RICKY GERVAIS | Befriending David Bowie, After Life & the Perfect Joke | JHHP #4 

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Ricky Gervais pops by to guest appear on this week's episode of JaackMaate's Happy Hour. Ricky discusses an array of weird and wonderful things including NOsectionsrs, his new Netflix show After Life, the perfect joke, and David Bowie. It's funny, it's insightful, it's Happy Hour.
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11. mars. 2019





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happy 3 dager siden
Jack matee, I saw you in norwich walking out my house once but I was proper prang to say hello just wanna say I wish I shook your hand
mark brady
mark brady 14 dager siden
Having a dig at logan Paul but truth be told his podcast is superior to this, the views say it all. I'm pretty sure he regrets that Japan stunt, but it got more subscribers
ChickenWirexd 17 dager siden
Wonder if Ricky will mention atheism in this Edit: What a shock
Ben Lynch
Ben Lynch 18 dager siden
Lo e Ricky gervais. Super talented. Afterlife is exceptional & the way he tore into the celebs at the golden globes was comedy gold!
Alexander Beck
Alexander Beck 18 dager siden
Fantastic podcast. (Edit: This is one of the best I’ve ever seen, highly underrated) Subscribed. Peace and love.
Shakermaker 27 dager siden
Congress tart
Andy Hayden
Andy Hayden 28 dager siden
ALFRED the great? You're an idiot Gervais, play a record.
Crooked Warden
Crooked Warden 28 dager siden
I see how people think watching videogames is sort of werid. But the same can be applied to sport really. "Why would you WATCH someone kick a ball around instead of doing it yourself?!?"
Siiilence666 29 dager siden
I feel like this should of been on TED
fav5308 J
fav5308 J Måned siden
17:15 i just literally started pulling my hair back into a man bun at this EXACT time thats freaky as fuck😦
MFSlots Måned siden
this deserves more views
maudee x
maudee x Måned siden
Jack Maate you are the golden nugget!
John H
John H Måned siden
15:25 ricky’s reaction is fucking golden
trxp tub
trxp tub Måned siden
The rambunctious hour intrahepatically chew because week compatibly whisper underneath a stormy rise. cagey, sweltering persian
Grace's gaming life
Grace's gaming life Måned siden
Sack the production team ffs You can't hear the guest 50% of the time
Grace's gaming life
Grace's gaming life Måned siden
Fuck it. I give up.
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith Måned siden
You should definitely have him back on. I'd love to hear his opinion on the virus and hear what he's been up to
Bob Sagit
Bob Sagit Måned siden
Bob Sagit
Bob Sagit Måned siden
Stop talking about taxes you such at politics you are a brainwashed bean if you agree with taxes :) sorry hash tag not sorry
2 8
2 8 Måned siden
Taxes pay for healthcare, stopping homelessness and keeping police on our streets. Taxation is essential in a modern society.
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson Måned siden
i have never, and i mean NEVER related to every word i have heard in a youtube video before than this podcast with ricky and jack than i have any other video, and the fact that i sat and watched through the WHOLE video. Well that explains it all.
TylerMonk YT
TylerMonk YT Måned siden
I cannot believe they got Ricky gervais on here. Unreal
BloomingfieldHD Måned siden
What Ricky said about the acid is straight up facts, lowest of the low are the ones who use it and/or pretend too. I remember being at Notting Hill Carnival back in 2018 and there was a mini stampede down one of the streets because some guy threw water over a group of people as if it was acid. Genuinely one of the most terrifying moments of my life, felt like there was a gunman attacking people or a bomb had just gone off.
Hugh G Wreckshun
Hugh G Wreckshun Måned siden
Got a cheek having a career slagging people when you look like that
Gene Kim
Gene Kim Måned siden
The zippy seashore anteriorly cross because diving apparently return notwithstanding a limping pot. secretive, gaping bolt
James Burke
James Burke Måned siden
if he got how deliberately out of control the public sector is, and how contrived those are who lobby for a bigger state, he'd put some energy towards getting that in order before it's grown any more
James Burke
James Burke Måned siden
...and my comment below is coming from somebody who has been described as hard-working by my boss and even teammates in sports teams and other fields...
