NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Successfully Completes First Flight 

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NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter became the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet on April 19, 2021. The Ingenuity team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California determined that the flight was successful after receiving data from both the helicopter and the Perseverance Mars rover.

Ingenuity is a technology demonstration. The 19-inch-tall Ingenuity Mars Helicopter contains no science instruments. Instead, the 4-pound rotorcraft will help determine whether future explorations on Mars could be conducted from the air.

Perseverance touched down at Octavia E. Butler Landing with Ingenuity attached to its belly on Feb. 18. The helicopter was deployed to the surface of Jezero Crater on April 3.

For more information on the Ingenuity, visit: mars.nasa.gov/technology/heli...

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech



19. april. 2021





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Chad Brandon
Chad Brandon 9 dager siden
We can get toys on Mars but we cant get a clear video of the moon .. that's crazy
Nishantha Perera
Nishantha Perera 13 dager siden
wow......good job guys.....need more unbelievable moments....
Astro 29 dager siden
You gave great inspiration for our generation. Thanks
News1st - Tracy Mapes
They Take Away the Rights of Children to Experience Drone Flight over the Skies of America, and Then Tout The Wonders of Technology on a Planet in which They Weren't Invited. Talk about "Cancel Culture"
Dewan Oneday
Dewan Oneday Måned siden
☞Congratulations NASA COMPANY YEHHH...TODAY---I---AM---VERY³-HAPPY😊😊😊💃💃💃🌕🌕🌕 🎆🎆🎆🎇🎇🎇🎁🎁🎁🎀🎀🎀🎈🎈🎈🎎🎎🎎👏👏👏💖💖💖💞💞💞💕💕💕👍👍👍☜...
MyMich84 Måned siden
ALL IS FAKE!!!!! MARS??? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Swapnil Iqbal
Swapnil Iqbal Måned siden
And how do you know it's fake?
Yuval Nehemia
Yuval Nehemia Måned siden
Seeing the excitement of the team, and especially of Mimi Aung, is so heartwarming.
Uwais Nakedar
Uwais Nakedar Måned siden
this is so amazing
nicoghini Måned siden
Ingenuity is only that, Ingenuity...
BEHEMOTH Måned siden
humans are awesome
PerfectR3 Måned siden
August 22, 1972 Soviet space prob "Mars 3" was deactivated on Mars. Find him and prove that this is not a fake 45°S 202°E (predicted)
Aleksandr Garashyk
Aleksandr Garashyk Måned siden
Ну ,хорошо, взлетел. А дальше что?Какая польза для человечества?
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Måned siden
Sadly, we cant leave earth . Its global fake propaganda . The chinese are in on it too with thier fake missions to space . Do your own fact checks . Its a ongoing hoax since fake moon landings.
Swapnil Iqbal
Swapnil Iqbal Måned siden
"Do your own fact checks" means watching conspiracy NOsections videos and discussions in tinfoil hat Facebook groups right?
rrqqt.y Måned siden
I would cry decades just sit with one of these people
Piyantha Piyantha
Piyantha Piyantha Måned siden
well done! I LOVE NASA one I join with you
Astro Shinde
Astro Shinde Måned siden
YAY! 🥳 🚀💙
Tanish Tanu
Tanish Tanu Måned siden
More success to you
Tanish Tanu
Tanish Tanu Måned siden
Guys hardwork pays off
Elmokh Glom
Elmokh Glom Måned siden
كوكب كينيا بتلاله واحجاره، لو صورو يمين ويسار لرؤيتم تلك الشجرة اليابسة على جانب جثة ضبع
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Måned siden
Aung Ko
Aung Ko Måned siden
So proud of you Mi Mi Aung. One Burmese name marked in the great history of mankind.
S A Måned siden
but what's the big deal? if we can land a rover on mars we can fly a small drone also.
Swapnil Iqbal
Swapnil Iqbal Måned siden
