Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier 

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Special thanks to the US NAVY and the amazing men and women of the USS Nimitz and the Blue Angels for helping us accomplish our list!
Another special thanks, Commander Ronald Flanders, Lieutenant Commander Liza Dougherty Lieutenant Commander Cary Rickoff, Lieutenant Commander David M Gardner,
Be sure to check out the US Navy!!
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13. jan.. 2020





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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect År siden
Stoked y’all love Bucket List!! What should we do next time?? love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ - DP
Toxxinic Gaming
Toxxinic Gaming 29 dager siden
Go to Area 51
Lanie Miterdan
Lanie Miterdan Måned siden
yall should go to philipines
Cromo Noxx
Cromo Noxx Måned siden
when will the next ep be?
Hypercloud 2 måneder siden
Grace King
Grace King 2 måneder siden
My cousin has actually been on one
Jonluc Pedicino
Jonluc Pedicino Time siden
What is Cody’s favorite f1 driver
izzy garbo
izzy garbo Time siden
Back in early 60's we used to tour the old Philadelhia Navy Yard during open house that was held for think a weekend in summer. Walked the flight deck of a moth balled aircraft carrier. Swore our sneakers were on fire due to steel deck in the hot sun. Talked to guys who were on nuclear air craft carriers. After almost a year on board they bumped into somebody from either the old neighborhood or went to school with.
CDNJohn 2 timer siden
The Dab has always been dead.
Ali Eathan Ilagan
Ali Eathan Ilagan 3 timer siden
Ali Eathan Ilagan
Ali Eathan Ilagan 4 timer siden
Dharshan Chandramohan
Dharshan Chandramohan 12 timer siden
do another episode pls
Fabian R
Fabian R 6 timer siden
They are It will be uploaded on the 17th Mai or so
dandess barcarcel
dandess barcarcel 13 timer siden
If i Made my Bucket list what it would be like? Me: Drive The Fury, Drive a Jet, Shoot an Battleship gun at a shark, And Relax.
Megan Steblein
Megan Steblein 17 timer siden
My grandfather served on that aircraft carrier. I forgot how long or what his job was but he served his entire carrier on the uss nimitz
RockyPotato15 20 timer siden
It's called a FOD walkdown, Foriegn Object Debris, and that was the flight deck...not a "runway". Lower enlisted also commonly "drive" the ship.
RockyPotato15 20 timer siden
I'm sure the sailors had fun too. I was on the Lincoln when they did filming for Top Gun 2.
SavageCRK 21 time siden
You got to do Africa
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 21 time siden
This gives me Godzilla vs King Kong vibes
Spencer Patton
Spencer Patton 22 timer siden
My uncle is in the NAVY and he is in Thailand and he Is a petty officer
Estevam Fraga
Estevam Fraga 22 timer siden
you should go to Brazil's amazon rain forest and river.
Logan Games
Logan Games 23 timer siden
This was an amazing video to watch and I really wish I could go on an aircraft carrier some time in the future. Love from Britain 🇬🇧
Creative Mind
Creative Mind Dag siden
1 mil likes!!!!!
Nicolet Layton
Nicolet Layton Dag siden
Climb Mt. Everest
svajunas svajunasas
Gavin had some bad can I have four yeah I need more and that
Jackson Lopez
Jackson Lopez Dag siden
Y’all should do South Africa
Kathit Patel
Kathit Patel Dag siden
“He’s Alive” only you guys can do these
Eli Vineyard
Eli Vineyard Dag siden
ChristianMafia Dag siden
So covid proves the USA could of produced supper carriers overnight.
GAMErs Fire
GAMErs Fire Dag siden
Imagine raging on that boat
OVERRiDER Dag siden
Claim your "1 Million Likes" Here Today before May
Michael Cannata
Michael Cannata Dag siden
They are literally on the hellicarier
Leslie Pama
Leslie Pama Dag siden
bucket list with tanks
Pickle Pete
Pickle Pete Dag siden
1 year later The dab is dead
Sean Doyon
Sean Doyon Dag siden
I find it really funny that they flew an Air Force F-16 off the carrier instead of anything Navy😂😂
Cave07 Dag siden
999k likes I’m here before a million likes
Kevin Trosky
Kevin Trosky Dag siden
tt man
SNG EJ Dag siden
Part 2 PlEASE
Edsisters4 Dag siden
south africa
Prince Playz
Prince Playz Dag siden
Boss we are clear for takeoff with some of the most famous youtubers in the world and will pull 5gs hopefully they don’t pass out.
6:40 "...Shrapnel...." Me: Wait, are we at war?!
That fish must be more famous than mr beast ahhahhahahahha
Dylan Rosario
Dylan Rosario Dag siden
dosent gose die?
Henry Gaskell
Henry Gaskell 2 dager siden
Dead series.
Mani Subramanian
Bucket list South Africa is coming on May 17 thooooooooo!!!!!
Elana de Kock
Elana de Kock 2 dager siden
Did you know these ships can stay at sea for 20 years on exact spot
FarhanHaniff 2007
FarhanHaniff 2007 4 timer siden
And they been there just for three days 😂
BlackNight111 Plays
BlackNight111 Plays 2 dager siden
15:01 All the young viewers, you’ll understand when you’re older
Amol Tandon
Amol Tandon 2 dager siden
"We're on the runway... where the planes go" I never would've guessed
Kiingkiicks 2 dager siden
6 year old that like fortnite:ITS THE FORTNITE SHIP!