James Burke
James Burke Måned siden
"think of a billionaire who doesn't pay his tax" but don't worry about the billionaire, 'cause it's a different issue. The whole benefits thing for ordinary citizens is not as plain as you portray it. It's an unmerited reward organized through the sickness that is modern democracy and people who suffer on a daily basis at work today and in the future will be paying for that and the interest on the national debt. This is why it's not important to tax billionaires, because those people who can get a job earning min wage can do so, can become literate and numerate and are just taking the mick out of their neighbours going to work. That's not to mention the non-financial side of it, the way in which such benefit scammers/ workers are wasting away, and you highlighting the activities of rich tax avoiders encourages the continued deterioration of generations of people who could do more to improve themselves. That phenomenon doesn't exist in certain cultures and it should be discourage by the shaming of parties like Labour that want to grow that culture...
James Burke
James Burke Måned siden
low volume
Alienated Being
Alienated Being Måned siden
I don’t like Logan Paul but the suicide forrest video wasn’t bad in my opinion, death is part of life and it will happen to us all. People don’t like it because they’re scared of mortality.
TMO 123
TMO 123 Måned siden
People dont like it because he showed a hanging dead person to his young audience and was completely disrespectful around it. I dont think he got that backlash because people refuse to come to terms with death.
Billy Måned siden
Get on Karl pilkington
Chris Shuker
Chris Shuker Måned siden
Never comment, but this is comedy masterclass! Great podcast
Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Måned siden
Cheers Chris!
God of nothing
God of nothing Måned siden
Love it just love it
daniel canty
daniel canty Måned siden
You can get mobile tattoo needles, my tattoo artist did mine with one.
StormedSpore 2 måneder siden
Etano115 2 måneder siden
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 2 måneder siden
Why is there 2 Ricky Gervaises?
i, linda
i, linda 2 måneder siden
Ricky Gervais is a transphobe
lewis bower00
lewis bower00 2 måneder siden
Would be amazing getting him and Karl pilkinton on together
Luke Wheeler
Luke Wheeler 2 måneder siden
Wish the audio wasn't so bad on this, listening to it with the volume up and then I get a notification or something else plays a sound and I go deaf. Such a shame.
Velvet_Turtle 3 måneder siden
I like the Bo Burnham mention ^_^
Velvet_Turtle 3 måneder siden
sharing dreams can be funny though. like I had to ask my coworker if his hands were fine, cause I had dreamt that I cut off all his fingers in a buzzsaw, and I wanted to make sure I had done it properly
Noodles XD
Noodles XD 3 måneder siden
I know this is an old video, came on my recommended thought I would comment but with the suicide forest logan paul stuff, imagine you go into a forest to do 'the deed' and the last thing you see before dying is Logan Paul coming up to you with a camera like "oh man I didnt think I would see it" thats more fucked up in my opinion, being this guys last vision of the world.
jimmy bluebos
jimmy bluebos 3 måneder siden
Audio was terrible
Bxb 3 måneder siden
Get Karl on 👍🏻👍🏻😃
David Oneill
David Oneill 3 måneder siden
I get the character. As wen I found out I had cancer, I can do and say what I want. It’s so soul refreshing
Richard Markland
Richard Markland 3 måneder siden
This was a really enjoyable podcast and you could tell Ricky appreciated the thoughtful questions. Had laughs, serious moments and the bits were you asked for advice on stand up/writing was genuinely wholesome af. Great work 👌
Heather Gunn
Heather Gunn 3 måneder siden
Loved it!! Brilliant 💙
helmetcheese 5000
helmetcheese 5000 4 måneder siden
How tf did u get Ricky gervais on
Siddharth Burman
Siddharth Burman 4 måneder siden
I always knew Ricky was a genius but that grandmaster flash comment made me choke
Mark Harper
Mark Harper 4 måneder siden
Ricky is so humble, like talking to the guy next door. Great stuff, thank you.
