7 Panic Buys That Were Actually A HUGE Success 

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From Arjen Robben's move from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich under a desperate Louis van Gaal, to Bayer Leverkusen's signing of Liverpool and Premier League legend Sami Hyypia, HITC Sevens takes a look at a number of transfers that show panic buys aren't always a disaster.

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5. mai. 2021





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Vit Bot
Vit Bot 8 timer siden
Equidistant.... Never heard and never will hear ever again 🤣
Alvin .K. Sindowe
Alvin .K. Sindowe 2 dager siden
Should hhave used torres on intro...he won a champions league
Emil dkskiing
Emil dkskiing 3 dager siden
GOATwaithe defo deserved top spot of this list😤
dn13lz 4 dager siden
12:38 I burst out my laugh
Benjamin Tanuwira
Benjamin Tanuwira 5 dager siden
How I wish I could go back to 1999
Mr Kennedy
Mr Kennedy 6 dager siden
Don't mean to be picky, anyone clock him saying van der vaart joined, and scored 2 goals in his first 2 champions league games, then saying the next season he helped tottenham to 4th for the first time in the Premier league era. You've done the research how can you say that in one sentence then get it so wrong in the other 🤣🤣
Martin Temelkov
Martin Temelkov 6 dager siden
lmao Robben is easily better than Cantona
MartinSatyen 6 dager siden
Patrick Mullen
Patrick Mullen 7 dager siden
surely lionel messi, signing him for barca on the back of a napkin to get the deal done, counts
Euan King
Euan King 7 dager siden
Torres won the Champs League.
Ethan Ando
Ethan Ando 7 dager siden
Why the fuck you say covid like that
Daddy Kropotkin
Daddy Kropotkin 7 dager siden
Cantona is based af. kicking nazis on the pitch, organizing strikes against the bank system, supporting anarchist resistance all over europe financially
Daisudori 8 dager siden
Robben wasnt really a panic buy. Ofc Van Gaal knew him and his skill for a long time already.
Jaume Boniquet
Jaume Boniquet 9 dager siden
Rivaldo from Deportivo to Barcelona in 1997 after Ronaldo moved to Inter & Barcelona had difficulties in the previous stage of UCL against Skonto Riga.
Jamie Warrington
Jamie Warrington 10 dager siden
Talk less, ruined the video
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 10 dager siden
Ronnie Rozenthal. Liverpool made a panic buy of him in January. He scored 7 goals in 8 matches and bring a championship.
Larry David
Larry David 12 dager siden
Arjen Robben should 100% be at the top of this list. And it’s not close.
Memme 13 dager siden
Why does no one in England know how to pronounce Dutch and German names right? 10:36 v = f, so pronounce it Rafael Fan der Faart, Robbie Fan Persie, Edwin Fan der Sar. I know it’s a pet peeve but come on, are the British that monolingual? I’m neither Dutch nor German but have picked up on this.
Arjit Jere
Arjit Jere 14 dager siden
Big up for including per and mikel two underrated signings!
Angelos Vlahos
Angelos Vlahos 15 dager siden
Underrated panic buy: Hakim Ziyech from FC Twente to Ajax. Ajax struggled in the first half of the 2016/17 season under new manager Peter Bosz. Nearing the end of January, Ajax signed Hakim Ziyech and he went on to help Ajax reach the Europa League final and transformed Ajax for the seasons after to the Champions League semifinalists they became.
Lennert Schavemaker
Lennert Schavemaker 17 dager siden
In the intro you see Ziyech in Ajax shirt while talking about NOT panic buys, but I'm pretty sure he was. Ajax wasnt really interested in him until a couple of bad results and media pressure changed their minds.
Ämm Äll
Ämm Äll 17 dager siden
Robben was not a panic buy.
Quinten D
Quinten D 18 dager siden
Duuude, as a Dutch long time Barca fan, I remember how Davids changed that season. But I never ever heard anyone mention it ever after. Not even Henk Ten Cate, who loves to share inside stories from back in those days(like on what they thought of Messi before ever seeing him play, or once he noticed Ronaldinho bringing in prostitutes the night before a match. He let Ronnie know that he knew what was going, didn't tell Rijkaard anything. He even told Rijkaard to change Ronnie after he made two goals and looked tired). Well done, well done.
K3mrM 18 dager siden
Mertesacker was actually really good.
Max Payne
Max Payne 18 dager siden
Bonaventura 😞😞 Great video
Kun 19 dager siden
goddammit i miss Bonaventura. he played with so much passion.
Mancomb Seepgood
Mancomb Seepgood 19 dager siden
Dion Dublin to Villa. After Yorke forced his move to Man Utd, Villa signed Paul Merson. An incredible start to the season saw Villa top of the league, but Merson picked up an injury, Collymore was dogged by off-field issues and Villa were knocked out of the League Cup and UEFA cup in successive games. Desperate to regain momentum, Villa brought in Dublin, who went on to be considered a club favourite.
