Gabbie Hanna will never stop. 

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JessiSmiles 24 dager siden
For as long as Gabbie Hanna has her video up about my SA monetized, this video will be monetized as well. Thank you for taking the time to listen.
Alex Hood
Alex Hood 22 dager siden
I'm surprised she hasn't tried to claim this video even tho it would be unjustified
phillygirl22 23 dager siden
Jessi you are genuinely so damn strong for this. I’m a survivor as well and I lost a lot of friends who sided with the man who r-ed me. I WISH I had half as much courage as you do. I know you didn’t ask to be an inspiration but you are. Please know how loved you are. But more importantly, please don’t ever feel like those of us who look up to you are expecting you to be strong 24/7. You’re allowed to feel the pain- that doesn’t make you weak, it’s apart of healing. NEVER apologize for crying. Strength doesn’t mean never showing vulnerability. Strength is allowing yourself to be vulnerable when you need to be, then carrying on, and not letting it consume you. You are so so loved, Jessi. You deserve the entire world. I wish you and your beautiful family nothing but the best.
Sabont Magont
Sabont Magont 23 dager siden
This is YOUR trauma if anyone, you deserve to make money off of it
Malini Pandey
Malini Pandey 23 dager siden
i love you ❤️❤️
lolsstar 23 dager siden
That is taking the power back girl. Well done 👍
Karinabella_bts 11 minutter siden
I’m so sorry this has happened to you I hope you spend the rest of your pregnancy happy and healthy
Shannon Sinclair
Shannon Sinclair 29 minutter siden
Love you jessi!!!! Been watching your videos for years and have always been on your side. ❤ enjoy your pregnancy. Screw gabbi hanna.
14_Hadeer Al Zaidi
She needs to get a restraining order. She is really a narcissist.
ImYourHuckleberry27 2 timer siden
Sending you love and support.
Sophia Hoblyn
Sophia Hoblyn 3 timer siden
have a safe pregnancy
Sophia Hoblyn
Sophia Hoblyn 3 timer siden
i am so sorry.
acelyn 3 timer siden
i’m so sorry love :( we’re here for you
Amy S
Amy S 3 timer siden
I’m sorry you went through this drama . It’s crazy.
Mothman 4 timer siden
Don't let yourself get too worked up, stress bad for bb. Keep your chin up and continue screaming the truth so loudly no one can say they didn't hear it.
That One Hamilfan Called Gracie
it hurts me that instead of being excited about a baby jessi has to do this. Instead of buying cute baby clothes she has to make this. This is awful. I hope gabbir is happy with herself
Linda J
Linda J 6 timer siden
You must be one of the best and most loyal friend any girl or women could wish for. I’m so sorry she did not value that. You are very strong and brave while she’s just a little person who seems to feed on other peoples trauma. No wait, her BEST FRIENDS trauma!! Come on, that’s just a trashy and poor way to get attention. It’s sad to see how important it is for some women to get validation from some men. It’s ridiculous. I’m sorry for my bad english it’s not my language. Stay strong ❤️
Natasha Yearous
Natasha Yearous 6 timer siden
It’s so sad that she has to relive this every time. Just because she made some vines and is in the public eye. I’m so sorry for you Jessi. It’s ridiculous. It makes me want to cry
Luner Eclipse
Luner Eclipse 7 timer siden
I just finished and I’m glad your finally stepping on this and just giving it no more energy. I’m sorry I’m so Terribly sorry that she and others like her can just be so cruel. I wish you the best and a safe pregnancy
Madison Williams
Madison Williams 7 timer siden
She’s obsessed with you! She needs a pysch ward. So sorry for you! God bless.
Miranda Shea
Miranda Shea 8 timer siden
Jessi- you are loved! Your pain is palpable and my heart goes out to you. Please be well.
Lee 8 timer siden
You’re so strong and you deserve a break, pleas take care of yourself and your baby.
