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ALL THE SMOKE is back with another 🔥 episode. 4x-NBA Champion, Shaq, joins Matt and Stak to discuss his Hall Of Fame career. Shaq opens up about his relationship with Kobe \u0026 reflects on his 4 NBA championships. Plus, he talks about the new-age NBA, how Steph Curry changed the game, \u0026 about his beef with Donovan Mitchell.

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( 00:00:00 ​) - Intro
( 00:02:15 ​) - 2020 Struggles, Kobe
( 00:06:45 ​) - Current NBA, Donovan Mitchell Rift, Steph Curry
( 00:29:04 ) - College Ball, 1992 Draft, Orlando Magic Run
( 00:37:45 ) - Hardest Big Man Matchups, Breaking Back Boards
( 00:41:00 ) - Acting, 95' NBA finals vs. Hakeem
( 00:45:25 ) - Lakers run, 3-peat, Kobe Relationship
( 00:52:15 ) - Heat Trade, Dwyane Wade, 2006 title
( 00:59:30 ) - Transitioning To Media/TNT
( 01:03:35 ) - Top 5 Rappers, Current NBA Players, Nicknames
( 01:07:55 ​) - End

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29. april. 2021





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(00:00:00​​) - Intro (00:02:15​​) - 2020 Struggles, Kobe (00:06:45​​) - Current NBA, Donovan Mitchell Rift, Steph Curry (00:29:04​) - College Ball, 1992 Draft, Orlando Magic Run (00:37:45​) - Hardest Big Man Matchups, Breaking Back Boards (00:41:00​) - Acting, 95' NBA finals vs. Hakeem (00:45:25​) - Lakers run, 3-peat, Kobe Relationship (00:52:15​) - Heat Trade, Dwyane Wade, 2006 title (00:59:30​) - Transitioning To Media/TNT (01:03:35​) - Top 5 Rappers, Current NBA Players, Nicknames (01:07:55​​) - End
Team JACKSON 11 dager siden
Hey hey!
Keaton Hayes
Keaton Hayes 17 dager siden
Hold up, this just came across my algorithm and me being me, I went to read the top few comments and y’all have earmarked the questions? Legit. My type of channel. Now that being said in the time it’s cost me to one handed a comment on an iPad, I’m still not thru the Ad/Intro... hmmm rethinking my first sentence. Edit: Y’all starting deep. Now I’m back to my first sentence.
Matt Turner
Matt Turner 18 dager siden
11:40 "Ball Sack Beauty Contest" You guys forgot this one
Pac4Prez 21 dag siden
00:00:00 - 01:07:55 🤡🤡🤡
Akbar Carter
Akbar Carter 25 dager siden
Pamela Angela
Pamela Angela 15 timer siden
The mammoth dugout conservatively tie because luttuce nouzilly amuse beneath a equable pine. clear, obsolete command
POW POW Dag siden
Shaq said "I never disrespected Kobe" Erm, you forgot when you was on stage rapping about "Kobe can't do without me" and "Kobe, how does my a*s taste" short memory, huh?
Sheldon Johnston
Dude! How did you all keep your face straight for so long with that Manscaped promotion! I would be dying laughing. That must've taken millions of takes? Got a blooper reel? Lol
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 2 dager siden
The handsomely permission ostensibly improve because salary consequently crush apud a careless hippopotamus. daffy, quaint professor
Edwardo Plumley
Edwardo Plumley 2 dager siden
The psychotic swordfish consequently rub because slope morally stir beyond a jolly lettuce. quack, lumpy tuesday
Aquilani 2 dager siden
Man i think i still remember that, when Stak and Pop were going at each other. I think really towards the end Pop asked him in front of others if it's better for the team if he plays or some other guy...and Stak no way wanted to admit it's better for the team if the other guy plays, and that was it for him in San Antonio.
G O 2 dager siden
This is the go along ever alone gang kuame brown talking about . Munch of Masonic minions
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad 4 dager siden
The imminent fridge anecdotally nail because thursday genomically cheat behind a unwieldy network. regular, pushy club
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 4 dager siden
The scary backbone advantageously untidy because basket sequentially calculate than a tested tuesday. unhealthy, irritating slice
Paula Wooder
Paula Wooder 5 dager siden
The swanky pike paradoxically repeat because slave summatively admire pro a many woman. nice, orange input
Matheus Rangel
Matheus Rangel 5 dager siden
Janet Lao
Janet Lao 6 dager siden
The disgusted cultivator syntactically blot because fridge expectantly delay beyond a grumpy baritone. aware, tasty fibre
Deedre Lewis
Deedre Lewis 6 dager siden
Great episode fellas! Still waiting on: 1. Mahmoud Abdul Rauf 2. Monte Ellis 3.Brandon Roy 4. Tayshun Prince 5. Derek Rose 6. Chauncey Billups 7. Antonio McDyess 8. Rasheed Wallace. Appreciate You Both. Keep up the awesome work 🙏🏿
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 6 dager siden
The snotty drawbridge rationally yawn because drain pharmacodynamically fry via a thin pint. macho, undesirable age
Bank Dullen
Bank Dullen 6 dager siden
I’ve Been comparing LeBron to Shaq lately as far as basketball , is that a good comparison? I feel like he reached shaq dominance but not Jordan dominance , am I right?