The big deal is that Mars' atmospheric volume is about 1% of Earth's, so flying a rotor-based aircraft like a helicopter is very difficult. But, it doesn't require rocket fuel and can run off of batteries that can be charged using solar, so if it can be done, we can have drones flying around Mars conducting recon, taking pictures, and scouting out future locations.
Jojo Materese
Jojo Materese Måned siden
I am so proud of you guys...signed an American citizen
Kenji Okura
Kenji Okura Måned siden
Thank you for saying "Human beings..." Mimi. Space exploration is an earth-wide, hopefully one day interplanetary, endeavor. You and your team's energy is contagious.
Marco Antonio López Alcala
Desearía que todas las noticias a diario fueran tan espectaculares y asombrosamente bellas como está, sobre todo en México, aún así me regalaron un hermoso y bello día, gracias a todos los involucrados en este proyecto, por favor sigan regalandonos y participando de sus triunfos yo lo aprecio mucho. GRACIAS
Propagandists, please stop. I'm begging you.
Swapnil Iqbal
Swapnil Iqbal Måned siden
If you don't want to see scientific videos on your NOsections page (understandable, I guess you wanna see the flat earth propaganda more), then stop commenting on them. The more you interact with these videos the more NOsections will show them to you
John Coppola
John Coppola Måned siden
You should use that thing to dust off perseverance solar panels
Brahim d
Brahim d Måned siden
In the future, we hope to build a space station on Mars. must sending robots to build that space station 🙄🤔
Brahim d
Brahim d Måned siden
good Congratulations👏👍❤😊
Antonio Alvarez
Antonio Alvarez Måned siden
Is this drone going to fly over the Face on Mars and the surrounding area ???
지송이가 좋아하는 뽕!!!따!!!
This should be celebrated by the whole Myanmar citizens but due to current political instability, we could not celebrated for this historic moment both as a fellow Burmese alongside with the Project Manager of Ingenuity, Daw Mi Mi Aung and as a human. Anyhow, this video made me shed tears out of happiness. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.
Ariel Biernacki
Ariel Biernacki Måned siden
Political game. Two masks on this clowns faces.
Aye Win
Aye Win Måned siden
Congratulations 🎉 from myanmar.
Vladimir Stankov
Vladimir Stankov Måned siden
Our creators are somewhere there😂😂👏👏🙈🙈what a bad animation
Kristaps Sietiņš
Kristaps Sietiņš Måned siden
This scenarium sheets that was ripped by Mimi Aung has to be framed and placed in NASA museum. It is mysterious. We don't know what's is writen in it.
Curtis Rogers
Curtis Rogers Måned siden
ManofSteele25 Måned siden
wow the music just adds so much more emotion to this footage🥲
John Suykerbuyk
John Suykerbuyk Måned siden
As if it was meant to
PlasmaCoolantLeak Måned siden
Watching the result of your hard work and dedication, first with Perserverance and now with Ingenuity made me feel like I did when Neil and Buzz walked on the moon. Congratulations, and much more continued success!
olaguna2 Måned siden
Amazing, great job!
Andreas Christodoulou
Anyone knows what happened after man's first landing on moon, ......NOTHING !!! Anyone knows what it will be happen after robot's first landing on mars......NOTHING !!!!!
Renee Bradley
Renee Bradley Måned siden
Swapnil Iqbal
Swapnil Iqbal Måned siden
@Renee Bradley You clearly are, since you believe every conspiracy theory you've seen
Renee Bradley
Renee Bradley Måned siden
@belly tripper you are easily deceived huh??
belly tripper
belly tripper Måned siden
mike m
mike m Måned siden
Excuse me folks but, I’m blown away!!!
chris vanderburg
chris vanderburg Måned siden
Second flight of a powered aircraft to be precise. Sky Crane slowed decent, hovered, deployed Perseverance while taking video of it, then flew off. That my friends is the actual first powered flight of an aircraft on another planet.