Lily Alonso
Lily Alonso 8 timer siden
You absolutely do not deserve this, I have seen everything from the very beginning and I immediately knew who was in the wrong because it’s not very hard to see. Its just so mind boggling to me how people can act like this and fuck with people for years on end. Her bringing up this trauma constantly is absolutely sick to me. I’m wishing you love and healing always.
ĸazυмι-cнan 9 timer siden
The fact that she keeps her comments off proves that she can’t handle it and that she’s a coward
Intwernet 7 timer siden
agree, she can't handle the bs cause she wants to be right
Macaron2xx 12 timer siden
I can’t imagine what this must be like. Nobody deserves what you or other people have gone or are going through. I’ve learnt that some people are just demons. Hopefully she will rot in hell... I don’t know you but bless you and your strength. Hang in there.
Kiara Simmons
Kiara Simmons 14 timer siden
You don’t deserve any of this😔I’m so sorry she mentioned ur trauma and I hope u have a safe pregnancy💕
Ashley.S 18 timer siden
We as your fans stand with you in solidarity Jessi. I cant imagine how rough this is on you but please know you're never alone and have family, friends, and fans that truly care about you. I hope and pray that after this video there has been a weight lifted off your shoulders. Stay strong and be well
reywolf74 19 timer siden
Gabbi is evil. To continue to bring up a traumatic incident over and over again is wrong… and she’s not even really part of it. Gabbi I don’t wish u any ill-will but please get help and stay off of social media
Jazz Stew
Jazz Stew 19 timer siden
I don't have words to express how sorry I am about all that's been done to do and that you have to keep reliving it. I hope you finally get the peace you deserve
Rosanna Cabrera
Rosanna Cabrera 19 timer siden
I’m late but this was genuine the way she defended herself
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 21 time siden
being she is. We are all here for you Jessi
Br00tal Cabbage
Br00tal Cabbage 21 time siden
You don’t have to sue her for blackmail, you can report her to the police
Chiedza Dziruni
Chiedza Dziruni 22 timer siden
Dear 15 year old me: when you hate someone for no reason, you should just stick to that feeling, coz you're always right about it.
Chelsey Cunningham
Chelsey Cunningham 22 timer siden
I remember you from Clevver. So sorry about what happened to you, Jessi. Best of wishes and try to stay positive.
Olivia Benedetti Vlogs
Olivia Benedetti Vlogs 22 timer siden
I hope you and your family are doing okay ❤️
Olivia Benedetti Vlogs
Olivia Benedetti Vlogs 22 timer siden
Omg this is horrible experience for someone I'm sorry this has happened to you
stephy case
stephy case Dag siden
please know were here for you she’s not worth it and please please please not only enjoy your pregnancy but your life because you deserve all the happiness in the world ❤️
Aubsishere :}
Aubsishere :} Dag siden
I’m sorry this happened to you
Brynn Pearson
Brynn Pearson Dag siden
I hope you can enjoy your life to the fullest with your beautiful family 💛
Rebecca Martens
Rebecca Martens Dag siden
You're an amazing human being, and I am so so sorry that you are having to go through this. I wish you the best in your pregnancy and in life
Dori Gernant
Dori Gernant Dag siden
I give you so much props for dealing with this the way you are/did, you are so strong. i’m so so sorry that you are going through this.
jord loves danny
we will always support you jessi ❤️‍🩹
Tayaa Martinez
Tayaa Martinez Dag siden
Wait does she talk like that or is the video speed up?
Darian Harvey
Darian Harvey Dag siden
Be happy and enjoy your pregnancy. You deserve it. Let the trash take itself out. Everyone is gonna have to own up to their shit one day... I’ve supported you since you started NOsections and I’ll support you long after you stop NOsections
The Bat Family
The Bat Family Dag siden
For two people who don’t wanna be in drama you sure both are good at continuing it.
