This Week I Learned to Find Water in the Forest 

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In this episode I learn to find water in the forest. An ancient bush craft technique, tapping birch trees can produce litres of drinkable hydration if you know how. Please only try this on trees that you own.
Find out more about Birken Tree here: birkentree.com/
My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff really fast. Subscribe for more upcoming videos and feel free to tell me what you'd like me to learn next in the comments.
Instagram: mikeboydvideo
Camera Work: Kim Boyd




12. april. 2021





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Lavender Bananas
Lavender Bananas Time siden
You have wonderful eyes
Money Bunny
Money Bunny 10 timer siden
One time I did this and kid you not my cousin had a thermometer and it was 47*F we drank like 7 bottles cuz it tasted SOO GOOD and threw up like an hour later😂
Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy Dag siden
Solving a pyraminx is easy. You can do it
Henry lam
Henry lam 2 dager siden
What on Earth did you do to your knife
Mohammad Rayyan
Mohammad Rayyan 2 dager siden
What's the camera he uses indoors? can someone link an amazon link would be thankful!
Mad GAV 2 dager siden
Bruh the Pryaminx is the easiest thing ever
toe nail
toe nail 2 dager siden
Next time maple sap, not the syrup put just fresh from the tree. Its much sweeter
Georgez 06
Georgez 06 3 dager siden
So i can just cut a birch tree, put some hollow stick in it and i will have drinkable water? Nice
viktor bmx
viktor bmx 3 dager siden
Dont drill. If you want a tree to recover, you need to make a hole with a nail.
KrypticViper 4 dager siden
I’m going to report you to the authorities for violating a tree
69_lol qney
69_lol qney 4 dager siden
Why don't you get water from the river?
Danial Abdul Rahim
Danial Abdul Rahim 5 dager siden
First video of yours I disliked. Do some research. Raycons are a scam. They are terrible
Navid Farkhondehpay
Navid Farkhondehpay 5 dager siden
Does the method where you prune a branch and let the sap drain out also hurt the tree significantly?
James Griffin
James Griffin 6 dager siden
song at 3:00 ?
Xander Cage
Xander Cage 2 dager siden
Bro i just found it "The scent of the andes"
Xander Cage
Xander Cage 2 dager siden
Pls tell me what the name
Jack James
Jack James 6 dager siden
I like it when he learns a useless skill but these are genuinely difficult skills that are usfull
Pure Playz
Pure Playz 6 dager siden
Imagine a faucet inside the tree.
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 6 dager siden
That knife needs to be cleaned, sharpened and oiled. Maybe do an episode on survival gear care, that would be cool.
Davor burek
Davor burek 6 dager siden
Try to learn the English accent.
random Bum
random Bum 6 dager siden
pyraminx takes like 4 mins to learn dont even need a guide for it bro i cba this dood also raycon fucking sucks
Dylan 6 dager siden
Try learn the split
mahanand1000 6 dager siden
Make videos like the old ones. Which is learnable by people. The old classic style.
Dbd Dbbd
Dbd Dbbd 7 dager siden
Post a video of the best bikes to wheelie
Dbd Dbbd
Dbd Dbbd 7 dager siden
Dbd Dbbd
Dbd Dbbd 7 dager siden
Dbd Dbbd
Dbd Dbbd 7 dager siden
Chugga1Fan 7 dager siden
His hair seems longer. Is it just me?
Arunvir Shergill
Arunvir Shergill 7 dager siden
Try to learn balisong tricks (butterfly knife)
Tanner Swapp
Tanner Swapp 8 dager siden
Where and how do you learn all this? I love learning and accomplishing new things however I cant find many good tutorials on NOsections for example
Zlyte second
Zlyte second 8 dager siden
It’s so sad that he has too say all of that just for sticking a knude in a tree.
