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25. mai. 2021





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Tom Stanton
Tom Stanton 2 måneder siden
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/M_TomStanton_iOS ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/M_TomStanton_Android ✅ PC: clcr.me/M_TomStanton_PC and start your journey now!
Y0Y0Evan 19 timer siden
raid is a scam
Daniel 3 dager siden
@Ichsbe Stimmtnischt this Games should be treated like gambling
hax boi
hax boi 3 dager siden
@Ralph Dratman Yes the children are paying to play these dumb games. Also pay to win means you need to use real money to make the game fun to play. 95% of the games are not like this luckly.
Thaddeus Cosse
Thaddeus Cosse 3 dager siden
இந்தியன் இந்தியன்
Even your country roads have dents , which country you are ?
Stan Leery
Stan Leery 2 timer siden
Except flywheels are heavy, and bikes need to be light... Awesome vid though...
Wolfram Gerber
Wolfram Gerber 3 timer siden
And how can you drive right or left with this gyroskop???
Filmingle 4 timer siden
everything on this channel is either to do with flywheels or bikes i still like the channel tho
Julius Denecke
Julius Denecke 6 timer siden
what would be if you put the flyweel inside the backtire (coaxial) you could have a greater radius and it would help to stabalized your bike when braking (like support wheels)
Paul McFarland
Paul McFarland 7 timer siden
What's it like leaning into a corner at high speed with the flywheel spinning fast?
Gyro nuts
Gyro nuts 8 timer siden
I thought about this to have a pair of there under mi pickup truck, with bells driving the drivee shaft and using the brake lite to turn on/off, driving in the city is a lot of stop and go, I believe that you can save lots of fuel during a year of driving with this system. Can you try to do that your self as a next project? It's just a bigger and heavier flywheel will do it.
300pzl 8 timer siden
aluminum gears wont last very long.
Nav Jordaan
Nav Jordaan 11 timer siden
I wish someone loved me as much as Tom loves flywheels
insrtclevrnamehere 11 timer siden
Engage the flywheel at max wheel speed and see how fast you go
Omar Faruk
Omar Faruk 12 timer siden
the flywheel needs a CVT
Michel Michel
Michel Michel 13 timer siden
Very good Idea 👍
Brendan Donnelly
Brendan Donnelly 17 timer siden
You don't have to limit the size of the flywheel by keeping it within the frame.
Will B.
Will B. 19 timer siden
Could you put energy into the fly by pedaling backwards? Like when coasting or going down hill.
Wyatt 20 timer siden
I made a fly wheel in stem class in school out of kinects
insanity 2
insanity 2 21 time siden
I present you FKERS Flywheel Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Carmen Schumann
Carmen Schumann Dag siden
. . . 1800 J of stored energy - that's about the amount of energy needed to vaporize 1 ml of water . . .
Overdose Dag siden
This is a cool project and I bet you could make significant improvements to it if you put in the time.
Will Dag siden
actually sick as hell
River Weems
River Weems Dag siden
Here's a good question, I watched the propeller powered with air, what about dry ice powered propeller
Xienfrostborne Dag siden
Another fantastic idea as always. I had an idea I thought would be cool to discuss.
The88Cheat Dag siden
4:29 As a bike mechanic, it hurt me to see you touch the braking surface of the pad. :(
Valhalla Awaits
Valhalla Awaits Dag siden
My car's single mass flywheel does exacty the same noise ^^
D Dag siden
A man installed a flywheel on his bike. This is what happened with his groin.
Ronald Macdonald
put lube
samuel yeung
samuel yeung Dag siden
i think it will be better if there is a tcm(which is too difficult D:) It can allow the flying wheels to absove more energy by increasing the gear ratio and allow the rear wheel to use all energy from the bike
Waldherz FeuerClan
Video starts at 2:04 if you want to skip the RAID.
