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LeBron James doxxed a cop, something the far superior Michael Jordan would never do. We hold James accountable since the media won’t. Speaking of the media, we debunked each of the lies they’re STILL telling about the Columbus shooting. And Lizzo is proud to be fat for some reason. All this with special guest UFC fighter @Jorge Masvidal. #LeBronJames #Lizzo #UFC261
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22. april. 2021





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StevenCrowder 13 dager siden
How much longer before the media completely dies out because of their illegitimacy?
Gman97 7 timer siden
At this point they’re clearly heavily biased and more people are beginning to see that, it shouldn’t be too long
corey dro
corey dro 12 dager siden
All of these idiots we live amongst are the real plague people driving cars with masks on , yea pretty pathetic if you ask me. And people still believe the lies.
Thekyler 95
Thekyler 95 12 dager siden
too long
Mike Makinpyramidmummymunny
Why won’t you reply to Gavin McInnes calls?!?
militar3rd 12 dager siden
You are part of the "media". And hopefully tomorrow.
Steven Godly Icon Maglio
Smh 🤦‍♂️ “your next” LeBron , should stick to basketball, ... Even when I played basketball, it’s not like I’m going to take advice from a pro baseball” player on how to play basketball- Just like LeBron should stick to what he knows and stay out of politics which is far in comparison to basketball and baseball, but I’m sure you get my “drift”. Ahoy” all lol keep up the great job 🙌🏻
Steven Godly Icon Maglio
“Your next” that’s all I got to say.
Earl Mick
Earl Mick 8 timer siden
S W 10 timer siden
Nerd Smash!
A P8riot
A P8riot 12 timer siden
Lizzo looks like a photograph negative of a black snowman.
Sean Stefanuk
Sean Stefanuk 17 timer siden
It was actually Xzibit who hosted pimp my ride. Probably getting it confused with Ride with Funkmater Flex.
Hotcakes 21 time siden
"You can't find common ground on a lie" Tell that to Galileo. There's no difference in the behaviours between the powers that be today and the powers that be back then.
Wassamatta U
Wassamatta U Dag siden
33:59 The Skype call was hilarious! Dave eating the Dove bars was as well. EXCELLENT show! You kick the SH*T out of lil jimmy kimel or any other late night "comedy show"!!! Your audio is excellent, your production is also OUTSTANDING!! Well done!! Best to all from a Mug Club member. :)
Kevin E
Kevin E Dag siden
Why do you dress like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider?
Scott Sternkopf
Scott Sternkopf Dag siden
can't wait to see the hodge twins tomorrow, it Is always nice seeing them on the show, they are funny lol
Son of the Llama
I love how nobody picked up on "Lizzo's Sleep Tarp"
Hamm E
Hamm E Dag siden
We definitely need unions but very entertaining
Hal b
Hal b Dag siden
Bad entertainment at best
Kate B
Kate B Dag siden
I agree that it's unhealthy to be overweight but you guys are kinda MEAN.
Bob Bobbington
Bob Bobbington 5 timer siden
Oh.... no.
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go Dag siden
For all those whom need it, read it. I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation and for shedding they Blood for me. I love you JESUS. Romans 10:5/10 ct...❤️k JESUS Is Lord! Amen..
Kevin M. Huff
Kevin M. Huff Dag siden
Great Call by a Hero Cop!!
Chris H
Chris H Dag siden
James Creath
James Creath Dag siden
cristina 2 dager siden
Comment to timestamp 50:44 ... the Broward Sheriff's Office deputies did not see it a requirement to take action in the 2018 Parkland school shooting while it was in progress. The involved deputies took their leisurely time to suit up and cower until it was over. Not discrediting the action law enforcement takes to actually protect people or even those involved in the MaKhia Bryant encounter, but just pointing out we got these types behind the badge as well.
DreadSire 2 dager siden
This show has gotten better since NOsections went full retard. Thank you NOsections for the motivation you gave Crowder and the crew.
