤️‍🔥💕💗💞❣️💓
AnxiousNut Dag siden
6:39 wtf
Moose Ali Khan
Moose Ali Khan Dag siden
• Simply_Alix •
I think Ryan needs friends,
JB4U2 Dag siden
He played sub nautica under water!?!?!!!!! Literally sub nautica
OshyyFunny Dag siden
fantastic :D
Veronica Cortese
4:21 uh no they dont have cars because what if you caught a fish while its driving its car but nobody has caught a fish with a car
InFocus Dag siden
Daniel be like: 🍕👁👄👁👌
Luddy Aria
Luddy Aria Dag siden
waterdripzz Dag siden
5:37 11:36
Look at Daniel man so inspirational
Alysso Co0oL
Alysso Co0oL Dag siden
all hail Daniel my respect for Ryan when he didnt give Daniel some of his pizza: ↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙↙
Leah Lasagna
Leah Lasagna Dag siden
This is such a cool video
Triton’s Epic Wipeouts
lol i am a computer destroyer i need strength more the frames
Pearl Stefanie
Pearl Stefanie Dag siden
Him: Do you see it? Me: No? Shark: BOO! Me: Gahhh!
alohaxkatie Dag siden
When the edited shark came in the window it almost gave me a heart attack- meh feet hurt.
Paula Dag siden
big fat boi
big fat boi Dag siden
The Chad daniel
Salmonfishead 1
Salmonfishead 1 Dag siden
I’m not big I can’t fit in the small bed 5 minutes later IM AN ADULT I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT
SUAVE HAT 11 Dag siden
Daniel is so pure of a person
Kirsten Wright & Company
Ryan: how long do I have to stay down here? Daniel: fANtaSTic
Why is nobody talking about the shark jumpscare he did? That scared the living daylights out of me.
Funki_Dood 26
Funki_Dood 26 Dag siden
That "suck me" had me dying for 5 minutes straight bro
GOOSE Dag siden
mans be sounding like mr.miyagi
JALEBBY Dag siden
Oh my gosh I wanna go here it has Wi-Fi fish 🐠 and actual rooms heck ya Ima tell my mom if we can stay there for the night
daniel flores
daniel flores Dag siden
yoooo my name is Daniel
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag siden
Ryan:I am scared of hotels and water Me: i’m scared of heights Ryan: OK cool 0:05
Craig Edmonds
Craig Edmonds Dag siden
MissMollyMacie Mac
i frl live daniel!! hhHhHheeEeEelLLlLllOoo
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag siden
You got me with the jump scare
Niko 2 dager siden
The fish are clearly photoshopped Jk plz dont be mad
Cargo truck 🛻
Cargo truck 🛻 2 dager siden
It’s like a horror movie You’re under water nobody can hear you, It’s just one person helping you he’s oddly friendly, that dvd And The style of the house Very classic horror movie
SCP-096 2 dager siden
Poor shark died at a window
Deanne Anthony
Deanne Anthony 2 dager siden
i have a lenovo too
akb125218 2 dager siden
MC Adam Channel
MC Adam Channel 2 dager siden
9:13 wow i love it
MC Adam Channel
MC Adam Channel 2 dager siden
9:13 i have a ASUS ROG Strik
PGL Clippz
PGL Clippz 2 dager siden
Bro the specs are hella good a rtx 3080 and a amd ryzen 9 sheeesshhh
Billy丶OvO 2 dager siden
Daniel is so cute wtf
Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan 2 dager siden
Billy丶OvO 2 dager siden
✨ f a n t a s t i c ✨
Theodora Diaconescu
Theodora Diaconescu 2 dager siden
Every body give a like on this vid for Daniel
BFXD 2 dager siden
I’m on a escalator now :D
ava unicorn
ava unicorn 2 dager siden
My laptop if I opened minecraft after opening 1 tab be like: Airplane taking off*
ava unicorn
ava unicorn 2 dager siden
I'm only scared of the sea not hotels but water hotels no no no
Bryant ツ
Bryant ツ 2 dager siden
You got me with the jump scare
Ava Gonzalez
Ava Gonzalez 2 dager siden
If your not looking for a man like Daniel your not looking at all
Jaydon Hall
Jaydon Hall 2 dager siden
Keenan Geitz
Keenan Geitz 2 dager siden
this video is a whole meme from the start
Kasy Sibley
Kasy Sibley 2 dager siden
Daniel is a 👹sugar daddy😥
hi 2 dager siden
Daniel sounds so nice and calm :)
3xxgaming world
3xxgaming world 2 dager siden
Lol i was thinking that he thought a huge wave was coming his way and was worried
Emily B
Emily B 2 dager siden
Chrispaca 59
Chrispaca 59 2 dager siden
8:34 PO-oh yea gaming haha
andnot peggy
andnot peggy 2 dager siden
can you share Daniel with me
Im_trash1234 3 dager siden
If you are not in love with Daniel you are either straight or a lesbian
Sam W
Sam W 3 dager siden
i named my lenovo nova! but its a simple cromebook
Sam W
Sam W 3 dager siden
Im_trash1234 3 dager siden
"Fantastic :D"
Rachael Wirth
Rachael Wirth 3 dager siden
Please send this to 823 Bluemound Road please do it for free just give it to me for free I want a high qualification laptop cuz I all I have is a crappy Chromebook
Change HD
Change HD 3 dager siden
that scared me my skeleton left my body and my soul evaporated
TheMasterJarvis 3 dager siden
I would have told Daniel to get in there and eat some pizza with me
Isaiah Skates
Isaiah Skates 3 dager siden
Daniel is the good homie
Amy Maker
Amy Maker 3 dager siden
Yay I’m also a Texan😂
FrostyFo 3 dager siden
Daniel: Goes in the water Ryan: I'm sleeping under there Wait What...
mr poop
mr poop 3 dager siden
Hi o m g
Joe Saptouw
Joe Saptouw 3 dager siden
Jesus loves you so so much and he died for you so we can be forgiven and go to Heaven with God if you accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior so repent from your sins. Have a wonderful day🙏🏼
Joe Saptouw
Joe Saptouw 3 dager siden
Jesus loves you so so much and he died for you so we can be forgiven and go to Heaven with God if you accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior so repent from your sins. God bless you🙏🏼
Linus Davidsson
Linus Davidsson 3 dager siden
I have tried that pc and It heta hot
Lucas Reed
Lucas Reed 3 dager siden
Daniel for mvp. “Fantastic”🧔🏼‍♂️
FMC Homes
FMC Homes 3 dager siden
What I’m doing I’m watching you
Xander Cohen
Xander Cohen 3 dager siden
Eeeee what is those e dances
Caesar Habibie
Caesar Habibie 3 dager siden
What version if subnautica do you play that look old
Miss Lucif3r
Miss Lucif3r 3 dager siden
Ryan: there’s a pizza in there? Daniel: hELLo
Hyper Survival
Hyper Survival 3 dager siden
My respect for you 📉📉📉 for not giving daniel a piece or more of pizza
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