Listen to Your Heart (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Violet Orlandi) 

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Original by Roxette
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.




19. feb.. 2021





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Runaway Dog Color
Runaway Dog Color 15 sekunder siden
Kamil Kamil
Kamil Kamil 22 minutter siden
This girl is awesome. :)
Torsten 25 minutter siden
Yes, thank you. I've been waiting for this duel
Marc Letang Canty
Marc Letang Canty 35 minutter siden
OMG all I have to say 🤘
Arpad Peter
Arpad Peter Time siden
Violet I love you!!!!! Merry meeee
Wiktoria Kopeć
Wiktoria Kopeć Time siden
I'm waiting for "Enjoy The Silence" 😍
aron juhasz
aron juhasz Time siden
i like keyboard player
Irocin Z
Irocin Z Time siden
Most excellent!
M. J. Z.
M. J. Z. Time siden
Wow great collab and cover. Another masterpiece. 🤟
Antidote Harry
Antidote Harry 2 timer siden
Zoltán Csernai
Zoltán Csernai 2 timer siden
Wow! This is amazing cover! I love this song !
marius myburgh
marius myburgh 2 timer siden
One of the best ever ..Really Awesome
Ollrich Van Doom
Ollrich Van Doom 2 timer siden
Amazing ! gimme more !
Artur Bukowski
Artur Bukowski 3 timer siden
tyspak 3 timer siden
Best reaction 0:48
Andrés Parks
Andrés Parks 3 timer siden
Epic cover 😎😎😎
poisonlizi 4 timer siden
Sooo good!!! love the outro too!! =)
Punam Mane
Punam Mane 4 timer siden
So we come here for the covers but stay fof the outros
Punam Mane
Punam Mane 4 timer siden
Violet seems somewhat different here than on her own channel, not complaining though love her either ways
professorjuh 4 timer siden
Waiting for collab with Ai Mori))
James Deese
James Deese 4 timer siden
Epic song and video I love how Leo gives his WTF look when she pulls her heart out Awesome
Тrofindin -
Тrofindin - 4 timer siden
Блин,аж промурашило!!! Просто Пушка!!!👍👏
DRAG_ MASTER 5 timer siden
Лео как всегда великолепен!
Andrew Abacadabra
Andrew Abacadabra 5 timer siden
please cover some tracks from the movie "Fire and Ice" From Willy Bogner back in the 80-90e
Jon Nerheim
Jon Nerheim 5 timer siden
Great vocals and harmonies! Honestly, I’ve grown a bit tired of the covers, but this was refreshing. Very melodic and a great cover choice🔥🤘🏻 It’s almost a year since Folken. My last live concert pre covid.
Radio Playback Rock
Radio Playback Rock 6 timer siden
Thumbs up from your Badass Nordic Rock Radio! Stay safe ya'll. www.radioplaybackrock.dk
Jeff Chisamore
Jeff Chisamore 6 timer siden
This is insane. Thank NOsections for hosting your stuff. Holy crap.
Kismókás 8 timer siden
Azon gondolkodtam honnan ilyen ismerős ez a dal. Van egy magyar verziója is ami az egyik kedven romantikus dalom. nosections.info/green/2IWXfmSneHCurtg/video.html
Jullutin 8 timer siden
Roxette copied this song from "Hearth" so its at least fair their to say "Listen to your Hearth" Meaning the band
Canuck Druid
Canuck Druid 8 timer siden
This is a great collab between Lamb of God and Within Temptation.
Luky Macák
Luky Macák 8 timer siden
This is pure awesomeness! I love it!
Jose Gonzaga
Jose Gonzaga 9 timer siden
i love loving this.
VETER PEREMEN 9 timer siden
Mary Frederecon Forever in my heart
Cody Koeller
Cody Koeller 9 timer siden
It's been so long since I've been channel, and now I'm back cuz I saw Violet.lol Great cover!!!
Stephan131992 9 timer siden
Does anyone else have the urge to headbang to the beat of this? I just cant control it xD
Jefferson` Silva
Jefferson` Silva 10 timer siden
Helena Gr
Helena Gr 10 timer siden
I already like it more than all the others!!
SobbleTube 12 timer siden
I normally listen to Leo's covers for the powewrful guitar sequences, but not this time. Don't know if it's just me, but this song feels so much more epic compared to his other covers. The collab helped achieve this feeling, I think. Either way, great job as always! ;)
Alina Lesnik Official
Alina Lesnik Official 12 timer siden
That was amazing!
dundrb 12 timer siden
Amazing version. Good work. But i prefer version from ReinXeed.
Sekurity 33
Sekurity 33 12 timer siden
Pis Test
Pis Test 13 timer siden
The Best 👍 реально зашёл кавер. Хорошая работа, так держать.
uasinoby 13 timer siden
I've waited for this collab for quite some time now. Epic job!
Thomas Escobar
Thomas Escobar 14 timer siden
great song, but kinda felt like the instruments were louder than the vocals and overshadowed them, and ive listened to leo for years now, and have recently heard violet and think the focus should be the vocals
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson 15 timer siden
Awesome cover, but the video was mediocre. A puppet playing the keyboard and the female singer pulling a plastic heart out of her chest. They should have just done the song straight up.
Regan Commins
Regan Commins 15 timer siden
I love the original but I was soo exited to see Leo ft violet!!!
Kauane 15 timer siden
Como adoro esse canal, nunca me decepciona, só cover foda 🔥🤟
Michael Christie
Michael Christie 16 timer siden
Wow, excellent work. Amazing
Thewholeschpeel jacobson
Leo, this just might be your best yet! Violet is fantastic. -Just the opinion of a U.S. Norwegian with a Norwegian name.
Bud Gates
Bud Gates 16 timer siden
Woah didnt see this coming and its frickin awesome
Jimmy Martin
Jimmy Martin 16 timer siden
