We Found All the HIDDEN Damage on my Cheap Auction Supercar 

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My BMW i8 was not in the best condition when I bought it, so we disassembled its body and found accident damage everywhere. This car is in worse condition then some salvage cars I've bought in the past.
Thank you to Zach @Ultimate Rebuilds
Instagram: samcracc​​​
Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com




21. feb.. 2021





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Samcrac 2 måneder siden
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alex gre
alex gre Måned siden
wwatched your video and have neve worked on a BMW before but while watchng your video at 21.38 I thught had gaskey issue and stopped watching. Then saw your second video an d saw you replacing head gasket
A_ Person_747
A_ Person_747 Måned siden
What if you straight pipe the i8 just because, I mean don’t throw away the exhaust keep it somewhere, but a 3 cylinder can’t be that bad for the environment and probably would still pass EPA, right?
Joshua Simmons
Joshua Simmons Måned siden
@Al Caseyhhhhhhhghhmljiiihhhhhhhghhmljiiiuyyyyyh.99.bbbtttttyggggggg If have to do ml jj9 HK lyyyy._yyyyyyyyyyyyyyh*h&hhhhhhhhhhhhhhubhhhhhhhhhhhh&hhhhhhhhhhhhhhubhhhhhhhhhhhh bh8&be hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
john Dingo-Fox
john Dingo-Fox Måned siden
@[CW] [SMT] LeviDurov indeed looks sick asf
Taluvian Måned siden
Imperial Blue (A89)
André Baumgartner
André Baumgartner 2 dager siden
1 million subscribers. Films what looks like a second generation gopro
Petzouqi 7 dager siden
They complain that exists when Koenigsegg made a 600+ HP 3-Cylinder
Twenty2 4 U
Twenty2 4 U 10 dager siden
Whats with all the sell out advertising? Had too fast forward 😪 alot.
Stormspark 12 dager siden
I have never seen a car actually fully repaired properly after any sort of wreck. This might be the only one I've ever seen (assuming every problem you mentioned was actually fixed properly). Either way, it's really obvious the first owner, or maybe even the first couple owners, did not take care of this car at all.
Curtis Carté
Curtis Carté 12 dager siden
Blue or purple would be my vote!
Drako Yamazaki
Drako Yamazaki 15 dager siden
This cars been through hell for just being 30 k miles
Reel Man
Reel Man 16 dager siden
425 🐎? Is my guess
hybridorbital85 17 dager siden
Yo that x4 And gts are an awesome combo! Your boy has some awesome taste in vintage jet skis :) I used to rock that combination for years. So much fun! I still have my xp too. Wonder what he's got under that seat
fred 24
fred 24 17 dager siden
Its a lemon dude, but its good content, its keeps us entertained
Martin Marcinko
Martin Marcinko 18 dager siden
Le mans blue
El3ctr1c SiX
El3ctr1c SiX 18 dager siden
OMG casino ads...are you serious?
jimmy James
jimmy James 19 dager siden
Question. Can we jam a SBF in the back and make its a real 600hp super car?
Ice banna
Ice banna 19 dager siden
Dude you can't accept gambling sponsers
Gravity Child
Gravity Child 20 dager siden
Corvettes are considered supercars so my beat up shit box f150 is a Baja super truck. That BMW should be considered a super car and all Honda civics with suicide doors are too.
ivy pixley
ivy pixley 21 dag siden
Do not paint it green if you broke that’s the color but if you have a choice pick something else
Darren Ashmore
Darren Ashmore 22 dager siden
A man with a cheap i8 who is immune to Yer (Step)Mom jokes? Are you a wizard?
TheAtheistPaladin 22 dager siden
If I had an i8, I go with a chrome purple.
Tracy R
Tracy R 23 dager siden
why hasnt there been an update to this car?
MrHoarses 25 dager siden
Michael French
Michael French 25 dager siden
That kid's 40-year-old self is going to hate him for doing all that sanding without a mask and I'm assuming probably painting without one as well. Doesn't really matter if he's painting without one anyway breathing in all that plastic dust and other fun organic compounds is going to do great things for your lungs. Might as well take up smoking as much of a fuck s you give.
Olav Alexander Mjelde
Olav Alexander Mjelde 25 dager siden
Would consider nardo grey and matte bronze wheels.
chasedwar2 26 dager siden
Perhaps the i8 is a haunted unlucky vehicle. Remember Xxxtentacion was murdered in his i8 in Florida too!
Mick Brady
Mick Brady 26 dager siden
I reckon it had a heavy hit in the back and the whole car is twisted, that's why all the panels don't line up.