freddy valerio sosa
freddy valerio sosa Måned siden
gran paso, para la humanidad...
kolakbanana Måned siden
Congratulation NASA and JPL!! the world is proud with your achievement! really amazing! - from Indonesia
James Stood
James Stood Måned siden
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Catherine Miller
Catherine Miller Måned siden
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Dogecoi as it's retracting....BE WISE
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller Måned siden
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller Måned siden
With my administration 👇👇
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller Måned siden
Elisabeth Glizz
Elisabeth Glizz Måned siden
I got 80% of my total portfolio in Dogecoin and it has be great returns
Graham Philips
Graham Philips Måned siden
Dogecoin is the future
Josué Machado Músico
D RadarMan
D RadarMan Måned siden
This is so COOL! Ingenuity reminds me of R2D2, and the rover reminds me of C3PO.
V P Måned siden
Standing Ovation for the unsurpassed pros at NASA JPL! I can't get enough of this mighty little helicopter!
Adrian Musa
Adrian Musa Måned siden
I felt goosebumps and emotion when the flight was successful then with a dramatic background music. Congratulation po NASA JPL, from Philippines 🇵🇭💙💛♥️
LeRelayeur Måned siden
When a helicopter takes off, it raises a lot of dust. How is it that with blades that turn at 2,500 rpm, you don't see any dust on take-off, or dust on landing. Scam ?? . Just watch a helicopter fly over land and compare. FAKE OR NOT FAKE? more in a desert full of dust.
Swapnil Iqbal
Swapnil Iqbal Måned siden
Relax dude not everything you don't understand is fake. There WAS dust, they've recently released enhanced footage of it. You couldn't see the dust because it was the same color as the backdrop. Also, it's not a huge helicopter it's only like 1 foot long.
Yatauta Måned siden
Truly amazing! Congratulations! Now, will you please start working on my flying car? I've been waiting since the Jetsons got canceled.
Donald Ornelas
Donald Ornelas Måned siden
I'm so proud nasa congrat
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta Måned siden
“ we have landed now get back to work “ Celebration : error 404
Harish C S
Harish C S Måned siden
Can someone explain why the dust has not blown away under the copter?or blown dust is not visible in footage?
Etta J Fan
Etta J Fan Måned siden
Well done!
Cooking with Yarda
Cooking with Yarda Måned siden
Great achievement NASA !! Congratulations !!
Daynox1st Måned siden
When your heart starts beating outside your chest. Simply amazing, great work.
Zvezda Sever
Zvezda Sever Måned siden
Comentator Måned siden
How about publishing a full video with takeoff and landing (we can wait if it needs to be), also telemetry data and most important can you publish tech specs of motors, props, battery, heating element, and solar panel efficiency? The current craft spec sheet doesn't have single detail except for the wight... 1.8kg . 400$ DJI drones have more details.
Les Paul78 /// Alejandro
Felicitaciones! Ahora corramos al senado a pedir mas presupuesto para NASA!
Dheraj Kanchan
Dheraj Kanchan Måned siden
This is so awesome 👏 well done u guys
Chris BigBad
Chris BigBad Måned siden
happy nerd sounds :D
Samuel Roy
Samuel Roy Måned siden
Like I said before this video deserves more than a billion views.
John Suykerbuyk
John Suykerbuyk Måned siden
It still won't be enough to wake up the sheep.
EARN BY MIDEA Måned siden
Mera DJI ka mavic minj bhej dete kuchh kiraya de dete din ka 5000$ bus🙃🙃🙃
Ariel Biernacki
Ariel Biernacki Måned siden
Bunch off sheep's. Two masks ? Why?
belly tripper
belly tripper Måned siden
Dharam Indora
Dharam Indora Måned siden
Congratulations all team of nasa who working on this project mars2020
Ikurato Måned siden