bleaux Dag siden
10:27 dang someone need to talk trisha all this
mkupby jess
mkupby jess Dag siden
I'm sorry you gotta deal with her she's a awful human and what happened to u was awful I'm so sorry u gotta deal with this on top what's happened to u
Darian Harvey
Darian Harvey Dag siden
Her bangs on her eyelashes were bothering me the whole time
Annabelle Nolin
Annabelle Nolin Dag siden
She’s horrible! We’re with you
Ciarra Corbett
Ciarra Corbett Dag siden
Why tf would you post this anyways Bc it’s just making people more aware of the situation and keep talking about the situation, shut it down and no one will talk about it.
victor hugo
victor hugo Dag siden
Man she is crazy crazy, but i dont get why dont u guys just go to court, present the evidence, and its done
victor hugo
victor hugo Dag siden
@summersevening Yeah i saw it later on lol, but i mean im not from the us so, a restraining order isnt enough?
summersevening Dag siden
Umm she literally says in this video that if she had the money and the will to go through yrs in court, she would. Have you actually watched this video before commenting?
You know your truth and that’s all that matters. You’re very strong for publicly addressing your trauma. I could never. It’s time for you to heal from it
Taylor Martinez
Taylor Martinez Dag siden
We are with you!
Elly Dag siden
I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you gonna be left alone now and have time to heal. Enjoy your pregnancy.
Demmi Knoll
Demmi Knoll Dag siden
I feel so sorry for Jessi honestly, I can't imagine living through such a traumatic experience, and already having to deal with the trauma and flashbacks, but knowing every effort you make to try and overcome, move past and forget what happened, you never will be able too because your ex "best friend" won't stop running their mouth about it. Like having your trauma constantly put to light by someone when you're trying your best efforts to work through it, I really can't imagine. I'm so sorry Jessi.
Katie Lembo
Katie Lembo Dag siden
So much love to you and yours during this really difficult time. We stand with you. We know the truth. Don’t you dare stand down to her threats. ❤️
daphne steenbergen
i watched the whole entire video just right now. and: 13.42 why would someone say they got raped if they weren't and keep the thing up for like 6 years?
MisfitMum Dag siden
As an assault victim who has been told so many times by the people who are supposed to be my family that the abuser would have never done what he did ,I can not imagine the pain you go through! And your a public figure. Your such a beautiful, strong, kind, positive,soul Jessi. Edit: I just want to reach through the screen and give you a big hug.
m ice
m ice Dag siden
I had the same happen to me, I told my friend and she deleted me because she had a boyfriend in that group.
SerixSkylark Dag siden
It’s incredibly sad that she will continue to put someone else’s traumatic incident under a microscope for her followers and anyone else to see, even though it’s completely against her right to talk about, but then go on the record to say no one else can talk about her shit. You don’t put this shit on blast and keep opening fucking wounds like that and twisting the knife. If she can’t see how hurtful and arrogant she’s being, she has some serious issues.
Cheyenne Bettinger
Please enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! You look amazing and you are so strong. Keep your head up doll❤️
Ozora Cheek
Ozora Cheek Dag siden
I hope this video was releasing for you. I'm so sorry you continue to go through this nonsense with a person irrelevant to the situation in the first place.
scientious Dag siden
Both your description of Hanna and Hanna's behavior are textbook narcissism. There are a couple of psychology channels on NOsections that describe narcissistic behavior in detail. nosections.infovideos nosections.info/mem/IELB1mz8wMKIhB6DCmTBlwvideos Anyone who listens to the descriptions will see that Hanna matches. A narcissist lives for praise the way a drug addict lives for the next fix. And this is not proportionate. To the narcissist, even slight criticism outweighs genuine trauma to anyone else. They see your leg amputation or cancer diagnoses as an inconvenience (that you shouldn't make a big deal of) but they see one nasty comment toward them as a life altering tragedy that everyone should have sympathy for. This also applies to any criticism where they believe that anything they say about you in public is fair and anything you say in private is fair to be made public, but that you should never, ever criticize them in public. Holding onto grudges for years is also a characteristic of narcissists.
Paa Servant of Jesus Christ
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Wendigo Whispers
This has nothing to do with religion, and it's disturbing to use a situation about trauma to try to indoctrinate people. Shame on you.