Nic Danger
Nic Danger 2 dager siden
Labron looks like George Floyd's illegitimate son
Courtney Adams
Courtney Adams 2 dager siden
Cant wait to see Dave again tomorrow!
Arturius Pendragon
Arturius Pendragon 2 dager siden
The Kyle Rittenhouse arrest didn't occur there. He went to his local police station with his Mom and voluntarily turned himself in. Are people actually saying cops should simply execute people who turn themselves in at police stations? Somehow I don't think it would be a good idea for society to discourage such action by conducting summary executions.
Jonny Fresco
Jonny Fresco 2 dager siden
Didn’t trump do the same thing?
AXIAL32 2 dager siden
What a damn joke
Richard Diorio
Richard Diorio 2 dager siden
You'll notice Nicholas Cruz received a knee on the neck like George Floyd did.
Richard Diorio
Richard Diorio 2 dager siden
The Chip Foose overhaul show was pretty awesome.
Kurt Sontag
Kurt Sontag 2 dager siden
James doesn’t need to shut up and dribble... rather he needs to educate himself if he wants anyone to take him seriously.
vigilantpositivity 3 dager siden
Dante Sherman
Dante Sherman 3 dager siden
Lebron's hot talk on Bubba Wallace being "threatened" was gold. "They twist our words" hi pot, kettle called he said your -oh my bad.
Carlos Abdallah
Carlos Abdallah 3 dager siden
topher cabba
topher cabba 3 dager siden
coleton helms
coleton helms 3 dager siden
I have autism love your show Steven
coleton helms
coleton helms 3 dager siden
Dino dna
Mike Cescolini
Mike Cescolini 3 dager siden
Audio Waadddeeeeee miss that guy!
Big Flip
Big Flip 3 dager siden
Keep fighting the good fight.
Super Man
Super Man 3 dager siden
Because a taser would have put a barb into both women, then the knife would have completed the connection between the two of them and they would both get to take the 5 second ride. Only one would be bleeding to death after being stabbed. I don’t understand why people stick up for somebody that is attempting to stab another person. Geez, put yourself in the shoes of the woman about to be stabbed. Do you want that officer to stop the threat and prevent you from being stabbed, or do you want to take the stabbing and have the officers use less lethal force.
TheHanz117 3 dager siden
Most tasers used by the police rarely exceed 60,000 volts DC with little to absolutely no amperage. While that seems like a large number, it's close to the same voltage and amperage produced by an automotive spark plug. While safety standards recommend avoid disconnecting spark plug wires in a running engine, it is often done on a regular basis as a diagnostic tool. It sometimes hurts if one were to grab the wire wrong and get zapped, but for the most part is harmless. Electric fences also work on the same principle and you can find plenty of videos of people shocking themselves on them. Why not instead use a taser in the Columbus shooting? Simple, Direct Current, also known as DC, tend to lock muscles in place. When a body or appendage is in movement when DC voltage is applied the body/appendage has a tendency to continue its movement as the muscles lock up. Newton's first law of physics (law of inertia) states simply, an object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an equal and opposite force. In the scenario of Ma'Khia Bryant attempting to stab another woman, if the police officer were to hit her with a taser, there was a chance that the woman still would have been stabbed. Thus resulting in a waste of time and energy to prevent harm. This is assuming the the office doesn't hit the woman he was attempting to defend, or the taser was in some cases unable to penetrate clothing.
Daniel Van Oaks III
Daniel Van Oaks III 3 dager siden
I didn’t believe the mainstream media for a second
Paul Sprague
Paul Sprague 3 dager siden
Some times it's just fun, make up a big one and then listen when they make up a bigger one
Enles Freedom
Enles Freedom 3 dager siden
HAHAHA LeBrown James don’t know what it’s like to live in the inner cities or be poor he was spoiled his whole life .