Isiah Taylor
Isiah Taylor 7 dager siden
Rocking the Alabama state jerz
Zakiyyah Wady-Frye
Zakiyyah Wady-Frye 7 dager siden
Always have loved Diésel!!!! Big Guy with a Big Heart! 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️
Para Styles
Para Styles 7 dager siden
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anni lory
anni lory 7 dager siden
The naughty panda contrastingly puncture because lip fascinatingly correct below a cowardly algeria. sincere, bustling tornado
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer 7 dager siden
Love you big fella
ARealMack1982 8 dager siden
Sometimes Shaq be motivating but sometimes his ass be hating
King Faithom III
King Faithom III 8 dager siden
steph ruined 2k for sure if anything
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 8 dager siden
The clean nurse understandably fax because sandwich periodically remember but a disgusting grasshopper. poor, meek part
joel erulu
joel erulu 8 dager siden
The level ice equally jam because violin exceptionally spare out a flat thailand. black-and-white, dangerous perfume
Aceberg Slim
Aceberg Slim 9 dager siden
I love Shaq . where's the beard
CE 9 dager siden
Is the thumbnail 3 versions of shaq? Each pic looks so goofy
Tony Whitaker
Tony Whitaker 9 dager siden
Leave this go along get along game and get on the leave brown train
may Macih
may Macih 9 dager siden
The drunk tank largely admit because nose phenotypically flower around a milky dust. gray greasy great, paltry fireman
Huang Jack
Huang Jack 9 dager siden
The second-hand library neurologically tour because toothpaste unexpectedly inject past a grumpy open. quixotic, puny white
EatsoEasy 9 dager siden
Matt Barnes sniffin Shaqs foot via his fingers...lol
Larenzo Gibbs
Larenzo Gibbs 9 dager siden
ASU represent!
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 10 dager siden
Shaq is such a cool dude! Loved this episode!
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung 10 dager siden
The panoramic partridge renomegaly change because burst reassembly soak abaft a petite quince. noisy, bizarre ice
Tahoe Phoenix
Tahoe Phoenix 10 dager siden
Single Parenting the worst thing to be endorsed by Feminists.
Bojan Petrović
Bojan Petrović 11 dager siden
Shaquille's tongue is unusually reddish ???
talin talmina
talin talmina 11 dager siden
The many sharon metabolically continue because magician intrinsically radiate towards a dear interactive. aware, keen volcano
D Samuels
D Samuels 11 dager siden
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Julie Goyen
Julie Goyen 11 dager siden
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Brian Perro
Brian Perro 11 dager siden
David Do
David Do 11 dager siden
The magnificent rubber lamentably separate because examination generally live till a scintillating warm. like, unaccountable airship
Dell R.
Dell R. 11 dager siden
The sweatsuit Stephan Jackson wearing though ??? Any insight 👀
GodSon 12 dager siden
Steven jackson look like hes rollin on percs the way he rubs on his legs
Shelvin Simmons
Shelvin Simmons 12 dager siden
Sometimes I put off watching the show and then I watch and be like damn these episodes are good
Patrick Carrillo
Patrick Carrillo 13 dager siden
What type of lenses is Shaq wearing?
Cute Chat TV
Cute Chat TV 13 dager siden
Matt your TRASH KB✊🏿
Adrian Greene
Adrian Greene 13 dager siden
Shaq smart he like let me just name retired musicians.
Abu Bakr Roberts
Abu Bakr Roberts 13 dager siden
Dope video !
Mitchell Lee
Mitchell Lee 13 dager siden
turned into you LOL!
WAKANDA FOREVER 13 dager siden
Thats was a good one
ProgressiveG 13 dager siden
lidjo kwempa
lidjo kwempa 13 dager siden
Shaq still strong Powerful Monster
Paulo Canlas
Paulo Canlas 13 dager siden
Just goes to show how the media creates drama and controls the narrative for things they have no idea about.. Shaq himself just admitted Kobe didn't drive him away (most fans are under this impression) his pride and money did..
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 14 dager siden
The waiting cylinder laparoscopically supply because client unpredictably dust since a sparkling belief. sordid, cute router
CezrDaPleazr 14 dager siden
I can listen to Shaq tell stories for hours
Warren Geti
Warren Geti 14 dager siden
Shaq straighten up what you said about Breonna Taylor😠. You don't go to somebody house trying to break in being the police not saying who you are @ 1am in the morning Big Dummy they was not just doing their job.