J Michael
J Michael Dag siden
As a mom, there’s no way in helllll you’ve had time for her crap for the last 4 years. Especially not now. Mamas just want to naps and to be left alone. That girl needs a hobby.
mavvv Dag siden
Jessi. I dont know much about this, but i am so so so so SO sorry. You never deserved this. Please remember that i am someone you can reach out to.
FitNation Dag siden
Literally everything she is accusing you of is HER OWN BEHAVIOR. SHE IS PROJECTING. She needs help 🤦🏼‍♀️
CocoPokiStix Dag siden
Could we not just mass report those videos that GH is referring to? Are there other ways to try and support Jessi?
"You will make them feel like what they think happened, never happened." That is the ultimate textbook definition of "gaslighting".
Amanda Marks
Amanda Marks Dag siden
Love you❤
Anoosha Tariq
Anoosha Tariq Dag siden
she keeps putting herself in situations where people aren't even talking about her is because deep inside she got a guilty conscious and she knows how shitty of a person she is
Jacquelyn Bechtold
Jacquelyn Bechtold 2 dager siden
Ya know for what NOsections has sensored and removed over the years, why aren't they removing Gabbi. She's disgusting. Proud of you Jessi. My heart is with you.
cindy garcia
cindy garcia 2 dager siden
She’s literally gross
zo wezel
zo wezel 2 dager siden
Okay not on a level of emotions lofcourse but by seeing gabba hanna and jake paul, i have come to understand some people have the uno reverse card as their logic😂
clara merchant
clara merchant 2 dager siden
Get a lawyer and sue her. Seriously, she is talking about a tramatic event that happened to you PAIN AND SUFFERING. People like her need to be put in their place She's disgusting
clara merchant
clara merchant 2 dager siden
Are we supposed to be able to read any of the information flipping by?
Elly Dag siden
There is a pause button for a reason
Amy Carter
Amy Carter Dag siden
Pause the video and read it.
Tiffany F.
Tiffany F. 2 dager siden
After only a few of that chicks vids, I saw right through her. She sickens me. So, I'm incredibly happy to see someone call her out so beautifully. Well done. She's scary!
RachelnotRachael 2 dager siden
What sort of sicko recruits people for "preemptive" measures????
RachelnotRachael 2 dager siden
Whose saying she can't share her story??? All she does is overshare random shit constantly
RachelnotRachael 2 dager siden
For some reason she seems to think people aren't allowed to like, comment share certain posts as if people aren't entitled to free will
RachelnotRachael 2 dager siden
If she ever thought she was going to 'predict' your behaviour it was because she manipulated the situation to push you to do that. Its not intelligent, it's completely disgusting.
Natalie Farah
Natalie Farah 2 dager siden
please be careful... like the more I hear about the story the more I'm scared for your security... Never be in contact with that person again, block her, dlt her number, change your number add security guards around your house get a restraining order, Idk all I know is that your safety seems legit in danger!
Hurija Bećić
Hurija Bećić 2 dager siden
I love you! And I appreciate you so much! You are a pregnant woman and you should not have to do any of this. Please live your life in happines and ignore that crazy woman. I wish you nothing but happines!!!
Amber Larry
Amber Larry 2 dager siden
Cease and desist is needed . I am sorry you have dealt with this bull. I hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and congrats
Seleste Salazar
Seleste Salazar 2 dager siden
Sending hope and blessings for your family 💗💗
Bryanna 2 dager siden
why is she so god damn annoying jessi, i pray you stay healthy and happy. stay strong.
Seleste Salazar
Seleste Salazar 2 dager siden
Bro she is so crazy
Haley Daugherty
Haley Daugherty 2 dager siden
You should not have to be continuing to go through this, you should be able to heal and because of her, you have never been given the full opportunity to do so. She is a sad, sick, and disgusting human being who lives her life off of other people's experiences. My heart truly goes out to you and I am thankful we get to hear your side of the story and that you go about things in the most respectful way possible. You are truly an amazing and strong human and I wish nothing but the best for you moving on.