The Kombinator
The Kombinator Dag siden
Why not just use a flywheel from a car? Looks like you're in the UK, go to the scrap yard and grab one off a Daewoo Matiz, they probably weigh about 13-15 kilos and already have a pilot bearing in the centre. Probably you could get one for 20 pounds. Could have grabbed the clutch too.
Hermes Tris
Hermes Tris Dag siden
Cool. Would be nice to try to mount 2 big flywheels in a spokeless bike
TUJAY 2jz Dag siden
Maybe the can be inside the wheels???
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis Dag siden
Does the gyro of the flywheel have a noticable effect?
Brian Ellis
Brian Ellis Dag siden
Haha thanks for awning my question at the end, I should have known that you would have thought about it
Justin Tackett
Justin Tackett Dag siden
My phone herd me say to a freind that Flywheels are the the best battery, since then I’ve been watching your videos. This is the one time being spied on turned out well.
jin choung
jin choung Dag siden
you are testing the WORST CASE SCENARIO though. like in formula 1, the primary use case is NOT getting back up to speed after a DEAD STOP. it's capturing energy when you slow down and then getting some more gumption when you get back on the gas. i would have loved to see that tested out.
Ay yo the console level graphics they promised are PS1 console level graphics XD
Sanjay Binder
Sanjay Binder 2 dager siden
good for the City xD
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 2 dager siden
You are the coolest guy in the world! Analytical meets "Just try it!". Perfect.
Douglas Parkinson
Douglas Parkinson 2 dager siden
swytch has a new competitor
Azhar Fahry
Azhar Fahry 2 dager siden
Don't forget that the heat on the brake caliper on the flywheel might affect the effectiveness of the clutch. But I think it would get cooled down by itself because the heat from the brake caliper would get transfered to the flywheel. Anyway, Love the project!
Tyler 2 dager siden
if you improved the design it would be even better. Please do a follow up.
r e e
r e e 2 dager siden
2:02 if you want to skip the sponsorship
AZ CYCLING 2 dager siden
Глеб Б
Глеб Б 2 dager siden
Interesting idea! But it can be done more technologically :) Rotate the flywheel with an electric motor. 15% flywheel + 15.7% your electric motor;). Use the braking mode to charge the batteries. The flywheel will add torque and save charge. It's good that there is a grip. If the batteries run out, you can get to the charging station. Good potential in this idea.
Abhinav Kala
Abhinav Kala 2 dager siden
This can be useful where the road goes up and down a lot, engage the clutch during downhill travel, which speeds up the flywheel as well as gives a good descent control to prevent overspeeding. And when yot an uphill road, engage the flywheel again to get some assistance pedalling up the road.
zaildar kuldeep
zaildar kuldeep 2 dager siden
Very good nice.
ilove2playtoo 2 dager siden
If anything goes wrong, say goodbye to your balls. ;-)
ivan schafeldt
ivan schafeldt 2 dager siden
tom, build a steam turbine electricity generator.
MR K 2 dager siden
all that engineering effort only to toss all your energy to friction losses
mwint1982 2 dager siden
On this episode of Oops my balls...
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 2 dager siden
Speaking of raid.... Yeah I'm out...
Gustavo Cantu
Gustavo Cantu 2 dager siden
What if you add the flywheel to an ebike. You charge the ebike with solar at home and the flywheel recovers some of the ebike power back. 🤔 wonder how well/bad that would work.
Jackson Li
Jackson Li 2 dager siden
now you just have to make a infinite gear ratio system and a electromagnetic induction charger ;)
Rickert Mork
Rickert Mork 2 dager siden
try using an onyx hub in the middle of the flywheel... it uses a sprag clutch , what they use in helicopters. or use skateboard bearings by oust called Mac 9 then hammer and grind the flywheel into alignment. and create a bearing and axle platform.
Danny Mann
Danny Mann 2 dager siden
I subscribed to your channel when you said flywheel👍🏻
Joe Pelletier
Joe Pelletier 3 dager siden
I totally expected that the raid shadow legends sponsor was a joke, it was not D: and now I'm a sad commenter.