David Draper
David Draper 3 måneder siden
I’ve never spoken to my next door neighbors 😁
Dean Lawton
Dean Lawton 4 måneder siden
What a absolute legend Ricky Gervais is... Love the bloke!!
little gang
little gang 5 måneder siden
Just wanted to ask a question what is ur go to meal deal?
Wesley Rollins-Elliott
Wesley Rollins-Elliott 5 måneder siden
Stevie looks almost like a younger version of Ricky
Clovis Ferrer
Clovis Ferrer 5 måneder siden
You must get Karl Pilkington on
Scarlet George
Scarlet George 5 måneder siden
Norf1Onepodcasts 6 måneder siden
Get rid of your sound man
Norf1Onepodcasts 6 måneder siden
"The ones with the pointiest eyes thing, eyes that pop out of their head...........steve"
L B 6 måneder siden
I was diagnosed with a disability today. Went to my mate and he said "at least you can get a blue badge now" I said "I'll just use my Grandads for now. Luckily he's only been dead a few months"
Baby J
Baby J 6 måneder siden
Charlieissocoollike those were the days!
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 6 måneder siden
Seven Days
Seven Days 6 måneder siden
I really hope, they do this again. It almost feels as if Ricky is a comfortable host!
FortyTwo Crayons
FortyTwo Crayons 6 måneder siden
😭 Me crying at the dog bits
Trev S
Trev S 6 måneder siden
The level of perceptive annalists and debate in this post would put most universities and presidential elections to shame
August 25th
August 25th 7 måneder siden
Ricky gervais is so intelligent
charlie mills
charlie mills 7 måneder siden
Annual Leopard
Annual Leopard 7 måneder siden
Ricky Gervais cheeks are so rosy when he smiles he kinda looks like a young Santa.
Paul Beckett
Paul Beckett 7 måneder siden
Absolutely loving the evolution of a fellow Norwich lad, podcast and guests are proper entertaining. Let me know when your down for a pint in the murds. Keep it up chaps.
1986 7 måneder siden
Lessons learned
Sankhadip Mazumder
Sankhadip Mazumder 7 måneder siden
me learning comedic writing 101 at 1:00 a.m from the master himself
Manoj Mungamuri
Manoj Mungamuri 7 måneder siden
i actually respect Ricky so much for going here. Says so much about him as a person.
Hannah Curtis
Hannah Curtis 8 måneder siden
“Money a game of monopoly, when it’s all over everything goes back in the same box” that a ridiculously smart and humbling quote
George Bryant
George Bryant 8 måneder siden
'I think...' lol
Derek Knight
Derek Knight 8 måneder siden
Did anybody else notice weird face glitches in this video? Like Ricky's face being suddenly really purple? Or the host's face being distorted for a minute? Just wondering if that's a thing or if it's my fault
Adam 8 måneder siden
Let’s not forget that Ricky has the Greatest podcast/ radio show of all time with Steve and Karl
Alfie Mitchell
Alfie Mitchell 8 måneder siden
57:52 “It’s a guy called ash.” Is that the same ash that pushed Steve’s glasses up when they were all playing pool, and the glasses touched Steve’s eyes?
Alfie Mitchell
Alfie Mitchell 8 måneder siden
11:28 “That is a true story, that happened” I bet that phrase gives rick PTSD
David Morris
David Morris 8 måneder siden
Haha when I heard that I thought exactly the same! Head like a fucking orange! 😂🙈
liam owen
liam owen 8 måneder siden
Relate so much to the after life story since my pops passed, watching the series was an Amazing experience for me. Gave me so much to relate too and laugh with,... thank you.