Clover UTY
Clover UTY 9 dager siden
Hey Mike Boyd! I wanted to give you a challenge that may be kind of cool to try. The Minecraft NOsectionsr "Dream" has a running series called "Minecraft Manhunt" where he tries to speedrun and beat Minecraft while his friends try to stop him. It started with 1 hunter, then 2, then 3, then 4, and now its 5 hunters. In the early stages of the 5 hunter manhunt, Dream decides to tower up into the sky. The hunter Sapnap follows him, and as Dream destroys the furnaces he made, Sapnap jumps from his tower and hits Dream off. Dream is able to access a crafting table mid fall, crafts a boat, then uses the boat to break his fall. (Just watch the clip to see how insane this was: nosections.info/green/s39goZaBaJGduZk/video.html ) During the manhunt, Dream had only 1 shot at this, otherwise he would have died and the hunters would have won. A player called "rekrap2" had attempted to recreate the clutch, and while they weren't able to get the same lag as Dream (which allowed Dream a longer period to craft while falling), he was able to do it to some extent. Here is his video: nosections.info/green/0ZmPn6Gko62n2NQ/video.html My challenge to you is to recreate and perform Dream's boat clutch on Minecraft yourself, as fast as you can. Doing cool things and learning new skills as fast as possible is something your good at, right?
The Craft Team
The Craft Team 9 dager siden
Mike learn a flute next week
FlipMode 9 dager siden
Learn to play Cavatina [Theme from Deerhunter]
Anatoly Dyatlov
Anatoly Dyatlov 9 dager siden
Here's a real challenge: learn a foreign language that you don't know anything about. The goal is to reach a communicative level (B1). A guy from Poland (Radosław Kotarski) has managed to learn Swedish in only 6 months and passed their official test.
Liam & Tory
Liam & Tory 9 dager siden
Hey Mike, I challenge you to learn how to Onewheel. It looks easy but it is significantly harder than you might think. Good Luck!🍀
Mitchell Baker
Mitchell Baker 9 dager siden
Mike can you try to see how fast you can learn to code your own game?
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 9 dager siden
I think you should try freeline skates
Zerenity 9 dager siden
"Mom can we have alem?" "We have alem at home." Alem at home :
Miles Noble
Miles Noble 9 dager siden
What about shelter?
Koen Kahle
Koen Kahle 9 dager siden
Please learn to ripstick
Thijs van Gisbergen
Thijs van Gisbergen 9 dager siden
Learn how to stop the NOsectionsrs from selling out for merely their own benefit while providing no significant value at all to others.
Chris Poppe
Chris Poppe 9 dager siden
But dude, we all saw this in the Hunger Games or did everyone forget it :O
Matthew Piekny
Matthew Piekny 10 dager siden
for ur next video u should learn how to hunt animals like turkey to expand ur survival knowledge
Oerlikon20mm 10 dager siden
I have a request for a future vide-- learn to Pole Vault, it is super fun and really challenging, but that just makes it even more rewarding. I just hit a 9ft height today and its my first month of doing it, best thing I have ever done with my life
Oerlikon20mm 10 dager siden
And that my friend is why the Dutch made Birch Beer, because its delicious
122 43tt
122 43tt 10 dager siden
learn the backwards brain bike on bike rollers
Strike_GER 10 dager siden
Maybe a new idea. Learn how to Balisong flip or better said Learn how to flip / do tricks with a Butterlfy knife ( trainer knife )
Iconixist 10 dager siden
Why do al the skill channels have a skill in engineering Like Mike Boyd and Mike Shake?
Clarizedrew 10 dager siden
when you lost in an island you quickly said *ez task*
SUHAAN MOHAMMED 10 dager siden
can you do a yo yo tricks video
Wrathofloki1 10 dager siden
Oil your knife!
Scarab 11 dager siden
learn how to use butterfly knives
CLAW WER 11 dager siden
This is the video of all his videos the comments go crazy about !?? I did this when I was 7 with my mom.. All his other videos are way cooler :(
Kondor 11 dager siden
pls learn how to do dunks
Supermotoslide 11 dager siden
Bruh hahahaha brown noise is designed to make people shit
Irish Tater
Irish Tater 11 dager siden
I love the music he uses , it really gives me of an rpg / nature sort of feel
Lapol Sanorksarsit
Lapol Sanorksarsit 11 dager siden
After this video upload Minecraft : Update Also Minecraft : allow us to take water from tree by using bucket
SHAYGAN 26 11 dager siden
Learn how to YoYo
Coop FPV
Coop FPV 11 dager siden
Can you make a stop motion film?
RhS-_-TIGER 11 dager siden
Try learn how to whip a chain
Niall Galaxy
Niall Galaxy 11 dager siden
Becoming a tree vampire by drinking tree blood
NoOb LOL 11 dager siden
Mike can you learn how to build a Pc ?
joshua rogers
joshua rogers 11 dager siden
Day 2 of reminding mike to revisit the backflip
ً 12 dager siden
Hello, fellow Boyd.