Gunhaver 3 dager siden
i remember doing a ton of calculations to figure out the ideal shape and size for a flywheel that is used in truck KERS systems today. it seems like a pretty common student exercise because when you are done, you compare it to the flywheels that are actually used for trucks. i don't know how common they are, but i think its volvo trucks that have massive cylinder shaped flywheels
James Guy Photography
James Guy Photography 3 dager siden
I can see this working on a long downhill run with very short uphill sections, just leaving the clutch engaged.
Moritz Keller
Moritz Keller 3 dager siden
Another one of my dreams realized or rather put to the test. Thank you Tom.
Simon's Stuff
Simon's Stuff 3 dager siden
Why you didn't attach it to the wheel instead?
Alexander Wooldridge Smith
Gears need to be made to a very high precision. A CNC machine is the wrong device for gear cutting, even at a proffessional CNC will not cut the shape accuratly enough. OK for a test device, but you need gears made on a gear cutting machine for the real thing. Other than that, well done a really good attempt. (P.S. I designed a 60,000 rpm vacuum flywheel system for M-B F1 KERS, with a nice carbon carbon emergency brake, but the pesky battery device was chosen instead).
Freakybananayo 3 dager siden
Oh my god, you're a fkn genius.
SY Ooi
SY Ooi 3 dager siden
use torsion spring is better
M Wing
M Wing 3 dager siden
it seems this works but if clothing , or any loose item , gets caught in that wheel your toast probably . :O)
AnJo888 3 dager siden
Noice... For what I understood, the farther from the center the flywheel mass is, the most energy is stored... So, I would suggest that some slots/spokes are to be created in the flywheel to increase its performance.
Krutarth Patel
Krutarth Patel 3 dager siden
riding that around someone can easily mistake you by a v8 car.
Max Waggoner
Max Waggoner 3 dager siden
the high cackle of a low speed boy
MultiDooder 3 dager siden
Perhaps an enclosed housing wiith some lubricant, as well as some nut shredding protection? Just found your channel
Ttv_Tirkxz_ 3 dager siden
I need this for riding to school
333Orobas 666
333Orobas 666 3 dager siden
You should try making the flywheel always spin with the back wheel so you always have momentum.
333Orobas 666
333Orobas 666 23 timer siden
​@CatOfTheNorth A certain amount of weight without going over would have a positive effect on momentum without making it too hard to accelerate or decelerate but it'd be better off attached to the wheel instead of on the frame where it would bee too high. Switching between steel & aluminum rims which I've done while riding long distance enough to know the benefits & drawbacks is a good way to see a bit of what I'm getting at.
CatOfTheNorth Dag siden
That would make the bike harder to accelerate and harder to decelerate, neither of which are very good. The first one makes pedalling harder, and the second makes braking slower which could be dangerous.
Morgan Pastorchik
Morgan Pastorchik 3 dager siden
put on kids bike
SomethingElse 3 dager siden
Should I download this "Raid Shadow Legends" guys? Asked no one ever
Tank To Chest
Tank To Chest 3 dager siden
YO!!!! You could of used a cheap throttle grip instead of the left hand clutch. The more throttle the more it engages the faster you go 🤣🤣
Daniel Kostenko
Daniel Kostenko 3 dager siden
Would using a belt drive change much? Besides the price?
Jon-Allan MacRae
Jon-Allan MacRae 3 dager siden
Tom this is a good idea, but if you redesign front and back rims to include a flywheel in each tire.
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 3 dager siden
Do half flywheel and bike tire to move for a bit, while charging a battery then. Use an ebike motor to drive till dead then recharge.
Tahoe Brewers'
Tahoe Brewers' 3 dager siden
I'm gonna just get me an E'bike. 😒
Silas Coley
Silas Coley 3 dager siden
Hmmm something’s missing....... *LUBE*!
Maurice Dent
Maurice Dent 3 dager siden
Great stuff Tom and well presented too.