Sean Mcpherson
Sean Mcpherson 8 måneder siden
Great podcast. Well done lads!!
Alex William Jones
Alex William Jones 8 måneder siden
I'm a huge Ricky Gervais fan and have been for fifteen or so years. Having kept a keen eye on his recent interviews, I realised how much he repeats himself, often telling the same anecdotes across multiple interviews. Having not been a fan of NOsectionsrs I chose not to watch this when it came out, but watching it now I realise this is a really refreshing and original insight. Go on lad, interview by somebody who's obviously a real fan.
Alex_ 8 måneder siden
lol he said someone trying to be funny isnt funny, what's david brent then? The whole point is he is desperate for acceptance and craves being liked through his humour- he thinks he is funny.
ITS JW 8 måneder siden
Can tell jack really wants t learn from gervais he really is Jacks idol good t see
Manchester United Clips
Manchester United Clips 8 måneder siden
I didn’t know you got this legend on
Tenneny T
Tenneny T 9 måneder siden
It's crazy how many people think that gaming content on youtube is literally just the game. It's about the commentary and personalities for me. Gaming content is pretty much like a commentary track but for games instead of films or sometimes it's like a podcast with a game over the top
Tenneny T
Tenneny T 8 måneder siden
@Frederick Weir you got me
Frederick Weir
Frederick Weir 8 måneder siden
Tenneny T gay
Jordan Tomsett
Jordan Tomsett 9 måneder siden
I’m simply commenting as it bugs me that there r 749 comments instead of 750
Jump Gang
Jump Gang 9 måneder siden
Ricky says literally anything: Jack: yeh yeh yeh 100%
David Draper
David Draper 3 måneder siden
Flattheyounger 9 måneder siden
please sort out your audio, could barely hear ricky but the other guy (not jack) was loud as fuck!
C F 9 måneder siden
Are they really laughing at Ricky or just laughing because it is Ricky?
Micky Nob
Micky Nob 9 måneder siden
Jackmate always talks about himself and brings it back to him period
Matty Wakefield
Matty Wakefield 9 måneder siden
Most down to earth guy on the earth Ricky is like
Reshi 9 måneder siden
Jackmaate was a great guest on Ricky’s channel
Mystical Pineapple
Mystical Pineapple 9 måneder siden
Ewan Darroch
Ewan Darroch 9 måneder siden
They should of told Ricky about when jay from tgf cemented his head in a microwave
Giovanni De Wit
Giovanni De Wit 9 måneder siden
Before the whole world went to shit...
elizabeth may
elizabeth may 9 måneder siden
Ricky gervais is my idol.
teddycuthbert 9 måneder siden
OutReach 10 måneder siden
Not sure this would ever be possible, but it would be so sick if you got Pete Davidson on the podcast I'd love to see the dynamic there
Saul Bliss
Saul Bliss 10 måneder siden
Rickys a ledge
Nick Sullivan
Nick Sullivan 10 måneder siden
'I tweet about it at least every week'... no you tweet about it at least every 30 minutes and nothing but.
Nick Sullivan
Nick Sullivan 10 måneder siden
''We're closer than ordinary people earning, than the billionaires...'' no you're not mate. Maybe - literally - quantitatively, numerically, but not in any other way. Not saying there's anything wrong with you being rich but don't try conflate a false ideal to try deceptively put yourself in a lower rank. . You're more similar to the billionaires as you are completely (in realistic world terms 'infinitely) uninhibited by financial worry, like billionaires, in terms of being bound or limited by it. That's nothing like any working class people who spend the majority of their time fighting about, worrying about and being limited by money every day.
abbie louise
abbie louise 10 måneder siden
I love how much of a real conversation this is. He's not just answering questions for the sake of it or just to promote his series. You can really hear the passion for his craft. Great job Jack!
reggie mcghoo
reggie mcghoo 11 måneder siden
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