Mr Dog
Mr Dog 20 dager siden
13:37 he he he Right Guard
Irish Leprechaun
Irish Leprechaun 20 dager siden
I'm the 666th comment 👀
J C 22 dager siden
A worthy choice for no. 1.
KingArtoriusTV 22 dager siden
Torres was a hit!! that 1 CL goal against Barcelona was worth 100mill!!
Jerm 23 dager siden
Phyo Banyar Naing
Phyo Banyar Naing 23 dager siden
Fernando Torres was not a flop.
Connor Boyd
Connor Boyd 24 dager siden
The fact that van der vaart is considered a spurs legend shows the small club mentality that they have
TheLumberjack 25 dager siden
Ajax buying Ziyech after not performing at the start of the season. Even more juicy because they made several statements they woudnt buy him.
R3GARDL355 25 dager siden
If u think Robben was a panic buy u should really reconsider making football videos , u r literally lie and stupid kids remember what u said and then in 15 years from now they will be talking absolute crap
David 22 dager siden
You need help with your spelling mistakes you stupid foreigner.
HonduranGent 25 dager siden
Spot on. Jack is a milan legend, no one will change my mind.
Isaiah Coe
Isaiah Coe 26 dager siden
Fuck me the voice over is brilliant 🤣 well done
Stephen Duke
Stephen Duke 26 dager siden
Cantona was not a panic buy. The greatest buy YES He scored a hat trick against Liverpool Playing for LEEDS. WE knew he was the GOAT
Sean Coughlan
Sean Coughlan 27 dager siden
You said an incorrect fact regarding Spurs, that was the second time they finished in the top 4 in the PL era not the first. 09/10 was the first time (without VvD) 11/12 was the second (with VvD)
Fernando Cervantes
Fernando Cervantes 28 dager siden
Bonaventura is one of the most underrated player from Milan. He was the best Milan players in that era, when we became injured the team suffered. Still Pioli good shape on 2020 while Jack injured sealed his destiny. But for sure he could still play for the team now
Jimmy Nich
Jimmy Nich 28 dager siden
Is there a 7 best bargain buys?
zezizarjaars 29 dager siden
Robben a panic buy? Are you nuts? They pretty much had the option to give Ribery away and get Robben+Huntelaar+v d Vaart+Sneijder back for it, and they didn't do it.
Timmy Thomas
Timmy Thomas 29 dager siden
liverpool buying mario malotelli? ;)
mst 4891
mst 4891 29 dager siden
I would say no1 Ibrahimovic. Now at milan. He changed the whole team!
Mich 92
Mich 92 Måned siden
Nice list mate 👍
Daniel Hackett
Daniel Hackett Måned siden
What an underrated player Hyppia was. Fantastic player lifting (along with gerrard) a rather poor liverpool squad to some major trophies that they weren't really worthy of
Juan Perez
Juan Perez Måned siden
I thought he was taking a break
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Måned siden
12:38 off thats mean.. if he played he would be better
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Måned siden
11:34 that Name all over the Shirt looks so dumb
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Måned siden
6:59 David looks like 45
blurb adam
blurb adam Måned siden
Raphina Leeds
Owen Williams
Owen Williams Måned siden
Benjani was no flop, he scored on derby Day
Will Murrill
Will Murrill Måned siden
When you said Edgar Davids I was hoping you were talking about when he came to us at Barnet
Joseph Parks
Joseph Parks Måned siden
That Frank right guard is some manager
puyol mohamed
puyol mohamed Måned siden
Without Henrik Larson for Barcelona and Man united this is incomplete 😂
Saif Alkaabi
Saif Alkaabi Måned siden
Getachildouther Måned siden
Best bundesliga scorers to have scored the least goals in the Prems and you're absolutely spot on about Bonaventura, guy's got something special about him
dave crook
dave crook Måned siden
So the lesson is call Real Madrid on the last day of the transfer window and see if they have any spare dutchmen? it would be reasonable to assume Perez will take the call!
Kradisasht Måned siden
Video starts at 1:50
TheSuperQueen Måned siden
Robben the best! Arjan Robben still kicks ass! He played an amazing match, made a messi style dribble and beaten the whole enemy defense. He also scored 2 assists!
Jason Casey
Jason Casey Måned siden
Worst divers of all time
Magi Måned siden
ijat2aizat Måned siden
Edi Cavani..prove it all..
Amchi Šahin
Amchi Šahin Måned siden
#GrandeJack ❤🖤
Tom Brady
CREEPER YT Måned siden
why would u include van de beek in this ?