Tech Support
Tech Support 3 dager siden
Dude literally became a neckbeard. The content writes itself.
Live And Inspired
Live And Inspired 3 dager siden
Lechina complains to the refs mid layup and bows to president Xi. His opinion is meaningless.
jorgey4 3 dager siden
9:51 aged pretty well didn't it?
J.M. James
J.M. James 3 dager siden
Black farmers have the best corn rows. You're welcome.
Lex Lightening
Lex Lightening 3 dager siden
Mike Bjerke
Mike Bjerke 4 dager siden
Just the fact that you put an Asian hat on the coronavirus makes me sick, not long ago we had a Californian mutated virus come to my town here in Norway. You don't see us blaming the USA for this....
Red Tsunami
Red Tsunami 4 dager siden
Talk about cultural appropriation, Lizzos rockn that straightened white girl hair.
The Gillman
The Gillman 4 dager siden
Well, I’ll tell ya, law enforcement surely doesn’t do much to counter anything said by those who want to rid the US of law enforcement. As a matter of fact no response gives the indication of ok, go ahead and get rid of us. The law enforcement groups sit on their thumbs taking members money instead of getting out and explaining police response to deadly encounters to the public. What’s worse is that members aren’t insisting these groups get out into the public arena. This not only makes law enforcement look bad, but makes it appear that what they did was bad and / or illegal. And it doesn’t help that law enforcement agencies are firing LEO’s for just about ANY policy violation just so the chief or sheriff can say I fired that officer! Go ahead, make cops look bad cause no one will come to their defense!
Alfred Mckinney
Alfred Mckinney 4 dager siden
If it was a white player the BLM whould make sure that he whould be finished on any team
J- Rukkus
J- Rukkus 4 dager siden
It should be legal to hunt them.
wojak 4 dager siden
who condoned that hideous beard?
Gregory S
Gregory S 4 dager siden
You know
hairCarexo Xo
hairCarexo Xo 4 dager siden
omg ... the cartoon ... HAHAHAHAH how are the dems not freaking out lmao this is great hahahaha i cant even omg lmao the lizzo eating the Chinese virus hahaha
Irene Adler
Irene Adler 4 dager siden
Psaki is trying to look "pretty." Chucky comparisons must be getting to her. Look at her thick, fake eyelashes in this video clip. Still a long way down from KMac.
hairCarexo Xo
hairCarexo Xo 4 dager siden
yall are children omg the cow noise hahahhaha i fuckin canttttt omg
hairCarexo Xo
hairCarexo Xo 4 dager siden
lol buoyant and fertile lmfao im cuban and this is funny af
Cole Silverman
Cole Silverman 4 dager siden
50:15 "We don't have any comparable scenario..." It didn't make national news but have you heard the name Daniel Shaver? He was executed by Mesa P.D. after being given orders to crawl towards officers(some how with his hands raised), all while he begged officers not to shoot. That body-cam footage is extremely hard to watch.
Mike Eidt
Mike Eidt 5 dager siden
Best show on NOsections
Bernard Mason
Bernard Mason 5 dager siden
Just FYI, of course the shooting was justified, but you’re wrong about knives not being defensive tools or weapons. They can and are in fact often used or carried for self protection.
Makis Equinox
Makis Equinox 5 dager siden
Damn, first time NotGayJared is mentioned in a long ass time.
Shani Wilkins
Shani Wilkins 5 dager siden
Yeah....you don’t protect yourself by attacking someone. If they are not currently harming you, it’s not self defense. It’s just assault.
Richard Joslin
Richard Joslin 5 dager siden
Lechina James is one of the dumbest people on earth.
Lewis Agen
Lewis Agen 5 dager siden
There was a knife in motion to stab pink girl theres no doubt but what do I know I'm a white man
Nonofurbizz Ihatetech
Nonofurbizz Ihatetech 5 dager siden
Social media just brings out the dumb.
