Selena Gomez, Rauw Alejandro - Baila Conmigo (Official Video) 

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Starring: Kibba and Ariane Aparecida
Directed by Nogari @fernando.nogari
Produced by Iconoclast
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Music video by Selena Gomez performing Baila Conmigo. © 2021 Selena Gomez




28. jan.. 2021





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valentina jiron
valentina jiron 2 minutter siden
Me encanta 🎇
Angel Rosario Santiago
Angel Rosario Santiago 15 minutter siden
Айдана Куандыкова
Nigar Valehli
Nigar Valehli 51 minutt siden
87! Love sel
PRIYANKA SHAH 55 minutter siden
After watching Shehnaaz Gill’s insta reel.. cute song
PRIYANKA SHAH 56 minutter siden
Here after watching shehnaaz gill’s insta reel.. nice song though
Samreen Khan
Samreen Khan Time siden
Me pahli baar sun rhi hoo shehnaaz ki wajah se ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love uu shehnaaz
Champa Datta
Champa Datta Time siden
bailaaaa bailaaa comingo ..........dancing babe ......watching dude
Soma Ghosh
Soma Ghosh Time siden
Came here after shehnaaz reel. 👌👌👌
gladys oyarzun
gladys oyarzun Time siden
Aaah ya entendi...... para ganarce a tu crush hay que aprender su baile favorito 😎🤣
Varnika Time siden
Who all came here after shenaaz video they all are idiots.... Like seriously u dont know selena gomez Coming here after seeing such a stupid reel Omg guyss!!!!😵😵
Gabriel Lima Fiorese
Brasil 🇧🇷❤️
Manuel Ángel Berrio
Aman Gill
Aman Gill Time siden
I come here watched of reel of shehnaaz gill
nick 2 timer siden
Summer vibes
Youtube br
Youtube br 2 timer siden
Foi gravado no ceára mesmo?🥂
Sweet Soomro
Sweet Soomro 2 timer siden
I get to now about this song after shehnaaz gill insta reel💕💕💕
Mora 2 timer siden
Falta poco, vamos, por esos 90M
sunita sharma
sunita sharma 2 timer siden
Those who are Non Indians and not it's neighbours must be confused by shehnaaz comment
sunita sharma
sunita sharma 2 timer siden
Sana promoted this song well And I am thankful for her
Harshada Shingade
Harshada Shingade 2 timer siden
Here after watching shehnaaz gill's reel ❤❤❤
Alcides Rebolino
Alcides Rebolino 2 timer siden
Debo confesar que nunca me llamó la atención Selena por cantar en inglés pero ahora me encanta...
Nimesh Joshi
Nimesh Joshi 2 timer siden
Keep streaming Selenators!
hira mustafa
hira mustafa 3 timer siden
I'm here after shehnaaz gill posted on instagram
NEERU SABIKHI 3 timer siden
here comes after Shehnaaz reel
Titli Islam
Titli Islam 3 timer siden
I am Here because of Shehnaaz gill
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew 3 timer siden
RD aqui🇩🇴
Alisha Saeed
Alisha Saeed 3 timer siden
I came here after @shehnaazgill reel 😘
Brayan Plua
Brayan Plua 3 timer siden
90 millones lest go
Shrishti Jangwan BSc Botany 3
Oh its❤️
G.s Malek
G.s Malek 3 timer siden
I m her bicos sehnazgill reel🥰🥰🥰🥰
Sara Liced Rolon Leal
Sara Liced Rolon Leal 3 timer siden
Yo bailo con esta cancion
Emi Reich
Emi Reich 3 timer siden
Emson Sangma53
Emson Sangma53 3 timer siden
Nice song
Isabella Ruiva
Isabella Ruiva 3 timer siden
the clip was made here near my city ... Ceará in Brazil
Diego Gido
Diego Gido 3 timer siden
Amo esta canción
Jesus Eyüp
Jesus Eyüp 3 timer siden
Güzel şarkı ağzına sağlık, Selena ablam ❤️❤️
Melina S
Melina S 3 timer siden
Who is here after Shehnaaz's reel?
Supriyo Das
Supriyo Das 4 timer siden
We're here from the premiere ❤️ Love from 🇮🇳 for our queen 👑
Nastaran Taylena
Nastaran Taylena 4 timer siden
I really need a full spanish album from Selena :) EP is not enough for my ears♡
nick 4 timer siden
Who is here only because love Selena and this music
Suhani Chauhan
Suhani Chauhan 4 timer siden
Unpopular opinion: I love shehnazz too I am a huge fan of her! But selena is the most precious creature for me so please don't say this video got popular because of sana ❤️ love both shehnaz and my precious@selenagomez ❤️❤️😭😭
Manju Goyal
Manju Goyal 4 timer siden
Here after shehnaaz gill reel
PREETHI TAMBALA 4 timer siden
Who is here after watching our queen shehnaaz gill reel❤️
Sanika Jagtap
Sanika Jagtap 4 timer siden
Here after shehnaaz gill reel
Anupama Nair
Anupama Nair 4 timer siden
Here after watchin Shehnaaz Reel
sandy v
sandy v 4 timer siden
Came after #shehnaazgill insta reel Nice song 🤘
Aswin 5 timer siden
Shehnaaz gill ❤️