Gigsaw Soljier
Gigsaw Soljier Måned siden
10 most expensive players 10 years ago where are they now?
Kal-El 87
Kal-El 87 Måned siden
I'm sorry but yes okay he was a great bug for man u but he ruined all he did for them in that specific moment of madness of King fu kicking a fan ffs that makes him a disgrace imho
Mohd Fitri
Mohd Fitri Måned siden
U talk too much n too slow. Most of the time I fall asleep trying to finish the video.. speed up the video by 1.5x helps though..
Tom Loske
Tom Loske Måned siden
Huntelaar is a great footballer, no flop!
Nawaf Almarzouki
Nawaf Almarzouki Måned siden
Even saying Semi-Gerrard is disrespectful to what Gerrard actually accomplished, you Alf should know better!
Whxmsical Måned siden
Chronic Diarrhea
Lacsar Lacsar
Lacsar Lacsar Måned siden
Robben to Bayern is not a panic buy, its more of a panic sell by Madrid, and Bayern just efficiently (as always) swoop in when they feels the price is right.
Vincent Productions
Vincent Productions Måned siden
do one on why Rijkaard quit coaching.
Pietro Pes
Pietro Pes Måned siden
Going to Bayern guarantees success to be fair - 9th title in a row - almost like we need a European super league lol
teddy tatyo
teddy tatyo Måned siden
Latest Panic buy which worked is Edinson Cavani
BIBBY Måned siden
Van der Vaart left due to his wife still being in Hamburg for work, he openly says its his biggest regret leaving
Koen NL
Koen NL Måned siden
And for that B*tch of a wife... prototype golddigger. Rafael always comes across as a good guy who enjoys the simple life.
Billy O'Hanlon
Billy O'Hanlon Måned siden
Benjani wasn’t a shit panic buy, scored the winner on derby day, absolute cult hero
Parves Koyes
Parves Koyes Måned siden
Damn Andy Carroll was a disaster for LFC
Max Sp
Max Sp Måned siden
Disrespect to van de beek
Jaafar Chaoui
Jaafar Chaoui Måned siden
Best 35+ signings
ARYAN MURTHY Måned siden
OMG you can't extend this video any more lol. Make your videos shorter and more watchable lol
bioLarzen Måned siden
I swear that seeing the title I was thinking hard for long seconds who this Serbian or Croatian guy named Panic is whose acquisitions this video is about... ... and I'm not even kidding. *facepalm*
Ash Måned siden
I'd consider Kepa a success panic buy, because he succeeds in making me laugh.
Dominik Treier
Dominik Treier 17 dager siden
What do you mean? Kepa was a bargain. Keeper and manager in one buy... Deal of the century.
leng boy mgrittz
leng boy mgrittz 20 dager siden
I support chelsea and I had to laugh at this
Ikesinachi Brendan
Ikesinachi Brendan Måned siden
Can you do panic buy managers.
Neev Shethia
Neev Shethia Måned siden
The best panic buy is Goatwaith (Barca)
Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer Måned siden
Tapas Pulis was the worst "panic buy" if you consider his managerial appointment.
Queenie Yuet
Queenie Yuet Måned siden
Can you do top 10 Clubs pursue players years that failed to joined. e.g Chelsea > Gerrard Man Utd > Shearer R. Madrid > De gea
ismaaciil Ahmed
ismaaciil Ahmed Måned siden
T vdg
T vdg Måned siden
Not sure how you can call a free transfer a panic buy.
Dwi Sapto
Dwi Sapto Måned siden
1:08 Manny Pacquiao with OM Kit.
John Flemming
John Flemming Måned siden
(To the tune of ABBA’s Give me give me) Give it give it give it to Edi Cavani! Just give him the ball, And watch him score all the goals! Do do lo do do do Do do lo do do do do do Do do lo do do do Do do lo do do do
MakkroHero Måned siden
William Godfrey
William Godfrey Måned siden
Hate the term panic buy
Diamond Måned siden
Kepa to Chelsea is my fav panic buy
Joel Okello Lapyem
Joel Okello Lapyem Måned siden
You forgot Markovic, Ricky Lambert, Borini, Sacko, Moreno, Manquillo, Balotelli
Radzik Lvp
Radzik Lvp Måned siden
13:05 didn't know he 2 was bold all his career
M Anindya
M Anindya Måned siden
This channel just give me nostalgia
Dan Preston
Dan Preston Måned siden
The rumour at the time was that Leeds offloaded Cantona because he had become 'too friendly' with Lesley Ash, who was Lee Chapman's other half.
mikewhoelse Måned siden
For all the long term difference buying Benjani made I would argue he was worth it for that win at old trafford now how many trophies did Suarez win at liverpool? Not sure he was a HUGE success.