Luca5197 6 dager siden
The disrespect towards Fedor Emilianenko :(
chane vazquez
chane vazquez 6 dager siden
What's going on in your community LeBron is that you guys don't stop committing crime and then when you get arrested for it you scream racial profiling
Swamp Prepper
Swamp Prepper 6 dager siden
I wish I remembered the names, but a black cop shot into a car for no reason and killed a 5 year old white boy. And im sure nobody even knows about it
trollfase 6 dager siden
kek - that chucky frame was funny XD
Dezmend Hale
Dezmend Hale 6 dager siden
What About Epstein? Talk about that please.
fullajoy365 6 dager siden
Left Media: "Holding a knife" Everyone Else: "Wielding a knife with intent to kill"
Live And Inspired
Live And Inspired 3 dager siden
The left media deleted the knife from their video.....
fullajoy365 6 dager siden
Apparently, my doctor didn't get the memo cuz he had no problem telling me I needed to lose weight when I was overweight. Guess what? Instead being offended, I took his advice. Now I'm not only health I'm looking fabulous! 🤣😂🤣😂
Matthew 6 dager siden
As much as I want to help people by changing their minds on things, I also play Devil's advocate. In the sense that... it's a problem that will sort itself out. We all go out one way or another. The only real choice we all have is sooner or later. Can only really "help" someone that acknowledges the problem. If they don't, then just grab popcorn.
AttiJFishing 6 dager siden
right bc a cops gonna pull over LEBRON JAMES AND KILL HIM! He is so ignorant he has more money and privalage then 99% OF WHITE AMERICANS
alucientes 6 dager siden
A constitutional republic is the type of democracy we are (...supposed to be). In reality, it's a plutocracy and been that way since day one. Read The Federalist Papers, especially No 10. Watch Parenti's talks on Myths of The Founding Fathers. He lays it out pretty clearly, -though you may have to use a search engine to find it bc YT scrubbed it for search results/ -Regarding someone being shot for just reaching, watch the Daniel Shaver shooting. The guy was pulling up his shorts, while drunk off his ass, terrified, literally crying he was so scared,, on his hands and knees and the cop just killed him, _he reached._ Cops are actually not _legally required_ to take action. Look at the case in NY, where a guy was being stabbed on a subway train by what later turned out to be a serial killer, and two cops were hiding in the train's cab. The guy sued the City. Should have been given an award.. The court said, "Police are not under any legal obligation to protect citizens if they fear they may be harmed." Look it up. We Are Change interviewed the guy.
alucientes 6 dager siden
China is not the nation with 1000 military all over the world, that have over a killed a million innocent people and laid whole nations and cities to waste. China is not in Syria stealing their oil after giving billions to jihadi terrorists and setting them loose on civilians. Unfortunately, we're not in any position to talk about personal rights and freedom. HK belongs to China. I dont like their autocratic rules either,, but theyre not the greatest threat to peace on the planet, the US is. Saying that HK doesnt belong to China is like saying NY or TX belong to the US (actually, TX could easily be argued belongs to Mexico, but that's a different story).
Kathlyn W.
Kathlyn W. 6 dager siden
Fact Check: Ben Carson almost stabbed another boy - not his mother. Crowder stated otherwise at the 56 min. mark. when referring to Ben's temperament. I'm sure Ben would appreciate that when you share pieces of his own life story (to millions of people), you get the facts straight. I know his story well because I've read so many of his books. You can refer to "America the Beautiful"; Chapter 8 "Learning from Our Mistakes". Probably a good idea to follow up with your audience and let them know that you made a mistake with a minor detail. It's a minor detail. But, all minor details matter =) especially when they deal with someone as respectable as Ben Carson! Aloha! I love the show!
1owkeygaby 6 dager siden
Lol I appreciated the comment on Cubans
QUICKIRONS 6 dager siden
I do believe that Candace Owens chopped a couple feet off labotomy James...
Thomas Schafer
Thomas Schafer 6 dager siden
Erma Gerd ......Audio Wade !!!!!