Dana Scoles
Dana Scoles 26 dager siden
Rare colors. Lipstick Red Mint Green Atlantis Blue Dakar Yellow Phoenix Yellow Indianapolis red Tanzanit Blue Enzian Blue Ruby Red II Pearl Effect Cognac Pure Metal Silver (good luck if you choose this one...) and Moonstone
janssen h
janssen h 26 dager siden
big dislike for your stupid gambling commercials
BTKVENOM43 26 dager siden
Mint green....that’s mine
JediOfTheRepublic 26 dager siden
Where can I get Step-Mom like yours?
Hellsbane Demonslayer
Hellsbane Demonslayer 28 dager siden
I know this is too late, but i prefer metallic silver. The reason why is because it does not show up dirt, grime or dust as much as most other colors.
CJ 613
CJ 613 29 dager siden
How about that rare Ford GT colour that J. Bieber has (?) something really one off (?)
Zachary Vieira
Zachary Vieira 29 dager siden
Crocs Nation ✊🏼
Google User
Google User 29 dager siden
That backyard paint job is probably BMW dealer paint job!
ameroamigo1 Måned siden
I love Cory.
colin morris
colin morris Måned siden
Rabblewitz Måned siden
I'd go with one of the blue colors, though maybe a little darker. Not dark blue though.
Adam K
Adam K Måned siden
Lagona Sega blue?
negima112 Måned siden
1:10 Physically stable...not emotionally or economically, but physically. First hand knowledge
neatsj Måned siden
Sad sponsorship.
5610winston Måned siden
The Imola red looked pretty good.
5610winston Måned siden
15:15 "...little old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday?" I bought a car that had been owned by a nymphomaniac who only used the back seat.
Aaron Pickett
Aaron Pickett Måned siden
Metallic bronze 👌
Jay Dirt
Jay Dirt Måned siden
Fords new(ish) Magma. Slightly changes colour depending on the light conditions.
Stephan Atkinson
Stephan Atkinson Måned siden
Dwight Stones
Dwight Stones Måned siden
Not a Super Car if it can't even beat a Mustang GT in a quarter mile.
Name Here
Name Here Måned siden
It sounds like my lawnmower 🤣😂. Fake!
SeppuKun Måned siden
Dafuq is Ferrari green?? You mean Ferrari red 🤣
doug ford
doug ford Måned siden
u should do a video with ur step mom if she wants to
Okram Måned siden
Comment about Stepmom being fiscally responsible, and then an ad for a mobile casino game?
Rob Adlers
Rob Adlers Måned siden
BMW Laguna Seca blue
Geoffrey Park
Geoffrey Park Måned siden
Lucas Green
Lucas Green Måned siden
What kind of dog is that? Briard?
Dave starcelt
Dave starcelt Måned siden
First time I've ever watched your channel. It's crystal clear why a guy your age is still living with his mommy. Whew... That chick will never drown.
Cqwet Dbdfte
Cqwet Dbdfte Måned siden
A 3 -cylinder engine is OK, with Königsegg, it produces ~900hp. BMW has produced some strange sports-cars. Engineering wisdom at its best?
Alex Måned siden
Sam crack
InDaTubeSurfer Måned siden
Electric Blue would look awesome
sol star
sol star Måned siden
You’ll be able to sell it 🆗
Bas BlasterXP
Bas BlasterXP Måned siden
Dont know why, but i love the i8. Its exotic i guess
TimmyP1955 Måned siden
Verde Mantis.
J D Måned siden
Never trust a guy wearing crocs. So weak
John Smith
John Smith Måned siden
Am laughing how sam telling the guy how todo his job.lol
Ryan Elder
Ryan Elder Måned siden
Sakhir orange
The Infidel
The Infidel Måned siden
Far far from a super car . That thing is a RAG
Schnitzer325ci Måned siden
Red ... Seriously?? Unless it's a deep cherry Red leave it alone. Go for an individual colour such as Phoenix Yellow. Looks individual and should pop on an i8
Will Wel
Will Wel Måned siden
Should have did the first S85 v10 swap. What a missed opportunity.
mbrock5532 Måned siden
Who else was disappointed Stepmom wasn't out there washing the car?
phil towle
phil towle Måned siden
Love the way the dog looks at car as it is coming out of the garage
phil arp
phil arp Måned siden
Red i8 would catch everyone’s eye. I never seen one in person.