Uh WOW!! All I can say
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans 16 timer siden
Cute. The Muppet ties it all together very nicely. :-)
Gigi day
Gigi day 16 timer siden
I love it ♥️🌹
Ben W
Ben W 16 timer siden
Fucking awesome cover 👍
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 16 timer siden
Be sure to check out Violet´s channel, and let me know what I should do next in the comments:)
Metalman Racing
Metalman Racing 16 timer siden
Freaking awesome mate. That cat at the end though 😂
007 HWM
007 HWM 16 timer siden
I dare Leo to do Crazy Train by Ozzy!!🤘
ApexSun 17 timer siden
Bro, how much do you miss Wayne Static bro?
rootofskynet 18 timer siden
after listening to this many times.. I suggest a collab with Hannah and Violet. that would be awesome, folks.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 16 timer siden
Awesome :D My life is better now :O really
Catherine Lee
Catherine Lee 18 timer siden
Love this!
Zumi Zent
Zumi Zent 18 timer siden
Next request MLTR "thats why you go away"
Mike Meeker
Mike Meeker 18 timer siden
OMG amazing. Kinda curious how much you have to give each artist for royalties when you do these amazing covers. I think some of them should be paying you to make them cool again.
Netluxe TV
Netluxe TV 19 timer siden
Omg what an epic collab. 2 of the best musicians on all of youtube coming together, wild video too.
Кабан Коляныч
Отлично получилось.Очень приятно голос Виолет звучит вместе с Лео и металлкавером.Особенно момент 3.10 хронометража.
David Mcilveen
David Mcilveen 19 timer siden
Good to see your still posting! 🤘
Kaminchen 19 timer siden
very good and interesting you and Violet but i love it
Jarryd Watts
Jarryd Watts 20 timer siden
Embarrassingly, I was a Roxette fan back in those days. But I like this way better than the original.
adam bickford
adam bickford 20 timer siden
Must be an age thing but this generation's eyebrows are distractingly awful.
jessie reid
jessie reid 20 timer siden
wow 2021 actually going to have something great about it violet and leo everyone!
Osok NNTRYWODT 20 timer siden
Do caralho...
Вася Колхозный
Это пиздец ))
Alex Lisovski
Alex Lisovski 21 time siden
Great job 👍 Thanks a lot!
Tak 22 timer siden
Awesome :D My life is better now :O really
Nico Busmann
Nico Busmann 22 timer siden
richtig geil :) man muss es mehrmals hören um sich daran zu "gewöhnen" aber dann einfach nur mega
DJ Crunch
DJ Crunch 22 timer siden
0megaX777 22 timer siden
I never knew how much I needed this in my life
Jon Rolph
Jon Rolph 22 timer siden
Sorry love the blond ain't working but the voice is always excellent
Aaron H
Aaron H 22 timer siden
Better than the original. This one gave me goose bumps. She. Is. Stunning!
Captain Deck
Captain Deck 22 timer siden
this cat is amazing
chubbyn00b 23 timer siden
I hate Roxette with all my heart. But everything sounds better with METAL in it :)
Fredrik Jonsson
Fredrik Jonsson 23 timer siden
Man when I saw the title leo + violet I was like.. Oh this is gonna be SOOO good. And I wasn't wrong.
M B 23 timer siden
ok, the song was great but now I just have "VIOLET ORLANDIIII" stuck in my head!!!
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 23 timer siden
Also kinda makes me wonder if Ann or Nancy would be willing to collab...
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness 23 timer siden
heavy metal power ballad... That was different :D
Jayson Belo
Jayson Belo 23 timer siden
Nice cover. Please do a collab with lauren babic. Thanks
Alex Billgren
Alex Billgren 23 timer siden
This is hard rock i like it but blood its too much i dont dare that very screaming this guy very ugly zombies yucky i dont like it i like it little bit so this amazing so that its very good rock and roll my father dont like scream and panic only me when im like it but my father like zz top and blues thats better for him im scared that guy little bit i like it so i like zz top and blues thats more like it
Jukka Tuhkanen
Jukka Tuhkanen Dag siden
Roxette was the best. And Leo is the master of covermusic and the ultimate king of all instruments.
Corven Dallas
Corven Dallas Dag siden
swayme67 Dag siden
Deniz WTF
Deniz WTF Dag siden
I always follow the development of cover songs from you man, can I save the music and I will listen to it every day while playing my drums, greetings from Indonesia 🙏 🇮🇩
BMFG Dag siden
Awesome job to both of you! That was seriously bad ass!
didek389 Dag siden
Worms Armageddon 😁 Polska pozdrawia pięknie 😘
Kolby Swindle
Kolby Swindle Dag siden
Love this song....need to make more love songs like this.
JDSoOR Dag siden
I have been waiting for something collaborative from these two for as long as I've know they were both out there. Yeah. This did it, and I didn't even care for the original.
Nikki Li
Nikki Li Dag siden
I love the original song but that's what I call an epic metal cover! Very well done! 👍
Vick Valentine
Vick Valentine Dag siden
It's raining men please :D :D :D
MEe Dag siden
Lojayn AR
Lojayn AR Dag siden
Infinity head banging ya bb🤘🏿
Lojayn AR
Lojayn AR Dag siden
Wow man, you guys made it emetal, a perfecr strong sensation to the end 🤘🏿
Srečko Lepoša
Srečko Lepoša Dag siden
This rocks. Just the right thing I needed after a hard day at work. I only wish my earphones could be louder.
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