4000° LIGHTSABER vs HAND?!? 

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0:00 Intro
0:12 For Context
1:28 Our Lightsaber
4:50 Science of Heat Transfer
9:12 How Hot?
11:38 Testing Begins
13:10 Wax Hands
15:00 Do Not Try This At Home!
16:35 Outro

Big thank you to Samuel Kim Music for the epic music!

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3. mai. 2021





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Hacksmith Industries
Go to NordVPN.com/Hacksmith to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!
AJLXD 9 dager siden
@Till Axel Simon don't worry I know it know
Till Axel Simon
Till Axel Simon 9 dager siden
@AJLXD do you have discord, i can explain it to you
Aatharv Gowda
Aatharv Gowda 13 dager siden
You should do it against a ballistics dummy against it
big beaner
big beaner 17 dager siden
why not jus contact nasa
Donionil 20 dager siden
iv put my hand in fire even slower than you my skin on my finger turnd completle black and i was in the fire for 2s
Chase ricapito
Chase ricapito 3 timer siden
What if u get a laser and concentrate it in a glass tube or sumthin then it should heat up snd be a very hot light saber but then couldn’t close thats it
Phil Wang
Phil Wang 4 timer siden
I think Hacksmiths have unknowingly started a whole new lightsaber industry here
Kento Marek
Kento Marek 10 timer siden
Tbh i first came to this channel for the Lightsaber, but stayed for the general amazing craftmanship.
Jakers 10 timer siden
"Don't try this at home" *turns off my lightsaber that I totally own*
o’Danker 14 timer siden
I like the part where he talked about the lightsaber
Killer1623 15 timer siden
National Star Wars day
Killer1623 15 timer siden
May the 4th is my birthday
TryDon'tCry 16 timer siden
real test begin at 15:33
Hallie rock
Hallie rock 19 timer siden
12:52 is when he puts wax hands in the saber
Emjay Man
Emjay Man Dag siden
Which is why a Lightsaber is more than just heat, I guess. It's special energy. BTW, I love how you put up a free physical lesson with the guise of Lightsaber material. Lol.
Twilight17 Petkoton
Oh here a idea let's see if a lightsabers vs keyblades. Testing if a lightsaber can cut a keyblade in half.
xerravon Dag siden
this is cool and all but nothing new. amazing is trying things we don't know will work. discovery.
Raja The Gamer From YouTube
Try to melt tungsten using your lightsaber
MR GRIZZ Dag siden
I would love to see yall make a god arc from god eater
rtx bird
rtx bird Dag siden
Why does the power loader in the back ground have googly eyes
Sahana Mahesh
Sahana Mahesh Dag siden
does it cut tungsten
Monkey Gaming
Monkey Gaming 2 dager siden
Transformer Guy
Transformer Guy 2 dager siden
Who's smarter mark rober or the hacksmith
jason hayman
jason hayman 2 dager siden
Cool, have you looked into elongated toroidal plasma fields? Much like onions the more layers you have the more dense the blade. If it behaves like a tornado then you could improve plasma density. Another cool idea would to power it with a space time Crystal. There is a substance similar to wootz steel if embedded with the right isotopes would create a lot of energy. Similar to a nuclear battery. Providing you can get the carbide in the steel to resonate. Then you would have a means to preheat the plasma with the energy it provides. Another way is understanding the subatomic bonding. all a lightsaber would be is a device that splits that bound. But it’s questionable to how efficiently it would do this. I’m not all key up on the math side but I’d say that would be a way to go. Considering all matter and energy is a spectrum. If done right you might be able to recreate Luke’s lightsaber. The way I see it there’s a a few core components power cells, constrictor coils, and something that can create vortices in a medium in which to create plasma. The medium could even be subatomic in nature. Heavy ion bombardment generally would be an approach to consider. Most cutters don’t cut, they push things out of the way with in specific vertices. So the real question, how would this be achieved within a hand held device? Thats where it’s non to clear where to go? I’d say Yes it could be done ,but it’s a question of how risky it would be? Thinking about it if using glow in the dark elements. you might even be able to colour the plasma to get various shades of lightsabers. I’d say go for the coffee bean approach . so if the hilt was the bottom of the field the blade would simply sit between the emerging field lines. Hey presto a lightsaber. I’m sure haven’t got it all, but I think a it’s a fair deal. Over to you. An good luck! Glad the hand survived. I love to see you next creations.
Yolo Gaming
Yolo Gaming 2 dager siden
Of you make it bigger below and build up higher that it Fits in each other than you can re-track it in eachother in the holder whit like the first one cuz this one doesent burn imideatly its poseble to retrack a lightsaber and not a plasma Saber right?
