Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower) 

Ganger 6 mill
98% 60 535 990

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24. juli. 2020





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xXDfIaNtFiGuReXx 2 timer siden
Ever get a fish stuck up in that cylinder in the back?
Mqccq Dag siden
if batman had a boat this would be it
ID GAF Dag siden
That steering cable is only being held together with zip ties :O
Ben Foster
Ben Foster Dag siden
What kind of glasses does he have?
El peoe Madeira
El peoe Madeira Dag siden
Ostia una narco lancha
Daniel 2 dager siden
wow finn made driving that thing look ez
RatherBeFishing 2 dager siden
This seems dangerous
jayant Bidhuri
jayant Bidhuri 2 dager siden
This deserves the full form of "WHAT THE FUCK! isn't soo cool!"😂❤️
Kaylie Forkas
Kaylie Forkas 2 dager siden
220 pound man and 15 gallons of what? Uh, rocket man. What? Uh.... you’ll see see
Kaylie Forkas
Kaylie Forkas 2 dager siden
Dude, just so everyone knows.... I’ve watched this 3 times now... NOT back to back.. but the first time right when he uploaded this video, again the same night to show my gf. Now again this morning.
Blafard666 2 dager siden
" Full Bald Eagle " XD
Kevin Maxwell
Kevin Maxwell 3 dager siden
That boat is barely touching the water where is the wake I can't see it .
flypimpin ogflypimp
flypimpin ogflypimp 3 dager siden
What lake are y'all on if anybody could tell me what lake is this?
kaeptn_baloo 4 dager siden
Corbina Rhh
Corbina Rhh 4 dager siden
imagine tubing behind this bad bou
UP4014 Productions
UP4014 Productions 4 dager siden
I’m proud to be a American 🇺🇸
Duy nhật TV
Duy nhật TV 5 dager siden
Nói thiệt chớ kênh triệu view mà tương tác thua kênh tui
Venomy YT1
Venomy YT1 5 dager siden
Bass fishing on steroids.
Quintonius Marcus
Quintonius Marcus 5 dager siden
Who keeps fast forwarding the tape?
dust 5 dager siden
Go get your eyebrows done
Hunter Mcelreath
Hunter Mcelreath 6 dager siden
Half Cut Garage IL
Half Cut Garage IL 7 dager siden
My Word!!!!! Yall have some kinda fun down there!!!!!! Lets throw some teflon on the bottom of that baby and take her on the river!!!!
Robert Kotula
Robert Kotula 8 dager siden
Definitely a quick and fun boat. Good video. But did you actually get your passenger in the liquid triple digit club? No GPS numbers? Allison and STV outboards can play all day @ 100+mph for minutes at a time not just for 2 seconds. Light outboards are by far a better bang for the go fast crowd.
bill collins
bill collins 9 dager siden
Fkn sweet
Len Ross
Len Ross 9 dager siden
Call me crazy but, I’d go tubing behind that boat.
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 9 dager siden
11:17 "Making sure it goes stright"
lil cummies sauce
lil cummies sauce 10 dager siden
I wanna be attached to the back of this thing with a tube
Robert Estrada
Robert Estrada 11 dager siden
That last pull.....I can’t stop smiling
Luis Montalvo
Luis Montalvo 12 dager siden
I hate the advertising video s! I don't know if I want watch youtube anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
StiKz 13 dager siden
So, he has a Twin Turbo 2000HP Jet Boat, with "launch Controll"? WTF XD
mehdi kbaili
mehdi kbaili 13 dager siden
Wtf insane 🤯👍👍👍
Ragdoll Racing
Ragdoll Racing 13 dager siden
Hell Yeah Water
Latvian Valheim
Latvian Valheim 14 dager siden
14:40 pure joy driving it
IShrekDaily 14 dager siden
Is this the tugaloo river?
James doucette AKA 200MMONSTER
Looks like so much fun. Fin is a cool cat
Jaxen Lalonde
Jaxen Lalonde 15 dager siden
Every little boats worst nightmare
Bob Bethurum
Bob Bethurum 16 dager siden
Brings back memories!! Had a mechanic friend who built a race/ski monohull with a 600 hp chrysler hemi engine.! He had to put trim plates on the stern so he wouldn't flip the boat.. We used to Single ski behind that beast...... So much FUUUUUUN!!!!!