Nigel Bagguley
Nigel Bagguley 6 dager siden
Doctors next time obese patients visit, don't waste breathe arguing about it : prescribe cooking fat .
Vincent Wallace
Vincent Wallace 6 dager siden
Wait.....he said "I grew up in the hood/ghetto and always seen racism" what kind of hood has the Klan just wandering around??
Luca's Matthew
Luca's Matthew 6 dager siden
I never expected to invest in forex trading and gain return after so many losses but all thanks to Expert like Lisa Charles with her I have been able to build over 200k portfolio for the past 3weeks I have been on trade with her thanks so much for making me a fulfill Soul
Margaret Raney
Margaret Raney 6 dager siden
Well maybe in some situations it’s not the best to have both parents in the house.... Wonder where she learned stabbing people is okay? Maybe from daddy kicking the minor in the head? A+ parenting.
Margaret Raney
Margaret Raney 6 dager siden
So everyone is just going to ignore the fact that the police SAVED THAT GIRL’S LIFE? That used to be the definition of heroism.
Margaret Raney
Margaret Raney 6 dager siden
Now I’m hearing people say if Chris Evans doesn’t date her, he’s fatphobic...
Brian Garcia Hernandez
"Look, I know she's stabbing you but I don't want to come off as racist" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 honestly
spicy diarrhea
spicy diarrhea 4 dager siden
>letting black girl get stabbed to death - "RACIST! black lives mean nothing to them PO-lice!!!!!" >sawing black girl's life from getting stabbed - "RACIST! black lives mean nothing to them PO-lice!!!!!" lose-lose situation tbh, blue man bad
James Ellis
James Ellis 6 dager siden
XZIBIT DID PIMP MY RIDE YOU ASSHAT!! LOL Idk why that pissed me off so bad. Probably because you yelled the wrong name 5×'s as loud as you could...
V Intuitive
V Intuitive 6 dager siden
Lebron needs to shut up. We’re paying him to play ball not to listen to his stupid opinions that are very damaging to the fragility of this country.
Mr Pickle
Mr Pickle 6 dager siden
Lebron James is a wimp.
Vintage Timmy
Vintage Timmy 6 dager siden
I find it so funny a white man is telling a black man to just shut up and dribble, smh!
Tammy Pearson
Tammy Pearson 6 dager siden
We are going to have to keep our guns, there will be no police, because they all are going quit/or eradicated completely. We will have to be armed for protection!
Tammy Pearson
Tammy Pearson 6 dager siden
My Dr. Don’t never have a problem telling me to lose weight, I have to stay at 150, because of my family has a history of diabetes, heart disease, and right now though all my vitals are perfect, and my MBI Is 26%, (normal) I am still considered by most medical professionals to be 30 overweight.
Shadow Claw4762
Shadow Claw4762 7 dager siden
Lizzo reminds me of the King that Ehud killed in Judges 3:22
matt monster
matt monster 7 dager siden
Chicons im going to use this thank you for that
Jojo Crazy Cat
Jojo Crazy Cat 7 dager siden
See how your city turns out after all the police quit their jobs ? You think violence is bad now, wait till is no rules and laws. Only those who are willing to fight for their lives MIGHT survive. Because all those anti police and anti gun people are doomed.
Jojo Crazy Cat
Jojo Crazy Cat 7 dager siden
LeBron James, Ummm Ummm ummm ummm ummm
McKaya Pozzi
McKaya Pozzi 7 dager siden
True story I once, too, got caught on a fence (because of my belly button ring - ouch) while fleeing a busted high school party. Turns out I’m not too athletic and I did not go on to play collegiate sports. Sorry mom and dad.
will geo
will geo 7 dager siden
My dog is smarter than LeBron
SaeedAhmad 7 dager siden
Kill one to save another? why do cops reach for their guns and not their tasers? because they're here to "protect and serve"