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Robert Whittaker speaks with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto after his decision victory vs. Kelvin Gastelum in the main event of .

0:00 Whittaker explains how he feels after the five-round fight.
1:22 How his striking has improved.
2:55 Whittaker says his next fight should be for the title.

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17. april. 2021





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Sa Dwi
Sa Dwi Dag siden
Had it not been for the huge huge reach and height of adesanya over rob, there is no way adesanya could beat rob, the fighter with a much longer reach and height likely wins against an equally matched but shorter fighter...range in MMA and boxing if you know how to use it gives you an huge huge advantage over a shorter fighter
McKdog Drums
McKdog Drums 22 dager siden
Those anime shows like baki the grappler, Rob reminds me of one of those beast legends lol. Deffs got to be remembered as one of the great fighters..
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev Måned siden
Kano ❤️
DjStanceZ Måned siden
I hope when bobby fights issy again he gets the win...But as much as this was a pretty dominant performance by bobby I can't help but think he's only got himself somewhere around Issys skill level when he fought Gastelum or slightly higher. I worry that Issy improvement has only increased and the same result will when they fight again, same with Vetorri
Barta Bhaus
Barta Bhaus Måned siden
I love Rob. He would make a great champ. Lots of people looking up to him. Great individual!
matthew deon
matthew deon Måned siden
Definitely deserving it
Ethan Måned siden
Great job Rob!
Alpha Male
Alpha Male Måned siden
Bobby Knuckles is the Manny Pacquiao of MMA in terms of humility and being nice. I know Izzy is a tough opponent (might be one of the best strikes and champion of all tim) but I hope Bobby reclaims the MW title and be a champion for a very long time.
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce Måned siden
Robert can absolutely make this 1-1
ganjar dwi
ganjar dwi Måned siden
I like this guy very much. Rob will be the champ again. Adesanya mentality is declining. This is the time. But I saw Rob has a bit hesitation.
User Anonymous
User Anonymous Måned siden
Gasteleum is a tough sob seriously can take a hit. Barely wobbled. And he was eating some heavy shots. Everyone looks like they been in a fight with kelvin. He's a beast. Robby coulda got ko.ed. But he was slick
Yodawes Måned siden
How can you dislike this video?🤣 you can't hate Rob!
Boring point fighting from Whitaker, Gasteluem made it easy for him though.
Bretzille Måned siden
Everyone remember when Rob had a hernia and Kelvin was walking around with the belt like it was his? KARMA lol!
Lester 06
Lester 06 Måned siden
Takedown attempts mixed with robs stand up now could mean he beats Izzy.
Wasteland Vikingr
Wasteland Vikingr Måned siden
Whittaker is the most complete fighter in UFC. Adeseyana spent a year hyping up a light heavyweight fight while Rob took the hardest fights and cleaned out the top 5 AGAIN.
Eddie Hills
Eddie Hills Måned siden
2:22 it definitely showed he was training his boxing, I believe with Tim Tszyu, his judging of distance was extremely good as well as timing.
Dylan Carey
Dylan Carey Måned siden
Rob can beat Izzy. But good lord is that a tough fight.
k-unit 91
k-unit 91 Måned siden
He beat up to dangerous guys he earn hes way back up to the tittle shot or he can fight vettori
Mason McQuaig
Mason McQuaig Måned siden
Bro the Izzy rematch in new zealand would be a straight up rocky story. Izzy took the belt from him in Australia then rob goes into new zealand to get it back
Shadow09 Måned siden
Robert has unlocked autonomous ultra instinct 🙅🏻‍♂️
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne Måned siden
Finally he asks for the fight
Tommy Jeppesen
Tommy Jeppesen Måned siden
What a warrior!! Looking forward to Robert vs Israel II
Buck Henderson
Buck Henderson Måned siden
I like rob but I don’t think he has what it takes to beat Izzy he doesn’t have a great chin and he doesn’t use his wrestling enough
Ice Trae Young
Ice Trae Young Måned siden
This Bobby fought similar to Blachowicz against Izzy
Flatulence The Unending II
People act like kelvin has been looking great
Kirko Bangz
Kirko Bangz Måned siden
DESERVES A REMATCH?! What? The guy never complained, took his loss. Fought Number one contenders... KILLERS in Jared, Darren and Kelvin. Would of fought Costa who dropped out and Kelvin who gave Izzy hardest fight at 185. He’s so respectful and represents the sport so well
Pierce BrosMAN
Pierce BrosMAN Måned siden
Nobody ever outstruck Gastelum like that
Raj S. Sandhu
Raj S. Sandhu Måned siden
Much respect to Whittaker. Gastelum needs to get down to ww
Dafydd Johnson
Dafydd Johnson Måned siden
was pullin for izzy in first fight, id like B. knuckles to win the rematch
kep R
kep R Måned siden
Rob went and earned his rematch with hard graft instead of complaining for a instant rematch. What a guy
Alex Dunford
Alex Dunford Måned siden
Whittaker is the MAN. Long live the reaper 🙌
Tony Martini
Tony Martini Måned siden
What a gentleman what a performance... Other fighters could learn a lot from Mr knuckles
True Talk
True Talk Måned siden
Brett is a savage tells Rob what is this next level striking that “maybe” we saw tonight 😂
Frostlink_ Måned siden
TollFree999 Måned siden
Didn't realize Gastelum bruised his face up that much.