Lynn Johnston
Lynn Johnston 16 dager siden
lz lz
lz lz 16 dager siden
This is the only thing with 2000 thousand horsepower that your ride barefoot.
Tommy Pratt
Tommy Pratt 16 dager siden
Did I see a cup holder between the seats?
Josh B
Josh B 16 dager siden
Holy shit that is insane!!!!!
Ckc dillpickle
Ckc dillpickle 17 dager siden
1700hp from 12l? Not enough
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez 17 dager siden
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez 17 dager siden
Need a pilot
krrrruptidsoless 18 dager siden
If clocks ran as good as that boat. We'd have a conspiracy with gaps in time
MaTthEw raza
MaTthEw raza 18 dager siden
Chevy/hemi engine with twin turbskis is the most American thing I’ve ever seen brother 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅
Mod Papa
Mod Papa 19 timer siden
@Christian does MTB Firearms are banned in Mexico, Honduras, Brazil. Yet there remains a high number of illegal firearm related crimes. A criminal will always find a way to illegally acquire a firearm, doesn't matter what the government does. In turn, the actions of a couple of criminals and psychopaths shouldn't dictate whether or not a morally abiding human should be able to carry a firearm. The same applies to vehicles, knifes, anything that can effectively be used as a weapon. If firearms were banned for the morally and law abiding citizen, the only people left with firearms would be the government and criminals. Not a great combo. And of course, there should be laws regarding training, emotional and psychological tests, etc, you get the idea. Well... hopefully you do. A lot of people are forced to stay at home and as a result, are trying to find something to get them morally riled up or give them new purpose. Hence the Mockingbird on your television or the ⏰ on your phone, a clever group who own all that put out the flyers for a job in that false bravado. Next thing you know you're beating up a flawed but innocent person who you think is a Nazi, and you ask with intense confusion the person next to you, "Hanz... are we the baddies?"
Christian does MTB
Christian does MTB 19 timer siden
@Mod Papa look in countries where you can’t have guns, no problem here
Mod Papa
Mod Papa Dag siden
@Bester Mensch Imagine thinking that banning firearms will stop what criminals and murderers do best; get their hands on firearms illegally, like they already do.
Drink. Some. Water.
Drink. Some. Water. 2 dager siden
@Mr. Long No, that’s a British thing. Remember how they went to war with almost 75% of the whole globe during colonialism?
Bester Mensch
Bester Mensch 3 dager siden
@JoshuaJKarl Imagine thinking preventing schoolshootings and other forms of gun related violence is authoritarian.
G R 18 dager siden
@Don Tait…. So very sorry for your loss. Prayers sent your way. Be strong Brother…..g
Jared Renetzky
Jared Renetzky 18 dager siden
Why spend so much money and equipment and put it into a jet boat??? You’re going for speed obviously so why not a v drive?
Sam Wallis
Sam Wallis 18 dager siden
Careful! Your content is getting in the way of them ads 🙄
SignalTheSwarm 19 dager siden
I need one
Mario Beats
Mario Beats 19 dager siden
go to busco beach and drag race ur fastest atv
Stephen French
Stephen French 19 dager siden
Fuck ye! America Baby!
Sandra Giovani
Sandra Giovani 19 dager siden
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FrancisSpeak Life
FrancisSpeak Life 19 dager siden
can't think of single hold my beer comment. what the shit is wrong with me ?
Lord, have mercy on me.
I grew chest hair just watching this video. Awesome.
brady cumbia
brady cumbia 20 dager siden
2:18 so you mean its a corvette on water
Val Colmer
Val Colmer 20 dager siden
My God what a stupid fucking thing to use
Buen Lifestyle
Buen Lifestyle 20 dager siden
You always scared when it ain’t you driving 😂
Everett Martisko
Everett Martisko 20 dager siden
Who ever put a thumbs down ......whats wrong whith you?
willd0g 20 dager siden
I’m so glad NOsections exists
DADDY ACS TV 20 dager siden
full support sir...
Boeing 17
Boeing 17 20 dager siden
*National Anthem Intensifies*
Švico Zoro
Švico Zoro 20 dager siden
Loyality&Respekt from swizerland! ✌-out !