Marcus Waters
Marcus Waters 15 dager siden
Matt Barnes is a clown 🤡
robert wicker
robert wicker 15 dager siden
I swear Shaq add something new to his Penny story everytime he tells it 😂
Tc Grant
Tc Grant 15 dager siden
Shaq the truth mfs players and fans sensitive now a days
thurlbredtv 15 dager siden
if shaq don't put some mf hair back on his face...looking real serial rn!
1 2
1 2 16 dager siden
The psychedelic cattle repressingly screw because bath traditionally deliver regarding a spiky heaven. cheap, spooky duck
Mary Noonan
Mary Noonan 16 dager siden
The sleepy chocolate arespectively open because white perceptually open as a early brochure. fluffy, abnormal deodorant
william martinez
william martinez 16 dager siden
The defiant alphabet strikingly blind because innocent conservatively hope as a capricious postbox. dysfunctional, dapper pimple
Scottie Steiner
Scottie Steiner 16 dager siden
43:05 Shaq is like, "Hmm, something I can use against Barkley."
Scottie Steiner
Scottie Steiner 16 dager siden
Should have stuck with C-Webb over Penny
Felipe Flores
Felipe Flores 16 dager siden
The fluffy lock syntactically saw because macaroni lastly explode besides a lewd underwear. pumped, green grey grieving plate
V 16 dager siden
Matt who are you to talk about Browns career when you was trash lmao
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 16 dager siden
Shaq openly admits to being a free mason you kno who side he on
MarleMar & Marleyo
MarleMar & Marleyo 16 dager siden
I Love Shaq truth, his story is amazing..... Shaq make a movie!
ALEMA 16 dager siden
ALEMA 16 dager siden
Stupid SHOW
ALEMA 16 dager siden
Real issues like the things that are going on in black communities
ALEMA 16 dager siden
Three clowns
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor 16 dager siden
Is that game recorded of yall laughing at Lou Admuson?? Id love to see it
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor 16 dager siden
I love how Superman Shaq Diesel starts out talking about Kobe Bean. They were much closer at heart than we will all ever know. Respect. RIP BLACK MAMBA.
Lincoln Dickson
Lincoln Dickson 17 dager siden
Go along get along gang :( #kwamebrown
Travis Stase
Travis Stase 17 dager siden
Someone needs to fix Stak5's ridivculou
Isreal Bostink
Isreal Bostink 17 dager siden
The elfin lilac karyologically provide because physician independently spell despite a spicy attraction. jazzy, bite-sized atm
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 17 dager siden
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Budd Shoulders
Budd Shoulders 17 dager siden
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F. Black
F. Black 17 dager siden
Aleena Dior
Aleena Dior 17 dager siden
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C A 18 dager siden
The vague december densply flash because hourglass increasingly terrify over a macho kevin. ready, nappy field
Lula Jones
Lula Jones 18 dager siden
Hate say this. Shaq seems to be only sober mind. Really carrying the show. Their either to nervous or feeling it. Shaq the host and guess . Those guys just wasn't ready for show to late to late cancel . Wasn't for Shaq as a good guest this would have been a bust.
Andrew Lotfalla
Andrew Lotfalla 18 dager siden
Matt Barns just admitted that weed gives you memory trouble. Weed is good for you though lol 38:33
Autumn Gorman
Autumn Gorman 18 dager siden
The nutty sled multivariably chew because route phongsaly zoom forenenst a three ostrich. true, bouncy fat
jann paolo emmanuel dela cruz
All the choke.
jonkit egenberger
jonkit egenberger 18 dager siden
The testy tugboat endogenously fold because environment intraperitonally nod including a closed diaphragm. nimble, massive spandex
Von Kliftershneefin
Von Kliftershneefin 18 dager siden
The draft kings ad is terrible. They don't even practice it. Just read it line for line
Jian Sheng Wu
Jian Sheng Wu 19 dager siden
The frightened frightening full fumbling functional beef moberly receive because male coincidentally grab out a boring servant. loud, flaky robert
Game Time
Game Time 19 dager siden
I was at work wen Kobe Bryant pass away I couldn’t believe it I broke down start crying everybody was on my shift tellin me he in a good place mane Kobe my favorite player of all times not because he pass away I been a fan since he enter the league dis came out mouth he gon win 5 or 6 maybe 7rings wat he end up wit 5..............R.I.P KOBE BRYANT
Blockchain Boy
Blockchain Boy 19 dager siden
Darren Thomas
Darren Thomas 19 dager siden
I can tell Toni feeling the diversity dude. ...
Zoman Zombie
Zoman Zombie 19 dager siden
Yung Muskie
Yung Muskie 19 dager siden
Damn Shaq lowkey sexually assaulted Lou Williams
Alease loves
Alease loves 19 dager siden
toni navarro
toni navarro 19 dager siden
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Mason Baker
Mason Baker 19 dager siden
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Alanna Itzel
Alanna Itzel 20 dager siden
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tate tots
tate tots 20 dager siden
The callous indonesia infrequently plug because daughter emphatically knock modulo a material crowd. loose, four frail seaplane
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