theinFAMOUSassassin Måned siden
Been a fan of Whittaker since his win over Yoel in the first fight, he's a true ambassador and staying true to themselves. People nowadays want to be and intimidate Conor's wealth, personality, and style.
Daniel Whirley
Daniel Whirley Måned siden
Class act I prefer this type of fighter respect to both men.
Danny Salinas
Danny Salinas Måned siden
Honestly he doesn't want the figth cause like someone said he just clear the division again twince desanya is just sitting in the throne lol
will new
will new Måned siden
He needs to fight Jake Paul before he comes at Izzy. No disrespect to Whittaker but we can’t take him seriously unless he’s fought Paul.
Zoogie Måned siden
Izzy doesnt wanna fight Rob cuz he has the best chance at beating him in the division
SchmidtGainzFitness Måned siden
Brett ask dumb questions every time
Jon D
Jon D Måned siden
izzy beats him again...rob will have to employ more wrestling
Jnguy101 Måned siden
Paid in full, please give this man his rematch 🙏
Nicholas DeVries
Nicholas DeVries Måned siden
Dang KG is like floating in the ranks
Anthony Demeo
Anthony Demeo Måned siden
I’m so happy he finally says he wants a title fight ! You deserved it 3 fights ago, go get that belt
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen Måned siden
Needs to step up because Izzy will dust him if he fights like this. Glad Brett isn't taking Jake Paul seriously, though. hearing Ariel hyping that is disgusting and why Dana keeps him in the dog house
Dennis Nguyen
Dennis Nguyen Måned siden
rob was badass last night, just pop shoted gast and was evasive throughout the fight without running. Made kel look like an amateur.
sandman62100 Måned siden
Honestly, I think Jake Paul would merk this nobody under boxing rules
DudeOrdinary Måned siden
Bobby knuckles smoked Kelvin dayum
michael e
michael e Måned siden
If you don’t like The Reaper, that’s a you problem.
DPR HITZ2X Måned siden
DPR HITZ2X Måned siden
Dushi Libri
Dushi Libri Måned siden
You should fight Costa first then we can give you a chance to fight Isreal. Nobody likes a person that beats them
bikerboy72 Måned siden
That head kick Gastelum ate was disgusting
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Måned siden
Whittaker is so underrated. A great warrior that encompasses ALL MMA skills. No weaknesses. He actually FOUGHT Romero; Izzy avoided a fight with Romero and it was a sad display.
Shawn Bonnar
Shawn Bonnar Måned siden
And Newwwwww! Roberrrrrrt! The Reaperrrrrr! Whittakerrrrrr! Lets go, Dana. Give the man his due.
Profile One
Profile One Måned siden
Valentina disagrees with the decision. His nose is rose 🌹 he lost!
Dexion Evicus
Dexion Evicus Måned siden
Whittaker beat Gastelum more dominantly that Izzy did.
Ladajzo Brinton
Ladajzo Brinton Måned siden
Lil bit of boxing experience, he should fight Jake Paul next...lol If Jake wins he fights Israel.
Josh James
Josh James Måned siden
Good fighter but that's it not the biggest guy . He has 0 chance against stylebender when they rematch be much of the same .rob has got a bit better so may last abit longer even a decision loss at the very best for him .stylebender has the reach and the IQ . He struggled against jan because of the size and power of jan was too much in that 5th round . Rob slot smaller then the polish power
Dexion Evicus
Dexion Evicus Måned siden
We’re at the point now where I don’t even need to watch the fight anymore. I just check who Chael picks, then the other fighter will win.
Karabo Molele
Karabo Molele Måned siden
The Reaper💯🔥
2realizeu Måned siden
What's not to love??
Dark Star King
Dark Star King Måned siden
Robert Whittaker took a walk down murderers row.....again. Came out the other side beating them all. It’s time.....it’s time.