Azzy Coronica
Azzy Coronica 2 dager siden
The fact is mister predi and jessi’s video takes 1 hour to spill the ☕️ #exposedt
F.D.A sucks letsfight F.I.P save the kitties
I'm sorry this happened to you 😔♥️❤️💜🖤
Hayden Awake
Hayden Awake 2 dager siden
Why I never properly come out with my rape? "Misunderstanding"
Hayden Awake
Hayden Awake Dag siden
@Wendigo Whispers thank you, so much love to you too
Wendigo Whispers
Wendigo Whispers 2 dager siden
Your trauma is still real, and you are still important. Heal, no matter how that looks to anyone else. Much love and support.
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 2 dager siden
I am going to rewatch the video again today. This whole thing was crazy, but you are my hero.
kaytanz 2 dager siden
she says you wrote her a novel, yet she made you a literal movie series… i’ve never hated someone so much lol
Peach PHS
Peach PHS 2 dager siden
Same, i've never felt this much anger or hate towards someone
Claire VH
Claire VH 2 dager siden
All of this is just sad. Deal with this in private if you really wish to have a sincere apology. Back and forth with screenshots and snippets and tears and yelling all posted for us to take “sides” on is just insane. No matter who is right or wrong, or the severity of the situation.
Taylor Kat
Taylor Kat 2 dager siden
The fact that she says "if I wanted to sleep with him I would have" just proves that she gives zero shits about boundaries. She acts like it doesn't matter what anyone else wants, or anyone else's boundaries. I'm horrified that I was ever a fan of hers. I'm a survivor too and I really hope you're doing ok, I hate that you have to go through all of this all the time. Stay strong x
Silke van der Veen
Silke van der Veen 2 dager siden
Honey please, you are a beautiful woman, please let this narcissistic bitch go, people who believe her, let them go to, i understand its really hard and you wanna keep your name clean. This excuse of a human, is not gonna leave you alone unless you give her complete radio silence, bad attention is still attention, she feeds on your tears, its hard to think for a empath but this girl is not capable of loving, she is just a shell.. a empty body.. you can’t be reasonable with her bc she can’t be reasoned with. Im sorry you have to deal with this, its horrible. Dealing with a narcissistic person is really hard.. don’t try to understand her, just know your own worth, we all know it love. I really wish you have te space to move on!
Laura Cardamone
Laura Cardamone 2 dager siden
We love you Jessi❤️
Jenna Grace
Jenna Grace 2 dager siden
you're so strong for talking about this. I am so sorry that she keeps bringing up past trauma and is continuing this ridiculous witch hunt. She wont stop because that what she does and then when shes in the wrong she will blame it on her mental health again. Having issues with your mental health is valid and should not be treated as a excuse for when she F*cks up.
sammig thomas
sammig thomas 2 dager siden
We are all here for you jessi 💕 we all support you and we will be here for you to the end.
Tara 2 dager siden
Who are these fans? I guess I don't understand how any of you have fans. Wtf have you done? LOL
billie the kid
billie the kid 2 dager siden
i’m so sorry this is happening to you.
Jenalee Amundsen
Jenalee Amundsen 2 dager siden
what she’s doing sounds exactly like what narcissistic people do
Heidi Brady
Heidi Brady 2 dager siden
Very well said! i completely agree with you! We love you 🧡
Samantha Dekker
Samantha Dekker 2 dager siden
Also 1:02:00 this. Anyone who is willing to be friends with or talk to a rapist, ESPECIALLY their "best friend's" rapist is 100% why I have trust issues with friends and therfore can only trust as many people as I can count on one hand. Everyone will let you down, even after you tell them about your rape. I had my best friend tell me she "couldn't stay mad" at my abuser, 2 weeks after I told her about the abuse, including SA. That's what this boils down to with GH. She has decided that she wants to take a stranger's word over her best friends', therefore downplaying her rape, and that just isn't acceptable.