• Concorde •
• Concorde • 12 dager siden
Here's a real challenge. Learn a new language
Finn Buraey
Finn Buraey 12 dager siden
2:48 - 2:53 literally the happiest moment I’ve seen on NOsections.
PROD. SAUCY DRIP 12 dager siden
Bread Boy
Bread Boy 12 dager siden
I swear i have heard that guitar song in the Netflix series drug lords season 2 episode 1
JDistrict 12 dager siden
What is the name of the song at 2:40 ? Thats a awesome song ngl
Ar nett
Ar nett 12 dager siden
Hey mike i challange you to learn how to yoyo Goodluck :)
Arnab Arya
Arnab Arya 13 dager siden
Why don't you try to run a sub 4 minute mile and see how long it takes you to achieve it, if you're able to achieve it at all.
Josh Berg
Josh Berg 13 dager siden
Video idea: How to program an Arduino with just ones and zeros, power on and off. I posted a video with English subtitles about how to do it and would love if you would show more people how you learned it and they can too!:)
weeman9869 13 dager siden
Tune in for my next video "This week I learned how to look after my knife"
joshua rogers
joshua rogers 13 dager siden
Day 1 of reminding Mike to revisit the backflip
Isaiah Freeman
Isaiah Freeman 13 dager siden
I can't wait for him to try and beat a polygraph test!
TheMudBoi 13 dager siden
I want to see I learned how to make a mansion in the forest
Sniperfor White
Sniperfor White 13 dager siden
Learn how to throw a toothpick
Rajeshwar Mahesh Aher
Rajeshwar Mahesh Aher 13 dager siden
you should learn how to yoyo
Yannie D.
Yannie D. 13 dager siden
As if it really works that way in real life Cool
Shiroton_ 13 dager siden
Hey mike, Can u try to learn how to surf in a week? Thanks if u read this 🤓
listaminex 13 dager siden
Just a heads up that, that was a masonry drill bit
Aifa J.
Aifa J. 13 dager siden
Finns doing this every year.
Chris Raver
Chris Raver 13 dager siden
Time to go for the standing backflip... Again. Good luck man!
Patrick _FHS_
Patrick _FHS_ 13 dager siden
What about white noise ?
Benjamin Fofana
Benjamin Fofana 13 dager siden
Can you learn how to vortex drink
Jeremy Fisher
Jeremy Fisher 14 dager siden
I wish they made tree tourniquets so stop my tree from losing too much sap and "bleeding out"
Dante Scharf
Dante Scharf 14 dager siden
Do you think playing leaf flute ist difficult? I think that‘d be a cool video!
Viktor Øfsti Fidtje
Viktor Øfsti Fidtje 14 dager siden
You need to learn backflip again
kebab 14 dager siden
So you’re promoting birch tree genocide? Unbelievable
Mauricio Montes
Mauricio Montes 14 dager siden
And what is another method if we don't have birch or something like that?
EclipseDG 14 dager siden
this week i learned how to find woter in ocean
Antstar12 14 dager siden
Mike, you should learn how to do archery, maybe set a goal of multiple(3 or 5) bullseyes in a row from a set distance(25m if indoors)? I'm sure there's some local archery clubs near you that you could practice at(depending on covid restrictions).
Alibi 14 dager siden
you should learn to juggle 5 balls
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 14 dager siden
purify it. Anyway great video, I just wanted to share some advice on the method and ways to keep the tree safe haha. Can’t wait for more if your stuff!
Ruvim’s Life!
Ruvim’s Life! 15 dager siden
bro please do the one punch man workout for 1 month!!
andri snaer
andri snaer 15 dager siden
u should try and make a working engine for a challange
Boom Bubble
Boom Bubble 15 dager siden
You should learn some pogo stick tricks
Arnav Kapoor
Arnav Kapoor 15 dager siden
you should learn to make hunting weapons in the wild, I think that would be cool.
Daniel Lawlor-Quinn
Daniel Lawlor-Quinn 15 dager siden
I forgot this channel name and searched up Scottish man learn stuff. and i found it again
The History Of
The History Of 15 dager siden
what state do you live in, and why is it always cloudy?
Oveja 15 dager siden
I usually listen to white noise to study, maybe I'll give brown noise a go.
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