Lawrence Cantiller
Lawrence Cantiller Måned siden
I just want to see how rob would do against izzy again. He had 2 monster fights against yoel before the izzy fight so the damage he took was a lot and fighting izzy after that must have been hard af
nii clark
nii clark Måned siden
Buy "UMA"!! A cryptocurrency, Ethereum token that will hit $100 in the next couple months 🚀🚀 lets push the price up!!! The future
Lexi Marie
Lexi Marie Måned siden
I knew The Reaper would win 👊
applejm Måned siden
who won? cuz i was watching the clown show of jake vs ben
WasThat Wrong
WasThat Wrong Måned siden
Nice interview. Good luck to Robert.
Dani89Ltd Måned siden
Since Adesanya dared to be great and failed it is time for a rematch.
Bill Wood
Bill Wood Måned siden
Robert can absolutely beat Israel , he HAS to take him to the ground though. Rob relayed heavy on his 1-2 High kick and Izzy knew it very time to counter . Get him on the ground and Pound
Perc Austrawich
Perc Austrawich Måned siden
Of course Izzy will pick rob. Keeps vettoris name out his mouth. Dodgebender
BIGD2QUICK Måned siden
Enjoy the win ladies, hes just gonna lose to izzy AGAIN
TopheavyclothingNL Måned siden
Really izzy?? 😂😂 u kno what happend 😅 just sit down and wait bro
TopheavyclothingNL Måned siden
@Vanja Ratkovic till Costa got his little confidence back
Vanja Ratkovic
Vanja Ratkovic Måned siden
Wait on what?
Tim Collins
Tim Collins Måned siden
Call him the reaper for a reason...I think he deserves izzy over Marvin comparing performances...Marvin reminds me of gsp...rob reminds me of no one but himself that’s the differnece
EPSTomcat11 Måned siden
Bobby’s biggest strength is to fight past the pain relentlessly. Only way to beat him is to knock him out
Caleeb Pinkett
Caleeb Pinkett Måned siden
I think the UFC should make the NMF belt 🤣🤣🤣 Whitaker vs Thompson 🤣✊🏾
Leandro Antelo
Leandro Antelo Måned siden
Imagine a rematch nowadays between wonderboy and the reaper 🔪
Stuart Irving
Stuart Irving Måned siden
Absolute ninja
Prevention797 Måned siden
Spawny500 Måned siden
Good work Reap!
Coach 413
Coach 413 Måned siden
Incredible human being and athlete! Get that title champ!
Trap Logic
Trap Logic Måned siden
Love this man.
sffan10 Måned siden
Rob vs Izzy in New Zealand. Make it.
UFC GUY (Free Fights)
Izzy is trying to beef with these guy . Such a humble man. 😂
Ed Dames
Ed Dames Måned siden
Rob Whittaker is the ideal brand ambassador for the sport. A gentleman, well spoken who is passionate about getting better every time he fights. And a family man who knows why he fights. Without disregarding the skills of Adesanya, I believe the next time they fight, Whittaker will win. And decisively based on the improvements and adjustments he has made since their first fight.
Noah Måned siden
Easily the fight to make is Izzy and Rob2. I’m a rob fan but a bigger Izzy fan. This Rob looks way more technical, smarter, and more dangerous than last time. I got Izzy by split decision
Carts the comment section cop
Sober costa v Marvin no cap
micdoses1 Måned siden
Love this man
Jorge Vieira
Jorge Vieira Måned siden
Izzy hear him with what a two year off. In that fight Rob did not look like himself. I would love to see the next fight with Izzy. I am sure it will be a much more competitive, close fight.
Martian Måned siden
Rob just unlocked ultra instinct
Tupael Khan
Tupael Khan Måned siden
Rob is the man.
Lil Ty
Lil Ty Måned siden
Marvin vs Costa or Jared nuff said. Put him against the wolves
F Humble
F Humble Måned siden
Insane that Whittaker had to get 3 other wins to get a rematch, he should have had an immediate rematch in the first place.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Måned siden
Congrats to Robert on another good win 👊
make vettori vs rob the winner gets rematch with izzy
Shakhzod Iskandarov
Shakhzod Iskandarov Måned siden
He is DC of middle weight
KGB 94
KGB 94 Måned siden
Dc of middle weight is 5’6” Deronn Winn who is also Dcs homie lol
Tumi Mbasa
Tumi Mbasa Måned siden
"Fight is promoted on drama, but is won on the mundane training"- GSP
Mpho Mmopi
Mpho Mmopi Måned siden
This guy is very likable. This coming from Izzy no 1 fan