Jeremy B
Jeremy B Måned siden
Iv generally always liked Samcrac...but man feel like it's just a little too much with some of the ads and stuff. I get people have to make money and show sponsers of the video some love and I'm sure the girl he refers to as "Step-mom" he is helping her channel and his own...but it just seems a bit much and too busy in the channel. I feel like Sam is a great guy and all...but sometimes it seems like he is staying too far away from a lot of the content that made him what he is. Dont get me wrong the content is very good but the 1st 5 minutes about his step mom and the sponser plugs are a bit much. I also bought the Raycon 55s...from watching the channel...they seem to do okay when listening to youtube but are pretty bad with music. I use then to run and listen to music. They dont have good bass and lack a lot of things normal 20 dollar cheap sonys I have that sound better....
MrTilbin Måned siden
Is the i8 assembly line or hand assembled? I hate when people complain about hand built cars (including Tesla) when it comes to panel alignment.
Fat Freddy’s Coat
Fat Freddy’s Coat Måned siden
Don’t do a Rich Rebuild and put the worlds ugliest wheels on it. Just sayin’
Dwain Alfred
Dwain Alfred Måned siden
lol. The poor before paint finish and fittings gaps reminds of the new tesla factory finish. He was going through it and it was the first thing that came to my mind
Bryan Stiver
Bryan Stiver Måned siden
Video starts at 3:15
De Villiers du Plessis
You advertised a phone slot game in 2021. Let that sink in.
Abdul Qureshi
Abdul Qureshi Måned siden
How is the paint job coming on this Sam? Waiting to see the final reveal
Gunnar Imgarten
Gunnar Imgarten Måned siden
Melbourne red
Vincent Bertolini
Vincent Bertolini Måned siden
If back to the future was made more recently... I feel the i8 would be a perfect candidate
Wing Zero
Wing Zero Måned siden
Must be nice to have Cory Chase as your step-mom.
belle chasse no 54
belle chasse no 54 Måned siden
When are you gona make e46 videos
tjellwan Måned siden
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams Måned siden
685 for the V8
Patrick Goggin
Patrick Goggin Måned siden
Hi Samcrac Will no longer view your videos now that you promote gambling which has ruined lives and caused many suicides
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
I like how Samcrac reached the point where he is just outsourcing everything to get at least one project done 😆
Kacper Kawala
Kacper Kawala Måned siden
bmw yellow, or red
kolim jone
kolim jone Måned siden
Lemans Blue with black and carbon accents is my favorite!
Marko 44
Marko 44 Måned siden
red or yellow
solebrth Måned siden
Don`t forget to post more pictures of the mother in law , She is married to your father ?
406rebranding Richard E Grimm
I absolutely love this build. Work is done bmw certified peoples, but not at a dealer. Your truly correcting this car, on a budget.
car repair
car repair Måned siden
Don’t use green
007spillman Måned siden
Daytona violet i8 would look great
Neal Myers
Neal Myers Måned siden
I don't think you could find a better step mom if you tried. when's the sleep over?
Gavin Schoonbee
Gavin Schoonbee Måned siden
Using the term supercar a bit loosely there Sam??
MonzaRacer Måned siden
Paint it TNT Express orange
Lawrence Davis
Lawrence Davis Måned siden
This dude's voice is irritating as hell. I couldn't get pass the first 2 minutes
Emil Ilie Bratu
Emil Ilie Bratu Måned siden
Wearing crocs is like being fellated by a dude. It feels great but when you look down you realize you're gay.
This Is Your Captain Speaking
3-banger with fake soundtrack - Supercar! I'm more inclined to believe the CERN has actually interrupted the space-time continuum. Don't forget to install an impressive fart can.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Måned siden
still damaged. Surprising you don’t mention it ? It would need putting on a jig to pull straight if you ask me. Not sure if it’s possible with a carbon tub ?
J T Måned siden
C63s is making over 800 hp
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Måned siden
Sam from another timeline shows up to buy it and the loop is complete.
Ian Richardson
Ian Richardson Måned siden
"...little old lady, only drove it to church on Sunday..." = every mile running rich on a cold engine! Great!
Steve Spence
Steve Spence Måned siden
A stock i8 with 369 hp is a few hundred hp shy of supercar status.
blackbusiness7 Måned siden
Lemans Blue with black and carbon accents is my favorite!
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith Måned siden
Just found the website, I'd say Sepia Violet (474) which has this unique bluish purple metallic to it, Macao Blue, or Verde Mantis P5N, a Lamborghini Miura Color from the looks of it, plus someone there is a John Wayne Fan as Brewster Green was a GM color for the 1974 Firebird from MCQ, its even the right shade too.