Hristos Mourselas
Hristos Mourselas 2 dager siden
There are up to 6th degree burns
THE MANDALORIAN 2 dager siden
I don’t get it
Gamerboy 007
Gamerboy 007 3 dager siden
Wow 🤩
ALIBRICKSTUDIOS 10 3 dager siden
Ur the hacksmith make a chamber ur self
Gigi Liamzon
Gigi Liamzon 3 dager siden
I wish this guy was our science teacher
Bailey Curtis
Bailey Curtis 4 dager siden
Wait a minute. My name is Curtis. I live near Orlando Florida. Did I send The Hacksmith a box of hands???
cris torey
cris torey 4 dager siden
Estas loquisimo
Just_A_Rapper(Jet Black)
I must have been living under a rock my whole life if im barely finding this chanel!
Giantdogemaster100 999
Its insane that a plasma lightsaber can boil lead at temperature around 3,300 degrees fahrenheit when lightsaber burns around 4,000 degrees fahrenheit
joanna rodriguez
joanna rodriguez 4 dager siden
Hi hello hi bye bye hello hi hello hello bye hi hi hello hi bye bye
Link Baroku
Link Baroku 4 dager siden
No mention of aerodynamics and the wind created around the hand as it rips through the air? 😂 awesome video and loved the lesson.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 4 dager siden
moving very fast yes,but if yuo look at the slow mo it did pool in my hand which it wouldnt have done with airflow
MaximeBond007 5 dager siden
15:40 the TEST
RoosterBoy2113 5 dager siden
Hacksmith: don’t try this at home Me: with what, my toy lightsaber?
Qais Rifai
Qais Rifai 5 dager siden
This is why women live longer than men
NASA’s Adventures
NASA’s Adventures 6 dager siden
the hacksmith: "don't try this at home". me:"or outside!"
Notilla 6 dager siden
I feel like he wanted to lose his hand and was disappointed when he didn't
livati waghela
livati waghela 6 dager siden
Since I try it from fire because if we put hands in fire for 2 second it will start burn but if remove it in half second it will not burn
Jerri-Lynne Worth
Jerri-Lynne Worth 6 dager siden
Swings his hand, the hand falls off. Cut.
Louis B.
Louis B. 6 dager siden
The lightsaber and armor and weapon making. It’s all so cool man, keep up the great work, you guys are all legends
Joseph Hollaway
Joseph Hollaway 6 dager siden
15:35 thank me later
Carhera 83
Carhera 83 7 dager siden
A set my Finker onfirer
Adamo 0920
Adamo 0920 7 dager siden
It's a flamesaber lmao
Nautilusgamer 7 dager siden
If there was a war I would be on the hack smiths team
Munashe Makanda
Munashe Makanda 8 dager siden
Plz cook food with this
TechalakillZ 8 dager siden
hey question why don't you create something see through that can keep the oxygen stabel
TechalakillZ 7 dager siden
@Hacksmith Industries something to keep the fire in place and make the lighgtsaber more realist
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 7 dager siden
andres Soto
andres Soto 8 dager siden
Bro rlly said ima trained professional😐
Beats 806
Beats 806 8 dager siden
You should put an actual metal blade instead of a rod because then even if the heat doesn’t transfer it can still cut through stuff
OreoZen 8 dager siden
Here’s a random question if you were to somehow create a lightsaber just like the movies and shot a gun at it would the bullet go through like nothing, explode due to heat and pressure, or not make it through.
TomasAmicola 8 dager siden
God 8 dager siden
Jonathan Longmore
Jonathan Longmore 8 dager siden
What did you do at school honey? I made a 4000 degree lightsaber Oh like a drawing No a real one I burned the school down
vaughn schrader
vaughn schrader 8 dager siden
can you roast marshmallows on the Proto saber?
camera shots
camera shots 8 dager siden
I think the light sabers will be almost movie accurate one day when we can make heat alot faster
Gr8 V
Gr8 V 8 dager siden
16:22 I already tried it several times when i was 11 :)
Ace 19 Mlbb
Ace 19 Mlbb 8 dager siden
He looks like fat Thor and captain America at the same time
Ace 19 Mlbb
Ace 19 Mlbb 8 dager siden
@Hacksmith Industriesdamn I didn't knew you'd reply..... Gud
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 8 dager siden
Stanley Kariithi
Stanley Kariithi 8 dager siden
Omg all those scientific words👌👌👌👌
Muhammad Yadiy Yazli
Muhammad Yadiy Yazli 9 dager siden
Big Wall
Big Wall 9 dager siden
Don't try it in home. . . Yea. . . Everyone have 4000° lightsaber at home.