Gee Cali
Gee Cali 3 dager siden
Change the gear drive to a chain drive. ⚙ gears only meet at a few teeth? A chain wrapped around both gears like a timing ⛓chain uses a majority of the teeth on both ⚙ gears. It should allow for more smoother acceleration and speed.
Alexander Hedin
Alexander Hedin 3 dager siden
Does it help with staying upright while stationary? I would Belice it would since the heavy sling wheel should have an gyroscopic effect.
Super Bear
Super Bear 3 dager siden
Continuing the great British tradition of home brew inventors. Awesome stuff.
Lawrence Johnson
Lawrence Johnson 4 dager siden
I wanted to watch but I don't do those stupid videos
hitherewhy 4 dager siden
Summer Lilac
Summer Lilac 4 dager siden
I wonder about the angular momentum of the system since you have that flywheel now. would it help prevent you from falling over once its going. like could you stop and restart the bike without setting your foot down on the ground?
Lukasz Fazer6
Lukasz Fazer6 4 dager siden
the mechanism should be built into the wheel, it would reduce energy loss :)
D oS
D oS 4 dager siden
Awesome. With a full electric Car you will never recover more than 40 % of energy. If you go uphill and you need 4kWh you can recover downhill only around 1,6kWh
Anton Gromek
Anton Gromek 4 dager siden
Wow, Dude - Respect😎
steava 4 dager siden
gyroscope bike. the centripete force will not allow to turn at high speed and get hurt. an automatic spring, like watches, could be much better. nice vid.
Chris W
Chris W 4 dager siden
Perfect example of the dismal efficiency of regenerative braking. Better than nothing, and relatively cheap to implement, so worth doing. But it's not going to save the planet by itself.
John Schewe
John Schewe 4 dager siden
Might be more beneficial for keeping momentum (smoothing velocity) on hills rather than for stopping/starting.
KarimMadjere 4 dager siden
In Soviet Russia was built a bus with flywheel. Dangerous thing thar can explode from inner strength like grenade and hurt a lot of ppl, include your dindindongs)))
N J 4 dager siden
eBike Mark
eBike Mark 4 dager siden
Tom, have you looked into using super capacitors to store breaking energy? They charge and discharge fast, so I'm thinking you could use the breaking energy (generated with an electric motor as a generator) and then release the energy into the motor when you need to start going again. I'm convinced that super capacitors could do this, and would do a better job than a fly wheel. Please investigate! :-)
Stuart Edwin
Stuart Edwin 4 dager siden
Collaborate with Colin furze that would be a great video
newyorkiri 4 dager siden
hey man, you know the toy car that you had to drag backwards then leave it so it run on it's own? why not try something similar, in terms of proportions and assistance for the backwards motion of the spring with an electric motor?
Bigwingrider1800 4 dager siden
Charge the flywheel with an electric motor and battery..probably get 50 miles on a charge
spudnick1uk 4 dager siden
What a great concept. imagine the extra workout one can have.
B0B1800 4 dager siden
Make it out of a big tungsten disc then realize you have no way to drill tungsten and resort to using someone's imprecise plasma cutter or water jet cutter. You could use lead cause it's soft then just try not to touch it, or lick it, or try not to alarm people by the fact it is made of lead.
Morgan Burk
Morgan Burk 4 dager siden
I like the physics of this but not the engineering. A number of things just feel like they could be done better, you did what you could with what you had. Good luck in the future.
Theonlyonestanding 4 dager siden
Whats the purpose of this ? This is a horrible ride.
HighFlyin Patriot
HighFlyin Patriot 4 dager siden
The clutches will slip always during braking or acceleration. The wear, heat and energy loss are unacceptable. What about magnetic engagement? Opposing magnetic engagers will pull equally on both sides of the flywheel eliminating bearing stress. A cantilevered spring should compensate for increased magnetic pull as magnetic clutches get closer to the flywheel, making the clutch/brake/accelerator pull easy. What do you think? Just thought that maybe the magnetic brake should be coils to produce electricity as well as engage the flywheel? Down hill charging would be cool?
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