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 2 dager siden
simply the best channel in the world ♥ ️ THANKS guys
Harold's Perspective
Harold's Perspective 2 dager siden
Sail around the globe!
noa ravon
noa ravon 2 dager siden
waiting for the south africa bucket ist
CheddarChar 3 dager siden
I hope they were biodegradable golf balls
CheddarChar 2 dager siden
@Mani Subramanian I rest my case
Mani Subramanian
Mani Subramanian 2 dager siden
They literally said it was 😂
Jane Dargatz
Jane Dargatz 3 dager siden
Anyone else thought that “shoot off a jet “ meant shooting a gun off a jet
Boss Kurth
Boss Kurth 3 dager siden
Wooo naval guy
NagaPraneeeth K
NagaPraneeeth K 3 dager siden
Go on a ride underwater in SUBMARINE or Ride a TANK and fire once
mike WIZZ
mike WIZZ 3 dager siden
This video almost has 1 million likes pog
OddElephant 3 dager siden
F-16 on carrier... not realistic.
M. Faaz Jehangiri
M. Faaz Jehangiri 3 dager siden
do it in Africa
Nolan Quigley
Nolan Quigley 3 dager siden
go to south africa!!!!!!!
Pie M
Pie M 3 dager siden
Tuyệt đỉnh
Charlie Hennessy
Charlie Hennessy 3 dager siden
whats the song name at 8:28 ?
Random Videos
Random Videos 3 dager siden
Just imagine doing the Dab in 2021
Techking120 3 dager siden
if this is only on an aircraft carrier, i cant wait to see what the do in south africa
chese54 3 dager siden
Brad Stewart
Brad Stewart 3 dager siden
I have spent years of my life out to sea on one of these things. You guys have a much different experience then I did thats for sure. I was shot off the catapult though. Thst was fun
Slow Goat
Slow Goat 2 dager siden
Howd you like the navy? I heard carrier life sucks
Miller 3 dager siden
6:57 that’s what she said
Robin Eastwood
Robin Eastwood 3 dager siden
Red arrows are better than the blue angles
Stephilove6 3 dager siden
Jennifer Quinones
Jennifer Quinones 3 dager siden
come to puerto rico
Kralmus 3 dager siden
Drive the ship ahaha
Veggie OV
Veggie OV 4 dager siden
They left the camera man
Boerseun Aj
Boerseun Aj 4 dager siden
Do a submarine experience
sxply_jayden 4 dager siden
all fun and games til you hear sirens and see some bombers coming you way
thejai28 4 dager siden
okay they probably had to make a "small donation" to the Navy or its affiliate organizations... i find it hard for a CO to allow civilians into a carrier and say yeah sure have a blast playing golf and fishing while everyone here is hard at work sacrificing for the country and our families... but id probaby do the same if i had the money and the status tbh
Akio 4 dager siden
"We're shooting the planes off the runway ourselves" Some pilot overhearing them: yeah can i skip flying today
Joao carvalhal Lemos
Joao carvalhal Lemos 4 dager siden
Plushies Gaming
Plushies Gaming 4 dager siden
Instead of sparks it should be sparky
Eddie Carlson
Eddie Carlson 4 dager siden
I love your videos
Milutin Stankovic
Milutin Stankovic 4 dager siden
Whats the name of the first song?
Meep Floonder
Meep Floonder 5 dager siden
Sorry Coby, but the dab is dead
Brendan Savell
Brendan Savell 5 dager siden
You can con a boat or you can steer a boat but you don’t drive a boat -papa Jim
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 5 dager siden
I want to shoot of a jet with Rock-Paper-Scisor from Gon
Jerry The British Infantryman
Can’t wait to see them live in the ISS
Aditya Bathija
Aditya Bathija 5 dager siden
I really want to take you'll on a ride on the jet when I grow up I am 8 years my name is Rishan Bathija
Dar Kels
Dar Kels 5 dager siden
Yo I wish I can go on a aircraft carrier
JaieDev 5 dager siden
WOW! that was AMAZING!
Dustine 857
Dustine 857 5 dager siden
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 5 dager siden
Amazing this looks like sooo much fun, lots of love from New Zealand haha
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 5 dager siden
Garet ain’t you from mr beast
Loradel Salvador
Loradel Salvador 5 dager siden
That aircraft carrier is in the Philippines for now to help our country against china
Greendelta0723 5 dager siden
When your running to the fish it looks like there's a plane fire on the aircraft carrier and your an airport fire fighter rushing downstairs to a fire engine
Logan Earl
Logan Earl 6 dager siden
I’m about to join the navy just for the ice cream
Atul chahal
Atul chahal 6 dager siden
Cheif; mayday mayday there is plane that never invented on earth
Dominik Linke
Dominik Linke 6 dager siden
On the Ship life more perplex than in my town
Nub 6 dager siden
The plane shooting stules were kinda cringe ngl
Ali Hadaya
Ali Hadaya 6 dager siden
Who here wants another bucket list
El Mundo de Luis
El Mundo de Luis 6 dager siden
Please more bucket list
Tony Hermesmeyer
Tony Hermesmeyer 6 dager siden
i cannot stop whatchihg you guys
Greta Watson
Greta Watson 6 dager siden
17:55 I love Codys expression lol
lol_im_a_bot 815
lol_im_a_bot 815 6 dager siden
0:52-0:54 i like it this he says:" Welcome.. to bucket list You know this is one of my favorite videos i always watch it again and again and again
Brent Patteson
Brent Patteson 6 dager siden
Are we gonna ignore the fact the camera man was left on the ship
mjr 7 dager siden
Who’s here after they announced the second bucket list?
Jami Jensen
Jami Jensen 7 dager siden
I noticed he said if 18 instead of blue Angel really offends me They’re both my favorite but you can’t mix these two up
HerbalMite 97
HerbalMite 97 7 dager siden
Can you imagine if they asked to do something with the marines?
Hot wassabi plays
Hot wassabi plays 7 dager siden
my dream is to be an airforcer
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