500 hundreds years later, martian said why these people on earth wearing masks 🤣
Alissa Burge
Alissa Burge Måned siden
Patrick Müller
Patrick Müller Måned siden
Patrick Müller
Patrick Müller Måned siden
@belly tripper fake is fake
belly tripper
belly tripper Måned siden
@Patrick Müller ausweipe
Patrick Müller
Patrick Müller Måned siden
@belly tripper fake
belly tripper
belly tripper Måned siden
Qussai Masadeh
Qussai Masadeh Måned siden
Great day, Great team, Keep On 🥳🛰️🛸
Barbara Cholak
Barbara Cholak Måned siden
I watched it live yesterday.. Astounding. Now I can breath. Congrats to NASA. Blessings from California
Mr Balsem Gosok
Mr Balsem Gosok Måned siden
So, we are space pirates now..
MARK 8472
MARK 8472 Måned siden
silent man
silent man Måned siden
How did these rocks become like this? Something went wrong here? How these rocks are eroded? where the water ?? I watch where the helicopter can fly everyday but more mysteries will arise ... helicop is small but big improvement for humanity
Luís Filipe Marto
Luís Filipe Marto Måned siden
Thank You so much your videos. Obrigado NASA
belly tripper
belly tripper Måned siden
G M Måned siden
Goosebumps! Way to go nerds ♥
jimmy j
jimmy j Måned siden
cool cgi
Su Hnin Khin NiNi
Su Hnin Khin NiNi Måned siden
Congratulations JPL
Mesa Santikant
Mesa Santikant Måned siden
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Mesa Santikant
Mesa Santikant Måned siden
Mission-Transformerss no-non Drivril-Transmissionss Saddoggoddessesski-009 nonon Maddoggoddessessky-13 No-comment When-the-SKY..rain-oil Gooodgodss Piggoddessessirensky-009 Badgodss Piggoddessessphinxsky-13 Pigasuskiing..007..Thankss
human being
human being Måned siden
you need to up your dosage......
a normal person e
a normal person e Måned siden
are you ok
Edinaldo batista
Edinaldo batista Måned siden
they don't divulge anything about beings from another planet
Fabio Ferreira Gomes
Paula Singer
Paula Singer Måned siden
Looks like the Sahara desert cause its sure not Mars. Nothing they say is the truth nothing
belly tripper
belly tripper Måned siden
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Måned siden
GO, NASA! GO, JPL! Thank you for taking me there and keep making mankind's noblest history!
Anwar Ali Shaikh
Anwar Ali Shaikh Måned siden
💞سَلَامٌ عَلَيْكُمْ💝 National Secret Agency 💖 Central Defense Activists 💞 program🕊️✌️🦅 Power Of Command 💫 Research 🌠 Strategy interactive ⭐ inshallah 💝 MashaAllah 🦋 Bismillah💒SubhanAllah 👑
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7668587 0 Måned siden
7668587 0
7668587 0 Måned siden
Yes, Ma'am
Simon Mikkelsen
Simon Mikkelsen Måned siden
Huge congratulations. I will show this to my son when he gets home from school.
Robert Hogg, fellow Scientologist in charge of nasa JPL rover mission. Have to ask oneself why Scientology wishes not to discuss Edgar Burroughs John Carter, and Napier of Venus....
Tom Bum
Tom Bum Måned siden
Katake Måned siden
Malik Khalil
Malik Khalil Måned siden
I love nasa❤😘
GEEK BOY SL Måned siden
Love nasa
Prince Indrajit Law / Laha
GREAT ~ 👏🏻
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker Måned siden
Great achievement, well done. Now, on the harder things... develop a decent battery for EVs, the current tech is low energy density, causes problems for firefighting crews trying to extinguish burning corpses and is otherwise very impractical. Good luck
ernesto yepez
ernesto yepez Måned siden
this is so f***ng cool
Eldhose Chacko
Eldhose Chacko Måned siden
Great and effort work proud of your team 👍👍✌️✌️💪
AnimayPlay Måned siden
PTONPC Måned siden
Much better to see this than any presenter! Congratulations :)
Angel's Scroll
Angel's Scroll Måned siden
Thank you for your service for the future of human beings!
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