Saima Sadia
Saima Sadia 5 timer siden
I was watching SHEHNAAZ GILL'S instragram reel then I came here.Love you SHEHNAAZ❤❤❤😘😘😘
Ana Clebia florenco
Ana Clebia florenco 5 timer siden
Santosh Singh
Santosh Singh 5 timer siden
Love shehnaaz gill reel ,😍😍
Ashifa Sharif
Ashifa Sharif 5 timer siden
After #shehnaaz gill reel video
Prateek Raj
Prateek Raj 5 timer siden
Who are here after shehnaaz’s reel ? Love #shehnaazgill ♥️♥️♥️
S100 }
S100 } 5 timer siden
Melhor música de todassss
Azra kaya
Azra kaya 5 timer siden
Azra kaya
Azra kaya 5 timer siden
Meenu Thapa
Meenu Thapa 5 timer siden
You guys are still living under a rock 🙄😂😂😂
Rosa Perez
Rosa Perez 6 timer siden
Go go stream come on for sel queen
Nikky 6 timer siden
Here after shehnaaz reel 😁😁
Ayesha Islam Asha
Ayesha Islam Asha 6 timer siden
I'm here after watch shehnaazgill reel amazing song
Ayesha Islam Asha
Ayesha Islam Asha 6 timer siden
Amazing song Selena Gomez We love you nd ShehnaazGill My two girls power It's SG #Shehnaazians love this song
Jesús Alberto Briceño Buitrago
Geeta Kumari
Geeta Kumari 6 timer siden
From Spotify..not from shehnaaz gill reel..
Geeta Kumari
Geeta Kumari 6 timer siden
Why male voice is like Justin Bieber voice..
Arvind 6 timer siden
Who came here after #ShehnaazGill reel
Hama say's
Hama say's 7 timer siden
Let's get this to 100 million
Rekha Verma
Rekha Verma 7 timer siden
Only sana
Dulal Santra
Dulal Santra 7 timer siden
i am here because of our baby Shenaaz Gill's reel video 😁
Marcel Boga
Marcel Boga 7 timer siden
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰
Tony Magtulis
Tony Magtulis 8 timer siden
Selenator here's!!!!
fidaa on sana
fidaa on sana 8 timer siden
saw #shehnaazgill reels on this song❤️ soooo good❤️
Clary G
Clary G 8 timer siden
People who are here from shehnaz gill... you must check out the album Revelecion, since it has more amazing songs..
Dhanu Halai
Dhanu Halai 8 timer siden
Just came after shenazz gill reels
Anam Anam
Anam Anam 8 timer siden
here bcz of shehnaz gill😍😍😍
ro 8 timer siden
we love selena
Amna Khan
Amna Khan 8 timer siden
Here after Shenaaz Gill reel video
Shahnama Chowdhury
Shahnama Chowdhury 8 timer siden
Who's here after watching Shehnaaz gill's reel 😁😁🖐️
priya chandhoke
priya chandhoke 9 timer siden
Here due to ShehnaazGill reel⭐️❤️
mona m
mona m 9 timer siden
After shenaaz reel😛😛
Bhargavi Maddula
Bhargavi Maddula 9 timer siden
Omg! This song was also famous before her reel ❤️❤️
Sushant Rathod
Sushant Rathod 6 timer siden
Yup its most streamed Spanish song on Spotify released in 2021
Love story
Love story 9 timer siden
Shanthi K
Shanthi K 9 timer siden
Shehnaaz gill🥰
Milon Sarker
Milon Sarker 9 timer siden
Shehnaaz gill baby...where are u my baby
Milon Sarker
Milon Sarker 9 timer siden
Shehnaaz gill baby...where are u my baby
Erum Jabeen
Erum Jabeen 9 timer siden
I am here only shehnaaz reel she's a actor singer and a bigboss 13 famous contestant in bb history 😍
Shin Chan
Shin Chan 9 timer siden
Got addicted to this song right after i heard it from shehnaaz’s instagram reel❤️ Love you so much selena💘 Never ever stop 💘💘💘
Saumya Gupta 10B
Saumya Gupta 10B 9 timer siden
Love u selena forever #Selenator
Mansi Mehan
Mansi Mehan 10 timer siden
Monalisa Ghosh
Monalisa Ghosh 10 timer siden
Here after shehnaaz reel🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗hoping selena really puts up shehnaaz gill reel
mr raj
mr raj 10 timer siden
nice song after shehnaaz gill reel 😘
Joya Sarker
Joya Sarker 10 timer siden
I came here after shehnaaz kaur gill reel
D-19-027 punam pawar
D-19-027 punam pawar 10 timer siden
I am here after shehnaaz gill reel
Erum Jabeen
Erum Jabeen 10 timer siden
After shehnaaz gill story love ypu shehnaaz gill love #sidnaaz
Erum Jabeen
Erum Jabeen 10 timer siden
I love shehnaaz gill and un ki dance vdeo ke bf hi me yaha ahi hu song sunne
Nainsi Singh
Nainsi Singh 10 timer siden
Sahnaaz gill bollywood 🙏🙏❤️❤️
Nischal Kunwar
Nischal Kunwar 10 timer siden
Why on earth is everytime talking about Sehnaz Gill like what
Shiv Saxena
Shiv Saxena 10 timer siden
Love you sana
Manpreet Thiara
Manpreet Thiara 10 timer siden
Loved #shehnaazgill dance over IG reel on this song
Swarnali Misra
Swarnali Misra 11 timer siden
After shenaaz gill if reel.but song very good 👍
Pooja Panchal
Pooja Panchal 11 timer siden
Because of shehnaz m here
Ganger 253 k