FREN - OGY 20 dager siden
that wheel is very finnegey
Lloyd Cisco
Lloyd Cisco 21 dag siden
Why would anybody want to put that kind of horsepower and then put a jet drive behind it very inefficient what about drugs they're not putting v-drives in there for nothing that's the fastest way from point A to point B
Lloyd Cisco
Lloyd Cisco 21 dag siden
Buy one with a V-drive
Blazertooth77 21 dag siden
BLAH BLAH BLAH! Skip to 8 minutes for the real video 😤🤦‍♂️
Egal Egalegal
Egal Egalegal 21 dag siden
Michigander 21 dag siden
Need to know the speed! I know f'in fast! Turn speedo app on phone and see what you get
Michigander 21 dag siden
Fun! Kept thinking needs an oh shit handle... But I suppose if you lose control at that speed u ain't hanging on anyway.. Probably break your arms..
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 21 dag siden
Open turbos like that give me so much anxiety 😂
Nate Moctezuma
Nate Moctezuma 21 dag siden
Mike looks like Nick Swardson without the glasses... crazy ass boat!
Alex Yong
Alex Yong 21 dag siden
Watching this man shit himself is the funniest thing ever
Later Gator
Later Gator 22 dager siden
I love how universal the reactions are to first starting of any boat XD
Later Gator
Later Gator 22 dager siden
My uncle owned a big Baja boat once. For literally one summer. I cannot even imagine how this feels.
Darius 23 dager siden
Kelly Olynyk drives the boat
Higher Calling
Higher Calling 23 dager siden
Fuck your can see the speed
C CARRGO 24 dager siden
What lake was this Lanier?
David J. Lindborg
David J. Lindborg 24 dager siden
I can't believe that everyone loves this turd of a squirt gun when there are boats going 270mph in the 1000ft in IHBA. Shit my neighbor growing up went over 220mph in the 80s with 500ci limit.
Noah Hirschfield
Noah Hirschfield 24 dager siden
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Travels with the Giggles
Wow just wow amazing dude 🥳🥰
Morten frost Hansen
Morten frost Hansen 25 dager siden
How can a jet engine be a big block? Something doesn't sound right
Morten frost Hansen
Morten frost Hansen 25 dager siden
Aaahhhh a car engine, with a jet propeller drive.. that makes sense. Should probably change the title to, Jet propelled 1700 hp big block engine. I thought it had a jet engine
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez 25 dager siden
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filemon leija
filemon leija 25 dager siden
The sable freckle disappointedly tire because shrine generically pull across a slow weapon. perfect, careful whorl
Gerry Rogue
Gerry Rogue 25 dager siden
Sounds like he just hit boost for 1 second then hit open the safety valve cleetus has so much fun so does finnegan i wish i could i could hang with these guys for a weekend my race car isnt turboed but it gets downl
billfish #
billfish # 26 dager siden
To slow
Michael Pipkin
Michael Pipkin 27 dager siden
Love it!!!
Roman Dashkevich
Roman Dashkevich 27 dager siden
Go tubing behind that thing 💀
John Wyn Francisco
John Wyn Francisco 27 dager siden
Fetus deletus
NorthernZeus 27 dager siden
Is that Finnegan from road kill? Is there anything more American than a Florida man with a 1600 hp jet boat spending a day with a Georgia man sporting a mullet. Speed, Kevlar underwear and mullets.... god bless America.
Tanawat Leelayouva
Tanawat Leelayouva 27 dager siden
Cb media channel if you love this thing checking out Thai dessle power boat in that channel
CatLady 27 dager siden
There’s no reason all boats can’t be electric. That is an ungodly monstrosity!
CatLady 26 dager siden
@rankoss Those boats with the foot pedals power are perfectly fine.
rankoss 26 dager siden
eat birds
eat birds 27 dager siden
sus title
Kristina Arnold
Kristina Arnold 27 dager siden
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Cola Kid
Cola Kid 28 dager siden
Bloody Hell!!
DannyHT 28 dager siden
His face at 14:44. Slap me man that had me crying 😂. He was like OH SHITTTT.
Joshua skovira
Joshua skovira 29 dager siden
Ummm 2004 to 2020 is 16 years
RIKy4life Måned siden
It’s awesome to see how genuinely happy this boat makes the owner. Smiles per hour baby
Ernst Schmid
Ernst Schmid Måned siden
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Bearded Builder
Bearded Builder Måned siden
Twin 88’s playing 0 games.