Lil B
Lil B 9 dager siden
Can you try to make an laser gun? Please!!!
Afdhal N
Afdhal N 9 dager siden
The abiding expansion lilly invite because cream oddly step before a colorful italian. parched, warlike thomas
Christian Guther
Christian Guther 9 dager siden
You can’t do that in a vacuum chamber... everyone would die
Clayton Jackson
Clayton Jackson 9 dager siden
I'm sure N.A.S.A. would be willing to work with you guys as long as it says they worked with you. Or you could ask Elon Musk for a bit of help and let you test it at one of the Space-X centers.
entertainer 74
entertainer 74 9 dager siden
Obi-Wan Kenobi if you're alive then where's Qui-Gon
Noah J Howes
Noah J Howes 9 dager siden
hacksmith: dont try this at home : me its not like i have one anyway
Islam Quick
Islam Quick 9 dager siden
Make a drone what foods no bullets like a gun drone
dogedog 420gking
dogedog 420gking 9 dager siden
Jesus man vs Hell flare
Till Axel Simon
Till Axel Simon 9 dager siden
Master Hacksmith there are too many of 'em. What we gonna do?
RyderJ Lewis
RyderJ Lewis 9 dager siden
Who thinks He looked like Willy Wonka!?
Jakub pik
Jakub pik 9 dager siden
Kidna mad Disney claims they made thé fisrt lightsaber THAT Is retrackedible....
Please help me Bdbdvdh
Am I the only one who thinks its weird to have hand gun in your back pocket during work
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 9 dager siden
it was for the video... a gag
BLAZER 19 9 dager siden
Haksmith:"you guys must really like l ightsabers or something " Me:"anyone with common sense would"
Daniel Martir
Daniel Martir 10 dager siden
Aaron Madden
Aaron Madden 10 dager siden
Who noticed the giant Red Bull?
smoool gaming
smoool gaming 10 dager siden
Hi so you Sam light sapphire
Joshua Wrightson
Joshua Wrightson 10 dager siden
Mia takes heat transfer from the video swipe my hands were dead hot fire
Matt Dawg
Matt Dawg 10 dager siden
The reason why his hand wasn’t burned was due to moving it at high speed, creating a “shield” around his hand (i.e. oxygen) the oxygen around his hand and the oxygen from the saber don’t interact at high speeds.
Hacksmith Industries
Hacksmith Industries 9 dager siden
/ heat transfer. what the whole video was about...
Star Wars stop motion
Star Wars stop motion 10 dager siden
Why don’t you and Disney join together
Дмитрий Филатов
I've seen someone slapping flowing melted metal so yeah physics works
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez 10 dager siden
That’s my birthday may the 4
Hank Hu
Hank Hu 10 dager siden
Lightsaber war
Thunderdiaper 10 dager siden
“Don’t try at home” Me:Oh yeah I definitely don’t have a plasma proto sbaer lying around in my bed room *looks at plasma proto saber on the floor in my bed room Me:you saw nothing
Wahyu Agung
Wahyu Agung 10 dager siden
Jump to 15:00
이민섭 10 dager siden
He fid it in 15:42
Alexander Krewson
Alexander Krewson 11 dager siden
He just fukin pulled out a gun
Carson Kolarik
Carson Kolarik 11 dager siden
Doesn’t this mean In theory you could try and cut someone with it and it would not burn them
Ace pro
Ace pro 11 dager siden
Jordan Bryan
Jordan Bryan 11 dager siden
Anyone else use to do this at school with buntson burners and be like "ooo I'm magic" 😂
Beasty 2408
Beasty 2408 11 dager siden
Do fire vs fire
Stanite 11 dager siden
Little did we know that he actually made a mechanical arm and lost his arm trying this before the video
こげぱんだ 11 dager siden
LETS cooking
Nat0ri0us 11 dager siden
"I know what anime is Nolan..."
Justsomepotato 11 dager siden
Star wars: *light saber cutting through person* Real Life: *person cutting through light saber*
Otaku Shinobi
Otaku Shinobi 11 dager siden
they put the light saber on low
Magnificent Mason
Magnificent Mason 11 dager siden
Lightsabor cool
Nathan Cavedo
Nathan Cavedo 11 dager siden
Make the Omnitrix next (Ben 10 )
Dandre Russell
Dandre Russell 11 dager siden
How we gonna try this at home :/
OGDryCoop 11 dager siden
Oh sorry I wasn’t listening I was busy looking at the giant red bull can in the background
Julian Sng
Julian Sng 12 dager siden
Can we get the actors for starwars use this saber//
Enzo Miguel
Enzo Miguel 12 dager siden
:girls why do we live Longer than men :Men
Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy